Friday, August 31, 2007

My Ideal Pick Up...

CJ posted his ideal pick up here, and encouraged me to post mine...

CJ's is here


Now my ideal pick up scenario starts in my apt, I'm chilling and watching Tivo. A knock comes upon my door. I answer, and it's adult film start Jesse Jane. She is holding a big bag o' weed.

She says" I was walking by and I noticed this big bag o' weed, and was wondering if you lost it."

I respond, I did lose a big bag o' weed. Than you for returning it. Would you care to partake in some finest of chronic smoke? "

She says " Of course, but I have to warn you, I get super horny whne I'm high and will want sex."

I say only if you promise to leave after, I've got some other chicks coming over.

She responds, do they mind if I join in...

And the curtain falls...

That'll be the day I quit.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Formula for being a man

Take 1 part white jeans, add 1 part curly moustache, subtract shirt, and stir.

Dov Charney is my idol.

That's a REAL man


Monday, August 27, 2007

What I'm listening to...

Stronger - Kanye West

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I can't get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need you right now
I need you right now

Let's get lost tonight
You could be my black Kate Moss tonight
Play secretary, I'm the boss tonight
And you don't give a f**k what they all say right?
Awesome, the christian and and Christian Dior
Damn, they don't make 'em like this anymore
I ask, cause I'm not sure
Do anybody make real shit anymore?
Bow in the presence of greatness
Cause right now thou has forsaken us
You should be honored by my lateness
That I would even show up to this fake shit
So go ahead go nuts go ape shit
Especially on my best stand on my bape shit
Act like you can't tell who made this
New gospel homey, take six, and take this, haters

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I can't get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need you right now
I need you right now

Me likey

I don't know if you got a man or not,
If you made plans or not
God put me in the plans or not
I'm trippin' this drink got me sayin' a lot
But I know that God put you in front of me
[Stronger lyrics on]

So how the hell could you front on me?
There's a thousand you's, there's only one of me
I'm trippin', I'm caught up in the moment right?
This is Louis Vuitton dime night
So we gon' do everything that Kan like
Heard they'd do anything for a klondike
Well I'd do anything for a blonde-dike
And she'll do anything for the limelight
And we'll do anything when the time's right
Ugh, baby, you're makin' it (harder, better, faster, stronger)

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I can't get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need you right now
I need you right now

You know how long I've been on ya?
Since Prince was on Apollonia
Since OJ had Isotoners
Don't act like I never told ya [x6]
Baby, you're making it (harder, better, faster, stronger)

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I cant get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need you right now [x4]

You know how long I've been on ya?
Since Prince was on Apollonia
Since OJ had Isotoners
Don't act like I never told ya
Never told ya [x4]

Never over [x8]

LR: Kareoke til sunrise...

Last night I went out with Shaft, CJ, and Twitchy. We hit the perplexing venue, this is a venue where sometimes it's packed, others it's dead. The girls are all hot , and have major attitudes. This was the scene of the 7 blowout night CJ and I had a couple months back.

Last night it also had a very San Diego esque 9 to 1 guy to girl ratio... We got there a bit early and so we sat around chatting. I finally decide that I'm going to get a cigarette... I then run a transition and get ignored by the target. I talk to the obstacles a bit and then roll out...

I watch as this one guy grabs about 3 girls in a row creeps them out and then turns to tell me that " She ain't shit, I make more money in a week than she makes in a year..." I'm not a mysognist, so this line of conversation is VERY dull to me. However much like the famous "Bill" from Chi I decide that I can use this guy as my opener all night.

So I roll up on this 2 set he had grabbed and tell them that watching them get hit on was the high point of my night thus far... The target is a super hot blonde and she is testing all over the place... she keeps grabbing me, but she won't qualify herself and it doesn't seem to be going the right way. I back turn and she turns me back around... then as seems to happen so much as the perplexing venue, they decide to leave...

Ok, I go back inside and I see the girl who ignored my transition getting gamed by this fat dude, he tries to grind her and she pushes her off him. I roll up next to her and say " He'd be perfect for you". She gags and starts laughing. I game her a bit. the guy just stands there. I then move her outside. We're sitting down and she is very sassy, but she's also touching me and qualifying herself, so i deal with the attitude that makes me want to walk away. She has to go to the bathroom so I come back in and chill with Zen ninja master CJ. I also may or may no have complained about hot chicks with chodes and suggested that i start wearing polo shirts and shorts to bars.

I run back ino her at the bar and she is now being grabbed by a short dude who just claimed to be the owner of the club when he had offended a different girl. I call her by her name and pretend we are long lost friends.. We ditch the grabby guy and go back outside. I start strawberry fields and sexual framing... I actually never got to finish straw fields as her friend came out and I had to befriend her.

I find out that my girl is in town on a lay over and is leaving tomor... I ask what's on the agenda for later, they say nothing.

I do more qualifying and sexual framing, and text CJ to come out and wing the obstacle... By the time he gets out there, there is another guy in the set.

