Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is Not For Everyone

Yo, yo, yo...

I've decided I'm going to start accepting private clients again. This is something that I have not done for a while, but it's the FASTEST way I know to get to a world class skill level at pick-up (the top 1%). So if you aspire to be ridiculously good with women, then this might be something you'd be interested in.

By ridiculously good, I mean being able to get legitimate 9 and 10s (actresses, models, dancers) regularly; consistent 10 minute lays; consistent same night and same day lays; threesomes on a regular basis, etc. This is the level that most pick-up instructors and guys that are simply "good" never get to.

Anyway, I'm looking to take one, maybe two private clients to work with me intensively for the next year. By intense I mean there will be regularly scheduled one-on-one coaching calls, personalized routine stacks, fashion consultations, and at least four weekends of live-infield training of just me and you. You'll also get access to the 12 Months to Mastery curriculum.

As you can tell, this training is NOT for everyone. I've found that the private clients that get the most out of this kind of training are typically between 32 and 45 years old. Most are successful businessmen that spent so much time and energy during their early years making money that they never learned how to get good with girls.

The important thing here is that they are successful guys that TAKE ACTION and are actually willing to implement the things we'll talk about.

As you might imagine, this program is NOT for everyone and is NOT going to be cheap. So please don't email me looking for a discount or giving me a reason why I should train you for free.

If you're reading this, you probably already know if this is right for you or not. If so, then send an email to with "Private Client Application Request" in the subject line and we'll begin the application process. Applications will be accepted until this Friday at midnight.

Again, I'm only taking at most two private clients and all things being equal, preference will be given to those that get their applications in first.

That's all I got for now,


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Podcast 10 is up...


The Male-Female Sexual Power Dynamic- Part 1

What’s up guys,

This is a post that probably most of you will be able to relate to.

I’m sure other people have talked about this before or it’s been posted about, but I feel like power and sex are two of the major issues in most male-female relationships.

When it comes to dating, the general power dynamic between men and women, looks something like this:

The girl generally has more power before sex, and the guy generally has more power after sex.

This is one of the reasons that girls will sometimes try to make you wait for sex or give last minute resistance. This is also one of the reasons why qualification, and demonstrating small amounts of investment in her work so well.

Guys will generally work and invest more in the girl in the courtship period before sex has happened. Many of you guys reading this ( myself included) are guilty of this. That’s one of the big reasons that girls have trust issues with guys.

We should all know by now that it’s unattractive to give all your power away for the chance of hooking up. But how do we deal with the fact that you will have less power in any interaction with a woman until you’ve had sex with her?

The first step to evening the power differential, is having personal boundaries and standards, and not compromising them for booty. This makes a much bigger difference with women than you can imagine. Boundaries and standards tell people a great deal about how you expect to be treated by women, and give a glimpse as to your level of success with them.

Next you need to consciously get the girl to invest in the interaction. Contrary to popular belief, a girl can be WAY more invested in a relationship than you are but she still holds the power edge until you have sex. Because she controls where the relationship ultimately goes. It is impossible to have a long term relationship without ever having sex. Imagine being married to a woman who will never have sex with you… Doesn’t sound like a great time, though it does sound like most people’s marriages ☺ So you get girls to invest by qualifying, and gradually increasing her compliance. It may seem simple, but asking her to bring something to a date or hold your drink for a second goes a long way.

Retain your power through decisiveness. Make sure that you are the one to plan dates, you’re the first one to get off the phone, and that you always take a little bit longer to return her calls and texts than she does. These things seem small but by being decisive and busy you retain power before and after sex.

All right that wraps up the first question on sex and power.

Sometime soon I’ll write about the second question.

How do you maintain a healthy balanced power ratio after sex?

Next time,


Monday, April 27, 2009

New Interview up On Charming Rogue

Hey guys,

I did an interview with Adonis over at Charming Rogue last week and it's up.

There's some good stuff on framing, Learning Game, and Same Day Lays.

Check it out at

Response to responses to a response... I'm confused...

I agree with everyone's comments about Erika... There's a reason she's not on the blogroll or a teacher I endorse in any way shape or form.

But she did bring up the issue of complete 100% honesty with the multiple women I'm sleeping with, and I like to believe that I'm as honest as you can be and actually still get results.

I try to be as honest as possible in my life especially with women I'm seeing. However this is not ALWAYS possible as some honesties are hurtful to these same women.

So I think the real culprit in all of this is the completely hypocritical standards of 100% honesty that 100% of people don't live up to. And I'm talking in real life not just in the SUISC. I mean everyone lies to their parents, or their boss, or their spouse, or the homeless guy who asks you for change... But then the same people turn around and tell their kids to be completely honest when 100% honesty is not always the best policy in relationships of all types. between both genders.

