Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ruining Silverghost's Life- An Experiment in writing

So this tool wrote an article on how to get 9s and 10s on one of these forums.

I was offended by the sheer audacity he had to re-write Mystery's stuff and act like it was new and special.

So in honor of the return of writers on Deadspin. I decided to bring some of that shit to the SUISC.

I give you my FJM treatment of this ass-monkey's post.

My comments are in brackets.

Wow where should I start? I ll just say that this isnt about opening sets. This is one set for a whole night. At least thats how I do it.

[ I'm guessing you're gonna start off by bragging.]


I never had any inner game issues so I ll suppose and believe that you need AMAZING inner game. Like you are the best guy there is. You get this from accomplishments in your life, from women telling you how you are the best thing that happened to them etc. Ofcourse you dont get a solid inner game from validating yourself from outside sources but in the beginning i cant see there is any other way.

[Yep, bragging, called it. Ok first of all let’s start with the premise that you”ve NEVER had an inner game issue, yet you’re on a pickup forum. I call BULLSHIT. But that’s cool, let’s say it’s not bullshit, and you are perfect internally and always have been. How are you going to help the guys on here??]


Now if you think we stress in the community how important it is to be well groomed, smell nice, have good posture and body language, your tonality should be great, your aura should give off alpha. Take all these and multiply them by 10 in 9-10 game.

You ll think why? Its simple really. Those girls meet men with expensive cars, armani suits, men that can totally change their life. They meet models etc. Now I dont say you should be rich or handsome. What I say is that the external package you have should be in tune with the great inner game. Even if you go to a woman with a ferrari and tell her wow you are a babe i she is quality woman she wont get impressed. (seriously dont start commenting on looks and wealth on this thread).

[ I’ll take irrelevant info for $1000. By the way if you want to be a guru you might want to learn to write in something vaguely resembling the English language]

10s are still women. And if you ask me 10s tend to be a bit more insecure from experience. Forget what you see outside. Those girls tend to show that they know they are the SHIT. Guess what. When they meet some interesting person they still start to meow and pur. But to show you are interesting you need to be presentable. Personally I had acne and still have some scars. Do they make me not getting 10s? hell no. This is why most people hate my guts. I am less "handsome" than them but everything else is above average.

[ How do you know guys hate you? Seems like a bit of paranoia or an inner game issue]

Something else that some people might disagree with me. I tend to overdress. Yeap. I go out with suits most of the time at nights. Not work suits. Club stylish suits. Their cost? Hardly more than 200 euros. I might put some jeans and a blazer some days or whatever. A woman that dresses on a dress wants someone that can match her cloths. Its what Mystery used to say that women must be in the same "clan" as you. If you go for goth chicks ofcourse goth cloths are better. Personally I go for the "ladies and the princesses".

[ Actually you’re misquoting Style here saying that a woman wants you to look like a tribe she’s in or wants to be a part of. Again English not your strong suit so no biggie. By the way what the FUCK is a lady or a princess?

For me this is my way of peacocking. And most women tell me how they love my style. So its something I know works. Ofcourse some men will be like why so formal but I dont care as long as women find me attractive.

[ Yes one of the basic principles of Love Systems seems to be doing EVERYTHING women tell you they like. Oh wait that’s not true at all.]

So far we covered inner game and basics along with style.


Now this has many parameters. From where your inner game is to how you dress and what you do in your life other than pick up. I work as a PR consultant so subtly my connection with people, clubs, psychology, manners etc tend to be very close.

[ Oh you mean you have a natural advantage that artificially schews your social value and makes it higher? That wouldn’t affect the way you game at all. Not even a little bit. EVERYONE knows that hot girls hate connections and social value. That’s why no PUAs try to become club promoters or name frop or act like celebrities. Seriously dude you’re in PR and use your connections to game, that makes your opinion WORTHLESS except to other guys in the same situation.]

One of the most important things I have to say on this and I cant stress enough is be SUBTLE. Wait let me try again. SUBTLE!!!!! Oh wait... SUBTLE!!!!

[ The Caps and exclamation points, the definition of subtle.]