The ugly lights come on and i suggest we wait for her friend outside. I say I'm not ready for my night to end yet. She says that since she's only in town for tonight, we should hang out more. But she has to ask her friend. She walks to the car and i wait with CJ and Shaft. CJ suggest me going over there to make sure they can't leave without me... Good call.

I get in the car and I hear the plan. First we have a stop in Korea town so the obstacle can do some coke, then another stop..

My life flashes before my eyes on the 10 minute car ride. We end up at a kareoke bar in Ktown. There's 3 Asian guys that were really nice. they bought me beer and food. And we sang. This is fun for an hour and a half. But we stay from 2:30 til 6:30 am.... I made out with her somewhere in there and sang about a gazillion songs.

I was also really worried about the logistics because she was staying with her friend and her friend lived at home... She asks me what i'm doing tomor and I say hanging out with you. She asks me if I can give her a ride to the airport. I see my chance here and say " Actually I have a meeting right by DFW about an hour after that." I ask her where her stuff is, and it's in her friends car.


I tell her to crash with me when her friend drops her off and then I'll take her in the morning. She agrees and after we get kicked out of the kareoke bar at 6:30 AM, we get dropped off.

When we get in she changes and gets into bed with me. There's a little token resistance that i just pretend like I'm going to go to sleep with, and then it's on. She gives the best BJ ever and had a sexy pornstar look on her face the whole time. I finally get to sleep at 9 AM and have to get up at 11:30 to drive her to the airport.

4 SNLS this month...


Sunday, August 26, 2007


I've been thinking about girls I've been with and people who have been in my life that i haven't been a very good person towards, and in my new ongoing effort to try to be a nicer person, I thought I should publicly apologize to some people...

So here goes:

I'm sorry to Annie for being a terrible whatever i was, and not telling you how much I loved you until it was too late. I'm sorry that we met at a point in my life where I couldn't be faithful to anyone. I'm also sorry for making you wait at my house while I was getting high with Chris in PB. I am not sorry for the hilarious joke I kept making for months that no one else seems to think is funny...

I'm sorry to Barrie for not knowing what I wanted, and jerking you around. Looking back it seems like we only wanted each other when we couldn't have it...

I'm sorry to Meggan for making you fall in love with me when I wasn't prepared for what that meant.

I'm sorry to Angela for getting pissed at your LMR and ending all contact with you after I had made you fall in love too...

I'm sorry to my Mom for not being able to get over your cheating, I won't ever be able to and I'm sorry for that too...

I'm sorry to Christianna for throwing up on you at your birthday. You weren't the only one who was intimidated, and sometimes I deal with my insecurities with alcohol.

I'm sorry to the girl in SD who when she was drunk I fucked her roomate instead. Then convinced her to not tell you so I could sleep with you too... Looking back not a good call.

I'm sorry to Lauren for not being able to get over my crush on you and be a better friend.

I'm sorry to Cara for just giving up on our relationship when I got bored...

I'm sorry to Margret for not being supportive of you and helping you when you were depressed.

I'm sorry to all the girls I slept with whose names I can't remember.

I guess also that in the spirit of apologizing I should apologize to some other people too...

I'm sorry to Ron and Gabe for overreacting to something small, and then completely cutting you guys out. I needed a new life and I subconsciously needed to cut you guys off to reinvent myself. I hope you guys are happy. And I can look back on the time of " The Boys" and smile.

I'm sorry to Nick for my 05 breakdown that I aimed at him. I should probably apologize to more people than that for my New Year's breakdown too...

I'm sorry to Stan, and Chris for all the shit talking. If I'm apologizing for shit talking, I should probably include Mehow too. I used to be insecure about my game and would try to tear others' game down to make myself feel better. I definetly don't expect to be friends, but it was a douche bag move, and I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to Thompson for not taking your game seriously for sooo long. I do now if that's any cosolation.

I'm sorry to everyone I've been jealous of and have acted from that... that's a big list. Jealousy is a terrible toxic emotion.

I apologize to all the people I'm sure I've forgotten, but was probably a douche bag to... I've realized over the last year that i engage in a lot of immature behavior and I think I've made great strides this year in being a better, more mature, less selfish person. I still have a ways to go, but who doesn't.

I think the really important part about it, is

I'm working on it.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

What I'm listening to...

DMX: And then there was X

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Very few people agree with me about DMX, but he's one of my favorite rappers of all time. And this is my favorite album of his.