I use to live by the rule of complete honesty! If someone was a douchebag, I told them how I felt. If a girl looked fat I would let her know. If a girl wanted to come over on anohter girl's night I would respond " Sorry sweetie, you know it's Val's night." This is a very anti-social way to go through the world! Even though I still probably call people and situations out too much, I have learned when to keep my mouth shut professionally and socially.

Erika and practicers of radical honesty or some other such spiritually aimed principle that demands no need for social tact, live in a fantasy world.

It would be really nice if we could all be 100% honest all the time with everyone and never have negative connotations from that. But it's not realistic. People get their feelings hurt, people get angry and then become vindictive, people overreact and extrapolate from small things... So sometimes lies of omission or little white lies to maintain someone's emotions are a good thing.

That's why I chose that comment, because it pisses me off when people get on their high horse about honesty in a mostly dishonest world...


Response to a comment

So I never respond to blog comments, strictly as a time management issue.

But self described polyamorist Erika left a comment that I thought needed a reply.

Here’s the comment to my post on retaining fuck buddies.

Erika wrote :

“Sadly, there are way too many girls who will hang around for a year, 18 months, two years, five years ... and then you'll see their unhappiness become HUGE. A girl who knows what she's doing will bail as soon as she feels annoyed. Then it never actually reaches the level of true unhappiness, and she can move on with her life with dignity.

I like your honesty, Sinn, but I'd like it even more if instead of avoiding the conversation, etc., you said flat out, this is NEVER going to be a long-term committed relationship and you (girl) need to know that.”

So the reason why I no longer tell girls that there will NEVER be a chance of a long term committed relationship, is because it’s extremely mean and it doesn’t work. It forces a girl into a win/lose situation where she has to decide if she even wants a long term relationship with me. As opposed to allowing things to develop at her pace...

It also can be extremely hurtful, and like an ultimatum, girls can make emotional decisions and then decide they aren’t ok with the situation later, at which point we’re back to where we started… Trust me I've dated a lot of girls who were "ok" with the fact we were just hooking up until two or three weeks later.

It’s also simply too limiting. While I’m certainly not looking for a long term or committed relationship, I do sometimes end up in them for a few weeks or months because it feels right at the time.

Bottom line is I never like to say never.


Friday, April 24, 2009

How To Retain F**k Buddies Part 3- The Conversation

I am sooo happy this week is almost over... It's been intense.

My car got impounded the other day, I cracked my Iphone screen and more. At least it's now Friday and after I finish this post I get to go shopping, and do some day game...

But before I get to go have fun I need to wrap this series up.

We already talked the last two days about scheduling, honesty and expectations.

We're going to conclude today with handling the DTR (Define the Relationship) conversation.

IME the DTR conversation will come up a couple of times. It first comes up around the 3 month mark, resurfaces at around a year and then becomes extremely serious at the 18 month mark. Your patterns may vary but for me the above is like the rising of the sun, death and taxes...

So being that this blog is about my experiences I'm going to give you the three types of DTR convos and what to do with each of them.

The first one is generally the least serious. Guys who are seeing 7 girls have not been seeing all 7 of them for more than 3 months...

This one will start innocuously with the girl making a joke and then asking " What are we?", or " Are you sleeping with other girls?"

Avoiding this first conversation is a good bet. I'll often purposely misinterrpret the question and try to side step it. By saying something like:

"we're humans..."

or " No I usually kick then out after. You're the only one who gets to stay over (smile)"

This will work about half the time. But it's really only a stall.

If she wants to seriously discuss the topic I will always say something like this

" We've only known each other X amount of months. And I really, really like you as a person. I'm super happy we hang out and I love talking to you. But I'm not really in a place where I can date anyone exclusively right now. So if that's something you're uncomfortable with,I totally understand that, and I really hope we can stay friends."

If a girl really likes you and is comfortable with that arrangement she'll stay. If not she won't.

Now the next one at around the year mark is a little more intense. Now it's been awhile and the girl might be questioning whether she's wasting her time with you.

IME this is the talk where you really have to be honest and let her know what's going on.

Be honest but not angry.

You don't want to give her ultimatiums, or make her feel like you don't care if she's in your life or not.

Instead you want to make sure that you don't lead her on with the fantasy of a relationship (Because let's be honest if it was going to happen, it would have within a year) but frame what you have as fun and non commital, until someone comes along that's better for her. Also emphasize ( If it's true) that you want her in your life in some capacity, but you want her to be comfortable with it.

Last one, the 18 month mark... This one is basically commit or lose the girl. IME girls are not going to hang around for two years with NO commitment from you. At this point you have to make a decision about whether or not you actually see yourself in a committed relationship with her. If you do, then tell her you want to be exclusive. If you don't tell her you just want to be friends.

