Friday, July 31, 2009

Podcast oF Glory

Hey guys,

It's finally edited and up.

I just listened through it and IMO it's by far the funniest podcast I've done, so enjoy.


PS: Here's a Link To The Post, so you can read along:


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Hey Jon. I just wanted to give my two cents on the evite like you and cam did and give my explanation of the intense douchebagery and squarelike behaviour of it all. So here.

    (my input will be in parenthesis)

    Guys work with me here. I NEED an easy accurate head count. There’s too many of you keep track of.(This part just sounds like an out right lie by a person who is giving off attention seeking behaviour. So if I were a cool guy. This could be a minor red flag.) This EVITE is the Guest List. Please stop calling and texting and facebooking (?) about how excited you are if you didn’t reply yet on the Evite. Otherwise it means NOTHING, it doesn’t put you on the list and I won’t feel bad that I won’t be able to help you at the door.(OK maybe hes just a bitter nerdy kind of guy who just got "popular" and wants to seem scarce and remain cool to the other "cool guys". I can tolorate that.) Save yourself pain and RSVP on this EVITE right away. You can adjust your RSVP later if plans change. If you didn’t get the Evite it’s because I don’t have your email address, please send it to me. Thanks :)(Yeah about the smiley face. People, especially guys who want to seem cool, should just stray away from that crap. Unless your a girl it just comes off as cutesy and weird.)

    About bringing friends… ok, you know how a perfectly good clean piece of paper can be devalued if you write some useless crap on it like scribbled art or bad poetry(I guess when my girlfrind writes poetry or doodles art its just a complete waste of paper that she spends her money on. Well, maybe she can write on her arm, or mine, or the walls in her house for that matter. Sinse we are wasting perfectly good paper and you dont think thats cool.) or you just happen to spill some shit on it? Well, a lot of people are like that; a careless waste of perfectly good flesh, bone and muscle.(It that was a joke it came off as kind of rude. And im starting to learn more about this guy as a person.) I like meeting unique driven exciting attractive good people. If you have friends like that, great, bring them.(And now I can tell he has none of the above qualities and if I were a hardcore SUISC guy I would call this "Value Leeching".) But I would rather you bring with you a bag of dirt than a belligerent drunk friend who lacks the capacity to be held responsible for his actions. If I really wanted to hang out with a bunch of disoriented animals I’d go to the zoo or go club hopping in Hollywood.(The entire above comment is key here. Later in the letter he makes a very bad joke about monkeys which is as close as you can get to racism without having any defense in a courtroom. But he just mentioned "animals" where he can find at the "zoo", or at a "hollywood club",which is usually a place where you can find a fair share of black men. So yeah, deep down inside, I know this guys racist now.) You will be held responsible for your friends.(And now he just lost ANY cool guy who was planning on bringing alot of people to this party. Plus, he just "disqualified" himself from being a popular guy. By accident.)

    Heavy priority for Girls, they’re more important.(OK now here come the wild club girls who are gonna ruin his "chill lounge" vibe. He also sounds like a creepy club promoter now.) Check with me about inviting Dudes I don’t know.(I thought he wanted to meet cool people?) Even better, send me to the facebook page of the friends you want to bring.(This is just fucking wierd, and creppy, and questionable.)

    Also, I know it’s last minute, but if you’re not doing anything better tonight, I’m gonna be going to the French Tuesdays event at the Pacific Design Center with some friends. Come along and join us, this is one of their few events open to the general public. French Tuesdays is one of my very favorite mixer groups, it’s my style: classy, chill, beautiful sophisticated people. More info here:(This is one of the three normal parts of the evite. But its too late for him. I know hes a square)

    We all love Rules, these will be enforced

    (And heres the end of part 1)

