Monday, July 30, 2007

Lucky 21...

So far the contest this month has El Topo leading with 8 new lays(Not sure how many same night) CJ in 2nd place with 7(6 SNL) and me in 3rd with 6( 3 SNL). That means that this month the three of us in the inner circle have slept with 21 DIFFERENT women...

3 Guys, 21 different girls. This becomes more impressive when you take into account how CJ had his kids 2 weekends plus an extra day. I spent 6 days with SCW and was on 3 different bootcamps this month, and El Topo has been working with students almost every night.

So of the nights we have had oppurtunities, we are making the most of them.

Fun month, now if I can just get 2 more lays over the next 2 days to tie...


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Recipe for LMR

Take 1 part Printer buying me too many drinks
1 part me not gaming at all or doing anything but telling her I'm trying to band her
Add 1 part bad sexual escalation

Stir and you end up with my night last night.

I pulled a pretty hot girl and I ended up having sex with her breasts, but couldn't nail the full close. El topo closed an off duty stripper and he's now in the lead at 8. CJ and I pulled on Thursday night and I got a BJ and Fri I closed the girl from Tuesday night's festivities.

It's a crazy environment when you get 5 new lays in a month and feel like your game sucks this month... Who would have known. It almost feels like this is what Project Hollywood was supposed to be like. We hang out all the time and push each other to make more money, get more women, and get in better shape.

Who knew I'd find the place I best fit in so far away from where I thought it would be...


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sexual roles...

One thing that I thik is really interesting, is the way people tend to take up the roles sexually that may not fit what they actually want. Women are really sexually repressed, because of cultural programming.

Another interesting aspect of roles, is the idea that women will accept roles, based on their perception of your role. What I mean is that if you assume the role of fun party guy, and the girl is attracted and accepting of that role, you will be giving her permission to party more, drink more etc.. This is one of the reasons that role-playing is such a great tactic. The role she assumes allows her to act in what would otherwise be a socially unacceptable behavior.

I've been thinking even more about how the sexual roles we assume lead to the responses we get from women. The more brazen and openly sexual I become in my game, the faster I get laid and the more wild the sex becomes, as women can tell that I am not judging them and therefore, I become a canvas for their sexual fantasies... Lately I've had a lot fo girls LOVING the dirty talk. And my new close last night begged me to fuck her, because I told her to. This stuff never happened to me until I assumed the identity of a sexual guy. I talk freely about sex, I tell girls I'm trying to get them in to bed or that I am imagining fucking them on a table in a club. And I talk about it freely. I also have started doing dirty talk in the venues. The more I do these things the faster I get laid and with more and more wild sex...

Furthermore, I think that it could be interesting to talk to women about the roles, they play sexually, this builds on some stuff me and CJ, were talking about a couple days ago about framing her values as being in line with same night sex...

Anyway just thinking out loud...


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Alternating sexual and non sexual IOIs in comfort

Here's another nugget of gold CJ came up with this weekend(All credit to the pirate king).

We know that comfort is about hitting on the girl and escalating things toward a sexual relationship. In qualification, we talk about giving a girl indicators of interest that are not based on her looks. This means that you will hit on her based on her goals and aspirations, her interests, etc...

Once you have gotten her attracted to you and shown that you are attracted to her, it's time to start turning things sexual( if you are looking for a SNL) So you will want to indicate your sexual interest in her. That's why CJ and I have both been saying things like " If no one else was here, I'd fuck you right here on the table." This is a sexual IOI. You are showing her that you are interested in having a sexual relationship with her. This puts both your agenda on the table and allows her to get turned on.

You always want to make sure that it's not a pushy sexual IOI. A bad example of a sexual IOI is " I want to fuck you right now". The reason is, it's too direct. What you want to do instead is to put a barrier on the sexual IOI. Something like " Too bad I don't know you well enough to tell you what I'm thinking about doing to you". Or " Ok we need to change the subject or I'm going to kkeep thinking about doing really dirty things to you..."

This is a MAJOR part of Same Night game, and directly conflicts with A LOT of the information other gurus give about dirty type talk in a venue.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All our instructors got laid in Scottsdale...

