Monday, January 31, 2011

Seduction Starts At Hello????


I just put up a very controversial video and pdf
that shows you how much of what's currently
being taught about dating and seduction is
simply WRONG.

Check it out here:

Seduction Starts At Hello?

JS-The King Of Content

P.S. This one is coming down soon so watch it now
while you still can:


Friday, January 28, 2011

High Maintenance Girls

High maintenance girls are pretty annoying and hard to deal with.

While not every high maintenance girl is a "10" almost every "10" is high maintenance.

High maintenance girls need a lot of attention. They tend to be the "attention whore" type of girl who need the conversation to be about them and their lives at all times.

High maintenance girls also tend to push for commitment faster. They want to talk more frequently throughout the day, they want to hang out more, they want to know "where this is going?" much faster than your medium or low maintenance girl.

High maintenance girls are generally harder to pick up because of their attention seeking behavior. Even if you're a really cool, high value guy with good game, the girl's insecurities will make it harder to keep her attention initially and succeed with her overall.

If you've ever met a girl who was really into you and then ended up making out with another guy chances are she's high maintenance.

High maintenance girls take forever to get ready, as we covered in my medium maintenance post, and they also tend to be late.

In general high maintenance girls really do believe they are the center of the universe and that they can do whatever they want. Furthermore since a majority of them are attractive A lot of people are willing to put up with their bad behavior.

So how do we recognize high maintenance girls?

1. They are dressed to show sexual confidence. The sexier a girl is dressed, the longer it took and the more time effort and energy she took to attract attention. High Maintenance.

2. They expect things. If a girl tries to make it seem like you're weird for not doing something (whether it's buy her a drink, watch her stuff, go dance) she's high maintenance.

3. If a girl brags about being a snob. If a girl says she only drinks Grey Goose Vodka, or talks about how she doesn't wait in line etc, your high maintenance alarm should start blaring.

Hope that helps,

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Medium Maintenance Girls

Girls who are medium maintenance are really cool. They are in fact the girls you want to date consistently and eventually settle down with( If you're into that kinda thing, I'm emotionally dead so I just like less drama from the girls I fuck.)

These girls generally tend to be really pretty but not the bombshell knockout "10" (whom we'll be discussing Fri). They also tend to have real jobs, families, friends, hobbies, etc to spend their time with.

In my experience medium maintenance girls tend to come from two parent homes or at least have a VERY strong relationship with one(mother or father doesn't matter), if not both parents. This is a key point as a lot of high maintenance girls have daddy/intimacy issues that drive their behavior and need for validation. Which is ultimately what high maintenance behavior is about getting the validation of everyone to make yourself feel better about being you.

Medium maintenance girls have goals even if that goal is simply to bartend and have fun until she meets a guy to settle down with(Hi Liz! miss you and Martini Ranch Scottsdale). Their lives are not filled with an infinite sea of chaos as a lot of high maintenance girls have.

Medium Maintenance girls also tend to have more friends. This is a really big issue because in my personal experience, if a girl can't keep the same "best friend" for more than a few weeks, it's because she's the problem.

Medium maintenance girls tend to take awhile to get ready. They need time to do hair, makeup, try on 3-5 different outfits. But they don't take longer than an hour(on a regular basis! EVERY girl can take an hour depending on what she's going to). That's really the test right there. If a girl consistently takes more than an hr to get ready she is HIGH maintenance.

Medium maintenance girls tend to run what I call "girl" late. Meaning consistently 5-15 minutes but rarely if ever more. Find me a really attractive girl (or person really) who is ALWAYS on time and I'll be glad to meet them. Here's another good test, if a girl consistently keeps you waiting for more than 30 minutes ( even if it's at your house) she's high maintenance.

Medium maintenance girls also seem like they are more sexually open. Meaning that they are willing to discuss sex, their fantasies, turn ons etc. It's much harder to get a high maintenance girl to open up about sex even after you're having sex with her.

So how can you use this stuff in the real world?

1. Ask girls how long it takes them to get ready. This is a great question and was my default opener for years and years.

2. Ignore the con job. Let's face it, when you meet a girl in a club she has her weapons of mass seduction ready. She may have her fake boobs (+2s) out and presented, she's got her horse hair extensions in, she's got her MAC forcefield of makeup on, and you're drinking in a dark club... The more "done up" it seems like a girl is the higher maintenance she tends to be. Note there is an exception if you meet a girl while she's out on a special event like a birthday, bachelorette party, or sorority reunion.

3. Qualify girls for real on what they want to do! The coolest girl I'm seeing now( who I'm already freaking out about, and looking for a way out of the relationship BTW) works in Real Estate and goes to LMU Law School at the same time. We talked about this the night we met. If girl has problems expressing her goals and dreams she's either not into you ( Totally a possibility with the motley crew of readers I have) or she doesn't have these ambitions which makes her a hot girl who likes to go out and get really dressed up so guys give her attention AKA high maintenance.

