Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Heading home.. Finally.

So I'm at the airport waiting to go home. Actually waiting for a three hour flight, then an hour long cab ride from LAX. Burbank is SOOOOO much better than LAX but I wasn't payng attention when I booked my flight and ended up at LAX at 5 PM... I'm super psyched for traffic to Hollywood... And I had to check my bag so I get the revolutionary system LAX has for losing bags. Ok end of bitch session.

I have been gone since early January when I flew to NY to do a Bootcamp, then I stayed for a week met Lawgirl, hung with Future and saw Debonair Dave. We also went to a few strip clubs. If by a few you mean 3 in 4 days.

Then off to Dallas where I did Strippers and Hired guns, and had the funniest pull ever. Dallaas was great. But unseasonably cold.

Then I got to Vancouver, and Whistler where Tenmag and I have been snowboarding and teaching and I got the Bathroom pull.

It's been a long month. Now I get some well needed R and R. Plus I see shorty tonight, and Evil girl tomor... so life isn't that bad.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why girls don't make sense...;

I just talked to HB perfect and she told me that I intimidated her....


Intimidating, try being under the pressure of dealing with the Mount Olympus of women, the only woman, I know could realistically get me into a relationship, the only woman I've met in 5 years who could possibly wreck me the way Dino girl only came close to.... And I'm intimidating.

Every time I get into a relationship even with "Fridays" and "OC" who were both AT LEAST 9s and probably higher, I always compared them to every other girl and sometimes I would think the other girls were hotter. I only saw these girls when I was with another girl. I don't know if the girls are hotter or if it's just the forbidden fruit aspect of it, but every time I go out with a girl, a parade of swedish super models are out too. When I first started dating OC she and her best friend that Savoy made out were working at Hooters. I go to a Hooters B-day party and my girl is the third hottest girl there, including what at that time was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. But with Perfect, I would not be able to find hotter girls and that would at least make me a little less commit a phobic. So she's actually a chance at a relationship that COULD last. So thus super scary...

And I'm the intimidating one... That's actually a pretty big compliment... but wholly irrational... Thus the effect of advanced comfort. Becoming intimidating to Beautiful women that you shouldn't be able to get.


10 things I like.

I was catching up on Savoy's blog(check the link in my side bar) and he posted about 10 things he liked, so I though I would follow the leader and post 10 things I like.

1. The Office. This is the first show in FOREVER I look forward to. I'm on the road every week, so I have an Itunes subscription. It is amazing, the acting is top notch(seriously they say more with looks than most dialogue says) I feel like I know the characters, and i really want Jim and Pam to get together. Plus it's hilarious, and I think Steve Carrell actually is that big of a dork or is the best actor of our generation.

2. Future. He's more than my best friend, he's the person I look to for moral support and I hope that he feels the same way. he really is more like a brother than a friend.

3. My TV- I bought a really big 42 inch flat screen and I fantasize about it while I'm on the road.

4. Bill Simmons Sports guy columns on If you like sports and pop culture and you're not reading this you should kill yourself, or start reading it. Whatever is less messy.

5. My clothes. I have spent the better part of 2 years and unknown thousands of dollars to develop a wardrobe where I literally do not have time to wear all the stuff I like. It's awesome and I'm ALWAYS the best dressed person in a room.

6. Reading. I have really gotten back on the reading wagon and finished "The Romantic's Manifesto" and am halfway through Freakonomics. I'm also coming home to like 50 books.

7. Casino Royale- Best Bond movie EVER! it's awesome! Daniel Craig should be the final James Bond.

8. Jay-z. I've been re-listening to the black album and both the blueprints and they are the shit! I'm pretending like Kingdom Come never happened.

9. Students who get GOOD. A student who calls himself Beowolf used my day game stuff to nab himself a REALLY hot miss America pageant contestant. That makes me feel like I'm not sacrificing advancing my life for nothing.

10. Savoy,Tenmag,TheDon, the rest of the guys who I feel honored to be able to call friends, and who without the community, I would still be lucky to know. I really appreciate all of them and I count that as the MOST important thing the commuity ever gave me. Not the scores of girls or bathroom BJS.


Do you kow your sticking points?

The best guys in the game have a VERY detailed map of waht they are not good at.

The better you are the more you know what you need to work on to get better. My list of sticking points is 8 miles long. But I notice most students focus on what they are good at and as soon as they can consistenly open they assume they have game.
You learn NOTHING from success, but failure can be a great teacher. I think every guy should know their first, second and third sticking points. Here's mine.

My voice sucks monkey balls. It is not sexy. I need to get vocal coaching and I have been saying that for three years. So when I get back to LA tomor I will sig up for my first lesson.

I need to start seeing myself as a mature man. Not as guy with potentential, but as a man who has accomplished a lot at a young age. And as a mature man I need to not concern myself with petty bullshit, and ego validation.

I need to stop seeing Sinn the PUA and myself as seperate people. I hate going into pickup mode and I want to integrate who I am in all walks of life into the same person.

Most of my sticking points are inner game related as I ignored that FOREVER.

What are your sticking points?


Monday, January 29, 2007

Snowboarding, inner game and playing to win.

I'm in bed wracked with lower back pain, Tenmag and I just did 3 hours on the best mountain in the world to ski and snowboard on and I am wrecked!I got back ripped off the wet clothes and dove into bed and this post.

Since I'm deranged and can't have any experience without relating it to game on some level, I noticed that I have an inner game issue when it came to snow barding today. I used to be pretty good, I was even sponsored in high school. Well I haven't snowboarded in about 5 years. So getting back on today i knew that I was in for some falls. But what I noticed was at the begginning I wasn't falling much, because I was riding the rail. I just coasted down instead of actually trying to gain some speed and carve. As soon as I noticed this I corrected it and started to fall A LOT. But I also started to get some of the muscle memory back, and by the end of the day I would say I was back to 50% of what I used to be able to do and I wasn't falling much anymore at all.

This is like the guy who used to be a natural but got into a long term relationship and his skills eroded, then he comes to a bootcamp and gets it instantly! In fact those guys are my favorite type of students because impressing them is hard. They get it when guys brag too much or try to hard to convince them they are good. We had one of these guys and his cousin in Austin and I did a set with him and he said that it was worth the price of the program alone to see that up close, because he thought he had game. I wish more guys who were already good with women started to take ou programs, because those guys have the potential to become SUPERSTARS. Not to say the guy with no experience doesn't I was with 1 girl before the community and 8 before I took my program. and now I've literally lost count of the exact number but it is really high. i won't post it but I do tell BC students so if you are curious ask someone who took a program.

The reason I was not willing to fall also underlines the issue of ego protection, everytime I fell it clashed with my identity as a guy who was good at snowboarding, so I felt bad emotions as my identity and reality were at odds. This is what is called a success barrier, Where it is easier to hold onto an identity than it is to let go of it and build something stronger. Having PUA as your identity is horrible for your game, because everytime you don't get the girl(Which in the begginning will be alot) you are exposed to bad emotions. When the only way you can validate your sense of self is reliant on picking up girls and all the external variables that go along with that, you are setting yourself up to fail. Instead being good with women should be a part of your identity. A brick in the house that is you, but never the major tenet. Don't identify yourself as a PUA, identitfy yourself as a writer, musician, businessman, electrician, lover, fighter, warrior, mature man, or anything else. Do not let becoming good with women be the major factor in your life. Find a higher purpose and live for that. But at the same time don't stop practicing, make socializing a part of your daily life and Become a guy who naturally attracts women. But is not defined by that.