Wow, EVERY single one of us pulled on workshop... CJ got laid twice, and I pulled 2 girls sunday night, but got LMR both times, it seems that sticking point has reared it's ugly demonous head again.... Though both pulls were ridiculously fast and one after another with a street approach.

It was funny because when I was in isolation with the second girl some guy came over and started telling all these stupid lies like " I'm the head bouncer of such and such a club and I cage fight. When he claimed to be a bouncer at the club another random dude there jumpied into the conversation with " No you're not, my buddy X is." The jack ass then rescinded his claim from 1st to 2nd then to 3rd... His mortified friend tried to ask my girl for her number, but botched it hugely.... Then he said he was a cage fighter... but couldn't tell me who faught in last week's matched and thought the UFC was on # 56(73), so he just looked dumb... I didn;t do shit to amog him except ask her if she knew these guys, and she said she didn't then I told her they were creepy. Subtle AMOGing like this is best. No need to confront the other guy especially if he doesn't know the girl. I always assume thet the guy has no game and wait to see if he blows himself out... Most of the time that's enough. In a tug of war, I'll just be more dominant, and pull the girl anyway. So they leave we bounce to the hotel, I get her changed and escalate but she's on her period... and I couldn't get over it. I have a lot fo trouble getting over the period boundary when it's real. But when it's fake I always get over it....

I tried CJ's I was in a relationship and it's natural it's part of what makes you a woman piece, but no go. I suggested the shower and like Charles Bronson would say " No dice." Oh well. I had 4 different girls in my bed and saw a girl I met last time for a drink and some breakthrough comfort.

This weekend the crew was awesome El Topo is amazing good, and CJ is at a whole nother level this month, where I'm actually suprised when he doesn't get laid every time he speaks to a girl... We had a new AC out too, who's screen name I forget, but helped out the Don in LA and now me...

Overall a great weekend too, having a great wig like El Topo is awesome, and I CJ and I work sets together better than any other 2 dudes, I've ever seen. This weekend was easy. If I had this crew every workshop, we could produce some huge, huge results for students and you get to see super high level game, and watch pulls in real life..

We've also been talking about possibly doing some advanced bootcamps, based on the theories we teach approach coashes when they are being trained to teach programs. Right now we're considering a 3 day seminar where CJ would teach a day on sexual framing, I'd teach a one day on some advanced topic, and El Topo would teach about late game and relationship mangaement stuff... Then we'd do 2 nights of in-field. It would also have to be smaller, and more expensive, but it would represent the HIGHEST level of new theory, and would all deviate from stuff availible to those outside the MM instructor ranks.

Just thinking out loud, though as we may not do it. We still have to clear it and set dates and cities and stuff... We also all have to be free and El Topo, CJ and I are all pretty busy guys... It'd really be cool though if it happened...

Great weekend overall... Especially seeing the students getting such good results. One of the students got a BJ on the second night and another one we ran into on Sun night pulled that night.. It's always cool, when students get immediate results like that.

I'm exhausted, we all flew back after breakthrough comfort and didn't get in til 1 AM, and we haven't been getting much sleep.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

LR: 1 to tie 2 to lead... Fuck CJ! 2 to tie 3 to lead...

So we roll up to the club on the scotsdale bootcamp, I start opening sets, and working with students. A few no gos, a couple decent sets, nothing special though.

A student brings me into a set with a 2 and 7. We'll call her the divorcee.

Rings on fingers
Who are you?

The student buys the girls shots and then they roll off. I work with students some more and then run back into the divorcee. I pull her into isolation.

Strawberry Fields
Question game
Almost Kiss

I seed the bounce to the after party at our hotel.

Her friend comes over and takes her to the bathroom.

They come back and we make out and start hardcore sexual talk. I bring El Topo back into the set and we start my new wrecking ball routine. Divorcee starts running hernails up and down my back and I say if you keep doing that I'm going to have to do dirty things to you. I then say well I have to go to the bathroom and take care of myself.. She asks if she can watch.

I pull her to the bathroom and as soon as I lock the door, I hear a knock like the fucking po-lice are outside. It's the bouncer, he says we can;t be in there together and I pretend I'm drunk and don't understand. I bring her back and me and ET decide to pull.

