Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I don't have HIV!!!!

I finally got the results back from my physical and I have no STDs, and no signs of liver damage.

Eat that healthy living :P

Getting the HIV was result is harrowing because you actually have to go back to the doctor to have them give you the results.

Plus it takes a little while, so you have a nice couple of days to think back on all the stupid sexual choices you've made over the years...

I was so scared this morning that when the PA asked me how I was I said " I'll be a lot better when you tell me I don't have HIV."

So yeah, almost 6 years of reckless partying and 50+ sexual partners a year has left me unscarred.

The only possible conclusion is that I am some sort of superman and thus immune from all human diseases :)

But, the real lesson is that I've gotten a free pass on all the stupid shit I've done over the years healthwise and I need to start making safer decisions.

Personally I've been trying to wrap up all the little nagging loose ends in my life healthwise, emotionally, and financially and going to the Dr for the first time in 6 years was a good step along the way.

Now once I wrap up getting health insurance, getting my wisdom teeth removed, and getting someone to fix the ridiculous scrap heap we call the SOA books, I'll be a real boy!

Hope everyone's having a great day



  1. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Congrats dude.

  2. Anonymous9:09 PM

    This may sound odd but the fact that you posted that was awesome considering talking STD's is odd for some people.

  3. cool.

    this is a subject that doesnt
    come up enuf.

    personally I think pussy is way
    overated anyway.

    give me a good bj anyday.