Monday, August 30, 2010

990- Emotional Fludity


A lot of guys even some of
the top gurus out there,
think that the goal of an
interaction with a woman
is to get attraction from

This is somewhat true but
misses the point.

See, attraction is an emotion.

So in reality what we want is to
get the woman to first emotionally
react to us and then to allow us a
degree of what I like to call
Emotional Fluidity.

Emotional Fluidity, besides being
a term I just made up, refers to
what happens when a woman allows you
control of her emotions. It's not
a conscious process and it's also
where a majority of techniques come
into play. Especially those based on

I'm sure you've had what I'm about to describe
happen to you at least once.

You start talking to a girl,
you're attracted to. You're throwing
your best game at her, you're doing
everything right, and she just doesn't

Not an annoyed word, not a blowoff,
just apathy.

In reality apathy is worse than
hate and anger, because a person
has to at least care about you to
hate you.

When a person is apathetic you have
no emotional fluidity. They don't
regard you as important enough to
sway their emotions in the slightest

Sometimes this has to do with value,
sometimes it has to do with looks, but
most often it has to do with communication

You must communicate with women in a
way that early on sparks an EMOTIONAL
reaction. That reaction does not have
to be attraction, it can be curiosity,
annoyance, confusion, or a ton of other
things, but the goal when you start talking
to a woman is not to get attraction, but to
get EMOTION. Almost any emotion can become
attraction, but without emotional fluidity,
you CANNOT get attraction


JS- The King of Content

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Importance Of Relaxation In Pickup

One of the biggest things I've realized as
I've gotten better with women, is that one
of the core skills related to socializing
in general is the ability to relax befor
and during a conversation.

The ability to be relaxed, especially
during the beginning of a cold approach,
conveys a lot of things about you. It shows that
you are confident, used to being around
beautiful women, comfortable.

Plus it allows the woman to relax.

I remember when I started approaching
"hotter" girls, I realized something
startling. There were certain types
of girls I could approach and actually
feel "cooler" than. Some of them were
even extremely attractive. When I approached
these girls, I'd ALWAYS do well, because
I was relaxed "Knowing" I'd do well with

But for whatever reason, they weren't
the kinds of girls I really wanted.

And those girls(The ones I really wanted),
would make me a nervous,mess.

I would stammer, speak softly and weakly,
avoid eye contact.

All because I REALLY wanted them and because
of that I made the interaction WAY too important.

This buildup made it nearly impossible for me to
relax when I approached them.

Even when I ALREADY knew what to do and could do it
successfully with other girls.

So what did I do?

Two things.

First I progressively desensitized myself by FORCING
myself to talk to every hot girl I saw even if it was
just to squeak out a "hi"and run away.

Secondly I learned some relaxation techniques like
15 second breaths, Achievement statements, and muscular
relaxation techniques. But more importantly I focused all
my attention(after I started a conversation) on relaxing.
Sometimes I'd even look for a little flaw on the girl to
help myself not be intimidated by her looks.

And now I can talk to any girl, anywhere, regardless of their
looks or the situation while staying totally relaxed at all times.

Especially with the girls I REALLY like.

I'd also recommend daily stretching and meditation to help
with creating a more laid back presence both physically and

JS- The King Of Content

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Positioning In Dating

Positioning is a term from marketing that refers to creating an image or identity in the mind of a perspective consumer for a product or service that is being marketed.

Positioning is extremely important when it comes to dating.

The way you position yourself upon first meeting a woman, can determine the entire course of your relationship with her.

When it comes to positioning the magic question, is what can I do for her?

You have to position yourself as someone who has something she wants.

Now what that something is can differ from person to person, but to have the greatest amount of success you must position yourself as someone who has something she wants.

Let's look at a couple of examples of good positioning.

1. Potential Boss/source of income: We did a video shoot a few months back and I saw the power of this positioning first hand. If you want to get all evolutionary psychologist here, you could say it relates to survival and security.

2. Club Promoter: This one only works with girls who go out in the area you promote in, but club promoters always start with higher positioning because they control (easy)entrance to the club. Anytime you have a "hookup" you can use that for positioning.

3. Expert in an area she's interested in learning more about. Being able to teach a girl something simple and basic or letting her see you be way above average at something creates higher positioning. I took a girl with me to a kickboxing class the other day and helped her learn to throw punches the right way. The key here is that it has to be something they're interested in. I don't talk to girls about pickup even though I'm an expert in it and can explain things in great detail.

A classic example of positioning is the way nightclubs in cities like Miami, LA, and Vegas work. Unless you have connections, you line up outside of an empty nightclub. This wait time positions the club as exclusive and popular. As opposed to letting everyone in at once, which would position them as half full.

Also look at the difference in positioning created by nightclubs in how you offer to buy a woman a drink. If you open with it you're positioning yourself as willing to pay for her time. Needy, and loserish. However if you buy overpriced bottles(again without a hookup then they're $60 in tip, I know) and open by inviting the girls to the table for a drink, you're positioned as cool and trendy. Even though in both situations you're offering the girls free alcohol to hang out with you...

So let's re-cap this post: Positioning is all about how you differentiate yourself from everyone else in relation to the woman you're dealing with. We want to create positioning based on what we can do for her. This is one of the things that can cause women to chase you.


JS- The King Of Content

Monday, August 23, 2010

Post # 987- Fun New Technique

Oh the countdown to DRAMA is ON!