Get her back to the hotel, strip her down except for her high heels, and tax like the IRS on April 15th. Turns out her friend told ET that she does this ALL the time and that usually her friend has to wait in the car.

Afterwords we go to eat and I talk merciless shit to CJ about how I'm now only down 1 lay to him this month. Then he gets a text from a girl he was talking to tonight who wants to come over... FUCK!!!! Now I've just treaded water all night... I'll still catch him like he was a robber and I owned a 7-11, it's just going to take more time.

We go to after-hours and run into J-Dog and Cramias. It was great to see both those guys, then back to the hotel and CJ's girl rolls over and takes him back to her place 45 minutes ago.

I feel bad for CJ because he's just forcing me to raise my game and pull again tonight...

Today CJ looks noticably redder due to the fire I am applying to his feet. He also has a ringing in his ears from the thundering of my footsteps.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Multiple Thread theory

Multiple thread theory:

One of the biggest sticking points guys have once they have learned how to open, is awkward pauses in attraction. Nothing short of punching the girl in the baby maker destroys attraction faster.

There are a couple of reasons that guys will have awkward pauses.

1. They don’t have a routine stack or they don’t know their material yet. I am consistently amazed and dismayed by how many students want more material but don’t learn the 15 or so ATTRACTION only pieces I teach every workshop. Guys think that they need 300 individual pieces to go from meet to sex. And they think they have to learn them all at once. A better way of learning material is to pick 1 piece and practice it every set until you are good enough to get through it in EVERY set. Then you add another one. That may sound like a long process, but if you are approaching 12 sets a night you can get a new piece of material polished every night.

2. They don’t use material. If in the beginning of learning this stuff you don’t use routines, you are putting yourself at a MAJOR disadvantage. There are a myriad of reasons to use material. First it allows you to focus on the more important stuff , such as body language, tonality, touching, movement etc… Plus it gets a canned response, so you will have a general idea of what the reaction will be instead of hoping for a good response. If you are anti-material in the beginning of your journey and you don’t have WAY above average social skills, you are shooting yourself in the foot with a bazooka.

3. They speak linearly from subject to subject. This is where multiple threading can really help.

Multiple threading was introduced to the community by Toecutter who modeled it from the comedian Billy Connelly. It’s also an NLP concept for doing inductions.

The basic idea of multiple threading is to pause your material(stories, routines) in the middle and start another conversational thread. If you think about the way you talk to your friends, you naturally do this. You don’t generally have a conversation about the weather and if another subject comes up ignore it because you’re talking weather still. Instead tangents pop up and some stick while others don’t. One of the things that gurus don’t like to admit, is that not every single thing we say hits, however all the good guys multiple thread well enough that eventually we say something that sticks very well.

Now it is a very unnatural act to walk up to a group of people and talk to them as if you have known them for 20 years. If you want to get really technical MTT is actually a way of assuming rapport with a new group of people, which can be a powerful technique by itself.

Now that we have an understanding of what multiple threading is, we can start to talk about some technical applications. Here’s an admittedly incomplete list.

1. Pausing to start a new tangent. The way to do this would be to simply use a transition to move from one subject to another.

Here’s a quick review of ways to transition:

1. Content transition. The group says something that allows you to change the subject. For example the girl says that she was a gymnast as you are telling a story, you can transition by talking about gymnastics.
2. Observational transitions. You simply make an observation then discuss the observation.
3. Mini cold reads. You simply call her a brat, powderpuff girl, nancy drew etc… out of nowhere and start role-playing.
4. Phrasal. You simply say something along the lines of “ It’s just like when” or “ That reminds me of” and change the subject.
5. No transition. You simply start a new story out of the blue.

2. Hooks. Hooks are simply unanswered questions or unfinished thoughts. They are called open loops in the NLP community. Here’s where you say something like “ I was on stage and… then when they ask what you do on stage you reply we’ll get there in a second and then come back to it later. By acknowledging the hook, you have created a thread to go to next.
3. Foreshadowing. By saying something like “ I have to tell you guys about the time I hid those Monet paintings in the west wing of my huge cock later” You are foreshadowing a story to tell when you are finished with what you are saying now.
4. Background information. By pausing a story to say something like “ The reason the fact there monets is important because two days before I hid the paintings in my cock, I had been fighting aliens in space and…” This allows you to add info on what happened before the present in the story.
5. Character info. “ I was with my friend Ernie doing mushrooms off midget strippers and the thing about Ernie is he’s a liar, this one time he got caught at Saddle Ranch, what happened was…” This allows me to start a new story to explain who the characters are in my current story.

