Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Natural Attraction Part 2-The Characteristics

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Yesterday I broke down the process of attraction, as well as what it means to be natural. Today I want to jump into some more specifics by filling you guys in on the 4 characteristics to Natural Attraction.

One quick thing I want to mention, is that Attraction also has 5 frames that define the phase as well. I did a video on these 5 frames that you can find somewhere on my Youtube pageHere.

Now let's get into the characteristics of Natural Attraction. I spent a good deal of time going over routine after routine, reading EVERY pickup E-book, Archive, and product out there to come up with this system. This system is the result of almost 3 years of field time since I dropped my reliance on canned material as well. It all boils down to 4 characteristics we want to convey and the mechanisms we can use to convey them.

The 4 Characteristics are:

1. Confidence. Confidence is a huge thing, but until now NO ONE in the community has attempted to define it. Confidence has a lot of qualities to it. The most important one is being non-reactive. On the DVD I define what it means to be unreactive. I'll give you a hint for now, unreactiveness is a combination of two qualites. The first is your ability to be internally validated. The other you'll have to wait for the DVD for :) I also give the best definition of confidence I have ever heard, and teach you practical real ways to come across more confident. If you've ever wondered how to " fake it till you make it" this is how.

2. Interesting. Being interesting is one of the most important factors to attraction. This is why I've always had a problem with companies that teach guys to attract women, without teaching them how to be interesting. You can have the best body language in the world, be confident, well dressed, and good looking, but if you can't hold an engaging conversation, you're not going to be able to consistently pick up beautiful women. I'll give you guys a little peak into being interesting. One of the best ways to be interesting, is to teach the woman something she can either use to impress others, or even better something she didn't know about herself. This is where techniques like warm and cold reading come into play. These techniques along with about 10-15 more, make you interesting. You'll see that most of the community's routines and canned scripts are little more than interesting information repackaged for mass consumption.

3. Fun. I always say fun is the ultimate attraction switch. But some guys out there still don't know what makes an interaction fun for women. Fun is fully definable. Fun is a surplus of positive emotions. The more good emotions you make a woman feel, the more fun you are. Humor is one of the biggest tools for conveying fun. Whether or not you want to believe it, I have NEVER met a guy who was great with women who wasn't funny. If you want to get better results with women, you HAVE to be able to make them laugh consistently. If you need help with this, you can take Improv classes, watch more stand up comedy or just try to make more jokes in day to day life. Another major tenet of fun has to deal with the idea of self amusement. In the DVD I break down self amusement to the 9th degree. If you've always been the type of guy who didn't know how to relax and have fun, this section is a must watch for you. There's quite a few other ways to convey that you're having fun and help women enjoy their interactions with you. But I cannot overestimate how much having fun helps with picking up girls.

4. Masculine. Masculinity is a huge factor in attracting women. As we talked about last time, attraction works on the idea of tension. The tension should ideally be created by the opposition of polarities. You are masculine and she is feminine. You have to understand what characteristics are masculine. There are quite a few of them ranging from dominance, and maturity, to the ability to lead. Furthermore by figuring out and playing the masculine polarity role in the interaction, you lead the girl into playing a submissive feminine role. All of this is like rocketfuel for seduction as roles provide the building blocks for frames. Another thing that's important in regards to masculinity is learning what it means to be a man in today's society and how the roles of men and women have evolved over the past three hundred years. Coming to grips with both the bad and good aspects of being a man is a huge blindspot for most guys. By learning about how to be a successful, purpose-driven, mature, dominant man you fix an area of your inner psychology. Which will then lead to better communications and subcommunications with women.

So now you get an idea of the type of things we want to convey. In the program I go through specific ways to convey these characteristics. I also give examples of community material and why it works according to these four characteristics.

Take for example Mystery's idea that being a protector of loved ones is an attraction switch. If you look at telling a story about protecting your friends and loved ones, what does it convey about you? It says you are responsible, you are able to empathize with others, you are unafraid to put yourself in trouble for people you care about,and about 20 other things. But mostly it says you are a mature person. The one definition of maturity that came up over and over in books like "Iron John" or "Fire In The Belly" was putting the good of others and society before yourself. So you could say demonstrating you're a protector is actually demonstrating the quality of maturity which is a sign of masculinity. But it's only one aspect. There are at least 20 other ways one could convey maturity and masculinity from your opinions on things to demonstrating patience and calmness in the face of pressure. Natural Attraction allows you to demonstrate all those things without the need for canned lines and routines. By learning what type of man women naturally respond to, you can learn to work, toward becoming that type of man.

Be sure to be watching the blog and the mailbox tomorrow when I'll be giving you guys a special gift as well as a chance to get your own copy of the Natural Attraction DVD FREE!!

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  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Nice. Thinking about those 4 qualities simplify a lot things.

    It would be great if you could explain a bit more about how you go about creating tension, I definately need to work on that

  2. Sinn,

    Thanks man. This blog is very high quality and I really appreciate all of the data and info that you give us. Especially the SATC breakdowns which give us some great reference points. Also this NA stuff that you just posted. We have all learned alot from these and your archive.

    Thanks, you are doing meaningful work.


  3. Great post, Sinn. I'm glad there are people like you who are willing to help guys realize that in order to have natural game, their lives need to be in place. Natural game clearly isn't fake and you can't lead a fake life to try to pick up women. That's where the MM came more into play where you could get away with telling tales here and there and yes, it works. There's no denying it.

    But I like how you mention validation within yourself. That, to me, is the most important thing. The only way to achieve that validation is to work internally and develop a life and mentality that is positive and full of value.

    I'm not worried that your DVD will uncover some ground-breaking material...or least say shit that people should have been talking about years ago and didn't have it in them to talk about it.

  4. Great material! makes more sense looking at it without too much pua terminology...it shows that not all guys into this are nerds.lol.DVD? nice

  5. Great information. I do have one off-topic comment, which is that you might want to consider formatting your blog a little differently. Cosmetically, it looks good, but the black background makes it hard to read.

  6. Anonymous8:40 PM

    nah I really like his blog format...its all a matter of perception anywayzz

  7. The being "interesting" part is important. I am sick of the actual trend of "it does not matter what you say". I agree that it is not a good idea to set the bar too high of what you have to say because you get all stifled and thinking you have to impress, but at the same time you should go out of your way and have interesting hobbies you like and passion for life so you can be a well rounded person and be interesting without much effort.