Especially this song:

Uhh.. this is life (this is life)
This is what I know (this what I know)
So to me (so to me) this is life (this is life)

[Chorus: DMX (repeat 2X)]

One more road to cross
One more risk to take
Gotta live my life
like there's one more move to make

I'm up at like 6 AM, to check this nigga
He work the nightshift, and I gots to check them figures
Knock on his door, peoples talkin bout, "He ain't there,"
but the house is packed, shit I know he here somewhere
See money get high, I don't knock what a nigga do to get by
Just make sure you gettin by don't FUCK with you gettin mine
Ain't the first time he ran off, shoulda split his shit then
Hate to think of what he's did and if I catch him slippin
won't be an ass-whippin, I can tell you that
I keep it real with this cat, he go and sell two packs
and run off (damn) tell me, he was locked down, up North
and you out a week later? That's bullshit!
I bust off, I need this dough
Fuck you think I'm here for my health?
I need this wealth, because I feed myself
You play with my life, when you play with my money
Playin around but this'll be the last time you think somethin's funny


Yo, I've been casin the liquor store, for a month now
with me and two other niggaz, is about to run up in there and shut it down
I got four people on the inside, one stay in the back
Two stock boys, one at the register but he count the stacks
Aight bitch, put on the ski mask, make sure that when we ask
for the dough they know that we takin all three bags
Now see that? You gotta hear em shoot that nigga
Matter of fact, you hit the back, I'll put two in that nigga
Hardhead motherfuckers always get it
I told him what would happen if he moved the nigga moved so I did it
Did you get it? I asked my man as he was comin from the back
Nigga opened his mouth said nothin and fell out flat
This cat come out spittin, hittin my mans, his mans
Couldn't control what was in his hands
I'm hit, damn! I bust back, and got the fuck up out of there
Didn't get a dime, but at least I got up out of there


Aiyyo I see it, try to avoid it, but it comes
That's how it's goin in the slums over crumbs
Somethin little becomes somethin major
Niggaz gettin blown up like a pager
Ear to ear with the razor, pour out my soul
Took control of hurt, why must Earl Simmons, swim in dirt?
I'm gon' make it work, twenty-eight and tryin to get, baptized
Priest cannot touch me cause he said I gave him bad vibes
Ryde, when I Die, straight down, but I'm plottin
We all gots to go but who wants to be forgotten?
I'ma leave a mark, and it won't be the mark of the devil
Throw dirt and may your hands burn when you touch the shovel
The level of animosity is stoppin me from thrivin
FUCK what them niggaz is talkin about, I'm survivin
Alive and goin through it, but I made my bed
So now it's in these flames that I, lay my head

[Chorus 2X]

Fumbled the pen...


Last night I was out with Fidelio in my hood, drinking and chilling, I did a couple of approaches but was ore out to catch up with FIdelio as he's been out of the loop for awhile and I missed hanging with him.

We bounce around a couple of bars where I'm proofed by the staff. And we end up at my favorite dive bar of all time. We're in there and I get opened by a guy telling me he thinks my hair is hot... He was wearing a shirt that said brown eyes on it and Fidelio and I made a number of jokes as to the meaning of that as he walked off...

I go to the bathroom and when I return Fidelio is talking to a hot brunette. I hang back for a bit until I get opened by her friend. She's blonde, young, hot and doesn't have big boobs :( But she has a smoking body and I want to do really dirty things to her.

We start bantering, I use you and I are not going to get along, and shockingly I don't get busted for using VH1 material !!!!

I pull her hair, she bites her lip. She's there with some friends from work and they are UBER chodes. I push her onto them. I whisper in her ear that he'd be perfect for her. He tries to move her to the couch and I physically push her toward him... She invites me to come with her.. I relent and we sit down on the couches. The brunette joins us and I run strawberry fields on the blonde and talk bitter gibberish with the brunnette. The brunette falls under one of my categories that I rock with: Bitter sarcastic girls. If I can be bitter and make fun of other people in the club I'm almost unstoppable... But I wanted the bonde.

I start qualifying and she's jumping through everything, I start breakthrough comfort. talk about how things happen for a reason. I usually don't do #s but I have framed it sexually and eliminated obstacles so I need her # in case a freak situation kills the pull. I bridge her to get high on Sun and go see Superbad. This is the greatest # close of my life...

I decide it's time to roll and I say the very clever pull line " you ready to get out of here".

She goes to the bathroom and then calls me when she's outside. We walk into my building when she says her ride is at the abr across the street... It's 1:30 I don't want to deal with obstacles and I'm kinda dreezed so I just say I'll walk her there...

Then she tries to make out with me and I dodge... I tell her we're nopt doing the goodnight kiss. Then she kisses me anyway.

Note to girls No means no. it doesn't mean you can kiss me...

I text her when I get home and she texts back... We've been going back and forth all day today.

Here's some highlights:

Sinn: Do you speak text?
Her: Of course
Sinn: Well then you are on text probation, I text a lot and I expect prompt, witty, and fun responses that will make me remember how awesome you are. Sweet Dreams.
Her: Ok I just got home and I can be witty in text just you wait.

I tell her she's sexy, smart and a huge dork, she replies That pretty much wraps it up you nailed it...

Oh funny sidenote as she's begging me to call her as i walk her to her ride, I say " I really want to have sex with you so of course I'm going to call you! But even if we don't you're awesome and I want us to be friends...