That’s enough to get you guys started. One of the major reasons why the pros are good is the use of multiple threading to avoid awkward pauses which lead to trying too hard to keep the convo going and losing value.

Ideally you want to aim for having 3-5 Open conversational threads every set. That way if for some reason either of you have to abruptly leave, you can get a phone number by saying “ We have a LOT to talk about still..”

Good luck,


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

LR Jealousy plot gone crazy...

Last night I headed out with CJ to meet up with El Topo on his 2 on 1. We ran into twitchy at the venue.

This venue was SICK... so many hot girls and it was a SNL venue. Meaning that there's a lot of girls looking to go home with someone. Good DJ, Lots of lone wolves, lots of places to isolate... It's gonna be a good night.

I'm wearing my crystal gucci shades in the club and the first set I opne Red with jealousy and her friend are giving me shit, but I'm getting attraction. I open with my phone etiquette opener.

It's on, I'm really on tonight and when I'm really on no one can hold the obstacles because I'm too loud and entertaining... I do a take away and open a tall girl and a hideous beast friend. This set is also on... I do another takeaway as I'm actively focused on working the room tonight.

I open a 4'10 girl who happens to be in a burlesque show, it's on... I move on again..

Meanwhile Twitchy and El Topo have both been getting handjobs from the same asian girl and are trying to switch with the black hottie ET brought on a date here. I laugh at them and get a drink.

I roll outside and run into short girl and her friends, they wave me over and now I'm sitting with 1 guy and 3 girls including the girl I eventually close a red-headed burlesque dancer wearing a corset. I OWN this group for 15 minutes where NOBODY else says shit. I run some pre-selection and talk about how I'm celibate. I can tell corset girl is into me to and I find out the short girl is married and a swinger, but she only does couples :(

I roll to the table, and Game Jealous red, Twitchy somehow pulls the short girl and corset girl to the table. I see them and say hi, I tell Twitchy to game them as there is NO way anyone can take this set from me. He rolls off them and I pull jealous red into the table 3 feet from them and she makes them take pictures of us. It was an awesome Jplot.

Then short girl goes home and corset says she doesnt want to go. I say stay here with me I'll take care of you. They agree and after shorty warns me to take care of her and they make out I have corset and Jealous all over me. I tell jealous that corset is an old friend who's drunka nd I'm taking care of her even though I like jealous. Jealous wants me to go take a picture with the club photogs. Uh no... So I sit down with corset.

Strawberry fields
I'd fuck you on the table if no one was here.

She says she wants to come home with me, but "We're NOT having sex" heard that before... She wants to go to the bathroom and pulls me ion with her. We make out and she shows me her pierced nipples... There was a line and people knocking so no bathroom lay here : (

I start walking her out anf run into jealous and she wants to dance and tells me to pawn the other girl off on another guy. I tell her I'm a good friend and I HAVE to take her home. She says " You just want to get some" and I walk away from her.

As I'm getting into the car with corset, the valet says someopne is calling me... I look up and it's Jealous from the balcony of the club. She wants me to take her number. So I do. i also # closed the tall girl and the short girl who was friends with corset.

I pull Corset home and fuck her further breaking my SCW damaged bed... While fucking her Jealous sent 11 texts and called 7 times....

So far today I have talked to all the girls... and I would be shocked if I get less than 2 lays from this night.

Also when fucking corset she was SOO into dirty talk, telling me to come on her tits and ass... It was awesome.

Twitchy apparently pulled too but got LMR cause he escalated too much in the club. EL Topo had a crazy night that involved getting punched in the face by the girl he closed the night before, but I'll let him tell that story.


Monday, July 16, 2007

I gotta break up with SCW...

That girl is nuts...

