Friday, January 30, 2009

Back To Vegas...

What's up guys!

So I'm in Vegas again, and I don't really feel like I'm back.

Or maybe I feel like I never left, can't tell anymore...

I'm super excited for this bootcamp as it will be the last one I do until June. As well as the last bootcamp for the first session of 12M2M.

I created a challenge within the three groups to see which group could get the most approaches done over the weekend per group. Group A is in the lead right now with 13.5 aproached per student. But hopefully group C will be able to beat that this weekend.

It also happens to be Super Bowl weekend as well, which means that I get to lose a lot of money on prop bets. I'll have my official guide to the Super Bowl and Prop Bets up on the the sports blog which you can find in the resource page.

Next week I'll have a bunch of cool articles coming for you guys. I've finished Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead in the last couple of weeks and I'll be posting what I got out of Ayn Rand's writings and how I think that can be applied to game. I definitely don't think you need to read almost 2000 pages of classical writing flavored with Objectivist thinking to get the value out of Rand. Honestly I didn't feel I got much out of either book, that I hadn't already learned. I'll also be starting my next overall series of articles on stereotypes of guys who attract women. The first one is going to be on shady hustlers and how they get girls. This is the category most promoters and "producers" fit into. This guy tells women whatever they want to hear to get them into bed. I'll detail the pros and cons of this approach next week. I also have a couple of other cool things up my sleeve and possibly another audio mailbag.

So I'm psyched, this year is going to be really exciting for me! I'll even be leaving Dallas in about a month to go somewhere much warmer, but I'll talk about that when it gets closer as well. Hopefully 2009 will be the best year so far for all of you guys(and girls) reading this as well. I implore all of you to start working towards the life of your dreams this year. You have to start sometime and now is as good as any.



P.S. I got quite a few emails with people asking me if they were one of the 212 people to order the Sinn’s Inner Circle Intro package. Apparently our server crashed for about 10 minutes yesterday when I first announced the link and everything got out of control. Because of this technical mishap, I’m going to keep the site up until Midnight, Sunday and then I’ll take it down. I figured that’s the fair thing to do. You can get your package at

P.P.S. Because of the technical malfunction, as long as you grab your package by Midnight TONIGHT, you can still get in on the Natural Attraction teleseminar I’m doing next week.


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    When will the DVD ship out?

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I want choreography of walking into my bedroom, to having sex. Combined with possible sound bites to improve her comfort.

    2 things should be assumed:
    1. There will have been little escalation outside my room
    (assume evolution phase shift, and small amount of opposed kino teasing / I really like how calibrated your hug of that woman was in insider interaction 1 Sinn, but I'm generally to uncertain of my verbals to do such things).

    2. The girl is relatively sober. I'm not a big drinker.

    3. its been a day 2/3, now about 10pm, so girl is alert.

    Features of my room:
    blank wall.
    wall with hot radiator before it.
    double bed.
    rug on clear floorspace.

    Ideally I want video of how this goes down, with narration of specific things being done.

    So things like close the door. Kiss her, 1 minute. Move to the settee, kiss her again, 30 seconds. now do this. Now play with her hands like so…. I don’t know whatever.

    Assume this foreplay, before being naked on the bed, needs to go awhile, to get her lubed up, and mentally ready for sex.

    And it can’t just be kissing, because regular kissing gets repititive and so boring.

    Actually I was thinking teaching her new ways to kiss, would be wonderful - routine?

    The perfect smooth non-naked foreplay.

    Also some thoughts on how to Wolverine up the whole process, at points, in a practical way (so no wall slams for us weeds).

    I ask you because I imagine it to be more frequent, perfected, and ‘routine’ like.

    You could do this by narrating a film clip and comparing it to what you do.

    Or, perhaps better, a video blog off your early house foreplay location (living room?), with you explaining how things generally go down in graphic detail.

    Also some diagrams/pictures instructing any complicated / unusual kino moves, like a furniture assembly guide, would be cool, for people like me who are somewhat ignorent.

    What its worth
    I'll be grateful (though that's worth nothing), and you will have provided some unique content, not best given as a seminar.