Monday, January 26, 2009

Natural Attraction Part 1- What is Natural Attraction?

What's up guys?

Today I have the first part of my two part series on Natural Attraction.

In the first part of this series, we're going to define Natural Attraction and the attraction process. In the conclusion tomorrow, I'll be showing you guys how to convey Naturally Attractive characteristics.

As with anything I teach, I always strive to define it first. Furthermore to define Natural Attraction, we first have to answer two other questions that often confound newly minted PUAs. Namely, what is attraction? And, what does it mean to be natural?

First let's define attraction. Many people have incorrect definitions of attraction. This can be dangerous, because definitions affect any course of study. So, first we have to ask what is attraction? The first thing you have to understand about attraction, is that it is first and foremost a feeling. Being that it's a feeling, it is transient, fleeting and can be created or destroyed at ANY time. Secondly the feeling of attraction is the feeling of being drawn to something or someone.

In order to fully understand Natural Attraction, you need to differentiate between the 3 types of attraction. In the upcoming Natural Attraction DVD I'll expand on this further, but for now, you guys should all understand that there are three different types of attraction; Sexual, Value based and Attention based. Being able to differentiate between the three, helps you to know what you need to communicate to move forward.

Ok, now that we've defined attraction, we need to figure out what it means to be natural.

When it comes to approaching women, there is a natural way to do it as well as a synthetic way. The synthetic way consists of pre-planning routines, physical escalations, soundbites, grounding sequences, etc. This is something you do, as opposed to something you are. It consists of consciously manipulating the way you come across in order to be attractive. In essence it's being a method actor. I did this for almost 3 years. Unlike guys like TD, I'm not here to tell you this style of game doesn't work. I got laid a lot, by very hot girls. I also felt like I was tricking girls, and manipulating girls who didn't like me into bed.

The natural way of approaching women, has to do less with pre-planning and scripting, and more to do with understanding the process of attraction and how to bring out the authentic parts of your personality that girls will be attracted to. This is what it means to make game a part of who you are, as opposed to being something you do.

In order to make the transition to Natural Game, you have to start internally. Once you have established a healthy set of beliefs, worked on becoming a more positive person, learned to identify and work on your insecurities, etc... Then you have to start learning how the process of attraction works.

Attraction works mainly on the idea of creating and then ultimately releasing sexual tension. Think of attracting a woman as emotional foreplay. You are teasing and arousing her and then not letting her get any completion. This is why tactics and techniques like Cocky and Funny answers, barriers, disqualifiers, Push/Pulls, Teasing, Confusion game, work so well in the attraction phase.

To take it a step further, you have to understand the overall structure of the attraction phase. Mystery inadvertently defined the attraction phase when he wrote down his groundbreaking discoveries on qualification. Mystery introduced a model for qualification known as Bait-Hook-Reel-Release. This model effectively describes the entire attraction phase.

No matter what you are doing in attraction, you have to bait the girl(s) interest. Once you've got their interest you have to reel them in with emotional stimulation, or value. Once they're reeled in a little bit you release to continue to build sexual tension, then bait them again to move forward. All of this generates compliance, momentum and investment. Whether you're using routines or going natural... Attraction will ALWAYS follow this structure. This structure allows us to manufacture sexual tension at will.

That's gonna wrap it up for today. Be sure to be back tomor when I'll reveal the first two characteristics we need to convey in order to build attraction.

See ya back here tomor!



  1. Cool!!! I hope you release that dvd soon.

    By "value" do you mean emotional value in the sense of anything girls like? Does emotional stimulation and attractive subcoms belong to that category?

    It would be cool if you could break down the 3 types of attraction a bit further.

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    hey sinn,

    are there any release dates for your products yet? i'm very excited about the dvds.

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    yeah, why don't you open a forum?