Monday, November 30, 2009

Jon's Loopy Theories # 1: Hot Dog is NEVER a BAD choice

Hey guys,

I spent a very lazy Thanksgiving week ( Yes week not weekend) with a great girl and annoying dog! I hope everyone else had as great of a holiday as I did.

I capped it off by getting really drunk, buying a hot dog from the guy who sells them in the venue ( Yes,I go to venues that serve hot dogs, if there's hot girls I'll go almost anywhere) and then cabbing to said girl's house while eating one hot dog and saving the other for later. I then proceeded to hop the fence to her balcony, attempt to drunkenly shove the hot dog into her face, then refused to put out.

Which brings us to my theory; Having a hot dog is NEVER a bad choice. I'm writing about this, because rants like this one are EXACTLY what I talk to girls about. Talking about theories, interesting thoughts, ideas, and hypothetical situations is like Catnip to girls. You just have to make it relevant to the type of girl you're talking to.

For example I wouldn't talk about Chuck Klosterman's thoughts on Nirvana and David Koresh with a party girl at a dance club. But I would talk about my theory on Hugh Hefner and how the girls on "Girls Next Door" decide whose turn it is to fuck Hef.

A lot of guys are scared of expressing these kinds of thoughts for fear of being labelled "weird". But guess what, it's weird to start conversations with strange women and try to get them into bed. Cold approach is about being weird or quirky in a fun attractive way.

So use more theories when talking to women.

Also if you have a great theory on anything post it in the comments, Maybe I'll discuss one of your theories on an upcoming Podcast or something...


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey guys,

I'm headed out for Thanksgiving.

I'll be back on Friday.

Hope everyone has a great day!

JS-Tha King of Content

Is anyone really misunderstood or is it just something we all feel?

I was reading Chuck Klosterman's book " Eating The Dinosaur" yesterday and it got me thinking about theoretical arguments and hypothetical situations. I want to warn everyone there's a lot of philosophizing below and none of it is directly game related as much as it's interesting human psychology...

In one part, Klosterman makes a comparison between Kurt Cobain and David Koresh. He argues that while Cobain was looked at as a God Koresh literally thought he was delivering the direct word of God. Either way, the way they were misunderstood(by both themselves and by the world at large) affected their lives immensely.

This got me thinking interestingly enough about a Lil Wayne song off of his " Tha Carter III" album.

Here's a selection of lyrics:

"Baby, you understand me now
If sometimes you see that I'm mad
Don't you know no one alive can always be an angel
When everything goes wrong, you see some bad

But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

Uh, misunderstood ain't gotta be explained
But you don't understand me so let me explain (heh heh)
Stood in the heat, the flames, the snow
Please slow down hurricane
The wind blow, my dreads swing

He had hair like wool, like Wayne (huh)
Dropping ashes in the bible
I shake em out and they fall on the rifle
Scary, hail Mary no tale fairy
All real very, extraordinary
Perry Mason facing, the barrel if he tattle
My god is my judge, no gown no gavel
Uh, I'm a rebel, time to battle
Now or never, I would never, in the ever
Fucking fantastic, fuck if you agree
I'm bright but I don't give a fuck if you see me

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

Uh, what's understood ain't gotta be explained"

So obviously, Lil Wayne feels misunderstood despite selling millions of records and remaining streetcredulous. I started thinking about other famous people and artists who have marketed themselves under the idea of being Misunderstood. My future wife P!nk's breakthrough album was titled Misunderstood and went platinum. There's a million other examples of popular media being marketed to people who feel like they are misunderstood by the general population. While offering some sort of unique insight of their own, thus demonstrating that they're understanding of themselves and the world is correct.

This brings up the following fascinating (to me at least) question, if everyone at some point can identify with the idea of being an outcast or being misunderstood, is anyone actually misunderstood?

I personally feel like being misunderstood offers people a chance to feel better about themselves. If you feel like no one gets you, it allows you to filter and hedge the feedback you're getting. To use Lil Wayne for an example, he probably feels like he is stereotyped as a thug/gangsta rapper in the DMX vein. When in fact he sees himself as an artistic genius in the John Lennon vein. This is evidenced by the numerous articles and interviews in which he rehash's Lennon's quote about getting art out of a tuba...