Enough ranting off to the hot tub for me!


Sunday, January 28, 2007

BJR- Wanna watch me jerk off?

Prepare to shield your eyes and stop reading if you are easily offended. Seriously, this will be an offensive post. So if you are going to bitch or leave an annoying comment, please skip this entry.

So lately I have been focused more on quick escalation game. Mostly because I have been on the rad 10 of the last 11 weekends. I think I've been in LA for the weekend once in 3 months. So I am all about trying to escalate for SNLs and in the club sex. My experimentation has led to a bunch of ONS but a complete failure to have sex in the venue. Until last night.

Brad P posted about a friend of his who could get blowjobs in clbs all the time by asking girls if they wanted to watch him "take care of himself." So for kicks I had been field testing this, and complaining that it didn't work because for the first 100 some times I did it the girls laughed. Then Savoy told me he talked to Brad and he said the key was to look for sexual looking lone wolves and wait for them by the bathroom. Kinda creepy.... he also said that a lot of the time they just watch him jerk it. So it still sounded iffy but atleast a little less so.

Last night as the Vancouver BC is ending I find myself in line next to a girl, and she gives me a look

I say : " Don't worry i won't be too long I'm just gonna take care of myself. You wanna watch?"

She says yes and we go into the bathroom together, I actually had to pee though so i did with her in there and then I try to escalate and leave. Turns out she was an obstacle in a set a student was working. It's around 2 so we round everyone up and start to debrief, we go outside of the club(Republic in case you're wondering where this took place) and she happens to be out too smoking with tenmag. I run some huge cock game including the term hitting her in the fface with a frozen rope... she leaves by saying Maybe I'll see you in a bathroom sometime.... I immediately recognize this as buying signal, and wait for her to go before I too head inside. I find her at the table with her friends who inform me that she's gay and drunk.She had reviously told me she had not been drinking and as a drunk guy I can tell when people are drunk. I grab the girl by the arm and drag her to the bathroom. Telling her friend that it is my job to drag her away and her job to stop me. Credit Savoy. We get to the bathroom line and I make out with her on a pinball machine then in a dark storeroom before we get in line for the bathroom. Her friend re-appears and tells me she is going home with her. I agree, and say we are just going to the bathroom. The door opens and my girl and the obstacle have a discussion as to who is going home with whom before the obstacle starts to leave and I go int he bathroom with the girl. Shove against the wall and removal of bottoms ensues. I try to go for the gold but I end up with a bathroom BJ.

So far the masturbate watch technique is 1 for about a hundred, but the amount of effort almost makes it worth it. Plus it's one of those things that shows you are just fucking with the set if they don't take it. I have yet to get a bad reaction from that line.

Good job guys on the Vancouver bootcamp, keep it up and you guys all have the potential to be great. Good work this weekend and keep me up to date on your progress. Me and Tenmag are now in a ski resort up in the mountains chilling, snowboarding and sarging for a couple of days. And drinking. Probably a lot of drinking.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Captain Jack just got a blog bitches!

CJ one of the best PUAs and coolest guys I know, has started a blog at

Check it you'll thank me later.


Doing a bootcamp while dying of the plague.

Every year i've been doing the teaching thing, I get a really bad nagging cough that no DR can explain for like 6 weeks. Last year it started in Tampa around christamas and lead through Valentine's Day.

This year it started in Phoenix about a month ago. Tonight stomach pain, heaaches and the spins decided to joing mid-bootcamp. it's really fun doing bootcamp for 2 hours while trying not cough so hard it gives you a headache. i seriously felt like my brain was rattling around in my skull as I try to not throw up or faint from the cough. It's great fun I highly reccomend it. Then like an Idiot I had a cigarette. I swear sometimes I think I'm a really really closet Masochist. He says as he reaches for another peanut butter cup. Nothing cures mucus like butter and Choclate.

I say it lingers because of my lifestyle, but recently I have decided that it lingers duw to my stubborness in living my life even with the cough. Lawgirl asked me if it was from smoking, the girl I did in Dallas never mentioned it, I even had it on my day2 with perfect. I just laugh it off. I have too much shit to do to let a cough knock me out for two days. I spend too much time in airports to lose a free day to bed and cough medicine. Fuck that shit. I eat what I want cuz I wanna eat it, I go out cause I like to, I drink and smoke because I enjoy it and if a big meteor hits the fucking Earth tomor, I'll be happy I had that cigarette. I don't have time to be sick. Let people who aren't busy get sick, Anything that I can cope with, I will. It's way better than the alternative. Sitting in bed for two days then having to do a bootcamp....shudder. My days are off are the reason I work and they come few and far between. So there's no way I'm gonna lose any of them unless I physically can not stand. Then I 'll take a day off, but I probably would have my laptop. My next act of genius is gonna be snowboarding in no snow gear at night with a cough. I'llbe going downhill in my jeans and a blazer bitches. Hopefully get some chills, maybe hypothermia. Then I can say i taught a bootcamp with hypothermia, and that's a good story.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Song Lyric of the week with Captain Jack...

Captain jack and I have a new favorite song lyric from the M.I.Ms

Here' Cj's new signature

"This is why I'm hot; I'm hot cuz I'm ain't because you not..." by M.I.M.S. - the master of lyrical logic

I'm hot BECAUSE I'm FLY DUH!!!!!!


In Vancouver chillaxin....

I'm chilling out in vancouver got ina couple of hours ago, had some sushi and am waiting for Tenmag to get his late ass here so we can go get some food. I missed the new episode of the office, so I have to wait to see it tomor on Itunes. Subscription to the office so I get the new episodes mailed to me is the GREATEST thing of all time. Wherever I am as long as I have internet I get my show. I love Itunes. Unfortunately Itunes and Jon drunk at his computer at 5 AM do not mix. I once downloaded the casting special for Real World Denver. WTF!

My day began with HBperfect sending a text at 6:24 in the morning saying hi. I really like her and all but 6 in the morning, i had been out trying to get laid and watching CJ bring a girl home till 4. I made out with an Asian hottie(For my brother Future) but got to drunk to notice not so subtle hints, like me lifting her up physically and her saying that's hot, her singing that "you fuck so god I can handle it song really loud and, I dropped the ball, I was really drunk and it made me realize that perhaps my drinking is getting in the way of my gaming pretty consistently so I should probably stop drinking so much. So I'm def gonna cap my nights now at 3 drinks, anything more and I become useless as evidenced last night. I can't help it I'm not into Asians.

Then i get on the fucking plane from Vegas to vancouver when who should sit next to me, but a 5'7 big breasted red-head. I start gaming her it's on but she keeps looking away while kinoing and qualifying her self and reinitiating the conversation a couple hundred times. So I go "Hey I really like talking to you but you keep looking away and it's really distracting" and she goes " I'm sorry my BF is over there." And now I realize that i am getting the stare of death. From a bald dude in his 40s WTF? And they work together and apparently the whole god-damned fucking sales convention that flew from Vegas to vancouver today should all be staring and talking shit. UGH! so I'm trying to number close discreetly when she goes to get head phones and watches the movie then falls asleep. You can't always win but I can't fix these fucking interrupts! GRRRR!!!! We land and she bouncilates with chubby boring sells aluminum siding BF in tow. Lame I had her and she was hot!!! Oh, oh and today a hot prospect from Phoenix texted after a weeek of phone radio silence and tells me she is back with her BF. Some days you're the hunter and some days you're the fucking Rabbit.

