Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Time To Awaken From The Dream To Fire Joe Morgan :)

What's up guys?

I had way too much fun writing my last FJM article about Dracula the SilverGhost, so I decided to make it a weekly thing where I take square aim at a stupid ass post someone put up as Dating Advice.

Today we're going to be discussing a little article by Miss Erika Awakening about not using condoms...

As always my comments are in brackets.

Erika's Why I don't like Condoms speech.

Someone asked me to elaborate on this ... so here goes.

I don't like condoms because they are a cop-out. They are too "easy."

[ If you think condoms are too easy, you should try syphilis, or aids or genital warts. Hell even the 18 year STD known as children is more work than strapping a jimmy hat on.]

I hate how they feel. It's like someone took the saran-wrap out and drooped it all over everything, and how can anyone stand the drippy, icky way they feel after they've been used?

[ This is like saying I hate seatbelts, I don;t like how they restrict my movement when I'm driving. And afterward you have to take them off. Oh no!]

Let's go deeper. I feel sad when I see a used one on the sidewalk, all droopy and pathetic. What I envision is some anonymous encounter where neither person ever really connected.

[ You feel sad when you see a used condom wrapper? How do you survive in the world? I see worse shit than that before I turn off of my street in the morning.]

Let's go deeper. Let's see ... I'm going to engage in this incredibly intimate act with someone and then ... well, it's like wearing gloves to shake hands. How impersonal does that feel?

[ Generally it's not a good idea to start two paragraphs in a row with "Let's go deeper." Also the handshake analogy is retarded. It's more like shaking hands with someone who has a 33% chance of giving you the herpe.]

No ... I tell you what. You want to have sex with me? Then there are no cop-outs. We go all the way. I only want to have sex with a man who understands what that means to a woman, deep down, emotionally, in her core. If I get pregnant, you're with me. We are in this together.

[ That's because you have weird beliefs about sex and prefer abstinance. For those of us that actually like sex we have to use condoms to avoid things like this Herpes, Genital warts, HIV, and my biggest fear in the world getting a pregnant.]

Condoms are a shortcut. I'm not interested in shortcuts. They feel like a barrier. They feel like a way of avoiding true intimacy.

[ They are a barrier to pregnancy and disease. If you have to get herpes to connect with someone, sign me up for soulless meaningless sex anyday of the week. A connection may fade , Herpes is FOREVER]

If we go all the way, we go ALL the way. The emotional intimacy needs to match the physical intimacy.

Otherwise, I'll take my abstinence any day. I feel happy in my abstinence until the day my man shows up ... the one who'll go with me all the way. The one who'll be by my side for the rest of my life in this incarnation.

[ Don't you believe in multiple partners? Have you taken a sexual education class? You do realize that if you sleep with 3-4 people without condoms and they sleep with 3-4 people without condoms, you're basically banging an entire city. Plus don't you live in San Fransisco? I use 8 condoms with girls from SF and still don't feel safe]

That's why I don't like condoms. That's why I won't use them.

When I say no to condoms, men have no choice but to face whatever they've been avoiding when it comes to intimacy.

[ They have no choice but to possibly knock you up and have to deal with your crazy ass for 18 years]

No condoms, no casual sex, no disconnected sex, no being a "girlfriend." Either we are just friends, or you are the man who's here with me for the duration.

I feel happy to express all that. :-)

Thanks for listening.

[ I feel like it's extremely dangerous that you would post this, when you know damn well from meeting a bunch of students that students will listen to ANYTHING a supposed "guru" says. This is the equivalent of telling guys to go out and drink and drive because when you're drunk there's more intimacy with your car.]



  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    yeah seriously who wants kids LOL

    either wear condoms or dont give out personal information at all, period

    i'm personally way more afraid of getting a girl pregnant then getting a disease

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Oh my god, thanks for that Sinn, that was much needed. I got linked to that blog post of hers the other day and I couldn't fucking believe what I was reading. Holy shit that bitch is crazy. Talk about taking the whole spiritual woo woo hippy notion too far.

    I mean what the fuck, condoms may be the best invention ever.

    People like that are fucking dangerous. At least when other self proclaimed "gurus" rip people off, they give useless advice for the buck. This pretentious bitch on the other hand gives dangerous advice and feeds on the notion that she's a "guru" and have some kind of importance.

    I bet her respons will be something in the pretentious-woo-woo vein of "dude, you just don't get it, dude. I'm so spiritual and deep and enlightened, you don't understand, dude."

    Allow me to roll my eyes.

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Erica wrote some interesting stuff a while back, but around 6 months ago she went batshit insane and I unsubscribed. I live in SF and I'm terrified that I'll run into her.

  4. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Seriously sinn that was much needed...she is a crazy bitch who has intimacy issues. I left so many damn posts on her blog but she kept saying the same retarded shit...shes said some shit about her posts causing a lot of up thinking bitch cause your saying some retarded shit...i mean at the same time she wants no jimmy she wants no jimmy i wouldnt fuck her any guy who would must be crazy as her no wonder shes celibate hahaha ok thats a little mean but i think its straight up immoral for her to be giving off bad information to guys...bitch thats straight up charlatan in this muhfucka...its one thing to stand for ones beliefs its another to be straight up delusional and blind to the world...Gracias Sinn for that well needed bitch slap of Erika Awakening...(I do not condone violence against women I mean this metaphorically)

  5. Anonymous2:16 PM

    lol this bitch is crazy.

    Plus she looks like a horse.

  6. I agree the article you were commenting on was written by somebody insane.

    But I don't agree with your comment about students listening to anything. If they are a real student then they think and read critically. Somebody who just hoovers up whatever (even if you filter by source) out of their environment has no prayer.