I think I stressed it enough... These women have heard EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. From cheezy lines to men telling them "wanna take you a ride with my new porsche?". So since like me you dont own an expensive car (I dont even own a car and this never stopped me from getting laid) or you have houses in 5 different countries you biggest asset is your sexuality and character.

Lets start with you and her. I avoid telling women of that caliber how I had a model for ex. I will tell them though (and I think credit goes to mystery) how I understand that beautiful women have it harder rather than easier in life. How they must always be in the lookout if people treat em good for their looks or their character etc. So keep your compliments for her looks and stress them on her personality. A compliment for personality on a 7 is ok. The same compliment on a 10 is priceless. 10s only listen to how beautiful they are etc.

[ Oh my god this groundbreaking stuff dude. Don’t compliment hot girls for being hot, compliment their personalities!!! My reality is shattered, where was this post 6 years ago? Oh that’s right Mystery had already written it.]

So lets go back for a bit.


Its been almost a year where I stopped opening with opinion openers. Opening for me depends on the time I had to get some clues on the girl I am about to approach. Forget the 3 sec rule here. First off if you are in a club I concentrate on my company which will probably consist of my wing and 3-4 women. (Yes its important). As long as you have your social proof set next thing is the logistics.

[ So you roll around with a group of 3 women, yet another thing that not every guy can do ( and don’t try to tell me they can, we’re talking dudes with office jobs as the most usual clients) again something that helps with attraction for YOU specifically]

Many will go in for the kill at once as long as they see a 10. Personally I dont like surprises so I try to be very subtly to get some clues for my target when at the same time I concentrate on my table. If the people I am with dont have fun means that tha people around me dont want to be on my table. And since I want everyone to be like. OMG these people dance and laugh and have a great time u see how subtle u need to be on spotting details. Ofcourse if you appear like a stalker having his eyes set for the kill you lose. Imagine that the 10 will have at least 100 people looking at her at the same time. You dont want to be caught looking at her at all times.

[ Yes don’t even look at the girl you’re attracted to because that would be falling into her frame… Seriously dude? She’s watching every single guy in the club? She hasn’t just gotten used to the fact that everyone looks at her cause it happens all the time. This is just weird]

EXCEPTION: If you catch her looking at you (and yes it will happen) look at her, smile, nod AND (this goes against everything you learnt) break eye contact and get back to your table. The message here is I noticed you but my table and friends are more important than you.

[ Ahhh so you have a table as well. Tables with bottle service that act like status symbols in the club don’t help. Afterall Hot girls don’t like rich guys.]

So what do you open with. Situational openers are great here. Depending on how close you are, how bitchy she seems (nothing to do with you she just doesnt want having 100 guys approaching her all night long), how fun you have in your table, if she is surrounded by men etc. Personally I tend to be as normal as I can. Dont forget my game on 10s is customized on clubs and lounges. Meaning lots of talk is useless. Its high energy environment and they are out to dance and have fun.

[ You’re right you should go situational. Not use an opener you know works and actually builds some social value into it, like Horsegirl or my Facebook opener. Oh wait I forgot you have a table and girls with you so you can open with ANYTHING!!!! Dude your blindspots to the advantages you have are hysterical. It’s like Shaq talking about how good he is at basketball without mentioning that he’s 7’2 and 330ILBS.]

Most openers will come up if you notice. Personally I like to use my rose routine, or go into an attraction routine at once. Openers that have a lot of blah blah in settings like that are gonna seem canned no matter how interesting they are. Pivots tend to work good. Now dont start with I went out alone how to... We talk about heavy weight championship here. Here what she notices about you is more important than what you tell her.

[ Oh so you go situational, but use planned openers? This is called a conflict of logic. Or a lie if you wanna be a dick. So yeah you’re lying.]