She came over @ 4 Am when I got back . But when I land I already have a voicemail where she drops the L word, and a text telling me she's already at my house... My psycho alarm is now at code red.

I get home, she gets there 5 minutes later and she's acting like she did the night she was drugged... She says she's drunk, but anyone who has read my blog more than once, knows I understand what it's like to be drunk.. She's not drunk. She's also talking nonstop about how she missed me, how I don't write her good text messages anymore, how she quit her job and lost her other job and other nonsense, in a stream of conscioussness rant worthy of a Emily Dickinson poem.. Then she breaks my bed.

Then she whines for another hour and I keep trying to find out what she took, she says she's just been drinkng since 2 PM...

When we woke up this morning she says she's still drunk which is impossible after 6 hours of sleep and her not drinking while we were up for 2 hrs...

Anyway this is just me thinking out loud, but I think she needs to be elimidated...


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Live Blogging from SF again...

Future is teaching right now.

We're debriefing from last night where I had 4 straight blow-outs then 2 make-outs after blowing out a guy using the fake Jersey accent. It goes to show that even when you are having a bad night, success can be right around the corner.

I also fucked up the bathroom pull twice. I still don't quite have the calibration down to consistently make the bathroom pull work. I don't recognize the window of oppurtunity as well as I do with the make-out and the pull. I will get it though.

I just explained doing mixed sets. Mixed sets are great because they open the field up. That means that you will be able to do more sets and get more practice in. Plus they triple your lay rate. It is actually EASIER to get a same night lay from a mixed set, because guys can't cockblock in the same way. A girl can tell her girl-friend not to go home with you, and they also usually drive in the same car. But if they are out with just a random chode from the office, then they probably arrived seperately leaving her free to come home with you.

Guys are also nicer than girls as they usually will be nice...

Plus it's a really easy way to hit one of the MAJOR attraction switches. Leader of men. If you can comncretely demonstrate that you are cooler than at least 1 guy in the venue you are cooler than if you just approached all girls.

Mixed sets rock!


Friday, July 13, 2007

Open more sets!

I want to start talking baout some mroe advanced sticking points on the boards.

One of the major sticking points that I see from almost EVERY guy who's good( Including myself and CJ) is the tendency to get in with one set and stay there all night.

The first time I heard about this was when I was still working with Mystery on bootcamps. He was talking about Style's major sticking point and how Style would fuck his warm up sets. Because he would get in with a couple of OK looking girls and just stay there all night.

Instead of staying in one set all night ESPECIALLY if it's going well, you should use the social proof you have to move into sets with hotter girls.

This works in a multitude of ways.

1. It builds a jealousy plot line into the initial set you are gaming. Even if the first set you warmed up with is a true blue 10, you still want to install the fear of loss and the feeling of jealousy into your target. After she is attracted to you, she will become jealous when she sees you with another girl. When she becomes jealous, she will have to think about why she has become jealous about this guys she barely knows. This will lead to her realizing that she wants you. And when you go back to that set it will go better.

2. The social proof of being seen with girls will make your next sets go MUCH better. The PUA aura that CJ and I often talk about, is a combination of 2 things. Social proof and state. The more sets you open and get attraction from, the more social proof you have. The more social proof you have the easier ANY set will open.

3. It demonstrates a lack of neediness. By showing her that you are willing to walk away and talk to other girls. Willingness to walk away, ESPECIALLY when it is going well is extremely attractive and demonstrates that you are less invested in the interaction. And as we always know the person who cares more about the interaction has LESS social power.

We say that the first 3 sets are warm-ups and I truly believe that, if you are doing less then 3 sets a night, you are handicapping your game by not establishing enough social proof and jealousy.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sinn is a bad BF and should never be allowed to date your daughter.

I just spent the day with SCW and now HB Photo is coming over and I'm getting high and going to see transformers with her. While wearing a baseball cap and smelling like I had sex with another girl all day.

The capper? No shower in between girls.

Sinn's conscience steals the blog.

Dear parents of girls who may date Sinn,

Sinn is the worst possible guy your daughter can date as he lacks the ability to commit and has the skills to entice other women. He may be charming, smart, and have a HUGE cock. However even though he treats your daughter like a princess and they fall in love with him. He may be the devil.


