Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I crushed Savoy in Fantasy Part Two- I lost????

This week I made a brillant decision to start as many NE players as possible. I figured The Patriots had to be better than this. Had to be.

They weren’t.

Tom Brady got me 4 fantasy points.

I got 4 pts for Ben Watson who I picked up because Brady looked tentative and was throwing to his TEs all the time. He got me 0 points.

I was actually nauseated by midway through the day yesterday…

Plus The Pats lost in horrendous fashion.

Savoy and I were exchanging many haranged and pained text messages.

Punctuated by me Ray Lewis ending the Chargers game and me sending an all capitalized text saying meeley.


I was thinking about adding will kill you, but thought better of it. Ray Lewis may have my phone tapped.

Anyway I have Rothlisberger(WHOM I LOATHE) on the bench as well as Sproles and Gates who I decided to sit cause they were going against the Ravens D.

On the other hand, I did go 13-3 in my NFL pick em league which places me firmly in 2,687th place in The Sports Guy Pick em league. So that’s something.

Follow my picks here : User ID Jonisgod619(Shut up I have OBVIOUS self esteem issues ☺)


Furthermore IF gambling were legal I would have gone 8-0 and made some considerable money for drinking and carousing this week. Unfortunately as we all know this is simply not true in 46 states. This is the law and it is unflinchingly rigid ☺

So I’ll post my actual picks Bill Simmons Style on Thursday because 1 person left a comment asking for them. And I got a tweet about it. So there :P

Oh yeah the Facial Hair slash Wig count is an even 1-1.



  1. Very poor play on your part this week. If you'd done your research you'd have seen that the Jets had completely shut down Schaub and Andre Johnson the previous week. Darrell Revis might very well be the best CB in the league.

  2. Yeah, very poor on your part. :)

  3. I left the comment on here.. here are my picks for week 3:
    -KC @ PHI.. no mcnabb no win KC
    -CLE @ BAL....Ray Lewis is bigger than the entire team. BAL

    -NYG @ TB.. manningham is a star. NYG wins

    -ATL @ NE ...ne should be 0-2 n now that jets showed eveyone how to stop brady pats dynasty is done plus ryan to gonzales cant be stopped right now ... ALT

    -TEN @ NYJ.. Tenn get their first win.

    -GB @ STL.. GB wins. Rams suck

    -SF @ MIN ... both teams r playing great good rb's mistake free qb's should be best game on sunday. MIN wouldnt doubt 49'ers upset

    -JAC @ HOU.. Houston sweeps Jac this season

    -WAS @ DET.. lions playing ok wouldnt be surprised if they FINALLY win ... DET ( my upset of the week)

    -CHI @ SEA... Houshmandzadeh, T.J. is yet to show up. Bears pull a road win. Cutler is gaining confidence. I told people not to overestimate the first game of the season. DA BEARZ

    -NO @ BUF... Best show on turf NO

    -MIA @ SD....Good game, like how MIA played against NE

    -DEN @ OAK.. Den wins. Oak will get a big fat "L" then come wk 4 Texans will hand them another "L"

    -PIT @ CIN-- Steelers, Ben owns cinn