Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Polite Response

Hey guys,

Wanted to whip up a quick starter article on the difference between polite response and attraction. I'll be expanding on why polite response happens later and what to do about it.

A lot of guys make the mistake of assuming that a woman who is being polite is attracted to them.

Oftentimes women are being polite for one of numerous reasons. It could be boredom, social etiquette or just that she doesn't want to feel like a bitch.

While polite response is nicer to our egos, it actually can hurt our progress during the early stages of learning pickup, as it wastes time that could be spent doing approaches where the girls might actually sleep with us.

So what should you look for to determine if what your getting is polite response?

1. Wedding Rings. Married sets are always easier to hook and get attention from, because it's polite response.

2. The girl asking questions to fill an awkward silence in the first 1-3 mins. This happens a lot to guys who stall in set. It's the worst thing that can happen because it rewards you for stalling out a conversation.

3. Instant removal from touching. The girl(s) will stay and talk but instantly move away from your touching in a socially polite way.

4. The girls eyes wander as they are listening to what you're saying.

5. The girls excuse themselves to "go to the bathroom" or dance.

Generally guys get polite response when they forget to break rapport early on to generate attraction.

If you're wondering whether the response you're getting is attraction or polite response, you can try to move or try to qualify. Girls who are not attracted to you will not move or qualify themselves for the most part.

Next time I'll get more into the psychology of face loss and how you can leverage that to turn polite response around.


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  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    I liked this post. Could you give a few more examples about what you mean with "breaking rapport"?

    Do you mean teasing? Disagreeing? Commanding? Going sexual?

    What "type" of breaking rapport is the most useful to prevent the polite response? Or doesn't it matter, as long as you break rapport somehow?

    Thank you