Ok, Friday I'm going to take my best most feministic stab at talking about high maintenance girls without sounding more than 51% angry and bitter.

Til next time.

JS- The King Of Content.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Girls and Maintenance Pt 1 of 3

The issue of girls and maintenance is a pretty straight forward one.

In fact it is much easier for me to explain my thoughts on this subject than it will be for me to correctly spell maintenance every time in this post.

What is maintenance when it comes to girls?

I'm glad you asked, curly haired kid in the back of the room.

When it is applied to women, maintenance means the amount of time, effort, energy, necessary to keep your relationship with any particular girl from stalling.

Maybe maintenance isn't the most PC term, but that's what I've been calling it for years so it's sticking. Maintenance refers to all the "work" you have to do in order to keep a girl interested and fulfilled on all three levels
( Sexual,Emotional,Intellectual).

In general the amount of maintenance required raises with the level of commitment involved in the relationship.

For example, my biz partner has had a girlfriend for 18 months or so. This past weekend he had to give up his Saturday night to go to her sister's engagement party.

On the other hand, I've been seeing a girl for around 5 weeks(non exclusively) and when she invited me to meet her friends at a bar yesterday I declined without any hassle.

Now in addition to maintenance rising with investment and commitment, some girls also tend to be more maintenance than others.

I have a lot of theories about the different levels of female maintenance and what they say about a woman that I'll be sharing with you this week.

First up:

Low maintenance girls.

Girls who are low maintenance tend to be less attractive in my experience.

Low maintenance girls tend to get ready fairly quickly, avoid dressing up, don't care about where they eat or go out to, and are pretty understanding of any situation.

Basically these girls require less effort to pick up, and maintain relationships with if you have anything going for yourself. If you're a loser, these girls can still be hard to pick up.

Sometimes you'll get an attractive girl who is really low maintenance because she grew up mostly around guys. These girls can be fun for awhile, but tend to be really unstable and age badly as their metabolism catches up with them.

In my next post I'll talk about medium maintenance which is really where the cool girls live.

Talk soon,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hard Vs Soft Game

I am sick and I hate it!!!!

But luckily for all of you, as I was dazing in and out of consciousness, I decided to write a blog post which is actually a very important distinction for guys wanting to improve with women.

This post will talk about the difference between "Hard" and "Soft" game.

I'm 99% sure that myself or Brad P came up with these terms. I had been teaching it in seminar for awhile but Brad was definitely the first person I saw write about it.

So what is the difference between "Hard and "Soft" game ?

First we have to define these terms.

"Soft" game is what I used to call nice guy game. This involves being interesting, confident, fun, masculine etc... But you are overall being NICE to the girl. You might tease her a little, but you don't disqualify yourself or use Jealousy Plotlines, Take-Aways etc... Soft game should always be your default approach. Most women are nice and if you have your shit together and approach them in a normal way and are interesting, fun, confident, etc you will get attraction. Nice guy game is not the same thing as being boring, leaving awkward silences, being rude, or being overly cocky. It's still game it's just toned down.

" Hard" game is similar to soft game in the focus on being naturally attractive( For those who haven't seen the Natural Attraction DVD() Being Confident, Masculine, Fun and Interesting are the baseline qualities of being naturally attractive. You're not going to do anything to contradict that when you're running "hard" game. But you are going to add some things. "Hard" game is only supposed to be used on girls who are being bitchy or sarcastic. It doesn't really have much to do with the girls looks, rather with how much she's busting your balls or being mean to you. "Hard" game involves using disqualifiers, body language take-aways, regular old take-aways, The Asshole Attitude as I call it, Passing congruence tests, using jealousy plot-lines and of course that mythical relic of days long ago; pawning and merging sets. You definitely don't need to use any of the hard game tactics to get laid. But there are a variety of situations in NIGHTCLUBS and BARS where they come in useful. I don't think I've ever had to use "hard" game during the day time.

So why did I post this when it seems overly elaborate and detail based?

Because in order to truly understand how to have the best possible chance with ANY particular woman ( Not that you(or I) will ever get even close to 100% success) you need to understand what tools work in what situations.

A lot of the time on bootcamps, guys will use techniques that are "Hard" game with girls that are friendly and it blows them out. Then they wonder why that happened when so-so PUA told him that he MUST disqualify every girl within 30 seconds.

The most important factor is the GIRL'S reaction. That's going to tell you how to proceed. First and foremost you need to meet the girl where she is at RIGHT now. If she's being bitchy, you need to show her that you can stand up to her and won't let her be bitchy to you. This is where "Hard" game comes in.

