Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bad Dates- Warning This Is A Rant!

I've been bottling up this rant since Tuesday when I went on probably the worst date ever. I had been on a really bad date before I left for Australia with this girl who measured the salt content of food for a living. I had thought that was bad. Until Tues.

This girl barely spoke, tried to be cocky everytime I teased her, seemed like she wasn't paying attention when I was talking, didn't understand anything and was a bad kisser... It was like torture.

Midway through I actually downloaded and used an Iphone app that lets you call yourself.

I ended a date that started at 6PM at 8PM and then went out with another girl I'm already seeing... Fuck.

It really reminded me that dating is a skill in and of itself and just because a girl's been on a lot of dates doesn't mean that she's going to be interesting or good on them. Furthermore when guys who are pussies take girls like this out(she models at car shows like Tila Tequila used to), they let them act badly and continue to dote on them. I called her on it repeatedly and then faked a phone call to get away. Overall it's just amazing that a girl with this personality ever gets a second date Never underestimate the power of male sexual desperation, I guess...



  1. i had the worst date last night too...i should of called myself lol

  2. I set my alarm to 5 minutes later and use my ringtone as the sound.

  3. I hate bad dates. But I guess you get one every once in a while.

    Let me ask you a question though. Was she like that when you first met her? It would be interesting to know the connection between your first interaction with her and then this nonsense of a date.

  4. Anonymous6:58 PM

    You obviously arent applying theory. She gave you an IOD and you kept giving IOIs

    IODs need to be calibrated with an IOD, then DHV


  5. Anonymous8:57 PM

    But weren't you somewhat of a pussy too?

    I'm not trying to be an asshole or a troll or a flamer or anything, but you faked a phone call to yourself to end the date. Shouldn't you have just...ended it? Without faking something?

    You say you called her out on her behavior several times, I hope that was enough to make her learn something. But in the end I think you missed a valuable lesson teaching opportunity by faking that phone call.

  6. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Actually that was a dlv on her part.

  7. Ron from NYC12:01 AM

    You guys need a bootcamp

    --Ronnie from NYC

  8. Michael5:16 AM

    I imagine Sinn will have faked the phonecall because he has more class than to be a total dick, he doesn't need to lower himself to pettiness with a girl. It doesn't achieve anything.

    Obviously he could have turned around and called her a dumb, ignorant bitch or what not, but that would have said more about Sinn, than it would her. He did the right thing in my book

  9. Sinn, I doubt you even read your comments, but I'll ask anyway: where do you pick up import models (besides car shows, I assume)?

    One of the things on my to-do list is to bang an asian import model with fake titties, but I have no idea where to find them. KTHX

  10. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I met a girl with such a horrible personality that I went on a second date with her because it was so entertaining. I didn't think I'd get laid I was just amazed at everything that came out of her mouth. (Shouting at people, car rage, weird faces, constantly talking about the prices of everything, insulting people). But now I see that I am part of the problem by letting her get away with it. Thanks for pointing out my part of the responsibility. I change today.

  11. Great post. Life is too short to waste time with boring women.