I was soo pissed I'm glad I get to vent about this... On the bright side the stripper I made out with in Phoenix who use to date Jay-z and has been in music videos called me and wanted to know why she wasn't invited to Miami. I couldn't really say cuz another stripper I like more is gonna be there, so I dodged the question by saying I was going to Compton and I wanted to take her... It's really on with her too... And Perfect.... And Lawgirl, And Shorty finally stopped being weird so I can see her in LA aong with the worst person on Earth and my Actress, The asian from last nght is on, my ex-Gf is trying to schedule time to have a hot sex weekend away from her fiancee... so life is good and I'm in Vancouver where more Playboy playmates have come from than any other city...

I'm excited fo this weekend..

P.S Thanks so much for the guys and girl who have posted book ideas and stuff to do in Oz I really apreciate that A LOT. And Ana- Renee you're comment about being happy for me was awesome and very much appreciated as well.

Cool shit to do in OZ...

I'm gonna be doing a program in Sydney(March 2-4th) and a program in Melbourne(Mar9th-11th) and I would love to find out if there is anything that I HAVE to do while I'm in the land down under..


Perfect Stripper update

So I have been getting tons of calls and texts from her and it's extremely on. The weird thing now that I have dated somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 strippers(all PU'd in strip clubs) is that she's either a really good actress or really awesome. I genuinely like her and don't need to fake interest which is really nice. She's sweet and funny and REALLY dorky, but overall the type of woman that I got into the game for. No drug problem,calls and texts when she says she's going to really smart... I'm honestly looking for the downside and not finding it.

So Future and I will be partying with her and her stripper friends next weekend. I was looking forward to having a nice relaxing weekend at home, but then she had to call and beg me to hang out with her and 4 other strippers, so it looks like I can sleep when I'm dead. I'm pretty excited to see her! And not just cause she's retina scorchingly hot, she's fun to talk to.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Reading is Fun-damental...

I've recently gotten back into reading in a big way. When i started out in the community I read A LOT. And very little of it was pick up related. Then for the last whirlwind couple of years I have been really stuck on just reading about PU and sports. Well I decided that had to change after hanging out with Future and CaptainJack and feeling very uneducated.

So I decided I was going to read a book a week, and so far I am well ahead of schedule. What's fascinating is the way my mind constantly relates everything to self-improvement and game. I think reading non-PU stuff is one of the best things you can do for your game as it makes you WAY more interesting than most people and it helps you see the world from an outsider's perspective. You can also recommend books to girls, which always goes over really well.

So here's my list that I'm reading now;

I just finished Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. It was amazing. This is the book that made people faint at various public readins, so be prepared for some gruesome shit. Overall it's one of the coolest books I have ever read about victim mentalities and the constant reasignment of blame that most people have. It also is a scorching indictment against reality TV and the how much people are willing to go through to be semi-famous(fear factor anyone?). It was awesome and a fast read I got through it in about 3 days.

Fight Club- I'm halfway through and realizing how good of a job David Fincher did in translating it to the screen.

The Romantic Manifesto by Ayn Rand- I'm also halfway through this and it's amazing! But her writing style is like getting stabbed in the brain with an icepick...except less fun. And seriously if she says Psycho-epistemology one more fucking time I am going to dig her corpse up and do very bad things to it.... Really fascintaing stuff on percepts and man's constant struggle to express his own view of the world even when it's not correct.

Freakonomics- i read half of this online and was intrigued, but it has to wait a bit.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra- I'm halfway through this, but it keeps depressing me. There's a lot of interesting stuff he's trying to say here, but his overall bitter tone and judgement are a bit much at some points...

Rich Dad Poor Dad- Haven't started it, but I have literally heard NOTHING but good stuff about it.

Iron John by Robert Bly- I know nothing about this but TD recommended it very highly.

Fire in the Belly by Sam Keen- ditto

Sperm Wars by Robin Baker- Such doctrine in the community i figured I should read it

The Red Queen by Matte Ridley- Ditto

So that's my reading list for awhile, luckily I fly a lot so there's a ton of time for me to read.

I love book recommendations so PLEASE if there's something life changing that you read recommend it.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fidelio's New year's resolutions

This is the funniest list I have ever seen... Fidelio needs a fucking blog of his own or a tv show. Tonight he had me and CJ in stitches. Seriously he told stories funnier than any stand up show I have ever seen.

Here's his list in his words;

I wanna get in a sword fight with a real samurai. Those sons of bitches have been haunting my dreams for a while now and I think it's time I got some payback. My skills are a little rusty, but I got surprise on my side because I know where those bitches hang out...

I wanna make some moonshine. Not that cheap shit you find at tire shops. I mean the real deal, Holyfield kinda shit that doubles as an antiseptic and chemical warfare agent. My Papaw used to run shine in Tennessee when he was younger. I asked him about making it and to quote Old School "Old man river can't shut up about it." I haven't seen a gleam in his eye like this since that time he told me to hold down both battery cables while he tried to start the car. I was eleven and yeah, it fucking hurt...

I wanna beat a 14 year old kid at X-box. I'm gonna kick his ass in either: one of the Halo's or one of the Tom Clancy games. Haven't decided which, because I wanna recon which game has the largest nerd herd for my Thinning. That's what I'm gonna call it, too, The Thinning. I don't own an X-box, but I see those smug sons of bitches with their EMO haircuts and their lip rings and their anime t-shirts and they don't know it, but their asking for a fucking virtual world beat down. I can make it happen, too, cuz that's what I do, I look out for people's unspoken needs...

I wanna learn to play a Skynrd song. Haven't thought about which one, but I need to be able to do it using an electric guitar or a banjo. The instrument is my only limitation and the universe is my inspiration...

I wanna arm wrestle a cut-off sleeve, straight from the penitentiary, flannel, Brawny-man style shirt wearing dyke (In case you don't know, yeah, I got dyke friends so dyke, dyke, dyke, dyke...get over it) and as she's trying to Super Glue(tm) her radius and ulna back into place I'll yell out in triumphant glory "That one's for Captain Jack, bitches!"...

I wanna be able to crush an unopened beer can. I'm just gonna tell you once, bitches, beware the left hand...

I wanna do coke off of a stripper's ass. If you know me, you know I don't do that fucked up drug shit. It's bad for you're body, but if I find that Special Girl or three, you know, I'm down for whatever...

I wanna make a mixed tape to fuck to using only Sesame Street(tm) songs. This will take the most time, I think, because I've forgotten some of those old-school slow jams...

I wanna learn to say "You're mother's a whore, but she's the best damn whore I know" in twenty different languages using proper regional dialects. Some of you may think this a hard task, but it's only one phrase. Besides, I know there are some cunning linguists on this board (Did I just say that? Yes, I did, bitches) that may be able to help me with this one...

and finally, I wanna help an old lady cross the street. That's it. You know, traffic is worse than ever. Old ladies don't deserve to be run down by inconsiderate assholes who run red lights while receiving cancer emissions from their trendy Bluetooth(tm) compatible headsets. That shit's just wrong, man...

These are some of the things I wanna do this year and I should have no problem doing them because I've learned enough from this board to know it's all about frame control and I've got massive frame control in my Buffalo Stance.

If anyone would be willing to assist me in my endeavors, please feel free to send me an e-mail, off-line, and we'll plot.

Otherwise, to quote Stewie Griffin's prayer on the recent Saving Private Brian episode of Family Guy(tm) "Dear God (pause), just stay out of our way!"

Peace and Love,


Monday, January 22, 2007

SNL - Digital Short - A Special Christmas Box *Uncensored Ve

Greatest Skit EVER!

