Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Traits Of Naturals # 2- Positive Exaggeration

So yeah, that’s probably the nicest possible way of saying Guys who are successful with women tend to lie to women. ☺

Well not necessarily lie, but exaggerate. A lot.

I was reminded of this, last weekend when I was out with my group of girls on my friend’s B-day. We were hanging out with a natural friend of mine, we’ll call him RE, cause he works in real estate.

Now this particular time, he was telling everyone about a Vegas trip we took a few months ago. In reality we went out there, I won a lot of money the first night, got slaughtered the second night to the tune of 5 figures and so we got a suite upgrade for the night, and we had an afterparty where all of us got laid. I was still INCREDIBLY bitter despite having sex with a REALLY hot girl that night.

Now when he started telling this story last night a few minor details changed. Like the entire story. This is not the first time he’s changed stories or exaggerated things when trying to hook up. Nor is it the first time I’ve heard a Natural do this. It just jogged my memory about this and I wanted to share it.

I also wanted to offer a less manipulative alternative, which is positive misinterpretation and a selective memory.

When I say positive misinterpretation, I’m referring to the idea of misinterpreting the situation, what a woman’s saying, or a particular instance to make yourself look as attractive as possible.

When I say a selective memory, I mean ignoring the things in your past that don’t make you look attractive right away. There’s nothing wrong with talking about things that make you look good especially upfront.

Allright I’m walking a thin and shaky line with this post so I’m gonna wrap it up…


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  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    It's funny...there's that line about Johnny Cash that I think about sometimes, and I think it can kinda apply to me:

    "He's a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction"

    It's not that I actively seek to "lie" (and indeed, I Don't Lie...exactly), it's that some stories can be made more entertaining (not just for the other person, but for me to tell it) with some "creative editing". Indeed, do I necessarily seek to make myself look cool/"high value" in my stories--no, it's all about the story itself! I just seek to tell it well--after all, I lived it!

    Why not cut out the dead zones and dull parts in the real event (as one might recall it), streamline it, and make the colors and characters more vibrant, the dark parts blacker and more intense, ramp the tension in the tale, and engage all the senses with the stories one tells?

    Not that I'm "Mr. Super-Natural" or anything--I'm just a thoughtful guy with a fairly good way with blarney, either in person or on the page.

    I guess what I'm saying is that you're probably pretty dead on, or at least not far off the mark. Like all things though, it depends on the individual. Good post, dude! Hey, it got ME commenting!

  2. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Sometimes I think you need to sugarcoat, why not? Women sugar coat all the time. I get women telling me that they are actresses, wedding singers and you find out she sang in one wedding with a karoake machine...embellishment? I would say so...hey dating is war, so you need to arm yourself as best as possible without really hurting anyone...