Friday, July 24, 2009

Daisy Of Love Finalists- Part 3: London

What's up guys,

Today I'm gonna be wrapping up the Daisy of Love series by talking about the guy who I think is going to win Daisy's "heart".


By far the worst looking of the three guys ( which is why I included all the guys pictures).

London had the most instant chemistry with Daisy. From the beginning of the show until he abruptly dissed her to leave.

He left the show because he felt that all of Daisy's feelings for him were fake. He also also had an epic meltdown as he was leaving where he repeatedly screamed that his name was Joshua Lee and he's a real f@*king person.

However Daisy did not forget about London even as she continued to date down into the final four of Sinister- Insecure, Deviant Rockstar who dressed like Mystery and Chi-Chi an obvious homosexual who was the posterboy for neediness.

This of course led to the dramatic return of the prodigal mohawk, a couple of arguments with Flex where it was noted that he was twice as big as him, and a scene where Daisy took a flower she was given by Sinister and had London eat it.

One of the biggest strengths London had was emotional honesty. When he originally left the show it made Daisy upset but she respected it and continued to have feelings for him. Thus when he came back there was little doubt that she will believe he actually cares about her enough to come back.

Watching the natural chemistry between Daisy and London was one of the more interesting things about the show, even if you can't necessarily tell why she's soo attracted, you get a great look at what girls look like when they are "clicking" with someone. Definitely worth watching if you have problems reading women.

Can't wait for the finale...


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    "which is why I included all the guys pictures"

    are u sure about this?i didn t see flex pic