Comfort Thresholds

Comfort like anything else has boundaries or as i like to call them thresholds.

We use to adhere to the 7 hour rule, but as we got better and better at the game, the 7 hour rule starts to melt away and instead was replaced by this theory.

In order to get a woman comfortable enough to have sex with you without LMR, you must be able to raise her comfort threshold, from comfortable not talking to you, to comfortable to talking to you, to comfortable isolating with you, to comfortable qualifying herself to you, to comfortable relocating with you to comfortable kissing you..... all the way to sex.

Well what are comfort thresholds you may be asking, defines a threshold thusly;

4. Also called limen. Psychology, Physiology. the point at which a stimulus is of sufficient intensity to begin to produce an effect: the threshold of consciousness; a low threshold of pain.

The place at which a stimulus(you) is of sufficient intensity(comfort) to begin to produce an effect(moving forward.)

So the threshold is the level at which she is comfortable enough to move forward.

For the sake of game, we define comfort as merely the lack of discomfort. For example if you are in a room and you don't notice the temperature, the room is said to be comfortable, if you are hot or cold, it is not.

Every woman is a unique puzzle waiting to be solved, including their specific comfort thresholds, I have had sex with women as fast as 30 minutes from meeting them to as much as 30 hours into interaction. Every woman moves at her own pace, and it is important to recognize the way points and signals that she is giving you as to where her comfort is.

The best way to judge comfort thresholds, is to test for them physically. Most of kino escalation, is about gathering information as to where her thresholds of touching are. A woman, can tell you she likes you and wants o have sex with you, but her muscular tension can't lie.

Anytime you sense any hesitation or stiffness in a woman while interacting with her, she is broadcasting a message and that message is I"M UNCOMFORTABLE. And thus she wants us to alleviate her discomfort.

A funny look off the opener is her way of telling you that she is not yet comfortable with you talking to her, an upturned hand on a kino test means she isn't yet comfortable with you holding her hand, her refusal of a bounce means she is not ready to be in a new location with you, her refusing to come back up to your apartment means that she isn't yet ready to be alone in a possibly sexual situation with you.

So how do we increase her comfort? The key is to go all the way to the threshold and then pull back. Because everytime you go tot the line and release, you are demonstrating that she can trust you to not make her uncomfortable, which allows her to relax and let you go a little bit further as she realizes that she is in control of the pacing of the courtship.

Everytime, you move back, the comfort threshold goes a little bit higher until ultimately she is comfortable enough to have sex and see you again afterwards.

This seems really complex and I may have to edit it, as is I think only Future, Savoy and CJ will get this...


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Double LR on the inflatable mattress on the floor of the dirty Pirate Pad.

So I'm in Dallas teaching Strippers and Hired Guns and Day game. And I'm sick as hell....

I finish the DG program on Saturday around 6 and head to grab a bite with CJ and Fidelio(Who might be the funniest guy ever). We eat chill out for a bit before we head to uptown. We go to two venues that are packed, but no real attracive sets. We stand around a bit and we keep getting bumped as everyone and their moms is trying to move around in a bar designed for about 200 people with 600 in it. We decide to bounce. CJ is already tipsy despite the fact that he was supposed to be staying sober.

We decide to go to a bar on the outskirts of Dallas. Not a great venue as it was a little loud and WAY too crowded. It was so crowded that i literally started to feel claustraphobic, I started to feel really smushed together and weird. it was majorly affecting my state. So I finally move to an area of open space over by the dance floor in front of the live music. CJ goes into set, but I'm still way too uncomfortable. It was a really really weird feeling. I stand around like a spare dick at a wedding for a couple more minutes until I see a 2 set wander a few feet away from me.

A word on how I was dressed as opposed to the rest of the dallas chodes in Striped shirts. I was wearing fairly normal clothes a blazer with spray-painted skulls, a pink tee and some jeans. But I have the most powerful haircut in the game. The Mo-hullet. Half mohawk, half mullet, all gangster. So I stand out a little bit. Despite the fact that there are at least 5 other guys who have mullets, but theirs are for real, not hip and irreverent, like mine.

I open the 2 set and I run absolutely no routines after the opener. the target Big_uns is asking me how old I am, and I tell her 24, she's 34. WTF? I had NO clue, she looked about 24 and had made a comment earlier about how she and her friend had known each other since college, but it wasn;t that long ago... I go straight into claibration game, no routines. I simply ask afc questions and based on her answers I IOI, IOD, or DHV. I try to run CJ's strawberry fields, but I sense that I am losing her so I switch back to asking questions and making statemnts. I try to bring fidelio in to work the obstacle, but he opts out. CJ was in set, but suddenly I see the Long Dong Silver pull into port and CJ comes in to instantly isolate the obstacle, leaving me in isolation. Nice.

Side note there were quite a few students there last night including Priest and another guy from the Austin program. it was good to see you guys again. Keep working on your game guys, both of you have a ton of potential. Sorry i didn't say hi, I was pretty freaked out most of the night and then I was in set. I owe you both a beer next time.

So I make-out with her, and start thinking logisitics, earlier tonight CJ and I had a conversation about how none of us want to time-bridge as I live in LA, CJ hates driving and Fidelio lives like an hour away. So we start planning the pull. CJ comes back with the obstacle and I hear mention of an after hours place. So it's on. We pull the girls out, send Fidelio back to the pirate pad with the car and get into the most disgusting car I have ever seen a girl drive. My girl was 5'3 and she could not sit straight because there was soo much shite in the back seat of her car.

CJ's girl's blood sugar or soemthing got low so we had to head to CVS, they both run in and I start escalating in the backseat. They come back as I have my hand down her pants. Whoops. We start heading to the after hours place, but on the way CJ(the master of the pull) starts a brillant campaign. He says " Let's stop by my place and pick up some alcohol, cuz they stop serving at 2 but they let you bring you're own until 4." So we now head the 30 minutes to the pirate pad.

BTW the pirate pad was in complete disarray as I have been staying on an inflatable mattress on the floor. and have my clothes in my suitcase as you head inside. So we get inside and the girls go to the bathroom, then I throw on an episode of the office and we settle into the couch and love seat respectively. About 30 mins in CJ isolates to his bedroom, and i start escalating on the couch, until we almost fall off. Relocate to the inflatable mattress. Which is not made for 2. I get her pants off and encounter LMR. Great, my NY's resolution is that I no longer deal with LMR so I just start to "take care of myself" and when I'm done I cuddle with her and go to sleep. I wake up a half hour later and decide I'll try to reinitiate. I go to the bathroom to wash my hands, and as I'm in there I hear CJ's girl come out and ask my girl if she wants to stay. She does, so I assum it is O-N. I go back start kissing her back and bada-bing bada boom it's over. I do not reccomend having sex on an inflatable mattress as it's not really the most stable surface or comfortable. Funny side note- CJ's girl goes into the bathroom while we are doing the deed in broad view and my girl wants to stop, then as soon as the light goes back off she jumps me.

Meanwhile after we finsih I hear the springs on CJ's bed making the loudest noises I have ever heard in my entire life. I may be moving to Dallas so this could be the first of many double lays from me and the good captain. I never really write LR's but I though this one was interesting as a study of how you can overcome bad logistics(long drive, dirty house, no real bed,) by having a strong frame and moving forward congruently. It was also funny to bang a girl on the inflatable mattress. Really funny considering that she was not some 21 year old... Overall an enjoyable night.

