Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daisy Of Love Finalists- Part 2 12 Pack/Dave

Hey guys,

Part two of the DOL breakdown leading up to the finale.

Got some good comments from you guys so keep those coming.

Addressing the comments briefly:

1. Yes, almost all of the guys who competed on this show had hot exes or had hot female friends. Coincidence? I think not.

2. No, I don't think Daisy is attractive from the neck up.

3. There is a 0% chance of any relationship from this show working out.

Now onto Dave Pack.

Dave/12 Pack was also on I Love New York, which I couldn't watch because I'm still to this day convinced that New York was really a man.

Apparently, he's also been on "I love Money" where he met Daisy originally.

12 Pack is probably the best looking guy left out of the 3 finalists. As evidenced by the many times Daisy has chosen him to come up to her room for a nightcap. So the physical attractiveness side is a major part of it with 12 Pack.

However in my opinion there is a vital factor being overlooked if you only check the aesthetics.

There's a major factor in 12 Pack's game that is being left out. That factor is maturity.

In The Natural Attraction system, I break down attractive characteristics into 4 qualities; being fun, interesting, confident, and masculine. Maturity is one of the most masculine characteristics there is.

12 Pack consistently keeps himself out of drama in the houses and avoids having any sort of emotional flare ups throughout the show. In short he's very chill. This is even more magnified by the way the show has been constructed. The more you can remain calm, cool and collected under intense pressure, the more confident you seem. You can see this in field by holding your frame and refusing to flinch in difficult approaches.

12 Pack also has a good combination of masculine and feminine personality traits. This is something that a lot of guys simply don't understand. You cannot be one dimensional and get girls. While 12 pack looks like a bodybuilder or badass, he evens it out by running around in a pair of leopard print boy shorts and letting Daisy whip him... Obviously you don't need to go to that extreme but it demonstrates the contrast.

The reason 12 pack won't win ( Besides him being positioned for a sequel by VH1) is that he never built any emotional connection with Daisy. Of all the guys left he's the one who has done the least to demonstrate that he cares about her ( I mean hell he didn't even have his ex-gf tell her like Flex did). So since Daisy is convinced she's looking for love there will be enough doubts that he'll eventually lose to tommorow's entry: London.

See ya tomor.



  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Ya you're spot on so far. Flex sort of reminds me of Terry Conklin from the movie Great White Hype: really passionate about his values but also reaaally stupid.

    I'm kind of amazed that 12 Pack's gimmick has gone from giant meathead on I Love New York to elder statesmen on this show.

  2. Irish Terry Conklin!!!!

    The Great White Hype is one of my favorite movies!


  3. Seriously why do we get really crappy TV over here in the UK. The closest thing to this is Big Brother but that's just shit!

    Anyway, besides my rant on crap TV here, Excellent observation on this guy, I do agree having a masculine/feminine balance is important.

    Though I did want to ask, what would you say is a good book on leadership? I've read most of the Obvious ones, like John C. Maxwell's stuff etc. Anything diff, guys?


  4. i agree with the lack of emotional connection point. a chick as clearly insecure as Daisy will need reassurance to make a decision, and 12 pack has done nothing to legitimately risk his feelings/emotional well-being on her behalf. London takes it in this department b/c he couples his bad behavior with moments of need and outright statements of not wanting to get hurt. he plays the razor edge like a m'f*cking champion.

  5. Anonymous8:37 PM

    @ adil...technically this is really crappy tv. this show is a spin off, of a spin off, of a spin off, you get my point.