Saturday, January 17, 2009

Erika's very woo woo blog.

Hey guys,

Since I met Erika in real life and she's a very nice young lady, I'll be adding her blog to my blogroll.

Her stuff is very mystical and woo woo but there's some very solid advice in there...

Check it out Here



  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    My impression of this girl is that she really enjoys bragging about how many men she could have, but won't sleep with because she is a prick-tease.

    Aspiring PUAs, read at your own risk. Keep in mind that not even the author of that blog believes some of the things she has posted in the past.

  2. What is her significance to the community?

  3. Anonymous7:41 AM

    i know erika from rsdnation and my conclusion is this:

    socially conditioned girls are as full of shit as socially conditioned guys. if not more.

    you may want to quote this.

    she's actually so afraid of being fucked that she compensates that lack of physical intimacy by mystically overexaggerating the non-physical interaction such as talking and stuff.


  4. omg, I just saw this. very cool.

    and as for the commentary, as Sinn would say, "good evening to everyone, especially the haters :)"

  5. Also, I'm really not very "nice" at all ... you must've met someone else ;)

  6. glory_box6:35 PM

    as a woman who happened upon this blog, i thought it was refreshing to see a woman mentioned & validated respectfully with a link. the description as "woo woo" a cute maneauver, even. nice work. you seem like a confident, happy man.

    re: the anon comments - the aggression is rather strange & a bit, well, sad.

    boys, confident woman who enjoy quality attention for men...

    if you have anger to work out, perhaps consider a therapist or go back to your mommy & have it out with her, then learn to approach women with some genuine playfulness, class & respect.

    if you can't say something nice, then examine why you are a miserable bastard that has to attack a woman you merely have an "impression" of on a public blog for being a "prick-tease" & being turned off to the idea of "physical intimacy". lol..i wonder why? anger is so appealing & sexy. that's sarcasm in case you've missed that point, too.

  7. glory box = best comment ever

  8. Anonymous1:35 PM

    glory_box: You just did a wonderful job revealing your own anger and bitterness.... which I find amusing, especially since you just blasted another commenter for being guilty (in your eyes) of the same thing. Thank you for proving, yet again, why women cannot be trusted to give good advice about seducing other women to men.

    I've checked out Erika's blog, and while there are a few gems, most of the "advice" she gives is not useful. She censors her comments, and she also avoids addressing questions that point out the hypocrisy in her ways of thinking.