You can stall the 18 month convo but it's only going to get worse for both of you.

That wraps up F**k buddies, have a great weekend.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Retain F**k Buddies Part 2-Honesty And Expectations

Welcome back guys,

Today I want to talk about the second part of retaining Fuck Buddies. Honesty and Expectations.

Once you’ve started seeing the girl once a week or once every couple of weeks, the next part of retention is honesty.

I personally believe in getting to know people really well before I date them exclusively. I usually have to know a girl for about 3 months before I’m ready to start calling her my girlfriend. I let girls know this upfront.

It’s very important that you let girls know your feelings on exclusivity right away. Now there is a major caveat that guys miss here… You don’t want to make the girl feel like a temporary option or a sexual plaything.

A student of mine recently told me that he was dating a girl and told her that while he would exclusively sleep with her, he was still going to date other girls. That’s basically like telling the girl you like her, until someone better comes along.

The overall vibe I adopt is that we are actually friends. In fact I tell the girl how much I appreciate her friendship. I hang out with these girls, the same way I hang out with my male friends. The only difference is that I don’t cuddle or hold hands with my guy friends!

The second thing I want to talk about is managing expectations. A lot of guys who are successful with women, lead girls on with the possibility of a monogamous relationship. You want to make sure that you actively manage her expectations of the relationship.

This means that you give her back the stuff she “leaves” at your place the next time you see her. It means you don’t say ambiguous things like “ who knows what can happen with us down the line.” If you don’t believe you’d actually date her exclusively.

One of the most powerful things I’ve learned from the SUISC is that you do not have to lie to girls to get sex. You can be honest ( and nice) about what you want and expect from her and she can decide if that’s something she wants to deal with.

Tomor we’ll wrap this up by talking about how to deal with the DTR conversation…


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How To Retain F**k Buddies Part 1- Scheduling

Hey guys,

Happy Hump day, in more ways than one ☺

Today I want to start another advanced series on the blog. As everyone whose read my blog over the last few years knows, I’m not a big fan of monogamous relationships. Not because I think monogamy is wrong. I’m actually much more adamantly opposed to Polamory. But I just know that monogamy has no place in my current lifestyle/occupation. So since I don’t get into boyfriend/girlfriend type relationships, what do I do?

I keep between 3-7 fuck buddies around at all times. A fuck buddy is essentially a friend with benefits. Since I’m very good at this type of relationship, I wanted to write about it for guys having problems keeping girls interest after sex.

The first part of retaining a fuck buddy, comes the day after you have sex with her. Regardless of whether or not she spends the night ( I personally don’t always like having girls stay over) if you want to see her again in any capacity, you need to text or call her. A lot of girls get really insecure after they sleep with a guy. Especially if it’s the first night you met or your first date.

I like to send a very friendly, funny text message. Something that preferably plays on an inside joke from earlier. Here’s an example from a couple days ago where the girl was an environmentalist.

“ Hey you, I think we may not be able to hang out ever again… I just littered with a cigarette butt. It’s not you it’s me ☺”

What you don’t want to do if you only want an FB relationship is send something overly sentimental like “ I had a great time last night!” or “ I really like you”. Keep it casual.

Then the next step to retention is to not have the noticeable drop off in calls and texts. A lot of guys ( Myself included sometimes) tend to call or text girls less after they sleep with them. This has a lot to do with the male-female sexual power dynamic ( A blog post coming soon) but it’s always a mistake because it will make the girl start questioning things instead of just enjoying interacting with you.

Then you want to set up plans for a WEEKDAY. This is huge, when you’re dealing with fuck buddies it’s important that you see them once a week or once every two weeks. This is an extremely important schedule.

If you see them more often than once a week, they will start to expect a more committed relationship. If you see them less than every two weeks, then you’ll have problems with consistency.

Personally I like to see 3-4 girls a week, with one new date a week and two nights of gaming.

It’s also important that you don’t see the girl consistently on the same day every week. I used to do this with my rotation, until a few girls asked me why I only saw them on Thurs. Vary it up.

That takes care of scheduling, tomorrow I’ll talk about Honesty and Expectations.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Power of Patience

What's up guys?

It's Tuesday and I've been completely swamped the last couple of days.

I'm on this new thing where I have to get 1 phone number a day during the daytime, it's partially to keep me from going out at night, and partially just because there are so many hot girls wandering around during the day.

As a result of this, I've been doing a lot of phone game.

I just sent out the basics of phone game to the guys subscribed to my newsletter yesterday. I also just finished Phone Game 2.0 and mailed that out to the members of my inner circle last week. To learn more about Sinn's Inner Circle, go to

One of the things that I think really trips guys up on the phone is a lack of patience.

