Thursday, September 10, 2009

The $ 12 Sonicare Spinbrush Rocks My World.

Ok, so anyone who actually knows me in real life, as opposed to though this blog is well aware of my somewhat obsessive fixation on hygiene. Especially oral hygiene.

I was an early adopter of Floss Sticks, tongue scrapers, and whitening mouthwash as well as toothpaste.

I had always wanted a sonic toothbrush, but I could never get over the $200 price tag.

Until about 2 weeks ago I was still hoping I'd get a Sonicbrush from this girl I know whose a dental assistant for my BDay in a month.

Then I saw the commercials for the $12 spinbrush and immediately went to CVS.

The Sonic Brush is amazing... It's literally like going to the dentist twice a day.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you want to have cleaner teeth and fresher breath this is a must have.

I'm pretty sure they have them at almost every drug store in America, so run don't walk to get one. Trust me I have no incentive to recommend this other than the fact that it made my life much better.



  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I am amazed at how many guys go out without brushing their teeth and with god awful smelling breath... and then when you go to offer them some gum; they turn it down. i think you need to be an advocate for brushing teeth in because some of these guys just dont get it.

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Hey, sounds pretty cool. Are you talking about the ones made by Crest?

  3. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Get the real thing. It's worth it. You find it a whole lot cheaper on ebay. My dad used to use the $12 ones, I bought him the real thing. After a year of not using it, he finally opened it, and a month later said it was the best present ever. Gangsta!

  4. Lance7:51 PM

    I've had mine for about 6 months now. It's pure niceness

  5. Anonymous11:38 PM

    brush your teeth

  6. Anonymous5:33 AM

    barry forum down?

    any one knows the reason?

  7. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Yeah I'm confused, are you talking about the Crest Spinbrush? From Googling I don't see one from Sonicare for that price.

  8. I have been looking for a good toothbrush. Hygiene has to be #1 for a pua. How are you going to date a 10 with bad teeth? lol

  9. Appreciate the enthusiasm but not sure I'm convinced about the sonic toothbrush. I think the proper stroke should start at the gumline-gently starting off with a little gum- and brush toward the tooth. The stroke should never go into the gum, always away from it. So what I don't like about the sonic tooth brushes is that you can't control the direction of the stroke, it just vibrates like hell. The rotating kind does not produce the kind of stroke I would want either. To my way of thinking, just give me a good, decent toothbrush-- a decent one being really hard to find !--and I'll produce the stroke I want. The difference to me is like getting a professional massage by hand, as opposed to the pad you place on a muscle that gives you a mechanical fake "massage" by pulling at the muscles via a machine.

    I'm picky as hell about toothbrushes-I consider a huge % of the ones on the market basically useless- they're almost always too stiff and have no give in the bristles. What the hell are these manufacturers thinking-why is it so hard to produce a brush that doesn't feel like you're making your gums recede. After much searching, I think my search for an awesome toothbrush is over for now- My dentist gave me one that didn't look like anything special, until I tried it. It's called the Gum 'Summit Plus 509'. It comes in an ultra soft. The first time I used it , I was like 'whoah' it was a joy. Using it feels like you can make contact with all the surfaces you need to reach , but gently without harming gums or enamel. I have no reason to plug it other than letting others know my experience.

  10. Youval8:58 PM

    I have never seen a sonicare spinbrush. crest spinbrush sucks.

    Oral B all the way

    Are you sure it is a sonicare spinbrush?

  11. Anonymous9:19 PM

    It's now called ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush Sonic...and it is fantastic!