In fact the only static that i had in the entire set was when i attempted to do some half ass advanced comfort and the girl did not buy it. To which i responded that i can't be nice to her and proceded to tell her she smelled and was gross. HA!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Advanced Comfort

This is really the most exciting stuff that I've ever run into in the community, if you guys were lucky enough to be in NY for Day game a month ago, or Phoenix, or NY this last weekend you guys have gotten a taste of Advanced Comfort.

How this system came to be was as Future and I have become better friends, I would notice that he was getting reactions from girls unlike ANYTHING I had ever seen before, basically girls fell MADLY in love with him. He also didn't get LMR and converted every day 2. in fact recently he helped me when I was having some problems with HB perfect stripper. The guy's comfort game is better than ANYONE I've seen.
So I started to look at what exactly he was doing and over the course of about 6 months we have backwards engineered comfort to produce THE EXACT SAME RESULTS. It truly is the most powerful system I have ever seen for making woman truly crazy about you. Here's a brief preview, plus a couple of new things I noticed tonight. This system was responsible for 16 lays of mine in late June early July of last year.

1. Passion/Purpose- You must be able to convey to her convincingly that you are a man of a greater purpose. That you are going places she will want to be. You are driven to pursue your life goals and do so without any sort of hesitation. In fact your purpose has driven you to become pre-selected by women, a leader of men and a protector of your loved ones.

2. Seeing her the way she wants to be seen. Every woman has a purpose that she secretly strives to achieve. there is a reason why she does what she does, or doesn't do what she wants to. Find out what this value is and you will be able to give her the most amazing compliments she has ever heard. She needs to feel that you see her, as the person that little girl inside her yearns to be.

3. Hot/Cold. The hot comes in the form of the most amazing compliments she has ever heard, the cold comes in the form of SMALL releases. I.E you are absolutely amazing and whatever you want to be I can see you doing that because of x,y and z. Too bad you're such a douche bag. The key is that you do not tell her that she doesn't have what it takes to be who she wants to become.

4. Future Projections- This is different from future adventure projections, which are silly. These are plans that you are making with her anytime from a week to a year down the road, that show her that you are a man of action and she can come along if she wishes.

5. Emotional Honesty- The second part of future plans, is that EVERYTHING that you say you are going to do, you must do. If she ever feels that you are not truthful, the entire power of Advanced Comfort will be lost as she will not believe that you actually see her that way. She will think you are just trying to get into her pants.

6. Whirlwind Courtship- Advanced comfort breaks the rules of only seeing a woman once a week or talking to her once a day. In fact the more time you log, the more powerful the method is as it is further reinforcing your legitimacy.

7. The feeling that both of you are bound for greatness and you are on the same path. The key to this is to show her that you are going to be someone AMAZING, then ratifying that she can be someone amazing and helping her on her path. pushing her in the right directions the way someone did for you earlier. You guys are on the same path, you just happen to be further along.

This is all based on stuff that Future did naturally that I have backwards engineered. This is the real deal. Technology is morally neutral but if you have an undertanding of this, I implore you guys not to use it the wrong way.

This will become a product and a stand alone seminar soon. But I wanted to get this out of my head while I was thinking about it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Product Review Double Your Dating

Hey guys,

Here's the second review in my series of reviews on community products;

DYD will always have a very special place in my heart, as it was the first thing that I ever read when i found "The Community".

David D has a TON of products and stuff now, but when I first started there was only the DYD book. The first time I read it I remember being overwhelmed by the information, there was soo much I was trying to remember. Upon reading it again recently, there were still some things that I want to remember to do:
1. answering any request a woman makes with no first,
2. focusing on making my character funny rather than the things I am saying
3. setting the overall frame that she is trying to pick me up

This book is also where the BEST date advice ever came from. The idea that everytime you go out with a woman, you shoud make her meet you at your place, show her around, not make a move on her then rush her out. The idea being that you get her comfortable seeing your place, so she will be comfortable going back there later.

The intro and evolutionary stuff in the begginng of the book is good, and gives a basic intro to some of the science behind attraction. The rest of the book is divided into some tactical stuff and some bigger picture concepts.

The best part of this book is the idea of "Cocky and Funny" as an attraction tool. And as far as attraction tools go, you will have difficulty finding much better ones. In fact "Cocky and Funny" has become so engrained in the general jargon of PUA terms that it's hard to remember that this is the book that started it all. It's also written in a very clear, precise and easy to understand style. It's a book you could give to a guy walking down the street and it would help him to attract women.

This really is one of the best starting off places for guys looking to improve their success with women and dating. It's also worth getting if you've been in the game awhile and want to brush up on some fundamentals. The best part is that the book is super affordable (19.95) so even if you only leanr one new thing, it's a bargain

To get it go here

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I just got a call from lawgirl, and she's going to be meeting us around 10:30 after her law meeting, nothing that exciting. So i'm talking to Future and the following dialiogue happens:

Sinn: "I really like her"
Future: She's got a boyfriend."
Sinn: "All girls have boyfriends"
Future: No a real serious boyfriend. Her friend told me last night, cause i asked her why she was pawing at you but seemed to be holding back. She said"she's got a boyfriend and I'm not going to cock block, cause I don't care, but yeah she's got a boyfriend."
Sinn: Weird, I guess Captain Jack was right. They just don't tell me"

I pride myself on dating only single girls and CJ always fucks with me by saying they are just not telling me. But now we have real live proof that i am going to be contributing to cheating. I hate that... but I do actually like this girl and she could definetly be my NY girl... Decisions,decisions.


I always have women around...

Recently I have noticed a really interesting phenomenon, everywhere I go, I end up on AT least 1 day2.

Last night Future, and I went to do comedy and along tagged "lawgirl" a law student that I had met the previous night with Future and Celebspartan in a lower east side bar. She's AWESOME! She's cute and smart and super sarcastic. I'm loving the quality of women I have been involved with lately, I'm meeting some really amazing, smart, together girls. And Shorty. But we'll get back to her later.

So we went to comedy and Lawgirl brought a friend we'll call her the clinger as she was all over Futre after some gaming.

We did some stand up, moved upstairs to the bar above our lovely open mic, where we talked with David L Ross( of "hooking up" fame) about some projects he's interested in us working on. Then we bounced to a $3 dollar beer bar where the drinking continued before a trip to the Comedy Cellar.

Just from a game perspective you have to be aware of venue changes and multiple venue loops. the more venues that you spend time with a woman in, the more comfortable she will be with you. Last night we went to 5 different venues in the course of about 6 hours.

So at this point of the night both of us have been making out with our respective girls, and we have to decide what we are going to do logistically.

Now I am staying at Future's and it is a disaster, I am really messy and the two of us have been living a pretty debaucherous lifestyle since i got in... so pulling here wasn't going to happen, so at about 1:30 we cut the Day2. And now tonight I am going over to her place " to watch a movie". It's really important to minimize factors that can wreck dates.. had we brought them back to the war zone, they would have been grossed out and nothing would have materialized further, but because we cut it,now I have a day 3 tonight which has moved from less intrusive to more intrusive.

It's very important to go on a lot of dates, so that you can gather a knowledge base of situations and how they turn out. We had brought girls over a couple of nights earlier and based on the size of the apartment and the condition of it, both of us closing there was not really an option. So again sometimes solid game means waiting and we ended the date on our terms which has led to Lawgirl texting me all last night and all day today. Leading to our upcoming date tonight.

