Friday, September 04, 2009

Social Circle Trick- The Average girl

Hey guys,

In setting up my new social circle out yonder, I've noticed something really important.

When you are putting together a group of people to hangout with, they can't all be girls you met off cold approach (duh) and the girls can't all be hot or it gets really competitive and bitchy and eventually your group folds, as mine did in Miami.

So I had the brillant idea of recruiting 1 or 2 girls who were average but really nice/cool girls into the group as well. I got really lucky as one of the first girls I met out here was an average looking club promoter chick. This is ideal.

First she knows everyone, and second she's not hot so there's no temptation to try to hook up with her. She also acts as an intermediary between the girls when there's drama or bitchiness.

I know a lot of guys are focused on making HOT female friends which I think is very important as well just for getting used to being around hot girls. But don't focus your social circle purely on having the hottest girls go out with you or there will be problems.



  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    What about a Hummer?

    Could the avg. girl be allowed to give you a Hummer if you get stressed from the hot girl drama?

    I really feel like this would fall under the 'acting as an intermediary' facet of this principle.

    You could pretend it was one of the hot girls, even whisper the hot girl's name under your breath, so it wouldn't really count anyway.


  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    What the fuck is a hummer?

    Is that where some chick sucks your asshole, blows on your asshole, puts her mouth on your asshole and humms?

    wtf? lol

  3. On a previous podcast, didn't you you rip on a guy for saying this in a invite email?

    "We have room for one very large fat girl at the party, so all the other girls will feel better. Who’s gonna be the lucky fatty? "

    You are basically saying the same thing except you are serious about it, i.e. who is going to be the lucky average girl in John's social circle.

  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I dissagree, I believe that creating a social circle can be off cold approach ONLY if they all share similar interests or have something in common (commonalities)

  5. Steve, it's sad you don't get the difference between
    - an average cool chick in your social circle
    - a fatty you invite to a party to a party and think it's funny