Monday, March 12, 2007

March Madness

I've been slacking on my sports coverage so for the 3 fans of sports besides myself and Savoy who read this blog here are my first overall predictions for the NCAA tourneys.

1. Florida will be in the final four. I know they looked like the 99-02 Lakers but when they turn it on(like against OSU) they blow people out.. badly. But I still don't think they are gonna repeat. I just think that their bracket with the only threat being a slumping Wisconsin team means they would have to melt down not to make the final four.

2. I really hope Texas makes the sweet 16 against UNC. Durant, Wright, Hansborough... That's a game that needs to happen. It'll also be interesting to see Durant guarded by Wright the only guy who may be freakishly athletic enough to stop him from scoring... 70. He'll still drop 35 and 15 on him. That guy's a beast. If I had the number 1 pick I'd take him over Oden any day of the week. He's 6'9 with 27 foot range. That's unreal he may be the best scorer ever by the end of the day. And he's third in the nation in rebounding and in the top 10 in blocks...

3. OSU isn't going to do anything... I don't trust that team at all. Greg Oden is a defensive prescience but has too much of that Lebron I don't want to slit the other guy's throat to win. He doesn't have a polished offensive game and Mike Conley can be stopped.. That team will flame out in the Sweet 16.

4. Don't sleep on Georgetown or UCLA. Both are WAY too consistent to get blown out or upset by a lower seed. they didn't make a ton of noise but they are both super dangerous teams no one wants to play.

5. I like Kansas. They remind me of the Pistons but I think for them to actually win it all they need Wright to step up the way Billups does in the clutch. He develops a mean streak in the first round and they become my choice.

As soon as I get internet on my computer I will post my complete brackets...



  1. I love march madness...Look out for the Terps.

  2. I don't trust Texas. When have they stopped the opposition from scoring?
    Florida would have their hands full with Tucker and Wisconsin but Notre Dame could be a sleeper in that region. Kansas has a dangerous 2nd round opponent in either Villanova or Kentucky. OSU is 30-3 why dont you trust them? LOL! If its anyone I don't trust it's Memphis. Louisville or Texas A&M could come out of that region. I can't wait.