I have opened with Mystery's "Are you a man or a woman?" when she was surrounded with 6 men while making it appear like I was losing a bet when she told me she is a woman with an angry look only to leave the guys and start chasing me why i said that. I have also opened with "hey have u seen the waiter?" or "Hey, give me a glass and when the waiter appears i ll give it back" Honestly as long as it seems natural its ok. Now if she is 10 tables on the right and you passed 10 tables to open with an opener like that then you have some problems here lol. I have also opened with stretching my arm to her and making a come here sign. It might work it might not. Personally I prefer to go indirect. Some others will go direct. It might work but I dont know about it.

[ Yeah asking a girl if she’s a man or a woman is not an opener I’ve heard Mystery teach granted that was 2 years ago. Sounds like an insult to me.]

So bottom line. The opener doesnt matter as long as you didnt go out of your way to deliver it. Logistics play a huge role on how to open.


When you talked with her for 3-5 minutes and you see that she doesnt open up (and also here it depends on your intuition) I throw a hard disqualifier. Sometimes I ll throw it 2 minutes in some others I ll throw it just before qualification. NEVER AFTER. My personal favorite: "You seem like a nice girl and although you aint my type you seem interesting(if you havent talked a lot with her)" or "You seem like a nice girl and although you aint my type I like talking to you (if you actually talked a bit with her)" I wont explain why this makes a huge impact if you are at the level of 10s you probably understand why.

[ Uhmmm not really. This is where it becomes obvious that you’re either a kj or your English isn’t translating. That’s a HORRIBLE disqualifier. Awful. Terrible. I know, because I used it hundreds of times. It’s sooo 2004 it’s ridiculous there are a kazillion ways to disqualify a girl that are less socially awkward, more humorous and actually flirtatious.]

I wont even comment on how important role you wing plays here or the women you have with you.

[ Yeah cause EVERYONE has a wing or women with them. Again what about the average guy who goes out to work on his game.]

You also need to understand that while 10s are used in having men approaching them all the time this isnt a bad thing for you. Why? Because most men dont approach at all (they are intimidated) or they approach with lame lines. You are different on the approach.Dont go out of your way with fancy stories or whatever. You can leave her go back to your company and then go back at her. This depends on you.

[ I don’t even know what you’re saying here Dracula, but I guess it’s that you should do take-aways. I agree.]

Being charming and mysterious here is more important on what you say. I wont tell you what routines or stories to use. Only that both need to not be long and to not be show off-ish. Knowing the people on the venue you are is a plus. Having an understanding of how the whole club works is also a plus. Ofcourse I work as PR so its easier for me. But I bet you can find ways around it. Sometimes I wont even tell what my job is.

[ Again using your advantages]

One of my favorites is how people like to wear masks on clubs. And I ll go like "Like you for example you seem like you might be sensitive, romantic (choose something) but you need to put this mask on to try to avoid every guy that tries to hit on you when you might be the swettest person." As I said on my other posts for me human nature/psychology/sociology is all the routines I need. Whats yours?

Kino is hugely important here. From the moment you get in you touch everyone in proximity. My game mostly concentrates on the target because music doesnt help talking to the group. And I dont know if this is a Greek thing but I am RARELY if ever cockblocked either because of the girls dont want to cockblock or because my wing also comes to the rescue. Learn the kino ladder and use it. You progress on the emotional ladder you progress on the kino ladder. AKA the tried on the LSRM2. Get the book and read it.

[ You’re rarely ever cockblocked even though you ignore the group? That sounds like every student on a bootcamp. On opposite day! Yes I really did just bring out opposite day. Again more evidence of cultural differences rendering this post useless.]


Again I am a fan of hard qualification. And this is because I know my attraction game is strong. If you think you lack in that department then fix it or make youq qualifiers a bit softer. Savoy has the compitability test qualifier that I also use from time to time.

Ofcourse on 10s my first concern is to destroy their biggest asset. Their beauty. So Style's beauty destroyer (beauty is common) comes in handy here. Ofcourse something I forgot to mention is that when you are in qualification and she complies she is attracted to you. Dont wait for 100 IOIs and 100 compliance tests. Dont ask her to do stuff. Tell her to do stuff. The more she complies the more you are in. I dont like talking about isolation or whatever. These are things you do with all girls I wont go out of my way to explain how to do it here.