However his artistic merit is PROBABLY not, the reason people consider him a thug. It's probably because he has four facial tattoos and the fact that he is going to jail for a year for weapons possession in NYC. Lil Wayne doesn't consider his behavior in his self assessment and the masses in general don't give his artistic statements enough consideration. In both ways, Wayne is misunderstood and understood correctly. Both sides have valid points to support their understanding, and both sides are ignoring and deleting information to support their opinion.

Everyone feels misunderstood at some point, no matter their level of personal success, which makes being misunderstood something that actually bonds us all as human beings, as everyone thinks they understand others while being misunderstood themselves usually when it comes to thing they don't want to believe about themselves.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Male-Female Power Dynamic part 2: The mid 30s Power Flip

Here's something interesting, I'd been meaning to write about for awhile...

Men often like to say that women have all the power when it comes to social situations.

Obviously I don't believe this to be true, but I will say that attractive women in their twenties have a lot more options than attractive men in their 20s.

The reason is that as a society we award social status to women based almost entirely on their looks and desirability. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, it's just the way it is.

This is where, students of evolutionary biology would then argue that a woman in her 20s is more attractive to a man because her youth sends signals that she is fertile and more easily able to reproduce. If you subscribe to the philosophy that all of life can be boiled down to survival and replication, you can skip to the end of this article now :)

Beyond that I want to discuss a few more reasons why men tend to be attracted to younger women:

1. Social Status. If I had a dollar for every douchey mid to late twenties instructor has tried to brag to me about dating an 18 year old, I'd be making it rain like Pacman Jones. Guys(and a certain sector of girls) also tend to idolize Hugh Hefner and his lifespan of the average African American male in America (52 years) sized gap in age with his girlfriends. Simply put guys seem to think dating younger girls make you seem cool. Sidenote- I don't agree with this theory and think anyone under 25 is retarded guy or girl.

2. Naivety. Younger girls don't generally know enough about the world to understand the complex dimensions of relationships. They haven't yet been hardened by the world, and the fact that most guys suck. So when you say you're going to dinner with a friend in Malibu, they don't ask many questions. Simply stated you get away with more stuff. Though you make up for it in hours of uninteresting conversation and gossip. Kill me.

Ok, so there's a lot of reasons why an attractive woman in her twenties has a higher ceiling for meeting an awesome guy than a woman in her 30s. Ironically this exact process happens in rerverse regarding men and women in their mid thirties.

See, a man at 35 has a higher ceiling for getting an attractive woman than a man at 25. Not only does he benefit from the power flip with older women, but he has amassed a decade more of social status and resources. So he's more attractive to the younger woman as well.

Most importantly women who remain single after 30 become more desperate to find someone because of a combination of biological(Gotta have a baby!!!) and social ( her parents and friends asking her when she's going to get married) pressures. Add in guys tending to get better looking or look the same as they age and women having a much harder time keeping their looks and you have a recipe for dating ease.

The mid 30s power flip is one of the reasons I find it funny when 33 year old guys are worried about not being able to get dates.

JS-The King Of Content.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Interview with Mack Tight

Hey guys,

I for one am glad it's finally Friday. I've been super swamped all week and can actually relax tomor!

In the meantime, I did an interview with Mack Tight over at it's a preety fun, casual interview but I answer A lot of questions.

Check it out:


Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wow... Ustream Literallty is the place for crazy people's mental breakdowns

First Stephon Marbury... Now Tila Tequila.

Ustream ROCKS my world....

Note to the kiddies, if you're hopped up on goofballs it's probably not the best time to get on ustream and start ranting...


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Podcast: 2: Episode 3

Hey Guys,

Podcast is up!

Listen here:


In it I discuss Straggler game, Boxing and MMA, and Commonalities.

Be sure to comment back here.

JS-The King Of Content

PS- The audio quality will improve as my new blueball mic is shipping as we speak. Thanks for bearing with me during the bad sound period :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alex The Drunk Idiot Aussie From RSD may not have Nimbus but he does have FJM

Welcome back to the blog that started it all...

Today I have another FJM special ready for you guys. This time I didn't even really have to do that much to make this guy look bad.

Funny side story about Alex from RSD, last year when I was in OZ a friend of mine wanted to introduce the two of us. I was not interested. Then Alex said he would only meet up if I promised not to tool him. I still didn't want to meet the guy,so obviously it didn't happen. But it's a funny idea that he was so afraid of getting tooled.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't end up escaping the tooling.