Unfortunately after you have exchanged phone numbers with a girl ( and hopefully set up a date) the ball is in her court. She can choose whether or not to return calls, texts, ims and smoke signals.

So all you can do is follow up in the correct way and hope you did a good enough job initially.

I had texted this girl yesterday and we went back and forth a couple of times before I escalated the texts in a sexual/flirty way. And nothing came back for 15, 30, 45, minutes... Finally she texted back an hour and a half later with a flirtier response.

The old me, would have spent the entire hour and a half, trying to figure out a clever high value way to text again and spark a response. But now I understand that you're only hurting yourself when you do that. It's much better to be patient give it a couple of hours and not worry about it.

At some point you have to believe the girl likes you, the sooner you do that and act accordingly the better things go on the phone.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Podcast # 9

Hey guys,

Podcast # 9 is up.

In it I give relationship advice, break down a field report and review Observe and Report.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Hypnotica and I are cool...

We came to an understanding like adults.

Now everyone else can do the same.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Common Female Thoughts Part 2

Hey guys,

I’m having a very interesting text conversation with a girl I’m seeing about dressing her up in nothing but a pencil skirt, business jacket and heels.

Which lead me to think about another female truism.

Women like sex as much if not more than men.

Understanding this is huge if you’re going to get better with women.

You have to get around all of the issues you may have about women being on pedestals, sex being dirty, or feelings of guilt for having sex with a girl you’re not going to commit to.

Women are like sex as much as men… if not more.

Remember, we don’t all get the ability to have multiple orgasms ☺


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Podcast Ocho

New Podcast is up...

Check it out here:

And on Itunes!


Tele-Seminar Tonight With AFC Adam and I

Hey guys,

Tonight AFC Adam and I will be having a free Tele-Seminar on Naturals and Attraction.

This will be some of my newest and most interesting breakthroughs in game.

You can get all the details at:



5 Things every guy wants to do...

This is (I guess) a routine I’ve been using for awhile to set frames and open up sexual dialogues especially about threesomes. It's mostly just a random thought to illustrate that comfort talk doesn't have to be that magical..

I actually believe this and I started talking about it with girls in Comfort or on dates as an escalation thing.

I really like having theories, and ideas about various subjects and sharing them. It’s really the basis of my comfort game.

Here’s a rough breakdown as it comes out a little bit differently every time.

See that’s one of the things that girls just don’t understand about guys… Every guy has like 5 things they want to do.

Here we want to purposely bait her into asking what the 5 things are as opposed to telling her right away. This is a conversational tactic I do unconsciously now.

Ok the 5 things are

Pull a heist
Win a Lot of money at Poker
Knock some guy out
Fly in a Private Jet

And have a Threesome.

So I’ve done one out of 5. I have like 50 years to knock the other 4 off…

From there the girl will ask which one it was and then you can tease her by saying it was pulling a heist, or you can go suggestive and ask which one she thinks it was. That’s what I usually do, then I explain my position on threesomes, leading to asking her what kind of girls she likes….

Hope that helps people.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hypnotica Clarification

Ok, so now Hypnotica seems to be trying to dodge the issue ( His IMO creepy and ineffective teaching style, and stuff he peddles to you guys looking for help) with another issue (Who is better with girls, him or I)

First, I don't care who is better with girls. I'm insanely happy with my sex life right now, and no longer feel the need to prove myself to anyone. I call this progress. I'm pretty sure I'd dominate the shit out of him in a nightclub, bar, or daytime cold approach. But it doesn't matter. I no longer subscribe to the "who's better" school of thinking or lame dick measuring culture contained within. If people can't see the value in what I have to teach and my student's success, so be it.

The issue here again IMO is Hypnotica's lame attempts to try to bully me out of my (informed) opinion. Through veiled threats and impotent challenges.

I've seen the dude on like 5 products. I have a Master's Prac in NLP, I've gone through all 3 of Hypnotica's products ( Deep Phone Seduction, The Sphinx Of The Imagination, and Core Confidence or whatever the fuck it was called) After watching all of that, in my opinion, what the dude is teaching is creepy, useless state pumping bullshit, and identity centric escalation models. It's nothing personal, I just don't believe a student can get better with your material. I'm sure it's what you THINK is working for you, but that's probably just because you're very into all of your hypnotic-woo-woo stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just not practical for the average guy looking to get better with women.

No matter how much noise Hypnotica makes, this is not going to change. Nor will I be quiet about it when I'm asked for my opinion on products I've studied. You don't like it, move to somewhere without the freedom of speech...

Unless Hypnotica can show me something I'm not comprehending about what he's teaching, and using...

My opinion will remain the same...