  7. Benzene5:22 PM

    John, I agree with everything you said in this article. She sounds crazy and has some issues. The longest relationship I've had was a year and a half and the girl wanted me to come in her, and when your at the end of sex and about to cum your mind is not really in the same head space as it is now reading this, AND I DID CUM INSIDE HER... AND I HATED IT AND WAS WORRIED IF SHE'D GET PREGNANT FOR NEXT FEW DAYS!!!

    And even if she's on the pill, did she remember to take the damn thing! What if she's abstaining from it all... is she still taking the pill just in case her magical man comes along one sunday afternoon.

    However, is this the type of girl who would swallow as an alternative because the cum would then still be technically inside or is that comment a bit too out of line?

    And what happened to the forum?!?!

  8. Anonymous5:31 PM


    The sad thing is someone might listen to her.

  9. She definitely has a problem

  10. Anonymous9:10 PM

    do you think she'd hate condoms even more if they prevented attention as well as stds?

  11. I heard even with condoms there is a chance of 10% to get preg, is that true? what do you do on your ons sinn, besides condom?
    (If is a partner there is the use of pills etc, but not on snl, ons)
    If the statistic its true there is alot of little sinns running around without a dad =(

  12. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Its a shame her mom and dad didn't use condoms

  13. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I'm on Sinn's side, but he said on Barry Kirkey's show a few months back, that he sometimes doesn't
    use condoms when he's fucking some women and Barry thought he was nuts to occasionally go condomless.

  14. Anonymous12:13 AM

    Erika is not considered a 'guru' by anybody. Just because she is an attention seeker within the community and has a vagina does not give her ideas any credence.
    Not to mention that the day she gets AIDS from a guy with whom she 'connected', she'll swallow her words. I have a photo of hers. She's old so she is looking forward to be knocked up before her ovaries burst into flames and get flushed in the loo.

  15. Here, fucking, here.
    The energy thing drove me batshit when I met her. I posted this on her blog, but I doubt she'll let it through:

    Seriously, woman, could you be any less responsible? You are advocating a lack of condom use amongst a group of men for whom promiscuity is a virtue? I ask the following rhetorically because I know the answer: are you insane?

    You talk a big game about energy for someone living in the middle of nowhere and coasting around in American hotels, safe in first world prosperity. I say to you here as I said to you in person that you are naive and myopic. If your energy is so great and your vibrational frequency so high, why don't you take it somewhere where you can do some real good instead of flitting around writing your self-absorbed bullshit about the pick-up community. This condom crap isn't the most idiotic thing I've heard you say. I remember the inimitable, "If your vibrational frequency is high enough, you can walk through a raging battlefield and walk out unharmed."*

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. (Sorry about the repost. Didn't mean to broadcast my real life self. Anyway you can perma-delete that?)

    Perhaps it's an unfair syllogism, but I am assuming you believe you have attained such mystical levels of energy if you believe your energy can assault pathogens and sperm cells more effectively than latex. There are raging battlefields desperately in need of superheroes. Go to those places. Go to Burma. Go to the Afghan/Pakistan border. Ooze your energy in Saudi Arabia. Go to inner city Detroit or Camden NJ. Expose your flank to the real meat of human suffering in the world. I will repeat the story I told you in Las Vegas. I will tell you again of Girl X. She was found raped, beaten and poisoned in the seventh-floor stairwell. She was unconscious and foaming at the mouth, her panties shoved down to her knees. Her T shirt had been used to strangle her, and gangster-style graffiti was scrawled on her abdomen in black ink. She was nine years old. Could you or EFT or energy crystals send Burmese or Congo child soldiers home? Could they have saved the victims of Armenian, Serbian, or Rwandan genocides? If so, why are you frittering away your precious minutes on this earth, wasting your only real limited resource doing what you are doing?

    Your repackaged drivel helps you sleep at night, but that's the only real utility it serves, except when it comes to other people who are merely bored and maladjusted, but whose suffering is, in fact, American ennui. You don't do anything substantive with your supposed insights because you are weak and powerless, because you have a (justifiable) fear of rapists and bullets, and the biggest problems you can handle are the kind that can be solved behind a computer screen by talking about energy crystals.

    It's a felicitous day for me to write this rant. I happened to attend a comedy show and have drinks with an old friend last night. She has spent her ENTIRE ADULT LIFE helping heal/feed/house people in the third world. She's in New York working on solutions for AIDS and teen pregnancy and homelessness. When she leaves, she will return to medical school, which she's attending so she can take her Masters in Public Health back into the fight and do some good, observable work. I asked her how she can avoid putting a bullet through her brain, and she quoted Mother Theresa, "We can do no great things, only small things with great love." It made me ache. Your talk of love and connection is hollow, the same wind-tunnel armchair philosophy of Eckhart Tolle and The Secret. Your fingernails and memories are too clean to speak wisely of suffering.

    Your prattle is an insult to all the innocent in the world who suffer, and you do more harm than good by spreading your ill-conceived wares amongst those who by their very definition are seeking answers to hard questions and are thus impressionable.** I am sure your vibrational frequency is too high to be affected by my reprimand, but you are craven and should be ashamed of yourself.

    In summary: kids, wear condoms if you don't want to receive/spread STDs or have kids.

    *-- The quote is a paraphrase, but that is damned near exactly what you said.

    **-- If you are a member of the SUISC and you don't fit this category, don't get offended. You know damned well who I am talking about, though.

  18. Seems like a lot of people really covered this but I'll put in my 2 cents. This is a selfish way to look at things. It's not just about whether or not you want aids, it's also about passing it on to somebody else. Even if you think that this person should be in 100% with you even if that means getting aids, it's irresponsible to spread diseases just because you're looking for deeper connections