Patience is a virtue and trying to force things, very rarely works.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Why I should never bet with Savoy

So I lost my bet with Savoy about the Colts scoring less than 10 points, so with out further ado here is my essay about how Peyton Manning is not actually that bad, he just gets in the playoffs and plays better teams in bad weather. In fact Peyton has put up some of the most impressive displays of offense in the playoffs. In fact against notable powerhouse Defense Kansas City this year he ONLY threw 3 interceptions, while completing 30 of 38 passes for 0 touchdowns. But hey only 8 incompleteions.

Manning has been markedly improved this year as evidenced by the 1 touchdown and 5 interceptions thrown this year. The Cots are 2-0 carried on the backs of manning's impressive 39.6 QB rating against Baltimore and 40 something rating against the Chiefs. Certainly some of the most impressive wins for a team whose quarterback was resembling Danny Wuerfull(former Heisman trophy winner) not in college but in the pros.

In fact never has a quarterback been so domainant since Savoy destroyed me at rock , paper, scissors. If you read the OAP(which is awesome) you will have heard about our epic opening exercise, where we opened a ton of sets while playing rock, paper scissors for drinks. Well Savoy won handidly. I fact the only thing that Savoy is better than RPS than is picking up blondes. He is a GOD among men and will be remebered, not just for his dorky board game skills or his Work-aholicness, but for his RPS skills.

Manning has been extremely clutch this weekend with his 0% percent success rate in the red zone. In fact his 39.6 passer rating was still 39.6 points higher than Rex grossman's game aginst Green Bay and Grossman finds himself in the NFC championship. Therefore I think it's safe to CLEARLy state that Peyton Manning is better than Rex Grossman... in the regular season.

So in conclusion I was wrong and Peyton Manning has showed what he is REALLY made of this past two weekends. He has shown the poise of Tom Cruise on Day time TV, the strength of Gary Coleman, and the vision of Ray Charles. Now as long as he doesn't have to play the Patriots he is assured of his first Super Bowl appearence. And I for one can't wait.. Oh the Patriots beat the Chargers... Well better luck next year Peyton. But I have surely learned my lesson and will not bet with Savoy again.. atleast until i'm back in LA.


Friday, January 12, 2007

Song Lyrics of the week... Yes for obvious reasons.

Yes this is as transparent as it seems....

Dixie Chicks
"Not ready to make nice"

Forgive, sounds good.
Forget, I'm not sure I could.
They say time heals everything,
But I'm still waiting

I'm through, with doubt,
There's nothing left for me to figure out,
I've paid a price, and i'll keep paying

I'm not ready to make nice,
I'm not ready to back down,
I'm still mad as hell
And I don't have time
To go round and round and round
It's too late to make it right
I probably wouldn't if I could
Cause I'm mad as hell
Can't bring myself to do what it is
You think I should

I know you said
Why can't you just get over it,
It turned my whole world around
and i kind of like it

I made by bed, and I sleep like a baby,
With no regrets and I don't mind saying,
It's a sad sad story
That a mother will teach her daughter
that she ought to hate a perfect stranger.
And how in the world
Can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they'd write me a letter
Saying that I better shut up and sing
Or my life will be over

I'm not ready to make nice,
I'm not ready to back down,
I'm still mad as hell
And I don't have time
To go round and round and round
It's too late to make it right
I probably wouldn't if I could
Cause I'm mad as hell
Can't bring myself to do what it is
You think I should

I'm not ready to make nice,
I'm not ready to back down,
I'm still mad as hell
And I don't have time
To go round and round and round
It's too late to make it right
I probably wouldn't if I could
Cause I'm mad as hell
Can't bring myself to do what it is
You think I should

Forgive, sounds good.
Forget, I'm not sure I could.
They say time heals everything,
But I'm still waiting

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Community watchdogging

Hey guys,

I've always believed that the community can do so much for people. I know it's changed my life in SO many ways, but I would like to see some standards imposed on people who teach, and products that are released.

I personally consider the community a hobby and as such, like to stay well versed in all the various methods. I am really familiar with the teachings of SS,DYD,RSD,Juggler,PU101, etc.. and I like to stay current with the new innovations other companies are making.

My problem arises when someone with questionable credentials, starts a method offering magic pills and outlandish claims. I would love to see an independent agency put together to moderate the community and create a non biased database of infor from customers of the various methods. Meaning what success did it bring you, how skilled were the instructors, how much of it was new material vs recycled other stuff. I know that i cannot be involved in any official capacity as I am very biased, but I would love to hep someone set this up.

I also will be reviewing all the programs that I have watched, read etc.. I guess I already started with the October Man, so my second review will be VERY suprising and should be up by Tuesday of next week.

Anyone interested in starting a watchdog organization either leave a comment or email me, as I have quite a few ideas for how to do this...


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Observational Transitions

Observational transitions

At The Mystery Method we have recently added a new piece to the recently revised model.

The most important new addition is that of a transition phase between Opening and Attraction. This transitional phase will generally take the form of an observation about the girl or group of people. The observations can be canned such as mini cold reads, actual cold reads, Interactive Value Demonstrations( Like Best Friends Test), or they can even be qualification pings( I will write a post on qualification pinging later).

For a long time Mystery said that the best transition was no transition. The classic example of this coming when in seminar while talking about stacking forward( The act of cutting a conversational thread and starting a new one) He Would ask “ Have you ever been to the Hollywood sign.” Then he would continue to tell a story about the Hollywood sign. He said the best transition is no transition. This is 100% wrong as evidenced by his own example. The question “ Have you ever been to the Hollywood sign?” Is in fact a transition. It changes the subject but it changes it by getting the group to answer a question about something else.

The whole idea of transitioning is simply to move off you’re opener to avoid having a 20 minute conversation about Jealous Girlfriend or whatever other opener you have run. The best way to do this to act like you just noticed that they made the same facial expressions or that she has a U shaped smile etc….

The key is to make it seem like you were about to leave after the opener, FTC, and neg, but something you noticed about them makes you stick around, you follow that up with the classic information gathering question “ How do you all know each other?”

Hope this helps.



I just got back from my day 2 with the Miami Stripper from here on referred to as HB perfect. She is AMAZING. Before tonight , I simply felt that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever met. Tonite I realized that she is also smart and sweet and as close to perfect as I ever thought Dino girl was.

Our D2 started at 2:30 Am after she got off work. It never escalated past hand holding, and it was the right call, as I do not want to just posses her body, I want to possess her entirely. I want her to be mine completely. I am not out to get laid with her, I am out to make her my GF and possibly more.. I have never had these kinds of thoughts about a woman this early, they are irrational I realize this. But she will be mine. We have connected at a level that I rarely connect with women on. It felt more like hanging out with a long lost best friend than it did a date.

We both travel far too much, and we both have horrible lifestyles, but I can’t imagine it not working. She feels it too, she constantly talks about how similar we are and how amazing I am. I see the same things in her. I want her to follow her dreams and enroll at FIDM, I want her to trust herself more and follow her dreams, but I can’t make her. I can’t do anything to force the situation nor will I try. She knows I leave for NY on Thursday and she is sad. I know she’ll be in Northern CA when I get back. It will be hard to make this work, but I’m faithful. I can’t be attached to the outcome as that would be the kiss of death, but I want to be.

I got a BJ in the bathroom from a girl I am seeing earlier tonight at a bar in Hollywood, I am seeing Shorty tomor, and V when I get to Dallas, I’m sure that NY and the Bootcamp there will lead to more women, but my thoughts will be of her. She has haunted me before strictly based on her looks, tonight she invaded me completely. I’m not in love, but I am infatuated with this woman, I’m not supposed to have these thoughts. Thoughts cloud action and stop me from stepping back and assessing the situation, yet tonight I cut threads and changed venues effortlessly, I got her home with me, but she had already mentioned how tired she was and how she had to get home, so I kicked her out while she was still checking out my place. I did not succomb to my biggest sticking point impatience, instead I chose solid game. There will come a time when we ravish each other, it just wasn’t tonight. And unlike other nights when I would have forced things I realized that the greater goal is making her mine. And tonight will go a long way toward making that happen.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Savoy's Challenge and stakes

I have predicted the Colts scoring 10 points against the Ravens D.

