Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Savoy is SCARED of me....

Is that you Nick?

Savoy emailed me about his craptacular fantasy football team, and then had the audacity to step into the ring and challenge me the undisputed champion of the ESPN fantasy draft to a running contest between our teams.

I warned him of the stupidity of such a move and he stopped returning emails.

But you can't get off that easily dear Savoy.

I am now calling you out publicly for attempting to avoid the 13-0 crushing any of my 3 teams I sent you will give your group of misfits and Mannings.

You stepped into the thunderdome and now it's punishment time.



  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    What Savoy should be scared of are your programs. You are far and away light years ahead of his product. All Savoy did was copy Mystery and expanded on the marketing were you have developed a truly original dynamic. He is so unoriginal its frightening. Kudos to you Sinn!

  2. Anonymous9:47 AM

    lol that is maybe the first g-unit song i can recall liking

    you ever check out Killer Mike? more southern then east coast but still amazing, easily top 3 dudes in the game today:

  3. Lance7:53 PM

    You can whup his ass in FF all you want, just don't be hatin on the Mannings. :D

  4. Anonymous12:48 AM

    You're a dink Sinn. I hope you get tranny tricked.