Let's get into Alex's article on state!

As always my comments appear in brackets []

Get into state. Because getting into state is good. When you are in state, you aren’t not out of state. And while this doesn’t necessarily make you attractive to girls, it certainly doesn’t make you unattractive. But, that depends.

[ Huh? Right off the bat you're starting with something that vaguely resembles English. Then you contradict yourself with a that depends. Honestly I hope someone kills you :)]

Honestly, and if you ask my closest friends in the company, I’m not really motivated by girls. One time I drunk dialed a friend’s ex girlfriend and exposed her to some verbal obscenities. But, as I was always shining through, she must have been attracted to my nimbus. When I asked her what her address was she was shocked. She must have thought it was for outer game purposes. Nope. The corner vendor has ceased to serve alcohol.

[ Just because you write formally or use more complicated words, it doesn't actually make what you're saying sound smart. It just makes you sound pretentious. This is basically a story about you making a drunk ass of yourself. Awesome for guys who want to learn to get better with women!]

I wanted to visit her house for inner game purposes.

Point is, when I asked her what her address was she was shocked, paused for a moment considering the oral lashing I had given her, and asked “why do you want my address?!”

‘For invitational purposes.’


She then volunteers her address. You beauty.

[ So basically you were trying to bang a friend's ex and then yelled at her before asking her for her address... We up to speed here people? It's like trying to read Dickens it takes 4 pavges to go up a flight of stairs.]

But, in my quest to get more state, I got distracted by the hermit crabs in the water fountain and I forget all about the Santa Claus style drop in she was expecting. No presents for her. State reigned supreme in my priorities.

[ I'm Alex and I like to be vague to make it seem like I wasn't just too drunk to know where I was or what I was trying to do. As they say in the program Alex, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.]

When I rubbed my eyes and figured out where I was the next day, I came to the conclusion that she was attracted to me because I was more inspired by getting some state then I was inspired to give her a statement of outer game. This lead to the extrapolated conclusion that I should do more things like that, but be mindful to capitalise on my outer game inspiring state and share the love.

[ When he woke up the next morning he remembered that he invited himself to a friend's ex gf's house and was annoyed he was too drunk to capitalize on his friend's sloppy seconds. For shame Alex, for shame.]

Results have been positive and medicinally compromising since.
For you, the budding glory monger, you may actually have your priorities out of order. Do you go out to ‘sarge’ or do you go out to irritate the bouncers of the establishment?

[ Irritating Bouncers is not a good idea and can lead to getting choked. I'm friends with a bunch of bouncers so I know first hand from watching socially awkward idiots like Alex.]

I see a lot of guys who go out for reasons other than themselves. To put anyone or anything in front of your cause is to assume that you are lower value than them, and hence, be unattractive. No girl will tell you her address.

The club is my office. But, I have no boss, only the agent Smiths. I can’t drink because I am at ‘work,’ so I just get into state and then say ‘whoa’ a lot.

[ I'm not sure you're smart enough to be making Keanu Reeves jokes.]

Technically, state is default, and is what happens when you perceive that nothing stands in your way. When there is nothing in your head to prevent it from coming to you, you are in state. You can’t force it, though. Like so many other things, if you let go, it will come straight to you. But, not like money in the casino, that’s an exception.

[ Gibberish alert, Gibberish Alert. Alex can you write a coherent paragraph? Just four little sentences that make sense to the average reader. You know make that second 40 pages of your post just fly by.]

More technically, self esteem based state is proportionate to your ability to influence others. If you subscribe to natural game, state comes from within. The more people you have to influence, the more you call upon your resources from within, and like a siphon it just begins to flow. Slow at first, but it can build momentum.

Technically, if you do something positive, dominant or simply take action, you will move more towards state then you were previously. You want your cognitive traffic to cause the people around you to do matrix style limbo to avoid falling under your spell. But, they are only human. Bring more state and they will succumb to your presence.

[ You want your cognitive traffic to cause people to limbo... God this is such bullshit. Basically you have nothing to say and think that if you fruit up your post with strange metaphors and analogies it will seem deep. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make it profound. ASSHAT.]

