Friday, July 03, 2009

Common Female Behavior- " I can't Believe I Slept With You On the...

Hey guys,

Happy soon to be Fourth of July!

Today I wanted to do another Common Female piece and talk about the phrase " I can't believe I slept with you on the... The ... could be the first date, in a bathroom, on my period, the night we met, whatever.

Most guys take this to mean that the woman is asking for emotional reassurance that she did the right thing... This is usually dead wrong. When girls say anything like this, what they are doing is baiting you to see what you think about them now.

So the correct response is something like " Yeah it was hot." or " Yeah it was fun". Then if I want to keep seeing the girl, I'll immediately invite her to go do something like get ice cream or take a walk. You want to make sure to not treat her any differently after you have slept with her. It's super obvious to girls when guys stop making as much effort after they sleep with a girl.

You want to convey a complete lack of judgement about her and what you guys have done.



  1. *Thumbs up*
    great post Jon, I'll be using this tomorrow night :P

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I get called a;

    "Perv" or "Pervert"

    with the girl I've been seeing.

    what does that mean?

    For Ex:

    Stroking my snake with her in the shower.

    Or just grabbing her out of nowhere.