Savoy has challenged me on that and proposed a week of name changes on our respective blogs(His is so mine would be the real sinn. That's a lame challenge.

I propose instead that WHEN the Colts are held to 10 points or less, Savoy will have to write a 5 paragraph essay on why Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning in every conceivable way. Including at least 5 mentions of Manning's choking. The esssay will then be published on his blog under the title "Sinn was right". I can't even imagine losing but in some alternative universe where Manning doesn't suck and they score more than 10 I will write an essay on the reverse(which still won't make it true).

Bring it on Savoy!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tom Brady is a grown ass man...

So first round of the playoffs, went pretty much as expected, barring the melt down by Tony Romo.

Peyton Manning looked like shit, and Tom Brady looked like a 2 time super bowl MVP. If you read Savoy's blog, you probably saw his account of my arguing with him about how much Peyton Manning sucks in the playoffs. 3 INTs against the Chiefs? You know the ravens are licking their chops watching that performance.

Then today, i saw Tom brady leading a couple of great drives, granted they were against the Jets D, but nonetheless, he didn't turn it over against a team with a much better D than the Chiefs.

Tom Brady is fucking gangster, I hope that one day people will appreciate Brady as the one of the best QBs of all time. He consistently gets overshadowed by flavors of the month( see Rivers Phillip) and choke artists( see Manning Peyton). And all he does is lead a rag tag team to the most wins in the NFL over the last 5 years. I really hope he goes overboard on the vengence scale after being snubbed out of the pro bowl in favor of Rivers who he now faces. I also think that Bellicheck will come up with something evil and twisted for Rivers. I do worry about the SD running game overpowering the undermanned Pats D, but I wonder if Rivers can manage to not make mistakes enough for the Chargers to win. I want the Bolts to win as Savoy and I have tickets for the AFC championship game, if it's in SD. So as much as I want to pick the Pats, I'm going to go with what my head not heart says and predict a 23-17 Chargers win.

I see the Eagles going into New Orleans and losing a closer than it seems 27-21 game. The Eagles are hot, but I think the spirit of New Orleans and the first playoff game in New Orleans since Katrina, guarantee the win for formerly hapless Saints. I will say on record now that if somehow the Saints win the Super bowl against a clearly superior AFC opponent that the NFL will have rigged it to boost morale in the still decimated state of Louisiana.

I like the Ravens to manhandle the Colts 17-3, I think that Peyton Manning throws another 3 picks while Addai gets pounded all day by Trevor Pryce, Adalius Thomas, Terrell Suggs and MR murder himself Ray Lewis. i will test my luck and say that Ed Reed picks off two of the passes and takes one to the house. Chris Mccallister will probably have the other. Steve Mcnair will look in all pro form against the terrible Colts D and Jamal Lewis will remind us that he did once rush for more than 2000 yards in a season.

Finally I see the Seahwaks getting shut down in Chicago. As long as Grossman has less than 6 turnovers the Bears win 24-10. I can't imagine how bad the Hawks O will look against the actually good Chicago D since they could barely move the ball on Dallas until the 4th Quarter when the Dallas D was finally winded because Tony Romo kept turning the ball over.

The first round has been a major disappointment, I hope the games get better this week.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Girlfriend wish list....

I have always felt that knowing what you want is the first step to getting it.

At every Program I teach, one of the first questions I ask students is " What do you want your lifestyle to look like in a year?"

I think it's a really important question and equally important IMO is knowing waht you want in a woman. I wrote a list like 2 years ago on Mystery's Lounge that looked like this

I'll comment on this as I go:

Must be :
5'3-5'10 no taller 5'10 feels really tall, she would have to be smoking. I love short girls.
Atleast C cup boobs- This won't ever change.
Good teeth- a given. I'm really detail oriented about looks and chipped gross teeth kill me
Blonde,brunette or redhead- I prefer redheads with freckles
in amazing shape
Great ass
Nice lips
Preferably blue or green eyes
Belly button ring
Pierced tongue
Lower back tattoo
small hands
Slutty hot

Must be :

Non-dramatic- I generally don't get much drama

Fun- I'd change this to can have fun wherever she is. Or comes up with fun ideas

Non needy- I like a little neediness these days.

Have her own life and friends- Yeah I never date girls who have a whole lot of friends. Probably because I almost exclusively date strippers and go-go dancers.

Smart- Not a requirement, I like smart girls, but too smart can lead to problems

Sarcastic-Totally! I love girls who use and get sarcasm, if a girl can make me laugh with a one liner at someone else I'm sold.

Funny- For sure, life is too short to be around people who don't make you laugh

Non flaky- So true, I'm really flaky so someone has to be responsible if we are gonna see each other.

Bi-curious-Not as much anymore, been there,

Adventurous(slutty in girl terms)- I would call this sexually adventurous rather than using the S word as I did originally. High sex drive and a willingness to experiment is a hiuge turn on to me. Probably to every guy, but I digress.

Sexually confident and competent- My last LTR in SD was GORGEOUS and TERRIBLE in bed. I'm not a sex coach I hate teaching girls what to do.

A good friend- Being a good friend conveys a lot of positive things, plus it shows she can take care of people, and commit. I don't trust girls who have known their "best friends" less than 2 years.

Loyal- Yeah for a gf she better be. In a girl I'm seeing all I want is a matched level of loyalty, but to make that leap to GF status I need to come first.

Not a name dropper or interested in petty status or money issues- 2 years later i'm still casually fucking the girl I wrote this about.

Not poor- Irrelevant now

Not overly religious- Could be annoying but as long as she's hot I can prolly deal

A good cuddler- Yeah especially knowing when are appropriate times to cuddle and when it's time to sleep.

Friendly- I'm more into sweet and considerate than friendly, but yeah ideally she should be friendly to people until they fuck

Ok with weird peple and situations- No I don't like weird people either

Not in a sorority- Yeah I gotta say this was a good call. Wish I had followed it closer.

Cooks and cleans- Eh, I like doing both of those for myself, it makes me feel productive

Not validation seeking- I want her to seek my validation constantly, I like girls who are always trying to do better with me.
One of the girls I'm seeing in LA is awesome at this, without coming across insecure.

Works out on her own- Or with me, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE a girl gym partner. That needs to happen this year.

And now some new ones:

Gets my jokes! Girls not understanding my humor(not thinking it's funny, even though it's hilarious)makes me want to kill Jesus.

Interesting- I really hate having to be the interesting one all the time.

High Sex-Drive- Self explanatory

Equally comfortable going to a club and having fun as they are making it a blockbuster night

Doesn't pressure me to do anything

Doesn't do coke...everyday- I'm down with partying but I can't deal with a drug addict

Comfortable with being taken care of- I am a strange archtype as I am really dismissive, but I take really good care of girls and i enjoy that, but because I am sooo dismissive I have a lot of girls that won't let me take care of them and it's annoying.

Takes REALLY good care of me- Basically just means that they want to make me happy.