If you want to shut me up Hypnotica, educate me about your methods and show me real results (for anyone) from your teachings.

Where are your student's success stories?

I've met Neil and Eben after you worked with them and their inner game... Not so good.

I've met students who did hours of EXPENSIVE one on one hypnosis with you and still couldn't approach girls in the real world...

I'm fully willing to " have my eyes opened." if you really believe in what you're doing and want to change my mind. If not, I'm still gonna give my opinion on it, when I'm asked about it.

My email address if you want to handle this like an adult instead of a nearly 40 year old toddler, is easy to guess, sinn at

This will be my final post about this situation, no matter how many comments you all leave.

We're back to content tomor.

And Sinn and The Cities Episode 8 will be up soon.


Healthy Living Equals Better State

We all know that state is extremely important when it comes to… well life. But one of the interesting things I’ve noticed, is that your body will actually reward you for doing the right things.

Play a couple games of pickup basketball, feel glowing, alive and refreshed.

Smoke a bunch of cigarettes and get drunk(Which is fun at the time) leaves you dehydrated, gross feeling and tired…

Pick up is very similar to self help. As you become a better person, you get better results with women. Everything in your life either helps or hurts your game. That doesn’t mean you need to rush out there and worry about what dish washing detergent attracts women better. But you should look at what habits and lifestyle choices will help you get the results you want.

If we know we do better at pick up when we are in state, we should aim to be in state as much of the time as possible. If we live a healthy lifestyle, we will be in state more and stack yet another odd in our favor. Which is mostly what game is about anyway…

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tele-Seminar With Mehow and I on Natural Attraction

Hey guys,

Yesterday I did a tele-seminar with Mehow where I revealed all the secrets of Natural Attraction, that Naturals don't want you to know!

You can listen to the replay here:

Be sure to fast forward through the first 5-6 mins of silence as we got started a bit late...


Open Letter To Hypnotica

So I’ve gotten a lot of comments about Hypnotica apparently vowing to change my mind on his creepiness.

Since I’m nothing if not open minded, I am openly inviting Hypnotica to come down here and attempt to change my mind about his tactics and techniques. I’ll even volunteer to be a guinea pig.

And then I’ll post a completely unbiased review of your methods. If they blow my mind and do all you claim they do, I'll post that. If they are a creepy wannabe magic bullet I'll post that as well.

If you really want to convince me I’m willing to give you a fair chance to.

Your move chuckles, either put your money where your mouth is, or shut the fuck up.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Cutting Space

Yo, yo, yo…

Today I’m going to be keeping the blog post short and simple with a hugely underutilized tactic.

That is physically cutting space. I remember reading about this in TD’s archive years ago and it totally changed my game.

When you are talking to a girl too many guys are content to stay in what I like to call the polite guy zone. That’s what’s generally regarded as personal space 18-36 inches away from said attractive lady… Now while the Polite guy zone is useful for the first 3-5 minutes to let the girl get comfortable with you. Once she’s shown she likes you it’s time to cut in to the sexy guy zone.

There are three keys to physically cutting space smoothly.

The first one is to lead with your hips, not your shoulder. A lot of guys will barrel into a woman’s personal space making her very uncomfortable and in some extreme cases making her move back. Instead we want to lead from the hips and bring our lower body closer first then close space with our upper body. Believe me this makes much more sense when I can physically demonstrate it.

The second key is to is to break it down into a series of small movements. I personally like to take a small step towards the girl with one foot and then simply bring my back foot forward.

Lastly you want to make sure you cut space into her face, so that you are talking to her 3-5 inches in front of her space. This is hugely underrated as you can get faster makeouts, talk dirty in her ear, or simply give her smoldering bedroom eyes. None of which you can do if you’re in the polite guy zone.

Remember to cut in the next time you’re trying to escalate with a girl.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Neediness Deined

What’s up hombres,

Today I wanted to briefly talk about being needy.

Neediness is one of the biggest sticking points guys have when they first get into the dating scene.

Neediness generally comes from an inner psychology point of view from scarcity. When you are not meeting a lot of women, or getting laid it can be difficult to not over pursue when you are getting good signals from a girl.

A lot of people misunderstand what constitutes neediness. Calling a girl 3 times a day can be needy or can build a connection. It all depends on one thing. If the girl is reciprocating. If she’s calling you or texting you back then it’s not needy to keep contacting her. If she stops and you keep going you’re being needy.

If you always try to hang out with a girl and she is always saying no but you keep asking, you’re being needy. If the girl always ends the interaction first and you try to keep her there as long as you can, you guessed it needy.

So how do you keep from coming off needy?

First it helps to have other things going on in your life. It’s much harder to be needy the busier you are.

