Thursday, July 16, 2009

Games People Play...

Hey guys,

Been doing some more self development stuff on my own and in my readings I've found a lot of stuff from Dr Eric Berne to be fascinating.

Berne first wrote about and defined the idea of transactional analysis which is a theory of communication based on his work on ego states ( which are what I would call META subpersonality types)

Now I don't necessarily think all of his work is great but he wrote a book called " Games People Play." Which is genius.

It's all about the patterns and social interactions we have over and over and what people are gaining from seemingly miserable situations. And they're explained in incredibly easy to understand terms like " The frigid woman game" or The " I've got you now, you son of a bitch game".

Worth checking out.

I'll be combining a lot of the Goffman research I was doing with the transactional analysis and communication theory research soon.

I have so many notes it's retarded!!!

And all of it is related to little things that make huge differences in how we communicate. As well as pulling together a more in depth way to express what's happening in our social interactions, which will help guys figure out where they are and what's going on much more frequently.

I'm excited for the next couple of weeks of articles as slowly start to redefine and re-explain a lot of the previous theories used to explain social dynamics. As they are INCREDIBLY out of date.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday for the first article.


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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Sounds very interesting, I'll definately check that out for sure.

  2. Hey man,
    Looking forward to reading those articles.

    By the way the natural Attract DVD stuff is just stella man.

  3. I read this book awhile and though some of the "hip" slang in it is a bit dated, a lot of the concepts are definitely applicable. Definitely worth a read...

  4. Anonymous6:25 PM

    "Berne first wrote about and defined the idea of transactional analysis which is a theory of communication based on his work on ego states ( which are what I would call META subpersonality types)"

    Please don't do this.

    They're referred to in the normal world as "ego states".

    You hate the term kino, and prefer "touching".


  5. Anonymous11:22 PM

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    are u kidding me?:))
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    when are u gonna recognise u re such a hypocrite?natural attraction? where u show this?cos from all your infields videos the same old routines..this is your"natural attraction"?

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  6. Ego states are Meta states to me as they represent a higher grouping cluster of subpersonalities.

    It's like in a bookstore they have romance novels, sci-fi books, classics, but they all go under the heading of fiction.

    There are quite a few subpersonality types I would group into the ego-states of adult, child, parent.

    That's why I think the meta distinction is so crucial because it indicates that these states are made up of smaller units. Which helps me to understand the concept better and adapt it to my theories and ideas.

    It's the only way I know linguistically to indicate a chunking up of groups which is important for research.


  7. This is actually where I came from before the pick up community. I wanted to learn how people interacted and why some guys were good at talking to girls while I wasn't. (Hence my name P.A.C. "Parent Adult Child")

    It is funny because I had this background, I notice what states people are in when I am talking to them (I wouldn't recommend spending the time I did on this since now I know there are more fulfilling things in life). But you can quickly calibrate to the proper ego state to swerve the conversation in a healthy direction. In the early chapters of the book it gives examples of different ways to say the same thing, but for each ego state.

    The models (NIGYSOB, etc.) are neat to watch play out in real life. Office gossip spans at least 3-4 models.

  8. I'm a fan of Berne and Goffmann too, and as a reader of both I'd recommend you also try the work of Edward T. Hall, starting with Beyond Culture. His stuff on monochronic vs. polychronic cultures and high context vs. low context cultures will really help you with dealing with people of other cultures, both men and women.

    Also, if you take some of his insights and apply them toward gender, it opens up a lot of insights too. You apply the high context culture analysis to women and the low context culture analysis to men and you've opened up a whole new can of worms. Great stuff.

  9. Anonymous7:17 PM

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