Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We have almost twice as many active posters on my forum ( than there are on a certain hate filled disgusting message board.

Just goes to show, some people are actually interested in improving their lives instead of just shitting all over other people.

This amuses me greatly.



  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    most forums start that way.
    Then it turns into a hate filled disgusting forum as more people sign up.

    Just laws of probability.

  2. nothing else to expect.. you and priest are doing a great job dude! and also props on the forum members who always try to help as much as they can.


  3. LOL! Agree with Seiya!

    You and Priest do a lot, though I haven't posted under my user name in a while. But that what a proper community does, teach you and not tear you down!


  4. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I like both forums.
    Barry's forum is comedy and I think it is great. The people there are much more normal than all the retards posting @Rsdnation

  5. Anonymous1:40 PM

    I think your forum is great, but you should check your facts.
    Barry forum: 10,316 members, which is more than 5x your forum. Not to be a dick here but it is simple math.

    Also it seems to me that you don't like any criticism whatsoever. Maybe you should take yourself less seriously and chill out.

  6. I specifically mentioned ACTIVE users of which mine has 501 and Barry's has 323.

    So not quite double but pretty close, which is more impressive considering that as you mentioned his forum has 10X more members in total.


  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    wait........ what was the point of this blog post? couldn't you have just said "hey, everyone go look at the forum!"

  8. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Fair enough.

    Although I don't know why you hate that forum so much. And I bet the average forum member of Barry's forum is actually better with girls and less weird than the average dude posting on seduction forums, especially if you look at the LS forum or RSDNation.

    And btw Sinn, PLEASE get rid of that picture! You then wonder why some people give you shit... How can the self-proclaimed "2nd best pick up artist in the world" have a picture with such an ugly girl as your avatar? Looks like a fucking tranny.

  9. I don't "hate" the BKRS forum.

    I do think that it represents itself as if it's the majority of people in the world, instead of a distinct and IMO crazy subset of the population that thrives on hating on everyone and everything. Including the host of the show (Which I enjoy and appear on once a month).

    So I like statistics that back up my arguments.

    I'm not saying I'm the most positive guy in the world, but I do think that the level of negativity, bitterness and sheer destructiveness of that forum is unhealthy and a little bit gross.

    It even makes me feel bad for guys I formerly disliked...

    So, I try to go out of my way to point out that the way of thinking over there isn't any more normal than some of the seduction cults out there, and is pretty unhealthy for the average impressionable member of the SUISC.

    That was the point of this post I suppose though now it feels like it was way more work than it was worth.

    Such is life :)


  10. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I'm on your side, but there is no denying that the BKRS movement is important.

    I mean holy fuck, this "PUA" scene has just blown out of proportions and this whole community is so fucking bizarre. Too many lonely and emotional unhealthy men, too many self proclaimed pimps ripping guys money, too many over analytical ya sayers looking up to these "gurus" like fucking super heroes.

    That's why movements like that are needed to set shit into perspective. Even tho many of them are lowlife scum and a fucking disgrace to humanity.

  11. Greg0071:43 AM

    As he isn't that funny,I only listen to Barry Kirkey's podcast when he has a guest on who sounds interesting (which isn't that often),but if your criteria for checking out a forum regularly,is
    'will it teach helpful info for my problems and questions',the guys who post on it are a bunch of fucking losers with far too much free time on their hands,who savagely attack almost every guest Kirkey has on. If that's the case,
    then why do Kirkey's forum members even bother listening to his show.

  12. Anonymous2:15 PM

    wow sinn!

    this is like your first blog entry in years where you actually responded to comments.....talking about value. interesting