Second you never want to send more than one form of communication a day without a response. If you call her and she doesn’t call back, don’t text her, facebook her etc…

Third, don’t call every day unless she’s calling you an equal amount. You don’t want to call every day unless she’s reciprocating.

Fourth make sure you end every interaction. Yes this is stupid game playing that the rules would be proud of, but it works.

Fifth, don’t spill deep feelings right away, you can flatter a girl as much as you want as long as you don’t allude to a future or confess feelings that you are inappropriate until after you’ve slept with her.

And lastly don’t think about having a relationship with a girl before you’ve selpt with her at least 3 times. Until you’ve had repeated sexual encounters keep that thought out of your head as it can make you captain needy.

Hope that clears things up.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hank Moody-Californication

Hey guys,

Today I want to talk about another example of Hollywood getting it right when it comes to the factors that cause attraction.

Last week I mentioned Hank Moody in a post I wrote on Player Game. Hank Moody is played by David Duchovny on the Showtime show Californication.

Hank is a writer from New York who has a daughter with an interesting architect and then moves to Califonia where his book is turned into a horrible movie starring Tom Cruise…

Then his wife gets stolen away by a another man who wants to marry her. Something Hank refused to do…

Ok now that the plot synopsis part of our show is over we can move on to what makes Hank attractive to women.

Now obviously because it’s a TV show the actual realism of the pick up scenes in Californication are on par with the realism of the shark from Jaws.

But there are things that Hank does consistently that are applicable in the real world.

One of the first ones is the way he always makes sexualized jokes in a ( And I shudder when I write this) Cocky Funny way. Hank always interacts with women humorously and flirty. Whether he’s asking Karen(The baby momma) about whether or not she’s gushing down there or telling her that she can’t run off and marry some other guy after banging him.

He’s always pushing sexual topics mixed in with humor. CJ noticed once when he was hanging out with Brent of DYD fame that he does a similar thing.

Another thing about Hank is he’s not afraid to sexually escalate. It’s hysterical when he tries to kiss Karen during the first season in front of her then fiancée. He always goes for the kiss with his estranged ex. And eventually it works.

Another thing to emulate from Hank is his complete love and respect for women. When he sees a woman being verbally abused a car over he intervenes. When a guy calls Karen a cunt at a charity event he beats the guy up after Bill the fiancée does nothing.

Lastly Hank never takes anything too seriously he’s always ready to make a joke even in the most dire of situations. An attitude like that goes a long way when interacting with women.

I highly recommend you guys check out the first season of Californication especially. It’s great. Season 2 kinda blows unfortunately.


P.S To learn how you can get attraction naturally check out the Natural Attraction DVD at

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New Podcast!

Here's The latest Podcast.

I talk about Dating Younger girls, Personality vs Character, Working too much to get laid and more...


Common Female Thoughts Part 1

Hey guys,

This is going to be a new running feature on the blog called Common Female Thoughts.

As someone who claims to know a lot about female psychology and how women think, I wanted to take some time to explain a couple common thoughts among particularly beautiful women that us as guys may not realize.

Because I like In10se spend the majority of my time around women, I wanted to share a few of the things I’ve learned through hours of long conversations over dinners, pillows, pool time, and late night phone calls.

The first one I want to talk about is the idea that particularly beautiful women know that they both intimidate and arouse most men.

The intimidation factor is key.

Particularly beautiful women are very aware of their power over men. They know that most men can’t stand up to them, they know that most men will give in to their emotional whims, and will bend over backwards for the chance to sleep with her.

I remember a conversation I had on a plane with a girl with two girls who guys would call “10s” they had actually just hosted an event and it turns out one was a playmate and the other a DJ.

One of the things the tall one said to me stands out, we were talking and she kept breaking my frames. Finally in frustration I said something about her being difficult. She responded by saying something like. I think it’s just a hot girl thing, I don’t really feel the need to qualify myself ever. If people don’t like me that ‘s their problem because I know most guys are going to like me. Most guys are scared of me anyway so if I’m even a little nice I can get what I want. Later on she was telling me how her boyfriend blows her off to workout. Probably not a coincidence.

It can be very powerful to talk to girls about how they usually intimidate guys but you see the real them beyond the looks. As well as act like you’re not affected in any way by her looks. Which can be much harder than it sounds with girls who look like they stepped out of a music video or some other type of video ☺


Monday, April 06, 2009

Lessons Learned From The Rock Of Love Bus...

I finally got cable again when I moved , and so I’ve caught up on a lot of bad reality TV lately.

I don’t know why I watch certain bad shows. Part of me watches them because I’m fascinated by the depths people will sink to. Part of me watches it because it makes me feel much better about being myself. And part of me watches them the way people always talk about watching train wrecks. It’s horrible, it’s ugly and it’s riveting at the same time.

