Saturday, January 17, 2009


I got way more offended at someone daring to compare MJ to Kobe than at the same guy telling me I knew nothing about basketball.

I'll take knowing nothing about ball, but I know my MJ.

And if I were the anonymous poster I'd be worried about ducking lightning for speaking ill of the G.O.A.T.

Just saying...

Avoid metal poles Anonymous.


By the way if you want to leave sports comments they're better on my SPORTS blog

Here I have a new post up on the title games this weekend.


  1. hey jason whitlock,

    can you keep the kobe hating on the sports blog and the pua stuff here? you are much more informed on the pua than the sports.

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    All this basketball stuff is really dilluting the value of your blog.

    For somebody reading a ton of blogs in an RSS-reader even a little OT in any one feed is pure noise, and it compounds to a big nuisance. Non-friend, personal blogs tend to get pruned quickly.

    Since it looks like you're using this blog as a business tool, this is a bit akin to the editor of NYT postig stories about his navel lint on the first page. Not really a good idea.

    Not to mention that it is a sucky forum to post this stuff in. If you want to get into basketball there's way better discussion partners than the people reading your blog.


  3. Dude! I don’t like Kobe either; I am no longer a Laker fan because of him (40%) and Phil (60%) (who I hated from his Chicago days.) But give the devil his due Michael Jordan played his whole career during the period or the NBA when league rules prohibited defenders from positioning themselves in standard help positions (boxes and elbows or even I formation) with the lane more open Michael became a little better driver and with the lane more closed Kobe has become a little better 3 point and pull up shooter. Reason # 967 Steve Nash should never get an MVP? It’s a two way game! On defense Kobe is at least as good as MJ at applying pressure to the ball handler. Having never gone to Carolina (A mistake all too common) Kobe never learned to change floor positions while passes are in the air. Hence his passing lane and help defense does not compare to Michaels. Kobe though has Mike beat on the boards and Kobe has all guards (NBA history) DOMINATED on the offensive boards. And not that his opinion matters but after two championships as a player, coaching a Puerto Rican league championship, coaching to two CBA championships, and oh yeah coaching 9 NBA championships, Phil Jackson, without whom neither would have won anything (both being shotaholics) might know a little about basketball! He, having coached them both, has repeatedly said they are VERY comparable players. He has even given the slight edge to Kobe as he said here I don’t like Kobe because he’s douchey and probably a rapist (just my read of how guilty he acted) but on the court, sun, he balls with the best that ever done it and I mean the BEST! With that said at 24 neither was as good as Lebron is now!

    Jersey did it!

  4. Sinn, sun, do you, and brush a hater off! Just reading anonymous's wack post. I love that you are a dude and not just a PUA. If he's not getting his money's worth let him check out some other site!

    Stay interested
    Stay interesting
    Jersey did it!

  5. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Donavan, Jordan would avg. 40 a game in this league. You're crazy if you think guards can't penetrate as easily today as the 80s and 90s when hand checking proliferated. Also, with all of the touch fouls that go on it completely destroys your arguments. Last time I checked Lebron James and Wade drive to the basket with impunity.

    Also, I don't care what lie Phil tells. This is the same guy who said Kobe was "uncoachable".

  6. in 10 years Lebron > Jordan (blasphemy I know)