Monday, March 05, 2007

Framing or CJ and Sinn figure out Aussie women

One of the most frustrating things about being down here in Australia, was how the women seem to ask these polite questions, such as " where are you from" but they are not IOIs. In the states if a girl asks either of these you can with some degree of certainty assume she's interested at least in continuing the convo. Not so here.

So in order to deal with this, CJ and I came up with the idea of framing those questions as mundane and boring early on so that we can move forward around those question ladders that don't lead to comfort. We've both been saying something like this

" You know I like Australian girls, but it seems like they just ask a bunch of superficial questions. And it's not that I want to avoid those, it's just that it's not the way I like to get to know people. I think there are like three different levels that people get to know each other at, and if you just stick to the surface level stuff you'll know about people, but never actually get to know them."

This has been working wonders. But it got CJ and I thinking that we could even use more framing, and use it in all situations.

The basis for this theory is something that I noticed a long time ago and have been teaching for awhile. Namely that women seem to have much more pliable frames than guys do. I think now that I have done more research on psychological identifying, it has something to do with women's roles being less defined since the advent of feminism and the destrcution of the housewife identity. My theory is that since women became equal in all senses of the word with the feminist movement, and were no longer expected to do one certain feminine role, they have now lost sight of what roles they may be more naturally inclined to playing. Guys still have fairly defined roles and have had a much greater head start on the road of undefined roles, thus making their frames and who they think they are harder to mold.

So what this means in terms of game application, is that women will act the way you frame them. if you treat a woman like she is your girlfriend, she will be. If you treat her like you are courting her, she will make you wait longer for sex. Whereas if you treat her like she's looking to get fucked in the ass in a bathroom she will go along with that as well.

Well now CJ and I are experimenting with setting sexual frames as early on as possible. I have been framing and reframing everything women do as trying to get me into bed, and the last few night I have had EVERY girl agree and act accordingly... So there's definelty some interesting results to be had with framing.

This lead me to my next point which is about putting together framing and something I got from Future which he calls prepping. Prepping generally extends mostly to phone and text game, where you prep the girl to your physical advances, so that you dont't have those weird moments of akwardness when you don't know how expectant of kino she is going to be. So you can prep by saying something like " I am going to try to kiss you..." When I got laid a couple of night s ago here, I prepped by telling the girl I was trying to get in her pants.

My internal pickup simulator tells me that the combo of prepping and framing along with a jealousy plotline is the best and most effective way to do same night pulls.

CJ and I are probably the best guys out there at same night game, and we both think that this new system of pumping buying temperature while framing her as sexual, then doing a take away at the highest possible BT, and introducing a passive jealousy plotline( a passive J plot being one where she is not involved, meaning you don't merge the sets, she just sees you with another girl) then returning and prepping her for escalation seems to be the new best model of SNL.

I also think that you now need to move every set twice before you try to bounce to a new venue. The first move could be as simple as saying that you need to grab a drink and she should keep you company, while the second move could be a normal oversell of a routine like the cube.

I hope this makes sense to less advanced guys, but my guess is it won't either way I'm gald to get it out of my head...



  1. Anonymous9:45 PM

    My friend has been doing the sexual framing alot and has been successful with it. I think its swinggcats book that has a great section on reframing anything she does as because she likes you and is trying to sleep with you.

    Hes from The Netherlands and plays up the "youre a silly american girl" angle to great affect and they always start qualifying and trying to prove themselves.


  2. OUTSTANDING! Like many of your other posts, this one has cleared up a couple of road blocks. I can see several moments from this past weekend where this new framing concept would have helped my transitions exponentially. Awesome!

  3. smoothlatinkid1:52 AM

    Hey Sinn,

    I'm in Hollywood. I tend to notice that LA girls will engage in inocuous convo (much moreso that NY chicks), but to really take hold you need to get past that False Angeles chatter chatter that means nothing outside of vibrating the air.

    Do you think this reframing technique---specifically, the getting beyond the superficial conversation tech that you used on the Aussie chicks--would come in handy with the flighty LA club girls as well?

  4. This dovetails quite nicely with your recent Interview Series CD V.XI on Physical Escalation and Kissing.

    Outstanding post.

  5. Anonymous1:16 PM

    PUA: If you had to describe your life right now using ONLY one word, what would it be ?

    HB: Upside-down

    PUA: Ewww...PERV

    HB: I'm not a Perv !!!

  6. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Check out George Lakoff's work on political framing:

  7. That makes sense! Keep creative juices coming in!