So everyone can laugh at me for fumbling the pen especially after I mercilessly ripped Future all weekend after his asian fumbling that he ultimately closed...

So everyone can laugh at me, especially Future.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Highs and lows are normal..

I had a really shitty day yesterday... I was hung over after failing to pull a bartender who had already told Shaft AKA DD aka I don't know to leave because she would take me home, then she got so drunk she fell down and I bailed seeing a cockblock or drunk driving death in my future if I stayed...

It took me 3 hours to get out of bed due to reading, and general malaise...

Then it took me another 3 hours to get to the gym including a trip to my burrito place, and some episodes of scrubs as I took care of months old email...

Then I debated between going out or staying in. I ALWAYS feel guilty when I don't go out, It's a unique part of my pathoogy that makes me better because i go out and practice, but it would be nice to have a compulsion for going out.

At around 9 I am tired, feeling anti-social and want to read comic books, so I decide against going out and stay in.

It was just what I needed as I woke up early (for me) and got a couple of things done today. Now I'm waiting for my car to get towed to a tire shop so i can get the blown out tire fixed...

I have to remind myself that it's not normal to be ecstatic every day and that there will be some days I'm depressed. it's how I cope with those days that ultimately lets me know if I've actually changed or if I'm juyst good at pretending.

Yesterday and today make me feel like I have actually changed and that's exciting.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

What the community should be...

I've been really stressed out lately every time I look at the message boards.

Every other post is either a flame, a guy freaking out about the VH1 show, or guys worrying about some special girl.

One of the parts of the community that is highly underrated, is the oppurtunity it presents to be a part of a bigger whole. This entire community is built on the idea that YOU are not the only one out there, who has thoughts, feelings and frustrations about meeting women.

The community IMO should strive to do a couple of things.

1. It should provide the most up to date, field tested, and constantly updating information on meeting, attracting, and dating beautiful women. It should also provide resources to mind expanding books, videos and lifestyle information. In other words, it should be the one place where you can learn everything you need to about becoming a naturally attractive man and getting the relationship life of your dreams.

2. it should provide a support group where guys can get help. This includes support, advice, and friendship. We should all be in this to help each other succeed. i feel like with all the in fighting and business etc.. that point is the one that we forget the most often. We're all students here, some of us just happen to be further along the road. We need to realize that as a community as a whole, we need to be cohesive and we need to help each other, not just with game, but with life. A lot of guys want things for free, and they aren't willing to look at where you can help someone else. Be it paying me for a bootcamp, which allows me to go out more and refine my teaching, which helps you to get better information. Or if you need information from me after a program and you can teach me about something like investing. Don't be afraid of offering value. If you are an expert about something non-seduction related, you will refine your knowledge by teaching someone else and you will have a way better chance of learning something from that person.

3. It should be an atmosphere where everyone tries to develop their lives instead of just being PUAs. I would really like it if the community became something cool that we could be proud of and show other people. Guys and girls included.

I know I've done the opposite of most of these things, but I think that if everyone kinda defined what the community SHOULD be, we could start the process of building it.

If you have some more ideas please hit me up with comments.

Try to kee them positive and not anonymous.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To the guys crying about the VH1 show...

A bunch of guys on the lounge and on program lately have been asking about the effects of the show revealing material that was availible already. For free. On the internet.

Here's my very charming and Sinn like response.

Guys seriously, calm down, step away from the keyboard and take a DEEP breath...

The worlds is NOT coming to an end, we will all still be able to get laid, and the human race is not going to inexplicably be unable to re-produce because Cs Vs Us got revealed to 650,000 people. I know it feels scary like the time the lights went out on Friday the 13th and you heard scary noises, but I PROMISE you guys it will be ok.

There is not going to be a great backlash, but even if there were and every set forever and ever suddenly recognized "you and I are not gonna get along", opinion openers, and the cube and all the great material I still use to this day. All you have to do is cut the thread...

" Is that your pick up artist line?
Sinn: My friend eats lemons whole. It's really weird I was eating lunch with her today and...

Change the subject. bad conversational threads happen almost EVERY set and the crux of this skillset is the ability to navigate skillfully among all the information present to highlight yourself in the best and most sexually worthy way...

Who cares about the routines, they are training wheels on the way to being a stronger guy, and I for one welcome the social pressure of being asked if I'm one of those pick up guys....

This will ultimately help the guys who actually go out develop better game, while giving the KJ excuse makers a reason to continue to sit at home, and masturbate using their tears as lube...


Monday, August 20, 2007

LR: Fear the stache

I have grown an ugly hairy colin ferrel-esque moustache in an effort to look more sleazy.

It is awesome... I look like a pirate character from a punk rock bmovie. On the first night, I pump a set's BT then I hand her asian ass off to Future. Then I hit a moving set makeout with her then Savoy puts his finger up her friend's ass. The next set offers me her # after she says she's not staying up late...

That night ends poorly as Future decides that instead of pulling and banging the asian hottie, he should come home and hang with his boy...