Sinn's conscience.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Who's rolling with Sinn list for the next few bootcamps?

Here's my schedule for the next little bit including what other instructors are going to be rolling...

Captain Jack and El Topo will be with me in Pho so that's a chance to see me rolling with my reguar wings, and 2 of the best guys in the company. Future will be joining us on Mon for the breakthrough comfort program.
Breakthrough Comfort

Chicago you"ll see me, Future, Dahunter and either Trance, El Topo, or Fader.

Then in LA I will again be joined by Miseur Future as well as Most likely Savoy and The Don. Probably will see an appearence by Masters at some point too...

Back in NY Future and I will be joined by Fader and either Topo, Trance or Dahunter.

Boston will have Savoy, myself and either Fader, Trance, Topo or Masters.

That's all for now..


El Topo is drunk dialing...

We are all drunk, CJ got choked out 2x and El Topo is now calling all the #s in his phone creating drama...


Saturday, July 07, 2007

The acrobatic monkey or the failed switch

So after fighting with SCW over me flaking on her. CJ and I hit a couple of different places and no goes I even had waited to # close this bar tender I"ve talked to a few times, except she's not there... Drats.

Finally we hit X bar. I open what I think is a 2 girl 1 guy set. The girls are south american and an 8 and 7 if you're into that kinda thing.The girls respond and the dude shuts the fuck up. It's instantly on. I run best friends test, I do a group hug, and run strawberry fields. She tells me she's in " Her sexual prime" I tell her I need trust and comfort first.

Cj runs a dastardly ploy that sends me to the dancefloor to have seizures to music. I do an almost kiss.

I decide to do a take away to see if there's a way to trade up. My iitial target was an 8 the obstacle a 7. We look around and I run a quick set while CJ hits the bathroom. All huge cock game. Al the time. No conversation except about how big my dick is. The fattie in the set said she was attracted to my confidence I responded that it's easy to be confident when you have a HUGE cock.

Meanwhile I am destroying Savoy @ virtual drinking I hit 19 drunks at about 1 AM.

So I seed the pull to an afterparty. She asks who will be at the after party. I respond, you, me, CJ and your friend. Meanwhile CJ has a girl he # closed wednesday all over his shit. She's asking him to leave with her and shit. But he's also gaming my obstacle. His girls bounce and we get them to drive us home under the pre-text of me being drunk(whih I am) but the exact way I planned it with CJ in the car on the ride there.

We get back to my place and me and my target fuck including her begging me to fuck her ass. In the other room on the couch of sex CJ closes my obstacle.

We decide to go eat so I can sober up and we can get my car. i regret to inform you guys that there is no cure to 19 drinks, in fact I'm kinda buzzed writing this a couple hours later. While at the diner CJ and I talk about switching. meaning we try to fuck each other's targets.

We get into the garage of my place and decide to go for it. My new target needs to go up to get her cell phone anyway. We go up and I start trying to kiss her. i tell her to sit next to me and we start cuddling. I think fuck foreplay and whip my shit out and start to whack it on her. She tells me I can't stay hard and I move her hand over. I tell her I' m a wet kinda guy and she licks her hand and starts to manually stimulate me.

CJ and his girl call as I've got my and down her pnats. It seems CJ had made out with and titty sucked my target on the way up. We fucked the logistics up by prolly 10 minutes, but we will now be searching for the 100 percent perfect 2 set where both PUAS lay both girls.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Contest !!!!

Hey guys,

We are steeing up a publications page on the TMM website, and I need someone to edit all of the posts in my classic writings section of the TMM forum into usable pieces.

In return, the winner will receive his choice of TMM products gratis.

Anyone interested should email me @



Week update

This week has been crazy!!!!

I got home Monday night @ midnight. Future and I left the breakthrough comfort seminar right @ 5 as we were both on 7PM flights, so we haul ass out of there. Get to O'hare at 5:30 and rush through security. I'm at my gate @ 6 for my 7:15 flight.

