Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hey guys,

On this podcast Speer and I discuss Building connections, Project Miami, and much much more.

Check it out!




  1. Anonymous7:53 AM


    In the future, would you post a version of your podcast without the nigga music. I'm tired of hearing it.

    Dude, you're white - deal with it.

  2. Markus9:13 AM

    Here's the Podcast again. Smaller, and mixed. https://www.yousendit.com/download/Y1RxQmtVNkdvQnQzZUE9PQ

  3. I liked to hear that stuff about speer.. I was really impressed with his first things on youtube (going out wiht the asion playboy having 5000 girls with.. having fun with the girls, makeout with that amazing blond)

    then I got disapointet.. for me the guy was just bragging afterwards...

    Semms like he came down..... I really like the lion perspective, I totally agree.... if you dont demand what you deserve people wont hand it to you (except you are some celebrity or have any other kind of social status power..)

    I gonna try pulling girls out of line, wanna see how it works...

  4. JBlizzard6:00 PM

    Awesome podcast, as usual,
    having said that, I must admit youve been dissing a lot of ppl in the community lately Sinn..though the image of Matador never running not to lose the "alphawesomeness" was hilarious !
    I totaly get what you mean and Ive seen guys overgaming it to the point where they're actualy doing so much micromanaging they're not realy ever having fun. One of my best friends, we were starting our journey into this together, eventualy got so obsessed with "doing everything right" that he told me at one point it was like fulfilling some abstract requirements, he had a long list of things he absolutely MUST do (cause so says X and Y) in his head that even if eventualy the girl was into him, but he felt like he missed sth from the list, or didnt feel "praised" enough by the girl, in his mind, it must not have been a "solid" game, so he would get mad and eventualy blow it.
    I think this is a common ego trap, and its so sad to see so many great guys that became PUAs fall into that.
    Recently Ive watched Mystery receive yet another "mister amazing PUA of the year" prize on some summmit acting like a ballerina, seen Ross's hatred-sptting posts on Sean Messenger's board (I would seriously be fucking embarassed to write so much shit even as a regular guy, not to mention being a guy who claims the right to teach others), companies are breaking up, ppl are suing each other about some personal stuff they just cant let go~
    funny thing, we all just used to be bunch of guys having fun and sharing ideas, everything was tested, straight and to the point, now theres just so much abstract bullshit on the net, and so many guys wanting so bad to be teaching others, while having no clue..

    So, thx for the blog and podcasts, and keeping the game real.


  5. Anonymous7:19 AM


    Great stuff again. Speer had some really cool insights and keep playing your music - its your podcast and play what you want.

    Thanks - your podcast is a highlight for me every week!



  6. Always enjoy hearing Speer. You should do more podcasts with him.

  7. I'm trying to understand your position regarding the concept of 'value'. You say it's a nasty way of viewing things, but is your view either that A) disparities of value do indeed exist among different individuals but we should simply disregard it? Or, B), are you saying it's just an imaginary concept that exists only in our minds --it's not real or valid, therefore we shouldn't buy into it. Which one?

    The problem I see, is that if it's "B", you contradict yourself because you imply that Bill Gates or Brad Pitt do indeed have more value than the rest of us. (You said there's always going to be someone with more value than yourself). So, if that's true, then obviously it's validation that the concept of value does exist, so how do you then keep from getting down on yourself if you feel your value isn't high enough because something that's real is difficult to ignore.

    Thoughts? Thank you

  8. Anonymous3:08 AM

    Um, just some food for thought--if Mystery and Matador are such dogmatic clowns and the dude's going to rip on them, (including a demeaning/nasty story about how Mystery kissed a chick whose face he had just blown his wad on) why would he then want to TOUT his association with Mystery and Matador on his HOMEPAGE.

    Also, crashing areas that OTHERS paid for cause you hold the belief you're simply entitled kinda makes someone a jackass IMO.