Flash forward to the second night and we are at a MUCH tougher hipster weirdo and 90% asian club. Asian girls are not my thing personally but there were a lot of hot ons there that night. And Asian girls are notoriously tougher in clubs on newbies. They don't generally voulunteer as much in the conversation and thier not real reactive.

So I'm working with students and we're having a lot of rough spots. It's real loud, the girls are hot and there's not an overabundance of sets around...

I decide I'll demo, I open a short girl with big boobs, she ignores me the first time as she's on her cell phone. I repeat 30 seconds later...

It's not really on, she thinks i'm funny, but not attracted enough yet... I run a FAP, I pull her in and then push her away. She starts to want to leave to find her brother( Insert obvious foreshadowing here) and I dismiss her by telling her that if she keeps standing here, I'm going to ruin her for all other men...

I work with more students, more blow-outs. Some progress.... I had a real heart to heart with a student who was in a real bad place the whole weekend. I hope that guy gets some help. I re-open her and it's ON. This is the power of take aways and moustaches I snicker to myself.

She moves me to have a cigarette. Cigarettes they get you laid almost as much as The Mystery Method. Side effects include death. Once a girl re-locates you, it's fucking over and you will be playing my favorite type of game. Don't fuck up game.

I move her to get drinks 2X and back into a seated location. Movement is your best friend for SNLs... move, move, move.

I run the question game. i find out she hasn't had sex in 4 years. I go Domainant and sexual on her and tell her I'm going to Make her my dirty little slut later... She says: " promise."

I try to make out with her somewhere along when she moved me for a cigarette, but I got rejected. i went in again and it was on. I even tried a trick I learned from the last LR girl and massaged her tongue with mine like a snake... sounds weird, feels erotic. This girl commented...

I suggest bouncing. She agrees, I close my tab and leave with her.

We get downstairs and her brother( who we met in a charming example of humanity, when he yelled at her in front of me about not seeing him as he modeled clothes) he needs a ride. The girl uses one of my tactics and tells me it's 6 blcoks away when it's Vermont and something in almost silver lake... We ride there in silence as her brother and the guy she's agreed to fuck are both in the car...

We drop him off. I start fingering her in the car, I pull back to Savoy's and close the deal in the guest bedroom. No LMR...

Future gets laid around the same time with the asian from the night before, and all is right in the universe.

3 SNLS this month puts me in the lead....

And yes it's feels good to be a gangster.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Ordeal pt 2...

PT 2 of the ordeal:

So we are at the girls place and they keep regulating each other’s buying temperature, and they are talking CONSTANTLY. Here I make a mistake, because I am on the couch with my girl and it’s her place. I should have told her that I wanted to see her room, but I don’t I black on my on piece of material and instead we are not able to split them…

We’re talking about esoteric bullshit and I keep doing sexual IOIs, but we are not getting anywhere… CJ is pulling out all the big guns, Discovery Channel, Cosmo routine, …. And as he’s trying to pull her out to the patio, my girl jumps into the conversation again… Even better they start talking about the Scottish chode and other guys they are interested in. I try to cut the thread. No go. I put on Monkey No go…

Finally they decide they are going to get food and we bounce.

Now the fun really gets started.. It’s 4 Am and my tire blow out on the freeway.. I’m not even sure what’s going on, but I know that my car is shaking like it’s in one of those paint mixers, I pull over and my tire is blown the fuck out… fuck.

I call triple A and their system is down so they can’t dispatch anyone, I call 3 tow companies and no one can help me… I honk as a flat bed truck comes by and he stops, but he has to go to pick up a Dallas PD call… I call more places. No gos. It’s like 100 degrees with a ton of humidity and we’re stuck on the side of the road. Pus I’m worried that we’re gonna get hit as we are right on the white line of the right hand lane…

The guy who stopped to help us comes back, but he has a truck on his bed and has to go a half hour away… Finally I get through to a tow company and 45 minutes later I get a call… The truck had missed me and driven further down the road.

He comes back 20 minutes later and of course I’m missing the hook to tow my car. He says he hopes he has one with him, I’m already imagining him not having it and it’s 5:30 AM at this point. Did I mention I have a flight in 5 hours.. Luckily he has the hook and we’re off. I’m not wearing shoes, as I had my new rocks on and they were way too uncomfortable at this point. And on the floor of this truck is glass… Now I have glass in my foot, I didn’t get laid and I’m gonna owe $ 105 plus a BMW tire when I get back from LA… Awesome. So it can’t get worse right? Oh but then my emergency flashers wont turn off so we leave them at 6:30 Am and go to walgreens for comfort food…

I watch an episode of scrubs and pass out to wake up to the cab driver being outside my building and me falling asleep on the way to the airport.

It’s actually funny looking back on it.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

FR: The ordeal...

I decide that despite the fact that I have an 11:55 Am flight this morning, I will go out to our favorite wednesday night venue last night. I know I'm not going to be getting a lot of sleep as i usually stay up till at least 4 after a night of going out and usually till around 6 or 7.