What are the well know state building techniques? If you’re a bit of a beginner and want to get a bit of a smile up in the club, try talking to a few sets, singing, shouting, high fiving, or clapping your hands.

Try it now. Sing this song... and follow the lyrics. Clap your hands, stand up, bob your knees and give someone a high five. Sing loud, break the shackles. You don’t have bad intentions, why would you limit yourself?

OK.. hit the song and sample some beginner state. Remember, whatever you feel she feels.

We rocked this song in France while intermittently screaming the mispronounced name of the scandalous French President: “SAR-COW-ZEE, FUCK YEAH!”

[ Singing is a good way to get in state. Wow we're only halfway through and we got one piece of useful information. This is AWESOME!]

But, that stuff is for the faint of heart. There is a whole new range of self entertainment, state inspiring, and sanity obliterating pastimes that will induce seizures of laughter. They follow the same principles of taking action, creativity and positive dominance, only amplified.

I warn you. Do these wrong and you will end up in jail, an altercation or maybe knighted. Use at your own risk.

[ Oh good we finally get to the part where Alex suggests socially awkward borderline illegal behaviors! No wonder so many RSD guys get kicked out of clubs and the mall..]

The ‘Lime in the eye’.

One of the best in the business: juice for tough guys. Anecdotally, only Australians can handle lime to the eyeball.

[ Really you just recommended guys squirt lime into there eye for state. Really? I feel like Amy and Seth from weekend update should spring up and do a whole impromptu bit about this one. Really you go into a bar and squirt Lime into your eye? Why not just pull out a belt hang yourself and engage in some full on auto-erotic asypxiation?]

The ‘corporate elbow’.
Take your left hand and scratch the back of your head. In doing so, out stretch your left elbow outwards and to head level. Now you have a limbo stick for others in the club to negotiate.

[ Stick your elbow out so people have to walk around you. This is called being an asshole. This would lead to what I call a "big shoulder" when you walk by an asshole such as this and channeling your best Ray Lewis circa 2001 slam your shoulder into said asshole. Not great for state but very satisfying :)]

The ‘umbilical cord’.
Join several bendy straws together by pinching one straw so it is smaller in diameter than the other straw and insert inside. It must be an air tight connection. Now, you can drink for free, ninja style.

[ I'd love to see you try to stick your straw into my drink at a bar. Or anyone's. Instead of talking to girls, you can find Alex playing with straws, limes and sticking out his elbow in bars. Awesome]

The ‘I lost my contact lens’.
When a hot girl or girls (known as a ‘mingerwarren’) waltz by wearing short skirts exclaim loudly “I lost my contact lens!” in a manner that will draw attention to yourself. Drop to your hands and knees and lower you head as low as possible to the ground. From this angle, you can pose an opinion opener to the girl such as “can I get a quick female opinion on something. [female interlude] Have you seen my contact lens. With your head on the ground and their short skirts it makes for good angle of conversation.

[ This could actually be funny provided your not actually trying to look up their skirts. If you are actually trying to catch a peek, they should send you back to Australia with the rest of your convict ancestors.]

The ‘legless drunk’.
If you can put a wobble on your bipedal progressions and roll your eyes into anti-co-ordinated magic eight balls, then you can pass as a convincing drunk. In this pseudo-condition, you can knock cock blocking chodes over, motor boat cleavage capture girls in your arms as you try to regain your balance. This one is fun.

[ Pretend to be Drunk! That's great advice, we all know that drunk idiots who can barely move get all the PUSSY! Damn bro you've really revealed some next level secrets. I can't wait for Alex's next post Rohypnol- how to pull!]

The ‘oceans one’.
Somewhere in the venue there will be a security door with a numeric code required for access. Keep an eye on it. Usually the code won’t be longer than five or six figures. Note it or film it with your camera, and BOOM you’re in the Bellagio vault. Go in, find a uniform, suit up, then tend the bar, yet prioritizing your companions. Use said companions to bring girls to the free drink and watch them paw at your neck line as you tell them of your whiles.

[ This never happened except in Alex's mind. To further expand on the movies into fantasy fictional pick up moves let's look at the " The Mr and Mrs Smith'" where in your mind you imagine an elaborate relationship with a girl then imagine she's trying to kill you. Before you say hi you hit her in the face with a garbage can and then take her back to your place for makeup sex.]

