Friday, March 16, 2007

Live blogging of the NCAAs

Does anyone remeber that cheesy Saturday morning show about a basketball team with reggie theus as the coach?

Well Theus now actually coaches a college team, how awesome is that?

His team is currently down 5 to the Durant-ettes.

Durant needs to take over and put this game out of reach... That's something Kobe, MJ, Wade, and Arenas all do. Everytime I've ever watched any of those guys in a 5 point game they take over and put it out of reach.

Durant just got fouled. At least he's trying to get the ball. I hope Greg Oden and Lebron are watching this. This is what star players do in close games, they put them out of reach. It's not time to coast.

ARGH I just got switched over to Purdue/Arizona a comfortable 5 point lead for the Boiler Makers... Now it's 7.. in a second it will be 8...

And there's no Durant.

Arizona misses a 3... 55 seconds to go and I am cursing CBS to the Gods...

Plus this game doesn't matter because the winner plays top seed Florida. Neither of these also rans are even going to get within 20.... I should bet on Florida in the second round... Note Florida has not played there gimme game yet against the 16 seed, but a 16 has NEVER beaten a 1 so it's a gimme and I have already moved Florida on. If Kansas was any indicator they should win by 40... That's always the most interesting part of the first seed, first round. Who wins by the most? Kansas beat Niagra 107-67 so the bar is currently 40 points. I'd take the under for Florida as they have a tendency to just coast. Even coasting they will still beat Jackson State by 25...

I am looking for something to slit my wrists as I am being forced to watch purdue win by 8... and Lute Olsen is fouling. You're not coming back Lute, schedule your tee time.

This has turned into a free throw shooting contest.... and Arizona is pressing... I mean I like the effort, but Jesus Christ!

Yet another free throw on a "hold"

Arizona misses a lay up and fouls... Mentally I am shooting daggers into Lute Olsen's projected image on my TV. In HD so it should be hurting him. Less than this loss, but he feels it.

Texas is still up 5 with a minute and a half so that's probably over too... and I miss seeing Durant in the first round for more than about 5 minutes... They really need a better system than just switching in and out of games on CBS. Can't they sell ESPN the rights to a couple of games the way the NFL does. Do I really need to buy a package to watch the good first round games?

Thank god the Purdue game is over.

Back to Texas... Durant makes a free throw. and it's pretty much over Texas by 9.

54.1 down by 9 Reggie Theus suddenly realizes this isn't a TV show and there is no miracle comeback... I wonder what that feels like coming from a scripted show. Is Reggie confused when he loses? Does he blame the writers? I would.

Durant has 25 despite not having any plays seemingly being run for him. He also resembles a spider with his super long arms... no wonder he blocks so many shots he can practically block them from half court. The aanouncer just reminds me that Durant scored 25 in the first half against Kansas a # 1 seed and my personal pick to win it all.

10 point lead 29 seconds it's over, over, over.

Durant handles the ball pretty well. Not point guard well, but close at 6'9.

DJ Augustin looks like he would rob you at a nightclub. Or have an entourage. Can you have an entourage in college? They'd be an unpaid entourage, but I'd imagine that Kevin Durant and Greg Oden's friends get laid. I know in high school friends of big time players get scholarships to entice the big time guy to come...

It's over and we go to the annoying " There are over 380,000 NCAA athletes and just about all of them are going pro in something other than sports" commercials. At least it's not the Melloncamp "Our Country" Chevy ads....

Such a bad first round. I can never figure if it's always a bad first round and I just forget about that during the year, or if this year's actually is this bad... Just speaking by the numbers the only upsets have been 9 seeds over 8 seeds which is hardly an upset...

No I don't want to run down these shitty games Greg Gumbel...

All right I'm done blogging for now. Maybe I'll restart when the last games start.



  1. yeah um Sinn did you see Oden with the intentional foul on the Xavier player that wasn't called! What's up with that?
    Tennessee looks dangerous! Kansas and Kentucky. KY is going to get smoked! I'm glad Duke is gone!!


  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    what does this have to do with drilling pussy?

  3. Anonymous12:54 PM

    You would probably love being in Vegas for the first round. There is nothing quite like sitting in the sports book with a game all but over in the real world, but in Vegas, at -9 1/2, a 10 point game with 20 seconds left is anything but over. Or a 4 team parlay that would hit if southern illinois would just not let holy cross run the length of the floor for a layin that makes the over under push. Assholes.