13 more blog posts and I will probably get sued for revealing some scandalous shiz...

Actually may have to release the post as a work of fiction with names changed, kinda like The Game

Anyhoo, here's a quick technique I've been using at night when it's time to pull.

Originally it started out honest and then became a technique.

What I'll do is around 30 mins before last call or the end of the party, I will look at my cellphone and then ask the girl how I should blow off a booty call politely because I want to hang out more with her.

This is a great little last bit of pre-selection before you go for the pull.

As former Fast troll Feminator would write:


JS- The King Of Content

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Learn Directly From My Biggest Influence; Captain Jack


Most of you have probably already heard about Captain Jack. We were wings for a couple years and we probably had a higher output than any other Wing tandem in history. A couple of years ago I named him the world's best pick-up artist. (I've been OUT in the field with more professional 'name' PUAs than anyone else so I am the most qualified to make that kind of judgement.)

Anyways, here are 5 posts by CJ I think you should read. I believe they will change your game forever. Even if you've already read them before you should read them again. CJ's posts are often layered with little bits of golden information that you 'get' only with more and more experience.

Here they are:

Post 1:Romance = Sexual Tension

In this post, CJ discusses a lot of the dynamics behind Sexual Framing. It launched his very effect 'Framing Mastery' program where the number of SNLs quickly exceeded the number of PUAs on the call. Many were getting multiple SNLs in the same week.

Post 2: Game Dynamics

This post doubled CJ's blog traffic. It describes the framework and rules behind all human interactions and makes PU so simple and fun and returns the thrill of pick-up back to the PUA. It expands on these ideas:

All Games are Based on Agreement.

Game Dynamic 1: You and her must agree you are both Players in a Game You Both Want to Play.

Game Dynamic 2: You and her must agree you are both playing the same Game TOGETHER.

Game Dynamic 3: You must show her that you VALUE her Game Goal.

Game Dynamic 4: You must demonstrate that you can carry her through the Obstacles… first by handling them in her mind, then in the immediate environment then over time.

By passing each dynamic you get closer to sex. Her statements and questions are evaluated in the light of which Dynamic she is trying to Clarify. This is a must read post.

Post 3: Keeping It Sexual In Comfort . This is for those PUAs who find themselves getting stuck in boring, non-sexual conversations or Day2s that go nowhere.

Post 4: Gun To The Head Gaming Part 1. This is what CJ would do if goons broke into his house and told him he had to bet laid THAT NIGHT or they'd come back and shoot him in the face!

Post 5: Gun To The Head Gaming Part 2 . This is a checklist that every PUA should measure themselves against every night they go out. It is a way to truly measure your performance and shore up your weaknesses. PURE GOLD!

Why am I asking you to go read them? Very simple.

1. I know that reading them will boost your Game to the next level. No doubt. Each post in itself could do that, but all 5 together is a virtual guarantee.

2. CJ has just put every product he's created up for sale at a deep discount. I think everyone should invest in his material. I don't want you to miss out. Go here to read more about his "Insane Completion Offer" .

Friday, August 13, 2010

Club People VS Non Club People

Ok here's a quick post that can actually make you a lot happier and more successful with women.

In my experience(and for the sake of this article) there are two types of people in the World; Club people and non club people.

Club people LIVE for the club. It is the highlight of their week and they go regardless of whether they actually get laid, meet people they like, or even have a single social interaction with another person. Some of them go to dance,all of them like to drink, and most use drugs recreationally if they don't have a full blown drug problem.

On the other hand we have non club people or as I like to refer to them "my readers." I would say 99% of guys who get into this are not club people. Meaning that if you took away the alluring possibility of getting laid, these guys would NEVER go to bars and clubs. I should know, because I am one of these people.

Now for years and years I believed that in order to be good at this, you have to be going to bars and clubs, because that's where the hotties were. I tried for years to like bars and clubs. In fact when I was living in Dallas and Miami I was out by myself in bars and clubs 3-4 nights a week, and 6-7 nights a week total.

Yet even when I was having outrageous success, I NEVER looked forward to going to these places.

Eventually it hit me, the truth is you're either a club person or you're not. And I was not.

So about 6-7 months ago, I stopped going to bars and clubs outside of bootcamps and dates.

I was expecting my level of success with women to take a small hit, because I wasn't going to be around the drunk and slutty contingent which is so integral to bar and club success.

Instead the opposite happened, I started to go eat lunch at various malls in the Scottsdale area and was amazed to find hotter and much cooler girls there than I was meeting at clubs. Instead of sleeping with less girls a month, I was sleeping with more.

It was then during a conversation with Jay Formhandle that I got the second piece to the puzzle. He remarked that you NEVER meet club girls during the day. I thought about it for a second and outside of flights to and from Las Vegas, he was completely right. Club girls don't come out during the day and day time girls (Like grad students, nurses, lawyers, and most real models as opposed to "Models") are rarely found at night.

So take this post as a guiding light, if you HATE bars and clubs; STOP GOING TO THEM. You don't need to interact with scumbags in order to meet attractive women. They are literally all around you as you go through life.

And in the meantime you can make fun of ridiculous club people on websites like this one:

The Dirty

That is all.

JS- The King Of Content

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Seduction Roadmap is CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who took part in it.

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Sorry if you missed it...


Monday, August 02, 2010

This Guy Got Laid 3 Times Last Week... No Joke!


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Troy B.
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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Here's One Last Chance?

Hey there,

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