Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free 40+ Minute Inner Game Audio Mailbag!!!

Hey guys,

As you may remember a few days ago I sent out an email containing the Ultimate Secret To Inner Game.

In that email I urged every guy who has questions about stepping up, and being a man to email me. The response was AMAZING! I got close to 200 questions.

I sorted them each of them myself, and then I sat down and recorded myself answering the best of the questions as if it were asked by a student in front of me.

You can get the 40+ minutes of audio Here

It's only going to be available for the next 24 hours so make sure you check that out!

Also if you guys like these FREE audio mailbags, make sure to leave comments here, or send them to me at



P.S Be sure to check your inbox at 3 PM EST for your chance to get my brand new never before seen Secrets Of Natural Attraction DVD absolutely free!


  1. dude ur stuff rox! just wanted to say that. I'm not by any means a community guy but its amazing information what u and other guys give out for free.

    We well still hear from each other, believe me that, but for the moment i'm just too busy =/


  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Wow. I really do think I had a few 'aha' moments during that audio clip. Thanks so much!

  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    this is the best shit I've ever heard. (showers Sinn with cash money)

  4. Degustation10:08 PM

    Hey Sinn,
    Excited to see you give away so much free material. It won't seem to show up on my computer, though. Something about application/octet-stream. Anyone else having the same problem?

  5. Amazing material as always sinn,Thanks.

  6. A+. Great stuff.
    Best line: "You don't get a prize for getting a girl sorta interested in you."

  7. Thank you! This is awesome

  8. Daniel2:08 AM

    You're a genius dude. I think my balls grew a little big just listening to you say "stop being a pussy" so many times. After listening to that I'm gonna stop reading pick up material for a while and start getting into really uncomfortable situations.

  9. Awesome, thanks man !

  10. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Cool, a normal "PUA" who can talk about Tupac and basketball damn it's good.I'm brand new in this community and i have to say Sinn, the game acceleration doctrine is really good so far but sadly like Degustation said when i click on the link i just have nothing, is it possible to have a direct dl on the blog ?
    As i'm not a greedy bastard here's a basketball link fan that i think you will aprreciate

    Take care Sinn

  11. DukeNukem3:48 AM

    Thank you so much for all the free stuff! You are a great guy, really.

  12. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Thanks Dude, appreciate everything you do! God Bless.

  13. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Very Nice

  14. Hey Sinn,

    Great mailbag!!! I really like the advice you give out be shure to keep it up. I particularly liked the following quotes

    "Stop asking me to send stuff out, everything that we deal with is going to be a process that we have to go through."

    "play to win, don't play to not to lose"

    "don't be afraid to blow things"

    Keep it up!!


  15. Sinn -

    I think you've harnessed your inner Billy Bob Thornton. The audio was like a much higher level of "School of Scoundrels"

    Your new tag line could, "STOP BEING A PUSSY!"

    Good stuff,
    Richard Brian Penn

  16. It's great. Love the mailbag. I don't seem to be able to download it for keeps though. That would be awesome.

  17. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Am I missing a plugin or something?? What format is this in, I get a blank page everytime.

  18. Anonymous12:28 PM

    is there a way to make it downloadable so we can listen to it again later?

  19. Anonymous1:03 PM

    thanks for everything sinn!

  20. Anonymous4:20 PM

    SINN I loved this audio I got a lot of it. Having been on your e-mail list and reading the original post it was what I needed especially from someone in your position, as opposed to my friends who don't do as much approaching as I do. Things like getting used to ''the pain' even when my friends who are around who don't know about pu, picking up girls during the day in situations where other people might think I'm weird, and knowing what I can bring to the table when I approach if it goes badly. And the mixed group answer was great overall.

    Overall I enjoy how you present your material in a non-technical way and it's easy to understand and use... yes I do use your material a lot.

    I like this format because you can talk for longer than the You Tube videos which means you have more time to explain some of the subtleties of your material. Thanks again. Ben.