Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daisy Of Love Finalists- Part 1 Flex

I'm sure I've mentioned my affinity for bad reality TV and the life lessons that one can gain from them :)

Recently a little show called Daisy Of Love(DOL) has become my Reality TV fix.

DOL stars Oscar De La Hoya's cousin Daisy De La Hoya of Rock of Love with Brett Michaels fame...

For those of you who are unaware of how these VH1 "Of Love" shows work, they take a girl or guy who is somewhat well known ( Think Flava Flav) as well as quirky and they have 20 guys or girls compete for a chance at love with them, complete with chains and tearful eliminations.

Usually these shows are mildly interesting but this particular show happened to feature a lot of guys who were basically wannabe rockstars and dressed like Mystery.

Plus Daisy herself is not the sharpest tool in the shed. All this and a surprise skunk appearence have led to a great season.

Which leads me to today's article, the final 3 remaining contestants all have very strong stereotypes as well as personalities that are attractive to women. So I'll be breaking down the three finalists and why they are naturally attractive to women.

For anyone who is also watching the show I'm handicapping the contestants starting with the guy who I think is least likely to win, Flex.

Obviously Flex is a tall good looking guy, but there are a couple of other things that stand out about him.

First he has balls. Balls are the most important factor when it comes to picking up girls. Flex is the first guy to step up and that in and of itself is going to be attractive.

He's also got edge, which is attractive to all women, but especially a girl like Daisy. Edge is all about being exciting and unpredictable. Women are turned off by boredom and predictability.

He's also not afraid to speak his mind, which is something that most guys have a problem with. Most guys don't share opinions whether negative or positive with anyone, but Flex does.

Unfortunately none of this will be enough for him to win the show...



  1. Oooh I wanna see your observations on the other 2. Cos Flex sounds like the guy most girls would go for.


    P.S. I might get the Natural Attraction DVD for my friend, helped me out, I'm sure it will help him out

  2. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Yeah, I agree. Chicks dig guys like Flex. Taller, handsome, built well, little intelligence - a guy that really does not need much game to get a girl like her. Take a normal, average guy with even tight game and he still would have a very tough road competing with a guy like Flex. Yeah I think Flex would be a natural winner....

  3. it's interesting to note that on these shows, more often than not the guys typically have very attractive ex's....which is proof of at least mild alpha/girl getter status in real-life, but the show role reverses this situation and while in real life each of these guys might have a decent shot with her, the power granted her and all the other variables makes it quite a toss-up....the key here is one man's ability to set himself far above the others in terms of his cred.

  4. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Benedict - some good points. This is where David Deangelo's "attraction is not a choice" will be put to the test. If she is truly attracted to one of them regardless of looks and whatnot then she will pick that person regarless of circumstance or her "power." I have never fully agree with DeAngelo's theory - I think attraction can be "picked" or "forced" if you will rather than some kind of compulsory thing at all will be interesting to see...

  5. jailhouse1:22 AM

    I haven't watched most of the show but I thought flex would be too boring for her. 12 pack is kind of like a rock solid guy, but he too would be too boring for her.

    She seems low self esteem and seems like she was abused as a child so, as bad as it sounds, she'll pick the London dude cause (what i saw in the previews) he treated her like shit.

  6. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Fox should of stayed if he wasn't such a player.

  7. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Should of stayed and a player? Fox was a 120 pound faked tan, make up wearing, bumbling moron... your right with that much in common with Daisy I'm surprised he isn't still in it. While logical Flex probably would have won keys to the vip against the other two, in this particular case of f*cked up Daisy, the Loser in Leather will be obviously winner

  8. Anonymous3:44 PM

    I have to admit I was totally addicted to this reality tv show.. although my dissappointment in Daisy picking that loser totally ruined it for me. I think Flex was too much of a man for Daisy, and I only wish that I could of been there to pick up the peices for Flex, and showed him what a real woman could do for him and how happy with the right match things could actually be. No competition, no mudd slinging, no interactionary bs,, just a sexy hot woman with a REAL man.. Flex you will find what is right for you and I know this.. London is a loser and all of it will show later not long from now. Wishing I had the chance to MEET and have a chance at FLEX... Nice level headed, strong minded and sexy man for sure.!!!! Idaho Princess