Monday, July 20, 2009

Video Blog

Hey guys,

Here's a video blog recorded early in the AM for ya.

Let me know if you like this kinda stuff in the comments section.



  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Hey J

    Like the video blog. I enjoy the info you put out there. Hope you keep it up!


  2. Hey Sinn,

    Awesome vid, defo like it.

    Speak soon

  3. Just The Facts10:25 AM

    Thanks for the video Jon.

    Hey, instead of going into Metastates and stuff. I’ve noticed that there’s
    a lack of dinstinct material of the TYPES of girls out there, and how they
    should be approached….I was wondering, if you did a podcast with CJ,
    could you cover some of this?

    Plain Jane
    Tatoos Piercings
    Betty Boops
    Party Girls
    Librarian Types
    Granola Girls

    Since you're talking with Captain, use this op. to identify the types...i.e. how are they likely to dress?...this is a strong enough identifier.

    Then, once identified, what would you guys think their primary attitude, or ego state would be? they may be in a 'mood' that day, but, they must have a primary value system that could be identified so we could then know what to do in order to connect to them.

    I'll tell you what I've experienced.

    Granola Girls: see through b.s. like nobodies business.
    Dress Type: No makeup usually, a tattoo, but not like suicide girls. No ‘perfume’.
    Lot’s of earth tones, sandals. Tend to like folk rather than cock rock, or electronic
    stuff. Usually vegetarian. My guess is they reject pretense. So, you wouldn’t want
    to be wearing an Affliction Shirt, with tons of bling, and cologne. Opener for these
    girls??....hmmm….maybe something about the earth, the environment??

    Strippers: see through b.s. too. Dress type….on the street…very hard to tell,
    you’d be amazed at how these girls dress all innocent outside of the club.
    The younger ones are into money hardcore, and like bad boys, in general.
    Probably smoke. Probably do coke. ( subject matter maybe?)…openers
    outside of the club? don’t know, but there’s some truth to “treat a lady like a
    whore, and a whore like a lady”…so, outside the club, a really genuine
    compliment just could work…inside the club…I’ve gotten responses from
    REALLY harsh negs. I mean, this isn’t ‘breaking rapport’ it’s flat out insults.
    “something smells fishy…I think it’s you”…great responses to really harsh stuff.
    AND, when delivering these lines, I’ve said it like a real dick. These girls are
    usually damaged goods. I will not date a stripper.

    Those are a couple of examples I can think of.


  4. Clarence10:39 AM

    the sound is really soft

  5. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Is this video blogging a replacement for your Barry Kirkey show appearances?

    Apparently after your conversation on the show a few days back, Barry has continued shitting all over you on his podcasts this week.

  6. Anonymous5:52 PM

    You should really pump up the volume in your future videos. Keep going!

  7. Nice value, keep the videos coming
    .Looking forward to the podcast with CJ

  8. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Zohan look..."I'm Fi-fi Coco"

    Aren't mp3s easier to do ? I suppose some marketing book is telling everyone with a website to do 10min videos.

    Revver might allow more, and pays you if loads of people click.