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Now for part 2

    - Girls must dress hot. Guys must dress like they didn’t just come from a Sports Bar(This joke aint too bad but it has a bit of douchebaggyness to it. S clubs are fun when theres a big game. And girls were gonna dress hot anyway. But he was not a cool guy to begin with so he didnt know that.)
    - Be social, introduce yourself to at least 10 people you don’t know, not just of the opposite sex. Meet each other(I appreciate his attempt at making sure his party did not turn out to be dead. But he continues to show this "I need this party to be the best one ever" vibe.)
    - Think sophisticated chill Lounge, not loud Dance Club, not Sports Bar(But I thought he wanted this to be the biggest party ever. What are the hot club girls and cool guys who make that happen gonna do?)
    - All men must be respectful of women(Honestly he should not have even bothered typing this, cuz he does not follow it in the slightest.)
    -(Ok before tou even read any of the remaining shit. Know, that this is the point where ALL of the decent people whould decide not to come and only the skanky club girls and locust would remain. Any self- respecting person would NEVER come after reading the remaining rules.) All women must scrub the floors clean with toothbrushes and while they’re down there they must pray in my general direction 3 times(Not only this is a bad joke. But Cam and Sinn missed that this is a VERY rude thing to say to Muslims. Its very racist. Even though he thinks its funny.)
    - There will be no Cocaine at this party. Seriously guys, lay off that shit.(This is not him setting a rule, its him trying to make me laugh. And he failed.)
    - There will be no Alcohol at this party. Just Kidding, there’s plenty :)(OMG DO WE HAVE A GOOD ONE HERE!!! Nope. All the bad jokes and the ones to follow just killed any fire that this one could have make. But I will use this joke in the future. And it will work.)
    - I love to meet unique driven exciting attractive good people. If you have friends like that, great, bring them.(You said this before. And you also said they cant come cuz you dont want people who are from sports bars, people you dont know, and people who are cooler that you whom might have to be responsible for their friends.)
    - RSVP EARLY here with your number of guests. Space is tight. Last year the evite list got out of hand and over 500 people wanted to come. This year even more are invited. The list closes shut tight at 220 people.(Im felling more "im so cool" attention seeking behaviour here. I think its a lie.)
    - We have room for one very large fat girl at the party, so all the other girls will feel better. Who’s gonna be the lucky fatty?(Did he seriously mean to say that!? Thats just fucked up! I though we were supposed to be respectful of women there. Now all the drunk locust are gonna point her out. This guy is already setting his party up to have problems)

    End of part 2. Dont blame me. Blame Jon's blog limitations.

  3. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Now for part three.

    - DO NOT THROW CIGARETTES IN MY PLANTS(Cool people already know not to do this, douchebags dont. See wat kind of people hes already thinking are gonna show up.)
    - DO NOT THROW CIGARETTES OFF THE BALCONY INTO THE FLAMMABLE HILLSIDE BRUSH(Kinda funny. But like the last good joke, it drowns in the sea of squareness around it.)
    - My Neighbors, don’t piss them off. Don’t honk your horns outside, or laugh and yell. You can breathe outside, but that’s about it(Another joke that didnt hit. An akward moment of silence would follow this in a day game set.)
    - If some monkey throws a plate of food on the floor, it doesn’t mean that now it’s ok for you to do it. DON”T BE A MONKEY(And here it is. Coming from a black guy. This joke is not openly racist. But this guy is. Why? Because this its the kind of joke that would set off the "that sounds kinda racist" switch in peoples heads. And any good person would change it then. The though DID cross this guys mind. But he chose not to change it after that.)
    - DO THE MATH: 35 pound petite girl + 60 pounds of alcohol = Messy Problem — Drink Responsibly(The 35 pound girl joke was condisending to women in general. Which killed the joke.)
    - Report to me if anyone behaves fucked up creating a lot of bad vibes(Which forces me to say. If I were in a group of people, supposedly at this party, all of these bad jokes in succesion would definetly create that bad vibe. In fact all I would have to do was walk out of the group after the monkey line and EVERYONE would follow me away from him... Then I would smash a plate and everyone who left with me would follow suit.)
    - Just be cool and thoughtful. Some of you have gone over and above to be helpful and help clean up afterwards. I appreciate that and you’re always welcome here(Not if youre a black monkey friend who broke a plate though, right)
    - I love you guys. Well, most of you guys and can’t wait to see you again :)(And what a good way to end a bad evite. One last joke that did not hit and a cutesy smiley face to go along with it.)

    (So in the end all we have is one letter from a guy who was a nerd in highshcool and finnaly, with community help, became a douchebag and squere who is trying to get the cool people to come to his party. But let all of his racist, sexist, and anti muslim beleifs slip out in the form of bad jokes.)

    Fuckin squarebag

    - Paul

  4. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Dude why is it taking so long to download?

    Is this happening for anybody else?

  5. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Dude why is it taking so long to download?

    Is this happening for anybody else?


  6. Anonymous12:36 PM

    The download is taking forever, can you put it on a host like megaupload, or rapidshare?


  7. Well, here's some of it, I couldn't take the download time anymore.

  8. I laughed my ass off reading Cam's analysis of it last week, but hearing you two combined made my day.

    It amazes me how often getting involved in this community makes guys into the opposite of what they should be: complete douchebags!

    If only guys could just be "normal" with this stuff...

    Fuckin' hilarious analysis though!

  9. Anonymous2:08 AM

    I appreciate the change in style this week away from the banal braggadocio that is modern "urban" music - quite refreshing.

  10. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Excellent analysis.

  11. This exchange is rather amusing. The invite made for a good anti-funny/cocky example (as the podcast clearly states), but its obvious to what the author was trying to say. Seems it just didn't hit home. :P

    I'm starting to read and listen to SoA just for like, an insight into what the community has turned into. Kudos to all parties involved.

  12. Appreciating the new opening music, too.