Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kobe Does It Again

Just to remind everyone how dangerous he is with the game in his hands, Kobe hit a jumper with 3 seconds to beat the Pacers last night.

I mentioned last post that some players you just expect to make the shot when it matters. Kobe always makes them. Almost defiantly. Jordan was great for his ability to excel when everyone wanted him to. Even in Cleveland where he was hated and halted the most underrated almost dynasty of all time. Seriously check the 88-93 Cavs out sometime. He still was expected to be the hero for his own team.

Kobe doesn't have that. Kobe thrives on people wanting him to fail. He thrives on being told he's not as good. He's slipping, he's no longer better than Lebron. Or Pierce is more clutch. The more people want him to fail the more he succeeds. That's why Lakers fans should pray that somehow Boston rights the ship or Cleveland comes into the finals favored. Cause Kobe can't be the favorite. He needs the hate, and the jeers and the boos to lift himself to the top. The more he gets that, the more he can whip himself into a ferver, the better he is.

He's not a hero, he's an anti-hero.


  1. ...and a douchebag.

  2. Hm. I guess I don't really get where the Pierce reference comes from. Pierce has a ring now. His team beat the Lakers last year. But putting those two in the same sentence is really, an insult to KB. No one's going to be talking about PP in 50 years.

    Michael Jordan famously got PISSED off at the smallest things, deliberately trying to create drama where there was none, to pump himself up. Any off-hand comment in the press from an opposing player would suddenly fuel Jordans fury on the court. Kobe's like that too. Arguably, the Lakers (like all up and coming teams) are at risk for these lame teams (represent Indiana) because they CANT get motivated. Meanwhile, the Pacers come in against LA, you think they're not jacked for this game?

    Thus the challenge in Pro Sports: Can you be Dominant and Motivated at the same time?

    Yea, Kobe's the shit, but... this game won't be remembered for anything, they shouldn't have been in a hotly contested game with the PACERS in the first place, it demonstrates the malaise the rest of the Lakers feel when they play these basement dwellers.

    And for that, you can bet Kobe rips into them in the locker room..

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    sinn, your sports reviews are SO on point, it's scary!

    i definitely have to re-consider your game and my opinion on you, because a guy with this clarity in sports has to be together in other areas of his life, too.

    official fan of sports-column-sinn!

  5. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Kobe did it again last night against the Rockets. That 3 was a dagger. Even though his FG% was shit, he still comes through.