Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lebron MIGHT be going to Brooklyn...

I'm just posting this as a hunch, but a Russian Billionaire with a B just put an offer in for The Nets for $700 million. Much more than the team is worth.

He also just got approved for a building in Brooklyn and he's only trying to own 80% of the team. Which would leave 20% for Jay-Z to buy.

Plus the Russian Millionaire may not care about paying the Luxury tax enabling him to sign not just Lebron who is BFFs with Jay-Z but maybe a Wade and a Bosh as well... Add to that All Star Point guard Devin Harris and the rest of NJ's young nucleus and we may have just figured out the most attractive destination for the once and future King.

So just wanted to jump on that months before anyone else called it. There's a few dominoes that still need to fall but I find it interesting the guy was willing to overpay for the Nets and then immediately secures the rights for an arena in Brooklyn
(LBJ's self proclaimed favorite city in NY).

Check the article for proof:




  1. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I think they should bring back the Dodgers! lol...

  2. Anonymous6:07 PM

    In what world is this new news? This talk about bringing the Nets to Brooklyn has been going on for a while, and Lebron has a major bonus in his Nike contract if he plays in NYC or LA. I suppose it's more likely now that an actual bid has been placed, but to say that you're the first to call it is pretty off.

  3. Anonymous9:19 PM

    brooklyn we go hard

  4. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Uh, Brooklyn isn't a city dude.

  5. Uh, so LeBron to NYC? Way to jump on that about 2 years after the Mainstream Media got to it.