Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2 guys got laid on the first 12 Months to Mastery Bootcamp!

Hey guys,

How can one sum up the feelings from this last weekend in Vegas?

It started out with me getting stuck in The DFW airport for 4 hours... I got over it by reading Atlas Shrugged, which is amazing. I finally ended up meeting up with Priest at the Vegas airport. We headed over to the hotel to wait for Doc and Entropy.

That night we just hung out at the Circle Bar, I also played some Casino War at the Bellagio. Casino War is AWESOME!!! Easiest game ever when you're drunk. You don't have to think, it's only one card at a time and you can talk trash... Amazing. Currently I'm still in Vegas as I have the 2nd group of guys coming out this weekend. Which also happens to be the AVNs... and I'm down $150 thanks to Entropy and I having a "last night" Blackjack massacre where neither of us EVER won 2 hands in a row over 3 hours and I broke my never take a trip to an ATM to keep gambling rule. Then we talked about Michael Jordan at the Hard Rock Diner while eating Nachos and Potato Skins... The moral of that story-Entropy is awesome. He also has what I call "unexplainable game". He's super good, but a lot of it is hard to describe... He has a look that actually does get girls to come over and make out with him. Doc calls it Blue Steel. I saw it work in Boston last June... Him and Julian Foxx both have this unexplainable thing. The best way to describe it is that it looks different when they do the same things. My guess is it's a confidence level thing. Because both of them tend to break a lot more rules, because they believe they're good with girls... Who knows. Check out his post on Vegas eating his soul Here

It was Doc and Entropy's first trip to Vegas so I felt compelled to make sure they had a good time. After all if there's one thing I know it's Vegas... This usually means some combination of alcohol, strippers, and gambling. We ended up walking out of Seamless at 7:30 in the morning. Or they did. I left at 8 because the girl I was gaming was off at 9 and I really thought I could make it, til I started dozing off at 745ish...

Doc had a list of all the funny things that happened. From the random; Running into Mehow and Hawaii at 5 AM Before we even headed to the strip club. To the Bizarre; some dude telling Doc that Priest was too big of a man for him. To the Hysterical; Entropy comparing Doc and I to Penn and Teller... There's a ton more, but I never saw the sheet. I'll be sure to link to his report from the weekend.

The best part of the weekend for me was watching the students improve. We had some really big breakthroughs this weekend, that had nothing to do with the students getting laid. I really love the fact that 12 Months to Mastery is working so well. Developing basic social skills, and working on your inner game first is the way to go! It's also been really well received. We've already gotten hundreds of responses from guys who missed out last time wanting to know if we will be relaunching. Stay tuned on that. This last weekend was trying at times as some students come in unprepared to learn. They have big ego shells up and they look at the camp less as a way to get better and more as a way to boost their self esteem and show everyone(both instructors and students) how cool they are. I hit these guys pretty hard with feedback of that nature. Luckily this weekend it worked. Now I'm confident that everyone in Group A will be more than ready by the end of this year, and some guys will be UNREAL good...

Monday I left the hotel room a grand total of 1 hour to workout. I was a mess. I went to bed at 11:30 last night, after I became too tired to keep reading Atlas Shrugged anymore. Today is shaping up like a normal work day before we head out tonight for Midweek Vegas game. A mix of locals, club people and the pathetic :)

Hope everyone else had a great first weekend of this year and I'll be back at ya tomor with the conclusion of the text message saga.


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  1. Hey, it's CES right now in Vegas! You might spot some hot nerds on some convention floors! BUT with probably a ton of retards surrounding them.