But if she's being nice or sexual or just neutral, it's almost ALWAYS better to use "Soft" game and see what happens.

Hope that helps clarify some things for ya,

J$=The King Of Motha-Fucking Content.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Removing Ego and Sexual Needines from Your Dating Life

Lately I have been cutting girls faster than barbers do.

Any little thing a girl does that goes against what I'm looking for right now:

Multiple low maintenance relationships with girls who are above the Mythical 8.5 line have real jobs that are in no way related to modeling, the club scene, or acting or performance art I.E The unemployed.

Furthermore at the first sign of a push for commitment, I am going to dump the girl and replace her. I am not interested in committed relationships, semi-committed relationships or anything requiring more investment than every other day phone contact and once a week hangouts.

It would also help to like girls as girls who are willing to have 3somes last on average 3.5 months longer than girls who don't ;)

That's it.

So if a girl starts texting too much, she is done.

If a girl starts being flakey or high maintenance. Peace Out.

If a girl starts developing feelings and I can't keep her at a distance. Dumpsvilee population you!

It feels great, right now I'm seeing one girl who works in Real Estate and I've been on one successful date and am in phone contact with another one of these girls who I'm seeing tomor. I also have a date lined up Thursday with a girl from the mall who owns a T-shirt company.

It all started when I met this girl Kristi at the bookstore. It was a really high pressure pickup as she was sitting in a chair in the corner of a seating area with no empty seats nearby. But I pushed through and got a solid number. And I was REALLY proud of that pickup so I REALLY wanted to make it work.

SO I ignored warning signs...

She started texting me so much it became clear she was creating her own Breakthrough Comfort type whirlwind. And I was playing right into it by using the opportunity to text to escalate the interaction. She was also unemployed, sort of had a boyfriend depending on how coy she wanted to play that particular day and described herself as a loner. If she wasn't hot there is 0% chance I wouldn't have cussed her out through text multiple times.

Plus If I can be real...

Audience: Be Real Son!

I wanted to cum on her tits.

She was reallly hot with really great natural tits. But then, after we had sex she FREAKED out. She gave me an ultimatum about 5 minutes after I came because another girl (who is just a friend) texted me.

I gave her my standard speech about how I don't want commitment right now, with my newly added part about Kristen breaking my heart and me not being ready to have feelings for a girl again.

A heartfelt performance if ever one was given.

Yet she stormed out anyway.

I started to go after her, and as I was putting on my clothes I thought:

" What the hell are you doing?"

" You don't want a commitment, this chick is unemployed,sort of has a boyfriend, and is a royal pain in the ass"

So you know what I did?

I stopped.

For the first time since I've been able to get laid, I turned down sex. Well technically I turned down sex without a lot of money being involved in the alternative, but I digress.

Since then I've been rock solidly focused on my goals. If a girl gives me signs that she doesn't fit the VERY specific (as you can tell from that profile above) criteria I have for what is going to make me happy right now, I'm not interested.

So when a girl recently refused to tell me her last name, despite the fact that we had been texting each other for at least a week, I nexted her.

Then a girl told me that "my schedule changes day to day, but if you text me any day you want to hang out I'll see if I can." after ignoring the question about actually getting together, and changing the subject. I texted her that I wasn't interested in that kind of arrangement and she should have a nice life.

I'm not being rude about any of this, in fact looking at it, my partiality for sarcastic digs and humor has probably made this post sound semi-angry when really I've been super nice to these girls the whole way through.

In fact I'm not even disappearing through text or concocting some mythical IRS scare or Relative in the hospital. Instead I'm calmly and sweetly telling them that they are not compatible with what I'm looking for right now.

Then when they ask why, which they all do. I tell them where they fail to live up to my expectations for the women I'm dating.

Honest, straight forward and to the point. No more going on a date just because in my mind there is a 25% chance of getting laid. No more texting girls that make me want to ram my face through a window. No more trying to get club girls attention for more than a night. No more following up with girls I'm not compatible for, because it was "on".

I'm done, out, over with that shit. This is my official break up letter to trying to get laid at all costs.

Feels refreshing, and surprisingly I'm doing better with women than I ever have before.

So I encourage you all to take the ego and the need for the easy lay out of the equation and judge each woman based on how she would impact your life globally. Just because she's hot does not make her a positive addition to your health, wallet or life.

Stay Thirsty my friends,

JS- The King Of Content.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Having a Creative Outlet

I just finished this book called " The Business of Happiness" by Ted Leonsis who owns the Washington Capitals and Wizards and was a big part of the AOL corporate explosion in the early 2000s.

In the book he outlines 6 different steps to happiness, and one of them is maintaining a creative outlet.

I never really thought about it, but there was some reason that I've been drawn to blogging for almost 5 years now.

Having some sort of creative outlet, not only helps you enjoy your work, have something you can be proud of etc... It also helps you with girls.