So after the beauty destroyer I go to the "Tell me 3 things that would make me to want to get to know you better" If she complies to this also (and for the love of God help her because she wont have a clue what to say) you must make a decision. Either you close the deal going for one night stand (not recommended because you ll leave your friends, I never do this if my company is staying) or kiss her and go back together to her friends and your friends. Then you next station is bouncing on comfort.

There are 100 routines about kissing and kissing shouldnt be a big deal for you. Some kiss after qualification, some others on comfort. You choose when is the right moment. Personally I dont like to post pone it. You ll be surprised how easily you can kiss her and how easily the window closes for the kiss. So first come first served.

[ That just took a long time to state use a large qualifier.]


I know you ll be so eager to show off again but this is the moment to get a commection. As long as your kino is good as long as you kissed her (or not) and as long as you are sexual comfort can include convo, dancing, meeting her friends, merging your friends etc. In cofmort you dont care for the loud music. You can whisper in her ear at close proximity. If you havent kissed her do so now. Dont get phones to continue this on a day 2. By this i mean the deal must be closed the same night. (not sex, kissing). I dont think I have some rules on comfort since its the stage where you are pretty hyped up having a girl that you wouldnt imagine some years ago in your hands. And in the first few 10s you need to be cool about it. Dont smother her. It must seem to her like you get a lot of girls of her caliber. Also dont forget your friends and her friends. Dont be all the time on isolation. Be charming.

I am 100% sure I forgot something but I ll probably remember it from your questions. Also I know many things I say dont go along with general game rules but this is what works for me. Also I didnt get into every detail. If i dont go into detail it means you do with her what you do with other girls.

Again I respect a person more that goes for the kiss and gets rejected rather than play it safe. These women know they intimidate men and if you appear that you dont kiss her for it you are toast.

In the end remember laying 10s isnt harder. Its just different and your intuition and experience along with many aspects of your life must be in tune with who you are. Hence bottle service (120 euros in greece for 6 people isnt important). Also 4 girls in your company isnt something difficult for someone that is great with women. You cant go lay 10s i you havent passed from 6s, 7s or 8s.

So there you have it. My way of laying 9s and 10s. First try it on at least 10 sets and then tell me if its wrong or right.

Hope that helps.

[ Again my problem here is the attitude aka PUA sydrome of a guy who obviously isn’t getting results based on his game but his natural advantages… Then has the balls to write this up like there’s new information in there.

This is useless except for me honing my FJM skills.

Silverghost you’re a KJ tool.

I’m out.]



  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    lol that was awesome! can this be a weekly thing?

  2. glad you told it like it is

  3. Greg0072:24 AM

    As many PUA gurus (yourself excluded) speak a lot crap about how easy it is to 'game' HB10s
    (it isn't, as it requires much more advanced and more sophisticated PUA skills) if you just approach all the time and follow their expensive overpriced advice, it'd be awesome seeing a product in future (that'd specify that it's aimed at more advanced guys, not at beginners and shows the pitfalls involved) on how to approach and create attraction with HB10 women (and also includes footage of you approaching such women at night and in the day) - despite the fact that for most guys, their response will be that it'd be far too hard and too much work. HB10s operate (some arrogantly and some humbly) from a very high value base, so guys themselves would need to focus on being high value people
    (socially, financially and career wise) and building a high value life, which takes time and a lot of work, if guys aren't super good looking themselves.

  4. I had to stop halfway to post this. This guy is a major tool. His english is crap nothing he said so far is useful. It's painful to read. The only that keeps me going are your comments. Props to you for pointing this guy out.

  5. Anonymous10:17 AM

    you sound very concieted in your responses sinn. are you always right? is your way the only way? can other people try to help or are you the one and only true guru?

  6. These are so common on forums now. It is true what the commenter above said about other people trying to help. The guy did have good intentions (I assume)and maybe if more people posted about their successes then there might be some hidden nuggets to obtain. That being said, I wish gurus would do this with each other. It would make learning much more comical and add some more fun to learning new techniques.

    P.S. I don't think this guy knows what subtle means and he used it 6 times which is awesomely ironic