Wants to see me A LOT! When i find a girl I'm really into, it's really hard to limit to once a week so she doesn't become my GF, I want it to be hard on her too, I'll stop one step short of saying that I want a girl to be obsessed with me, but I definetly hate feeling like I'm chasing a girl. Especially post-sex.

Has some sort of nerdy hobby- I love having running jokes. And I think it's cute.

Must say things that make me gush and scream " You"re Adorable"- I need those moments.

Good Kisser- Man I hate bad kissers

Man I really am picky!

Oh well I'm worth it.

Post your lists guys, commit to doing this to really figure out what you want and how to get it this year!


Top 10 End Game Mistakes

My buddy In10se wrote this gold post quite awhile ago and I thought I'd share it... Plus my brain may actually be floating in alcohol this morning as I sit in the Vegas airport...

IN10SE's top 10 End Game mistakes

1) Bad Logistics

One guy I used to know would go out and say, "I'm going to get
laid tonight!" And then we'd get to the club and he'd go home to
his parents house - I told him, "Now exactly where are you going to
do this? And do you have condoms - ON you, and if a woman were to
walk up to you right now and want to have sex with you, would you be
ready?" - Uhhh? was his answer.

The point is, if you WANT success, you have to be READY for it.
Now, when I want to get laid, I have a framework of how I want it
to happen. Sure- it can be spontaneous and I have to have some
flexibility built in, but one of the keys to End Game is Isolation
and not just that, but logistics ALREADY in place for every
Isolation scenario that you could come up with.

2) Triggering her automatic responses

Now all chicks have an automatic response for a guy getting
physical with them - It's just something that's BUILT IN - through
evolution to protect their productive resources. And when you think
about it, they HAVE to have this in place because then they would
end up a being a HO or be pregnant their whole lives!

So what are the typical triggers? I'll list a couple:

- When a guy gets too sexual too fast
- When a guy stops "talking" and just goes into LUST mode before
she does
- When she get the feeling that a guy just wants her for SEX or
just sees her
as an object
- When a guy goes straight for the crotch -most of the time at
- When a guy seems too eager to get down her pants
- When a guy seems sneaky and dishonest

You get the point. The key is to go slow, keep talking to her, be
suggestive without being overtly sexual, and wait until SHE goes
first with being physically sexual.

3) They engage her logical mind

Just imagine this: you're on the couch with a chick, maybe watching
a movie or talking, and you start to notice the VIBE as the sexual
tension is building. You know that it COULD be GAME ON if you play
your cards right... Now what do a lot of guys do? They get all
nervous at this point and start talking about GUY stuff... LOGICAL
stuff like work, school, analyzing this and that... BIG mistake!

You want her logical mind OFF at this point. Don't say or DO
anything that could engage her logical mind. You don't want her
solving MATH while you're trying to get her in bed!

The focus should be on the FEELINGS. Get her arousal AMPED UP.
Build the sexual tension. In my book, I go into depth on how to
build this using a PROPULSION mechanism - and for those of you that
don't know what that is, it's a motivational system where you have
both PUSH from avoiding pain and PULL from pursuing pleasure.

4) They don't build up the comfort enough

A woman will RARELY get physical with a guy that she's not
comfortable with. You need to build up the comfort and rapport
before you go into END GAME. When you hear a chick say, "But I
hardly know you!" - Then you know you need more comfort building!

5) They take the first sign of resistance as failure

Now, not all chicks will go to bed with you the first
time you make your move. Most of the times, chicks need REPEATED
attempts where you FLIRT with her comfort zone.

You know, every woman has a comfort zone - a line where things go
from being Rated "R" to being rated "X". And if you push that line
too much, it may shut her down - so FLIRT with that line.

When she offers resistance, PULL BACK. And I'm talking ANY
resistance - and I pull WAY back and go back into comfort building

Then as I approach that line again, I can come that much CLOSER to
that line until I have to pull back again. As this may be repeated
several times, you get that much closer and closer to her comfort
zone line until before she knows it, you're doing the horizontal

6) Guys follow THEIR OWN automatic responses and don't make the
bold move

You know that ONE POINT in the date, where you know it could go one
way or the other. And you know that what you do at that point could
MAKE or BREAK the seduction? Have you guys been there? I have - too
many times, but I've learned something.

Too many times before I would just GO WITH THE FLOW...
and to tell you the truth - that's just not conducive to seduction!

How many times have you been over at a womans house... it's late
at night and you can tell that it could be "Game On", and then she
tells you, "It's getting late... I should go to bed" and you say,
"Ok... well I enjoyed hanging out with you... and I'll talk to you

Then as you hear the door shut you're wondering where you went
wrong... you could be in BED with her right NOW!

So how do you get over this? Well first of all, be AWARE of your
automatic responses and hers as well. And know that you can use
whatever a woman gives you. Like in the example above, what if you
were to say... "Go to bed?! But I hardly know you! I'm not that
easy... but I could be if you gave me a massage!"

So you see how you need to interrupt the auto-response! And humor
works best followed up with a suggestive comment.

7) They don't focus on the moment

At this phase in the Game, a lot of guys are in their
own heads and not focusing on the moment. They may be thinking of
the last pattern to use or what to say next... but to tell you the
truth - at this stage in the game, you need to throw those out
and focus on getting her to FEEL in the MOMENT. This is where
seduction happens!

And you want to get her associated into the moment as well by
getting her to FEEL (including body feelings). The thing about
FEELINGS is that they draw a person into the moment. Like when
someone is angry for instance - and they can't think about anything
else... or when someone feels pain - that's VERY real in the
moment. The same goes for feeling pleasure and for feeling AROUSED

8) They think that the woman will lead them by the hand

At this stage in the game, even women that seem sexually aggressive
will want the MAN to take action first. One chick that I was with
said she wanted a guy that was "Confident". I asked her, "So how do
you know when a guy is confident?" She said, "When he's able to do
with me what I really want him to do without me telling him
how to do it."

When you get certain "buying signals" from a woman, you need to
close QUICKLY. Now not all buying signals are equal. For example, a
suggestive flirtatious smile when you offer to massage her is much
different then when she pulls her pants down and bends over! Let
your buying signals tell you how quickly to move...

9) They're attached too much to the outcome

One thing that women have radar for is "Neediness". In fact a guy
who's willing to walk AWAY from her has more power than she does in
the "negotiation".

Instead of focusing on the outcome (the home run) ,
focus a little on the process - but mostly be in the MOMENT.

If a woman does a take away from you and you don't respond... it
tells her that YOUR can control and it communicates that YOU have
CHOICE. - After all, how many guy would actually decline an offer
of sex from an attractive woman? And if she senses that
you would - then you've upped your value in her eyes... as well as
made yourself a challenge for her!

10) They go too fast and out of her "sequence" without amping up
the desire enough

Remember, building desire is about building the sexual
tension. Take time to let her get her buying temperature up. Tease
her, play hot/cold, FLIRT with her comfort line (the line where
things go from being rated R to being rated X) until SHE crosses it.

And go the typical "physical" sequence unless she gives you
resistance - in which case you pull back to Mid Game, then as you
go back into End Game, you test again at the NEXT higher level.

Thanks In10se...

I'm going to go back to hating alcohol for now...


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So the Vegas tripe with Savoy,Future,Tenmag,etc... was amazing.

We are still here right now recovering and doing a slew of day2s, it was really good to party with all my boys.

On a random note shorty from Christmas Eve ended up out here and I sealed the deal with her on the day4.

I'm also up like $1200 from Blackjack, and have a day2 with a 9.5 later to teach her to play blackjack.

Combining a hottie and winning money .. that's a match made in heaven!

I'll update more later.