And for mayhem purposes (prepare to be immediately ejected)...

The ‘Grand Prix Podium’.
This is much like a wet t-shirt contest, but the contestants aren’t aware of their involvement. So it’s kinda like Halloween. Buy a sultry three count of Pabst Blue Ribbon or other such shittery in bottle form. Cover the top with your thumb. Start a ruckus as though there is a bit of a shoving fight in the vicinity. In the commotion violently shake the beer at waist level. And voila...we have Spring Break. This is both an effective means for state, opening the girl and extracting the girl as they will probably get booted from the bar when Agent Smiths come at you talking of sociological prophecies.

[ Yes I'm sure a girl who you just sprayed beer on is going to be ready to get it on. Shit why did I waste 6 years learning game and social skills when all you need to do is act like a drunk idiot and spray beer on girls. Damn it all]

Don’t let these maneuvers limit you. There are many more, far more creative, far less professional means by which to get into state. It’s the thrill of going against the norm, the thrill of immediate venue-removal and heightened sense of self from the attention that you will draw that makes these things and others so good for amping the state and fun. Make you and your fun the first priority of your night.

[ The thrill of immediate venue removal leads to not getting laid. You can have fun without getting kicked out. Most people do.]

More often than not, the girls will think of you as silly and immature. This is, of course, the goal. Blend-Tec their congruence tests and establish A = HV + E. You have fun – they have fun. Everybody wins.

State like this will have the girls circling you as if you had your period in shark infested waters.


[Obviously no one knows more about getting kicked out of places and going home alone than Alex}

JS-The King Of Content

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank God Superconference Is OVER!!!

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday,

I'm still zonked from the SC over the weekend in LA.

It was a great event which gave a bunch of the 12m2m guys a chance to see each other again and to tie together all the most advanced concepts like 3somes, relationship management, Internet Game, and much much more.

We had great guest speeches from Brad P, Cameron Teone and Kurgan. So thanks to those guys for showing up and helping out.

Then last night I had a comedy of errors in getting home, first my power steering went out, then I got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half on the 5 mile drive home, and then my car died altogether as I got to my parking space. Leaving me with a busted foot and a busted car.


Luckily attractive women want to have sex with me.

No rest for the wicked though as today I've had 3 phone consults and still have a conference cal for the new 12m2m guys.

I'll have a podcast up soon, and a new FJM this week as well.

Talk soon,

JS-The King Of Content
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Podcast Season 2 # 2

Hey Guys,

Here's the link for the aforementioned podcast.

In it I slam David Wygant, talk about Tool Academy, and teach you how to brag in the right way.

Check it out:


JS-The King Of Content

Top Ramen is Still Delicious to ME !!!!

Hey Guys,

I'm on a break between the first sticking points analysis calls with guys from 12M2M.

It's cool because I've been doing this so long I can literally diagnose sticking points midway through the guy's life story.

It's like I'm a frickin psychic sometimes.

It does get tiresome to always be this good at my job :) But I digress.

We have a Podcast recorded and it should be up on Itunes as well as here later today.

I have 17 minutes until my next call with a student, which is not nearly enough time to wax poetically about Dexter, which is now officially the best hour of my week. And it doesn't depress me at all to say that.

I also still have to get a ticket to LA for this weekend! Eep I should really do that now...

Ok while I go do that, you guys enjoy the rest of your day and hopefully we'll have a podcast soon.

JS-The King Of Content

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Interesting Note on Woman's Psychological Development in America


I was at a Starbucks the other day, and in front of me in line was a mother and her daughter who couldn't have been more than 3-4 years old.

What was interesting about this scene was that the Mother was asking more and more specific questions to the little girl about what she wanted to drink. Including what kind of straw she wanted to use, and other absurdities.

Besides making me feel bad for any guy who ever dates that girl in 15-20 years, it also made me think about how society in general forces woman towards too separate and distinctive personality types. Either Mothers ( or more likely Fathers) encourage their little girls to be extremely discerning and demanding ( This is generally going to happen with better looking girls as the parents think they can expect more) or they are going to be encouraged to be indecisive and let others make decisions for them.

It's almost as if as a woman you are stuck between nice and indecisive or being bitchy and decisive. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground for most girls, based on how society in general views young woman.