CJ comes over after we ate a delicious meal at Outback steakhouse( Cheese Fries rock my world) we talk about our goals for last night. 10 sets opened each, making sure we approach the girls we want, and not settling... We decide to stop at X bar first and Shaft rolls to join us.

I get waved over by a 7ish blonde to sit with a huge group, she intros me to a troll, seriously one of the ugliest women I have ever seen in my life. She proceeds to buy me drinks and hit on me. They are both trying to get me and CJ to sit down so they can sit on our laps. I feel like a girl getting gamed by a CREEPY guy. I can't hear what she's saying so I have to keep saying what, I don't want to talk about her boring conversational threads, nor do I want to attempt to be interesting lest she continue her ham fisted pursuit. Finally I down my drink and shot and say I have to go to the bathroom and bounce.

I roll to the other side of the bar and text CJ that I'm creeped and want to roll. While on the other side of the bar I see a 3 set 1 guy 2 girls. I'd say the blonde with huge boobs was an 8 the other a 7... I roll in and open by asking what that Bon Jovi song Dead or Alive means... seriously a steel horse I ride?? That shit is Matador to the extreme. The dude turns out to be quite matador himself and I isolate the girl. One problem, she has SUPER crooked teeth and lives in San Antonio... I roll out with a fluster of glory and a bow.

We bounce to the SNL venue. i forgo to mention before that as we are rolling to X bar I hear a weird noise in my car, and it starts shaking a bit. We check all the tires and they appear ok.. I chalk it up to my car being retarded and we go forward. This is what's called obvious foreshadowing.

At the SNL venue I start opening left and right... I get in with a couple of sets, but I'm bouncing around and actively trying to generate a lot of social proof before stepping to the really hot girls. I run into a girl Future # closed when he was here I ran into her last night to. Since it was my set and he didn't ask who the target was initially( It was her) I'm gonna try to fuck her at some point. I run into the obstacle from one of CJ's LRs. This girl is ALWAYS the obstacle. Her friend tonight is bringing home an Andre 3000 wannabe and I let her know it's funny she doesn't EVER hook up.

I finally settle into a set with a blonde and a brunette. Initially I want the brunnette, but she peels off to make out with some chode scottish guy. I game the blonde and make out with her as this UBER chode is buying her drinks and we are talking about how creepy he is as she turns her back on him to talk to me... His life is a festival of shit.

I game a little more do a jealousy plot and then we start talking aboiut smoking the reefer... She invites me over to smoke and says the magic words that I hear every time I pull. " No one's going to get laid". I agree and intro her to CJ.

We follow to their apt and she has a dog and a cat... Annoyance is starting early in this one...

Ok it gets WAY worse and I will finish this post, but I'm in the Pho airport and about to board.

To be continued....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thundercat's Review of Episode 2 of The PUA

This review is Hysterical...


I agree with a ton of what TC is saying here, there's even a bit of an inside joke that used to run around TMM back in the day.

If you're smart you'll figure out the running joke :)


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What I'm listening to...

The Black Album by Jay-Z.

IMO the best albums Jay-Z ever made were the original Blueprint, and this one. I wish he'd have stayed retired and spared us the atrocity that was Kingdom Come(Excluding 30's the new 20 which rocks)

It reminds me of how I wished jordan had stayed retired after he Heisman trophied byron Russell in 98.

Especially liking Allure right now..

"Cuz the allure of the game keeps caling my name..."


Some Thoughts on a Tuesday...

I wake up to the war zone of my apt after CJ and I came home last night from a rushed night of game.... I had gone straight to the club after getting off a flight from Chi. Which I had gotten on straight from my day game course.

I realized yesterday that I need to commit to doing the approaches on SUPER hot girls. Lately I've been being really lazy and only taking the easiest sets. So even when I'm getting massive results, even when I'm getting hot girls, I'm still not giving the full effort and I'm still trying to retain my internal sense of cool.

One of the things I realized yesterday, is that the very act of approaching, is not always a cool action. It can be, but most of the time it is going to start out as a RANDOM, somewhat weird thing and there is nothing you can do but barrel through the initial weirdness and push things. Because you never know what the end resut is going to be.

It's funny, because when I had less social intuition I did FAR more approaches. The reason being that I didn't realize it was weird, and now that I have added a ton of social intuition and skill, I also start to see the inherent strangeness of approaching groups with really high barriers to entry. I know it will probably work, but because I've been having SOO much success lately, I am not willing to put in the work.

CJ and I have proven to ourselves that we can pull ALMOST every night, that we can rack up huge amounts of lays in small time frames,and we can get hot girls. What we've lost is the hunger and the edge that used to drive us. The lack of motivation that used to be there to prove something to the world, to other guys and to the girls who rejected us in the past. The drive was very much to get away from pain, rather than moving toward pleasure.