Except my flight has been pushed back until 7:35. Then over the loudspeaker, I hear that we will be sitting on the tarmac until 9:10... And I was supposed to see SCW when I get in. So I call her and she still wants to see me when I get in @ midnight. 3 hours later I'm home and think my car has been stolen, because I'm an idiot and walk through the wrong parking lot 3 times before realizing it's not where I parked. I pick SCW up and we have sex til 4 AM. Then I drive her home @ 8AM so she can go to one of her many jobs @ 10 AM. I didn't even know there still was an 8 AM. I thought they got rid of that shit when I graduated high school.

I was really excited to go out Tuesday night as it was 3rd of July and EVERYTHING was going to be packed. Fidelio, El Topo, and CJ confirmed that they were going to be rolling out and Fidelio meets me at my place at 10. Right after I got a call from SCW telling me that she's lost, freaked out and not emotionally stable. I try calling and texting her and nothing. On the way to X bar She calls from a pay phone. She thinks she got roofied and she's 5 blocks from my place. I go to take Fidelio and Dr Dave to X bar, but there's a line and they decide to come with me to get SCW.

We get there and she's obviously fucked up... She keeps telling me to make her go home, and telling me how she bought a loaf of bread. I tell her to get in the car and I drive them back to X bar where I realize she needs to go to the hospital. We get there, she gets fluids and examined to make sure she wasn't raped. She wasn't thank god. And we get home @ like 2:30.

Then we had a really good day on the 4th. We had a ton of sex, saw a great movie and ate junk food together. She really is like having a best friend I have super hot sex with. She even has some of my bizarre pet peeves that drive Future crazy.

The downside of spending 3 straight days with her, is that I got like 9 hours of sleep... So last night I got together with 2 of my favorite people weed and TIVO and passed out on my couch @ 10:30 to awake @ 5:30 and go back to bed. It was awesome. I think that since I am such a loner by nature, that I NEED to have atleast a day a week where I don't have to be around people. it helps keep me balance. It used to always be Sundays, but last night was the first one I've had in probably 2 months.

Now today I'm jonesing to get out. With spending so much time with SCW as amazingly awesome as she is, I miss going out. I miss the Approach Anxiety and the thrill of a new set. I realize now that I am never going to be able to be monogamous. And as much as I care about her and want to keep her in my life, I still went on a date yesterday, and I will cheat on her if we ever get to the point of a committed relationship. So it's sad on one hand, but I feel like a lot of guys feel this way and just have to settle due to a lack of options. So I want to believe in monogamous relationships, but if something this good doesn't make me want to be monogamous, what will? It's a bit depressing, but at least I am self aware enough to deal with it.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fuck Toni and Guy salons!!!

So today I had a date set up for 5 o clock. I set up my dye and cut job at T&G for 1 Pm. 4 hours is totally enough time right?


Not only did Taylor at the Galleria mall in Dallas destroy my hair color making it a hybird orange/gold disaster that really looks like it needs to be done, but I also got my hair cut by Taylor who doubles as the town retard. man did that suck.

I was 45 minutes late to my date and instead of it starting at my place like it was set up for, but I was 45 minutes late and the girl was (understandably) pissed and decided to "Go home and play with her dogs, rather than go get another dirnk at another bar...

I am supposed to get a free color to make up for this, but I had to pay for both my terrible color and my terrible haircut.



Monday, July 02, 2007

SNL - United Way

I still hate Peyton Manning but this is hysterical.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Highlights and lowights from Chi thus far...

Highlight: Hanging out with future again.Always good to see the BFAM, and it's soo much easier to teach when you have another TOP notch guy who can handle some of the speaking and help me save my voice.

Lowlight: Delivery food. We have had 3 meals delivered by which I love usually, and they have all been one step above inedible. NASTY.

Highlight: The women of Chicago. Man the girls are HOT here. I am always suprised when i come here, because the women are gorgeous. They have hot girls in the diviest of bars. Great great greta city for meeting women.

Lowlight: Da Hunter's leather pants and Iphone. So much so that his new opener is " My pants, leather. My phone Apple." LOL.

Highlight: El Topo's rants on weird subjects. They can be gross and graphic, but they are always hysterical.

Lowlight: The club Republic. Man that club was TERRIBLE!!! So loud.

Highlight: Calling Carnal and making the Jersey accent!!

Lowlight: Missing my girl :(