Anywho just a thought I wanted to write down.

JS-The King Of Content

Monday, November 09, 2009

What I've Learned From over a Half Decade in The SUISC

So I've been teasing and tantalizing about this post for quite some time now...

And I even have a soundtrack for it...

"There's ten rules for the Game but I'll share with you two, know niggas gon hate you for whatever you do..."

This was always my flag ship post until the last few years, so it's back only with 2 additional years of learning. So let's get into the stream of consciousness style rants :)

The basic idea is that I list various things I've learned from my time in the SUISC, some of it's game related, some of it's gossip and some unfortunately is just common sense I was lacking :)

Your idols in the community are false. There is literally 0 point in making any of us "gurus". We're all just normal guys who learned or naturally had skills with women. That's all. We're not better than you guys, more alpha, courageous, or any of the other super human attributes that get attributed to guys just because they're supposedly good with women.

There is NO such thing as a perfect pickup. Pick up is all about making mistakes and then trying to fix them.

There is 0 point in whining about the way things are. This could be the way certain girls act like stimulus junkies at clubs, it could be the social status you have in your group, it could be that girls will flirt with you and then makeout with another guy. Accept reality the way it. Self deception only hurts you.

Most guys don't want to be players. Or even have a lifestyle that would allow them to be a player.

Guys have WAY more issues about sex than women. Seriously.

The two biggest sticking points are social and sexual anxiety. Point blank period.

Every guy embellishes their abilities with women, except guys who are amazingly good with them.

How a guy deals with a blowout tells you everything you need to know about his level of skill with girls.

There is an intangible quality to guys that are good with women. I can't explain it, but I can tell when guys have it and when they don't and women can tell even faster than I can. Especially hot ones.

The importance of touching to escalate towards sex is vastly overrated.

Being true to yourself creates more sticking points. It's not like once you figure out who you want to convey yourself to be, all your problems with women go away.

Learning to suppress the need to impress people will help your game more than anything else you can do.

It is far better to overescalate than underescalate. As Warren Beatty once famously said "You get slapped a lot but you get laid a lot too."

99% of the population cares less about this stuff than you do if you're reading this right now. That's called an obsession and it's a bit unhealthy. So you may want to try caring a little less about getting laid. I include myself in this previous paragraph.

There is no such thing as community in the community. Communities support each other, offer help and display a genuine caring for the people in it. The SUISC consists of guys bragging, guys asking for help from the guys bragging, a lot of in fighting and drama, a lot of bullshit information, and a ton of haters.

No one invented any of this stuff, so it's stupid to be dogmatic about following it and even stupider to argue over whose material something is. I know I used to do that a lot :p

Lifestyle will get you laid way more than skillsets or inner game. It's a fact.

Women do not have to like you in order to sleep with you.

Being known for hitting on girls is actually a good thing. Being a professional pua, not so much :)

If you're in the community, it's because something is not normal about you. Sorry to be the one to say it, but it's true. This doesn't mean you're a bad person or a nerd, or a loser. It simply means there is a reason you ended up here, and most guys don't. Embrace it. Again, I include myself and all instructors at every company in this statement.

The community is not, has never been and will never be a "cool" or mainstream thing. People just don't care that much.

The only person you have to compete with, compare yourself to or impress is yourself. In fact the only person who really cares about your success with women is you.

Qualification and movement are the keys to game. These are what allow you to escalate and move the interaction forward.

Don't be afraid to hit on girls, they think you are anyway!

Women are WAY cooler than men, easier to deal with, less stupid ego issues. More emotions mean you can overreact to things without it being a big deal. As I always say to girls, I can tell my female friends I hate them at 2PM and by 7 we're cool again. If I tell a guy that we're no longer friends. It took me awhile to get here, but I think I'm now an rampant feminist :)

Peaks and Valleys are an inevitable part of the game, everyone has them. Some nights you can;t do anything wrong, other nights, nothing works. Embrace this fact.

Here's what I mean when I say someone is good with girls; They can sleep with a new ATTRACTIVE girl every week from cold approaches. I realize this is ridiculous and most guys will NEVER get there. But still...