In In terms of a strategy, getting really mad at yourself, and the world and having something to prove is great! Michael Jordan talks about how he created challenges to himself, he took perceived slights to be much bigger than they were. However, once you've started to heal the inner wounds and your subconscious mind starts to realize that you CAN do this, you start to lose motivation as you don't feel the burning need to prove "Those " people wrong. So then you need to find a new way to motivate yourself, and that's where we are now...

Not sure how much sense all of this is making, but it's an interesting head space to be in right now.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Live blogging from Chi

3:10 PM : Future admits (Finally) that he has used the meat routine in set and it got a good reaction. If you have taken a seminar with the two of us, you will know that he talks constantly about how much he hates that routine. But it works...


Saturday, August 11, 2007

El Topo has a new blog...

It's in the cool resources list in the side bar.

Check it.



Types of game and archetypes for success in each one...

There are a ton of different types of game and different types of guys who can and do succeed in each of them.

It's my opinion, that game is not one size fits all, and in order to reach a maximum level of success, you need to figure out what you are trying to get(Outcome) then implement a plan, then start with the baby steps of the plan.

The big differences start off in the BIG three categories.

Cold approach- This means that you go out by yourself, or with a male wing. No peacocking, no friends on the inside of the venue, no social proof. Just you.

Warm approach- This means you have started to put things in your favor, you may have women with you, you may be friends with the bartenders, promoters, etc... You may have befriended some of the regulars and girl groups.

Hot approach- Hot approach means that before you open your mouth to speak to a woman you are attracted to, she knows something positive about you. This doesn't mean you have to be a celebrity, but you should be actively working to filter your venues so that you can be playing hot game.

Now in addition to these major categories, there are sub categories. Here's a partial and still in the works list, along with the archetypes that work best with these games:

Date game: This involves going out, getting phone #s and setting up dates and then following up. This game is best suited for most people, as they have jobs where they have to be up early in the morning or they don't live in a part of town in close proximity to the venues they will be going to. This type of game requires you to have built a solid and lasting connection with the girl, so that she will answer your calls and have a reason to see you again. It also requires a bit of phone and or text game to keep things rolling after you set up a date... The Don is a great example of a guy who's awesome at Date game.

Same night game- I differentiate Same night lays from One nights stands, as Same night lays can and do lead to relationships when you have the proper skillset. SNLs to me are the highest test of your game, as you need to be able to go from meet to sex in a SUPER short time frame while handling obstacles distractions and interrupts. Captain Jack is the guy for SNLs, he's the one I learned all my SNL stuff with and from...

Falling in love game- AKA breakthrough comfort game. This is where you make the girl fall in love with you and head like a star rocket in flight toward a relationship. This requires a lot of time and energy as well as the ability to manage relationships and expectations, and see a girl the way she wants to be seen.. Future is the archetype here. El Topo also does a lot of this stuff.

Rich Guy game- Being rich can work to get you girls. I know big shocker. But there is a way to use money that works and a a way to use money that doesn't. Throwing money around can work, spending money as an opening move NEVER does. It also doesn;t work to brag about how much money you have or use it specifically to impress. In order to use money game, you need to have enough money that it doesn't bother you to throw money around on bottle service and limos etc...

Stripper Game- Stripper game relates to the ability to walk into a strip club and walk out either with a # that is solid, or even better, with a stripper!!! This is the hardest kind of game IMO. It's faster, you can't rely on social proof, you can't trust the IOIs or the touching... So it's all verbal and the girls are NOT there to socialize. I'm a master of stripper game and have been with well over 20 strippers I picked up in strip clubs in the last 2 years.

Quick Escalation game- This is the type of game that leads to bathroom blowjobs, and 20 minute lays. This requires an acute ability to recognize and escalate on windows of sexuality.. The best guy I saw at this was Geoff from RSD, I've also seen Savoy do it and heard a TON of stories about Brad P doing it. Hopefully I'll be hanging with Brad P next week in LA.

Day game- Day game is the result of an ability to be really normal, while disarming a series of potential interrupts and a never ending actual time constraint. It really tests your verbal game, as again no social proof, no real touching escalation and most of the time a real time constraint. I'm the undisputed king of day game and welcome all challengers...

Allright.. I'm sure there's more but BC is starting.


Friday, August 10, 2007

In chicago on 10 hours of sleep ready to kick ass...

I made the very hard decision last night not to go out with the boys, but instead to get a full nights rest so i can be 100% here fot the bootcamp...

I feel like a million bucks right now, no hang over, not tired, in state ready to teach. I think this has just become official bootcamp policy.

I am also:

Waiting anxiously to go shopping in LA. The shopping where I live blows and I haven't been able to find earrings or wrist bands I like in FOREVER!!!!! I'm bringing like a grand for shopping in LA.

Excited to be back in Chi def in the top 5 of cities I go to. Hot girls, cool city. Bad weather.

