Thursday, September 03, 2009


Hey what's up guys,

I'm still getting adjusted and moved in. So I've been away from my precious computer for far too long.

I just wanted to share a really funny site. Especially if you happen to live in Dallas, Chicago, Orange County etc... It's and it's basically a Perez Hilton type blog about normal people who go out to clubs in these random cities.

It's even got it's own celebrities.

Definitely a good way to kill time and laugh at people you meet in clubs. D-Nazi is a promoter I've talked about in some of my LRs back when I lived in Dallas, and there's a bunch of girls I've hooked up with on there too. Funny shit.

talk soon,



  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I don't go on this website that much anymore. But it's so f'ing funny. I love the fact he has his own terminology. Plus 2s. Hahaha. The Dirty Army.

  2. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Funny thing about his terminology, a lot of it is not his, it's common....butterface....Cleveland Brown....cougar. But some of the terminology is freaking hilarious!

  3. so where'sinns of attraction relocated to?

    since you moved out, did you break up with them or did you just disapear? how you still if so keep in touch?

    remembering I was your student at the seminar in Boston just clueless. NoW I had my rotation of 4 girls in nyc recently and now moved to miami :S ...which logistics compared to nyc with car thing kindah sucks...

    Also, knowing you have game,well AWESOME game being 2nd BEST PUA in the World.
    You run into girls wanting to take you out to dinners,spending cash on you, want you to be their BF after like 3rd time sex ?.lol

    how would your boundaries or inner game be?

    Im not goodlooking but I did develop better game than before and ran into something of that sort.I gave her great sex and noticed she wanted to be with me alot more and was very attentive.asked me what were my fav foods and fav things and got them for me... I gave her more of time and she became bossy and pushy, then disrespectful....
    I know sounds like quality problem but I'm lost once you get the approach - sleep with her ..etc.

    advice or suggestion?

    It would be great if you can write up in your blog on that ..for your students.

    thank you JS


  4. PUA! at the Disco8:45 AM

    Speaking of funny, what're your thoughts on this Jon:

    A-hole community dude? hahaha.