Allright that's all I got

Oh, and David Wygant is a bitch :)

JS-The King Of Content

Friday, November 06, 2009

Interview With Gambler AKA Rich LA Ruina

Hey guys,

I've been getting a lot of questions through Email and even Twitter about Gambler's upcoming Stealth Attraction system.

Since Gambler and I are buds, I Skyped him yesterday to get an exclusive interview to demystify Stealth Attraction a bit.

In it Gambler and I talk about what Stealth Attraction is how to use it to escalate without the fear of rejection, some great body language tips and much much more.

Check it out here:

Stealth Attraction Interview

Also Gambler put together this really cool video on Stealth Attraction it's over 20 minutes long and has a ton of great content in it.


Allright I'm off to Muy Thai class followed by a delicious Iced Green Tea.

Have A great weekend!


Thursday, November 05, 2009

David Wygant is NOT the real hitch but is getting FJM'D


Welcome back to another episode of Fire Joe Morgan the Secret Underground Seduction Community Edition.

If this is your first time seeing this feature it's a weekly ( or so) thing where I take articles written by douchebags, Charlatans, Liars, Frauds, and outright kooks and give my personal commentary on them. This helps me channel my frustration with the quality of teaching in the community as well as amuses me to no end.

This week we have a douchetastic post by the originator of douche, the charlatan that's been alledgedly coaching for 20 years, though you wouldn't know it by his content just the condition of his face. It's called Sunscreen David, and it's your friend :)

Without further ado let's listen to the Rigidly anti-routine David Wygant talk about what sounds a lot like practicing your routines.

As always my comments appear in brackets.

Do you know what “the magic of a story” is? The magic of the story is remembering that while you might be telling a story for the hundredth time, the woman you’re talking to is hearing it for the very first time . . . and being able to tell it like you’re telling it for the first time.

[ Yes cause as I'm going about my day and reading various blogs on the internet I often meditate on things like " What is the magic of a story?" " Who Killed JFK" and " What happens if you mix pop rocks and soda." Who talks like that? Oh that's right over the top self righteous wannabe self help guru pricks. His paragraph makes sense now when considering the writer. And Cause I know he'll read this David, you still remind me of TJ Macky from Magnolia. "RESPECT THE COCK!"]

Recently while I was with some clients, I told a woman a story I’ve told probably at least a thousand times (that’s why the story is so good!). The clients who were with me were shocked when they found this out, and said it seemed like I was telling the story for the first time.

[ Oh, so having stories you've already told ready to tell to women you're meeting is a good thing? Sounds suspiciously like a routine to me. The clients were probably shocked because you constantly push your psychobabble hippie bullshit about observing and being in the moment to guys, while you were using routines that you condemn. Or the fact that they paid 10 grand to follow you around a Brentwood Whole Foods for a few hours. Either or.]

I have such enthusiasm for my stories because I like them. I also know how people will react to them because I’ve told them before.

[ You tell stories that you like over and over again because you know people will react to them positively. Can someone explain how this is different from running routines? If you can, please email me because you can probably solve other conundrums like the meaning of life, why Michael Jordan really "retired" for 18 months, and why Mystery and Matador haven't ODed on coke since moving to LA.]

So how do you tell a great story; how do you tell a story like you’re telling it for the first time? Well, you have to start somewhere in order to learn how to do it.

[ You start by moving your mouth while pushing oxygen out of your lungs and using something called your vocal cords to produce sounds. This moment of biology was brought to you by your friends at Sinns Of Attraction]

Pick five or six things that come up over and over again in conversations, and then think of stories that relate to those things. It doesn’t matter what they are about, so long as you enjoy telling them and can do so with passion.

[ So you pre-script and plan your routines then simply lie to people about what you do when talking to girls. God, you're a douchebag. I sincerely hope the fleas of a million Camels infect your pubic region]

Practice your stories, so they are natural and easy for you to tell. I would suggest that you record all your stories, and then listen to yourself tell them.

[ Again there wouldn't be a problem here except for the fact that you got your panties in a bunch last year when after your " you shouldn't use routines speech at the PUA summit I spoke about why routines can be helpful. Then you flipped out and said I couldn't make eye contact with you and I challenged you to a fight that you backed out of. Now you're talking about routines. That's called flip flopping and on the mean streets of Woodland Hills where I come from, that makes you a bitch. Or for more emphasis a BEEEYOTCHH. David Wygant you're a Bitch. And a liar too.]