Of the shows I’ve really made a point to tivo since I got interested in Dating Science, the best ones have been Average Joes (Amazing when they sent in a boat of super good looking guys to compete after the guys thought they would all just be average) A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila ( Also known as the low self esteem Olympics).

I’ve just started watching The Rock Of Love Bus this season. That’s right the show starring washed up former Poison front man Brett Michaels. Who also had a sex tape with Pam Anderson.

Watching shows like this and the equally entertaining For The Love of Ray J, I like to look for attitudinal clues on the parts of the guys involved. Now I know much of the shows are scripted, yada, yada, yada… But you can still see a lot of the bleifs and attitudes these guys have towards women, sex and relationships.

One of the things I’ve noticed with Brett Michaels is his complete comfort with having multiple girls. This goes beyond the theories espoused by Zan that to a natural seducer “ They are all his girls”. Brett Michaels truly believes he deserves to have multiple girls. Now granted having been a rock star for almost 30 years and having groupies has no doubt helped him get to this thinking.

But can it be emulated without the 30 year river of vagina?

I think it can, one of the best things I’ve gotten out of the community is the idea that the way you think about things and your beliefs shape your life.

A lot of guys have really unhealthy and unproductive beliefs about women sex and relationships. In addition they have a lot of beliefs that conflict and cause a lot of internal friction. This is what happens with approach anxiety. Parts of you want to approach that beautiful girl you see on the street. But other parts of you don’t want to experience rejection or are afraid of what other people are going to think, or worry that you’re not going to know what to say.

So while it’s always good to strive for helpful beliefs, you have to remember the idea that beliefs do not have to be true to be helpful. In fact many of the best guys with women have delusional self confidence.

Watching Brett Michaels you can see his complete belief in his right to have beautiful women from his making out with both girls he brings on a date right in front of each other to his complete confidence in telling the visiting former boyfriends of girls on the bus that they’re girls got pulled…

I’d say it’s definitely worth an hour to see it.

Sundays on VH1.


Friday, April 03, 2009

Player Game Part 3: Quirkiness

Welcome back to the blog that has it all, intrigue, suspense, humor, extra Ns…

Today’s Friday and we’re wrapping up The Player Game series with what I consider the lynch pin to avoiding the dreaded “player vibe” that prevents guys from building attraction in this unique way.

That is quirkiness.

One of the things that I notice with girls that I hook up with is that while they understand that girls like me and I understand girls, but they feel like they’re unique for liking me when I’m this open and unapologetically different from other guys who approach girls.

When being quirky it’s important to remember the idea of self amusement. Over the years, I’ve done things like talk about my huge cock, discuss V for Vendetta for 20 minutes, explain why Batman actually always kicks Superman’s ass in the comics, explain why Sex and The City has the best characterization on TV, talked about my family’s bizarre habit of raising grievances at the holidays. I’ve even discussed the individual rivalries in tennis and successfully seduced girls that night.

You have to be really into what you’re talking about while you’re talking about it. You also need to be able to make the subject interesting to women, this means using lots of emotional language, explaining why you like or don’t like things. Giving a different viewpoint from the commonly accepted one and presenting your reasons. Anything that you’re really passionate about will transfer and help you attract women.

Actually let me back track, you can’t talk about LITERALLY anything. Though I have seen girls get seduced by talk of shit, and eating abortions, most people’s personalities are not going to enable them to get away with it. You want to stay away from gross stuff, bodily functions, anything judgemental, boring subjects that women have no interest or commonalities with. It’s also important to put the focus on individual relationships even if they’re between you and inanimate objects. I often refer to my relationship with my car as an abusive relationship. It breaks down on me and I love it. You should also look for ways to relate it to the things she’s told you about herself. Especially if you can build the frame that you’re both weird. But that’s another post in itself.

I’ve written before about quirkiness here :

But recognize that weird commonalities and finding a way to connect with her on a less used/likely way is the key to Player Game.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Player Game Part 2: Lack Of Remorse

Welcome back to the Sinn’s Of Attraction Class Room where knowledge is dropped.

I’ve been really racking my brain to figure out why I’m abloe to get away with all of the various ridiculousnesses I get away with. Part of it is how much I’m not afraid to make it obvious in subtle and not so subtle ways to girls that I get laid.

Today I want to talk about why I do this and why it’s attractive.

One of the things I’ve noticed in students is when they start getting more girls or dating multiple girls at the same time, they tend to have some remorse about it. Especially if they aren’t being honest about their intentions.

