Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Podcast is coming...

I know it's late, but it's going to be worth it.

Trust me, I have Cameron Teone coming on to discuss the douchiest invitation in the world, plus I accidentally ended up at a lair meeting last night ( not on purpose they were having it at a bar ) and hilarity ensued.

Seriously, I don't oversell things especially, podcasts this will hysterical.

Hopefully tomor morning.



  1. when its going to have C.Jack?

  2. Cam is pretty kick ass and always has some amusing anecdotes about the douchey behavior in this community of ours, but a week or so ago you promised CJ...Is he still doing the podcast? That guy doesn't seem to do interviews with anyone these days...even with his friends. But I know a lot of people want to hear from him.

    Just curious...

  3. Magic7:08 PM

    man I dunno if it's the right place but I'll write it here anyways. You're Day Game ebook is GOLD!!! I've just finished reading and it's quite late so I didn't get everything but WOW! It was the best piece of information I've seen in ages. Many thanks.

  4. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Can you have an entire podcast on why Matador sucks, thanks :)

  5. Anonymous9:11 PM

    What ever happened to chatting with CJ?

  6. Anonymous6:52 AM


    where can i find the day game ebook?

  7. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Jon - when will you have CJ on? You interviewing CJ would be awesome to hear!

  8. Anonymous3:14 PM

    hey kind of off topic...... but where's CJ??