As you listen, ask yourself whether you are interesting enough as you tell each story. If you are not, then go back and record them again. Keep listening to those stories over and over again, because those are the stories that are going to come out when you meet people.

[ Be aware of how you sound telling your story that you can have good delivery. Good advice, if it didn't fly in the face of the entire way that you market yourself. Proving that you can tell David Wygant is lying when his lips are moving.]

Those amazing stories will be what attract women when you talk to them. They love to hear them.

[ Yeah this would be good advice, except I do a story-telling workshop on bootcamps and most stories are like this:

Student: "One time I had a layover going to Japan and I got to wear a Kimono."

There's a lot more to story-telling than just telling them over and over again. trust me I've been stuck listening to a lot of guys made up stories, and a bad story practiced a million times is still a bad story. If you actually want to learn to get better at story-telling search this blog(or google) for a reprint of an article by Wilder on Story-telling. It's the best thing I've ever read on Story-telling for attraction and it's free.]

A man who can tell a great story is very intriguing to women. It will show you as a man who is passionate about who he is. A woman will think that if you’re that passionate about yourself and your life, then you will be equally as passionate about her if you start hanging out together.

If you’re passionate about everything that you do – even down to little things like sniffing fruit passionately at the farmer’s market — then women are going to realize how passionate you are about all sorts of things. It’s about living with passion, and it all starts with your stories!

[ Ok this is actually good advice, but in classic charlatan fashion he doesn't talk about how to demonstrate your passions in a way where you don't come off like the scary intense guy. Though to be fair it's most likely because he doesn't know, not because he's trying to confuse people. Plus I think he blatently stole this paragraph from some Tony Robbins book or Newsletter. Remember folks Live with PASSION!!!!! Insert 8 foot tall Tony Robbins booming laugh here.]

David Wygant in the words of my favorite show on you're just a tool and you've been FJM'd.


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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Podcast Season 2

Greetings and Salutations,

I got sick of hey guys...

Podcast is back, I'm sure I say some really offensive things in this one and talk about different kinds of approach anxiety as that's by far the biggest SP guys have...


Let me know what you think with comments.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

9 Ball Review AKA Jeffy will now fly out of control and tell me to fuck myself.

Ok, so I've always been a fan of Jeff Allen's(AKA Jlaix, Jeffy) writing. I've been public about it. Before 9ball his writing always made me laugh,and think.

And that's precisely why 9ball was so disappointing.

Not only is the book basically a reprint of his freely available archive from ASF, but the sections that are added on are basically rehashing of things he's said on various products. Basically a big fuck you to people who have followed his writing for the last few years.

Now this would not have been such a big deal if not for the fact that Jeffy repeatedly talked about how he was slaving night and day on this book, as if it were a 1400 pages of new material. You know kinda exactly the same way TD has talked about working 16 hours a day on the Blueprint and his relationship book. Neither of which has been published despite numerous dates of this masterpiece being done.

But back to 9ball, after the first few chapters detailing the insanity of Jeffy's early life. Which was well written but felt a bit long especially as we got into the section about self mutilation and drug abuse. We get it, Jeffy didn't give a fuck.

Then we get into the section where for almost 200 pages we're treated to touched up field reports, as Jeffy vacillates between being dejected and enamoured of his new life as a PUA. The only problem is I've already read these LRs, like 2-3 yrs ago. And there's not really any new content or commentary from Jeffy looking back. To sum up how this felt, it's like the equivilent of being told you're going to get the director's cut of a movie with 15 minutes of extended footage, except it's there in 30 30 second shots of backgrounds. If there was new content in the LRs, I sure as hell didn't notice it.

There is a great couple of pages in a chapter as Jeffy sits and talks with a friend about why he's continuing and all he can come up with is self presevervation. Sadly it's the only part of the book that stands out.

The worst part of this, is that I know Jeffy could have done better, especially if he had ya know actually been working on this book for a decade as RSD would like you to believe. Though if there's one thing the RSD boys are good at it's exaggerating, a stroll through RSD nation sounds like listening to the kid in high school who is always talking about how much he parties with kids from this other high school where he has a girlfriend.

I'm disappointed.

Now I'll wait for an angry email or text for having an opinion Jeffy knows deep down is true.

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