I don’t have this issue. I’ve worked very hard to get rid of as much of my sexual judgementalism as is humanly possible. I don’t feel bad that I sometimes sleep with 2 different girls a day. I don’t feel bad when I have a one night stand. I don’t think sex is wrong, or dirty or wrong. I also don’t feel that you need to attach emotions to sex, or make it mean something other than a physical thing.

I express that to girls early on.

Now obviously, you can’t just come out and say it, but what you can do is allude to things with open loops until girls ask.

One of the ways I do this is through discussing group sex. I always say something like

“ Every guy thinks threesomes and group sex are fun, til your girlfriend shows up at your place at 5 AM with 5 strippers.”

Girls are always intrigued by this.

Now this is a true story, I did date a stripper who used to bring girls home. One night she did show up with 5 girls and I slep on the couch.

Notice this story is not me bragging about banging 5 girls, it actually ends with me not getting laid. But I demonstrate some important characteristics. Girls want to bang me and bring girls for me, I’m not sexually judgmental, and it’s a funny story.

I also will show girls where other girls have bite me or given me hickeys.

Last weekend I was talking to a girl and complained about shoulder pain, when she asked why I showed her the crazy bite marks the law student I’m seeing left me. I ended up making out with the new girl 10 minutes later.

I will often even tell girls that I’m fairly promiscuious. I’ll tell them that in my life it’s not uncommon to meet a lot of really cool, beautiful women and that sex is just gymnastics.

The point is, in order to run player game you have to be completely unrepentant about your womanizing, any explanation or attempt to make it sound like something noble or unique.

This also demonstrates emotional integrity. When girls meet me, they know what I am. If I try to explain that I’m not a player and she is special, I lose the girl. If I act like it’s no big deal and I qualify properly, I never have problems. Including retention and avoidance of the define the relationship talk.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Player Game Part 1: Savability

Hey guys,

I’ve been really looking at a lot of the stuff I do when I’m meeting women now. One of the things that’s been pointed out to me multiple times by people like CJ and others is how much I flaunt a promiscuious lifestyle.

I’ve heard Savoy talk a little about how he runs Player game and it got me intrigued to see how I’m actually using this.

So in getting back in the spirit of consistent high quality blog post breakdowns I’m going to write a 3 part series on what I do to convey promiscuity without getting player vibe or trust issues (AKA LMR). . I do want to note that this stuff is for somewhat advanced for use in attraction, but will not work if you don’t already get asked if you’re a player or come off as a guy girls like. If you come off as a guy who doesn’t get girls it will not work and will look SUPER try hard.

The first thing I noticed actually came from a conversation I had with my buddy Cam. He noticed that I consistently tell girls I’m a horrible person who will ruin them for all other men. Now while I consider that true, it starts one of the main themes of my game. What I like to call Savability.

Now while I love to create words for their own sake, savability refers to the idea of letting girls know that while you are a player, you have the capability to be saved. Most women have a nurturing nature that kicks in at some point if they’re attracted. This is why 35 year old guys who still think they’re bands are going to make it while they live at home, get girls.

I first noticed this characteristic in Future and El Topo. Because they are crazy artistic types, they both have a lot of emotional storms that they used to get girls to do things for them. In fact one time in Orlando ET helped me concoct a fake emotional storm to get this really hot girl to pick me up from the airport.

So I adopted this to my promiscuity. I would talk a lot about how I really do like sex with one person more and that my ex and I did crazy experimentation. Then I’ll talk about how now I’m more into just keeping things casual.

Another key tweak comes for savability comes in the form of preselection. Again I have to credit Future for seeing this in his real life. The idea is that at some point you tell a story about an ex fiancée. By showing that you at one time had the ability to commit long term, you again strengthen the girl’s resolve to save you.

Another thing that helps with savability is demonstrating a strong passion for something you haven’t accomplished yet. You’ll see almost everyone nowadays talk about demonstrating passion. However they don’t add the part about not having accomplished it yet because of your fatal flaw.

The fatal flaw was the final concept I figured out involving savability. I first noticed this when I was watching the Television show “ Californication.” That shows main character Hank Moody deserves a separate blog post of his own, but he really cemented the idea of including a fatal flaw. Mystery has often talked about vulnerability, but the fatal flaw takes it a step further. My fatal flaw actually happens to be my inability to commit or emotionally attach. Everyone has a reason that they’re not as successful, this can help you get girls. Be aware not to make it something that contradicts the major attraction switches. You don’t want your fatal flaw to be that you are a loser among men, de-selected by women and a destroyer of loved ones. Further more it shouldn’t be something that says you are not fun, confident, dominant, or interesting. When it works well it actually makes you more interesting and realistic since you don’t intimidate her once she knows what’s wrong with you.

I’ll be back at you guys tomorrow with the second part of this article: Lack of Remorse

Talk to ya soon,