Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"It's not a case of Black and White, There's an Area of Shady Grey"

I was thinking about something the other day and I made a note in my (soon to be returned for a verizon phone that actually has service places) Iphone to write a blog about this.

One thing that really messes guys up as they are learning this stuff and getting better with women, is the idea of black and white thinking.

When guys get hurt ( as we all are when we enter this community, let's be honest) they tend to swing in the diametric opposite direction mentally. Except it doesn't work out the way that it did for George Costanza on Seinfeld. Usually it manifests itself in taking on a close to misogynistic viewpoint about women and dating. Throw in a healthy pinch of SUISC jargon and scientific lingo to " make it a video game." And you have the mental vantage point from which almost all perspective students enter the community.

What I would like to suggest to quote the line stolen from Q-tip that I used to title this post is the idea of shady areas of grey.

For example, on my podcast last week I talked about 10 of the differences between really hot girls and very attractive ones. In it I've talked about a lot of the commonalities I've noticed over the last year and a half of approaching the hottest girls in the clubs every night including 6 months in Miami. Now does this mean that EVERY single hot girl out there will act like these 10 qualities. Of course it does NOT. But it gives a good guideline of things to look for when dealing with these girls where before we didn't have one. We are striving to get as life like as possible while still conceding that every social interaction is unique and every girl is different.



  1. Sounds like you ended up liking Miami.

  2. Awesome post as usual dude.
    Catch up with you soon.