Even if the quality of what you produce is TERRIBLE ( like my non pu writing) girls will be interested in seeing what you produce creatively and will be more attracted to you knowing that there is an artistic/creative side to you.

Here's some suggestions for creative outlets

Take photos
Write a blog
Write short stories
Make fun short youtube videos
Build something
learn origami

There's a million things out there you can do to accomplish this, and see positive changes in your life.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Mental Rehearsal

Mental Rehearsal is one of the most powerful tools for working on your game.

This is especially true for guys who can only make it out one or two nights a week.

The way to use mental rehearsal is two fold.

1. Create Drills. Write down the top 10 situations you have problems in with women, and then imagine the various different ways these situations can go. Imagine what you would say to recover when things go badly and what you would say/do to escalate when things go well. This will help you, not only feel more prepared, but will also help you get comfortable with material, new behaviors, etc without the real consequence of rejection. Pussies behind keyboards rejoice, as now you have a perfect excuse for why you never go out. You're visualizing.

2. Visualize yourself achieving your goals. The key here is to think about process, not results. It doesn't help much to imagine having sex with Lisa Ann the porn star, without creating a realistic(at least for your brain) situation in which you met, attracted and seduced her. The way guys screw themselves up with visualization is they simply imagine the result, instead of imagining both the process that led up to the result as well.

Again I want to stress visualization is NOT a substitute for actually approaching women as it is almost impossible to simulate the emotional impact talking to a hot girl can have on any given individual.

That sure sounded scientific at the end.

I'm so fucking smart, and satisfied with myself, I might burst :p

But seriously your success would probably double if you alternately visualized these two scenarios for 10-30 minutes a day every day.


JS-The King of Content

Monday, January 03, 2011

Year End stuff: Resolutions, Top 10s Etc..

Happy New Year.

Now that all of that holiday crap is over, I wanted to take a few minutes to answer some comments and emails I've been getting about top 10s and resolutions. It's awesome that so many of you want to hear what I have to say about these topics, however as I'll get to in a moment, there are legitimate reasons why i didn't do these lists this year.

So on to the explanations.

1. The Top 10 PUA list. I didn't do one of these because to be completely honest, I stopped paying attention to what other people were doing, around June of last year when an AWFUL program on reading womens minds was released and people went out of their way to promote that absolute garbage. I reviewed a few products that were COMPLETE re-hashing of stuff I already taught, checked out a couple of courses that were just awful and made a personal pledge to STOP hanging out with other guys who teach Pickup. It's nothing personal, as I think some of the guys teaching are good teachers/people. It's just as I move further and further away from the community, I become happier and happier. I still like helping guys who are legitimately dedicated to getting better and willing to change their lives, but I'm done meeting PUAs, hanging out with them, and being concerned about who is "good" and who isn't and being concerned about ANYONE ELSE who works in this industry.

To be more blunt, If 99% of the guys who teach this stuff were on fire, I wouldn't piss to put them out.

In general when deciding on whether someone is worth paying to learn from you can refer to my 3 part analysis from The Game Acceleration Doctrine.

For those who never saw the GAD here they are:

1. Are they willing to demonstrate what they can do. If they're not willing to do approaches in front of you, they're not worth your money.

2. Is there a money back guarantee. Again, anyone who is not scamming you should be willing to give you your money back, if you are unsatisfied.

3. Do they have STUDENTS who are successful. The best guys I've seen with women, are often the worst teachers, so you need someone who has a history of being able to get results for people who are not himself.

Guys I would pay to learn from are: Captain Jack, Brad P, AFC Adam, Future, Rob Judge, Mark Manson.

2. The Top Charlatans. I didn't want to do this one, because again, I'm out of the loop. Plus seduction company charlatans are popping up faster than I can even slam them down with my truth hammer. Basically if anything sounds too good to be true it probably is. If you're realistic and can stop yourself from being blinded by the marketing, hype and desperation to get good at this, you SHOULD be able to figure out what works and what doesn't. If all else fails, you can always do what I did and actually TRY out stuff with real girls to see what works and doesn't for you.

Guys to avoid at all costs: Ross Jeffries, Vin Dicarlo, Thundercat, David Wygant.

3. New Year's Resolutions. One of my New Year's Resolutions was to stop putting personal stuff about my life on this blog. I struggled with this last year, as I LOVE having a creative outlet, but I don't like letting down the 3rd wall between myself and EVERYONE who reads this blog. Over the next year you're pretty much only going to
get dating articles on here as I'm moving all my personal stuff to a new blog which will never be mentioned or linked to ANYTHING involving dating, pickup or seduction.

Hope that clears everything up, sorry for the disappointment.

Actually I'm not sorry, I just don't give a fuck :)


JS- The King Of Content