Listening to the second Kanye West Cd. Not impressed. A huge step down from the college drop out accross the board.. I hope his new album that comes out soon is better.. I think it comes out on Tues. Not sure though

Committed to working out on program. I brought running shoes and everything. Working out helps me stay sane during the maddness that is a workshop.

Growing a mustache. Fear the stache...


Thursday, August 09, 2007

LR X 2 Back to back.

This starts Tuesday night, when Printer, Cj,and some other guys and girls rolled to hotel bar. I had met a girl last time at Hotel bar on Tues, and I'm now 2 for 2 on sets at this bar. One of the people in our group was a reddish blond in a black and white dress. Topo was talking to her a little bit, but I don't think that he was gaming because he was asking her what she was going to study in school...

Hotel bar is dead as fucking fried chicken. It sucks balls. I open a 2 set with a big tittied full figured girl and an asian girl. I open direct and lock in CJ comes by and it's on but they're still testing. I go, I tease back a bit then I decide I'm not taking this and I tell the girls they're being obnoxious and walk off. This is a huge willingness to walk away DHV i do all the time. A girl can be attracted to you but still be bratty. I don't like sparring with girls verbally, as it doesn't help me get them into bed that night...

I roll off and I'm making another lap when HB black dress walks by me and compliments me on my huge belt buckle. I call her a meat gazer then run rings on fingers. My new version that incorporates what I was doing with sexual frames. I say i need a drink and move her into isolation. Since Printer brought this girl, I wanted to make sure that he was ok with me gaming her. He says he doesn't care and I go back in.. It's super on. Strawberry Fields, hair pulling, question game.

I move her outside and we keep talking. I run through my cheat sheet of frames and themes and systematically hit all of them...

We make out with my new super sexual kiss close, and her car is at Printer's house. We all roll back as Printer pulls a 2 set. It's amazing how fast his game is coming along. It really proves the power of individual instruction... Not everyone can afford it, but it really shortens the learning curve.

We ride home and when we get back I suggest a game of pool after Printer lets me know there's an extra bedroom upstairs... We play half a game of drunken pool, I slam her against the wall make-out, feel up and then move her to the bedroom. No LMR. The lay happened in about 3 hours.

Wednesday night:

CJ and I run a few errands and decide to hit X bar before we hit up a SNL venue we like... We sit down next to a 2 set a blond and a red head with freckles and large boobies... I love red heads and big boobs...

I open her by asking for a cigarette. If you smoke and don't use that as an opener, you're retarded... You're also retarded if you smoke(SINN). I then tell her she's a red head and I can't talk to her... I back turn slightly. She asks why and I respond " because I'm gonna start hitting on you" she tells me that now we I should sit down...

Her friend wants to go home... CJ mometarily turns it around through his patented Ninja magic, but she has to be up early and she bails. I had earlier mentioned SNL venue and the target had been down but wanted me to pay her cover.., Normally I wouldn't have, but it became obvious after Strawberry fields that she would need a ride home which means it's easy for me to get her into a seduction situation. I relent. Sometimes you have to supplicate.

Her friend leaves us with her, we bounce to the SNL venue and I install every sexual frame I need to again... It was awesome as I reframed everything to reflect how sex is natural and normal and physical connections are just as valid as emotional ones.

She uses A LOT of sexual inneuendo too so our conversation over the question game devolves into dirty talk. One of the members of Retarded girl group was there and came over to say hi and tell the target I was a great guy. I bitched about her friend that i had d'2d made out with and then as CJ and I were pulling her and the one last week, she backed out hard... So I tell her friend I'm done with her, as she had been texting me asking why we hadn't talked.. The answer because I haven't had sex with you yet... and I don't play these stupid, immature games...

While we are talking she handles the logistics of me getting into her house, by asking me when I have to get up(6:30 PM) and then offering me a bowl and a beer when I drop her off. I give her a massage while we are outside waiting for CJ, who's in set with a black hottie... Then I stop. I had already told her that I was a huge tease. She demands a massage when we get back to her house. She wants it by the pool, I say it's happening in your room...

We get there, We smoke and go up to her room, no LMR... about 4.5 hours...

Now I'm getting ready to go teach a bootcamp in Chi tomor...


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Results from July...

Every one of us won in some way this month.

El topo won the overall title with 9 NEW lays. a few SNLs and a lot of converting when he had the chance. I have never been prouder of a student and he is proof that if you work hard at this and MAKE CHANGES, you will get results. I hate him though.

Captain Jack won the same night lay title with 6 SNLs this month... and 7 overall lays. I've already said everything about CJ I can without having to change my sexual orientation.

I had the hottest girl of the month and 5 other new lays and a blowjob. I pulled 4 other times to LMR... which is the one consistent sticking point I always have. Except I realized this month that i only get LMR when I stop gaming in comfort. As soon as I fixed that i closed on Sunday on an 1.5 hr day2.

22 total girls closed... Insanity. Someone should be documenting the next few months, especially since we have just started the process of aquiring a project house in an amazingly target rich environment...

Life is about to get more interesting.