Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who is Julian Foxx????

So when i was down in Orlando Heartwork was telling me about this guy who pulled some girl from Mystery on video and has taught some stuff with Vin Dicarlo.

So I was obviously interested in seeing what was up. I'll let the video talk for itself...

Pretty interesting stuff. It doesn't necessarily mean anything, as Mystery may or may not have been interested in getting that girl, but Julian appears to have some definite skills and some major cajones...

I'm interested in seeing more from this guy.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Under 21 Convention

Ok here's my recap from the Under 21 Convention...

So I flew down Thurs night and was planning on meeting up with El Topo and Fidelio, but Fidelio's phone was dead... So I ended up heading out alone to the Church and Orange area. I did quite a few sets and ended up getting bounced to Dragon Room by a really hot two set, but I lost them to dancing :(

The seminar started for me on Fri as I was speaking right after Dream, and before Ratisse. AFC Adam actually showed up right before my talk with his awesome girlfriend and being the geeks we are, we played with the light saber download app for our iphones. So pretty much any idea that I'm cool was quickly dissipated by that display :) Then I spoke and introduced my new model, which I believe is the first cyclical model in the community. I also explained some stuff on frames, broke down my new three levels of comfort stuff, did a Q and A, and more. Then we had a lunch break and I got to hang out with Heartwork, Manwhore, Psych, and Ratisse. All awesome guys. When we came back from lunch I got to watch Adam speak and he was awesome as always he shared some new stuff that his girlfriend worked on with him and overall gave a great presentation. El Topo was supposed to go on after him originally in the line up and he was very glad he didn't have to follow it.

That night Doc Holliday and Entropy arrived. Which was special because it was Doc's birthday. His 21st birthday. And he doesn't really drink, and he's short. So Entropy and I decide it's a good idea to try to get him to drink 21 shots. This started out at Dragon Room and spilled all over the streets of downtown Orlando and into Ibar. The highlights included me lifting Doc up and carrying him into sets. All of us running around trying to do Australian or English accents and really just practicing an indeterminate accent, me laying in wait for Doc with the fattest girl in the club, ready to pounce on him and block him in the booth with her, and making tons of borderline incoherent (but funny to us) videos.

The next day I saw some of the speakers but was mostly nursing an AWFUL hangover so I wasn't in the best of moods... I did get to see Mehow's presentation, which I really liked as well as Manwhore's which was also awesome. And I got to see Doc Holliday and Entropy speak during El Topo's presentation. El topo is always awesome, but seemed particularly "On" that day in terms of his weird off the cuff remarks. I was actively trying to hear what he was going to come up with next.

Then the next night we came with an idea called the circle of Oui. Here's some of the video we've done so far...

We've got the best ones coming up soon...

Then Speer and I drove down to Miami and Doc got laid.

You can check out Doc, and Entropy's experiences DOC


Other than that, I had a blast and met some great people. Good times. Except for the hang over!

Got some videos Speer and I on the way too with some of the craziness we've been in down here.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Alex parody video

Hey guys,

I had a bunch of fun this weekend at the Under 21 Convention, and me and Psych made a bunch of little fun videos as we were wandering around downtown Orlando getting Doc Holliday ridiculously drunk at his 21st( Happy B-day Doc).

One of them was a tribute to the Alex video :

All in good fun. Massive props to RSD and Alex for all they do.

We have a bunch of fun videos we'll be releasing soon on youtube. I hope no one takes them as "disses" but this is the community :)



Monday, July 28, 2008

Emergency Reports (ER)

So this past weekend myself, and Entropy as well as Psych and Heartwork all had pulls wrecked when in the last moment, E.R.

An ER is anything that goes horribly wrong at the most improbable time. For me it happened Fri night when Entropy and I pulled a 4 set. On the surface this should have been really easy. 3 girls, 3 guys, all of us coupled up and making out. Then the guy starts being a complete tool. I try breaking us up into groups by saying “ Ok, me and her ar going here, you go with Entropy, you go with random douchebag, ok!”. That almost worked. Finally my girl and I go to her car and her friends take Entropy and go on their way to what I think will be Entropy’s hotel.

My girl and I arrive at my hotel and as we’re hooking up,, my phone is blowing up. I ignore it, until the room phone rings and Entropy and the other 3 have shown up. My girl freaks out and starts crying. The girl Entropy is with is being a bitch, the guy’s being a douche. Finally Entropy tells them it was nice to meet them and they leave.

Which is where the story gets really interesting. Entropy starts to tell me about the car ride. Apparently once they get in the driver girl( who had been making out with the douchebag) asked him if he had any kids. Then she proceeds tot start telling him about how random sex can be dangerous, because she had random sex once and now she has a kid…. It went on like that for the whole car ride.

Psych and Heartwork had pulled a big group of Asian girls when E.R….

So I want to officially start using this in my reports and now it’s explained. Dealing with ERs is really important because pulls are RARELY if ever easy. And most guys just assume you ask the girl to leave and she instantly says yes and you go. At some point I’ll expand on t he variety of E.Rs and ways to get around them.


P.S Full review of the Under 21 summit is coming this week with video.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Attraction Code By Vin Dicarlo

Ok guys this will be the first of a bunch of reviews in the next little bit. I've been catching up on a bunch of other people's stuff in developing the unification model I will be unveiling at the Under 21 convention. Major props go to a bunch of people in the development of the new model most notably AFC Adam, El Topo and Captain Jack. I'm really excited because I feel like this model brings together EVERY idea in the community and dating science as a whole.

But onto The Attraction Code.

I was super excited to read the attraction code, because I had met Vin Dicarlo WAY back in 2005. That was back when he posted as Woodhaven on He had been posting some really good really detailed LRS, and was introducing a concept he was calling " natural game". I met him and his partner back then in Boston and they helped out on a bootcamp. I was really impressed with both of them and how different their game was to mine, while still being effective.

So when I started to see all the promo for The Attraction Code, I thought I should check it out. For the sake of brevity I'm going to be breaking all of my reviews down into three sections: Information, Teaching, and Usability.

First let's talk about the information in The Attraction Code. The attraction code is all about the process of attraction. In fact in all of the literature in the community, I don't know if attraction has EVER been looked at this closely on both an inner and outer game level. Chapter 1 explores the concepts of status and dominance from an evolutionary perspective. I particularly liked the definition of Status that was given early in chapter one.

"Status is the order of importance of people in the group"

A great simple explanation. The most important person in the group has the highest status, the least important person the lowest status.

The second chapter talks about how attraction has evolved throughout the ages. The major difference here comes from the shift away from survival and towards conveying relative dominance. This is a huge shift in thinking from the typical community model of survival characteristics. In fact this chapter contains the best definition of an alpha male I've ever read. I don't want to give everything away, but it focuses on shifting away from tearing people down and towards being a leader who brings everyone up to a higher level...

The third chapter is all about female psychology. I really like Vin's ideas of seeing women as teammates as opposed to opponents. This is something that being too into " game" can screw up. You have to look at pick up as a two way street, where both of you guys are getting something out of it. A girl is hoping you can pick her up well as much as you are... But by far my favorite part of this chapter had to deal with submission and women's urge to please. Here's my favorite quote

" A woman is not fully satisfied unless she is satisfying you. She only completely enjoys sex when you enjoy sex. She trusts you if you make her be trustworthy. She feels comfortable when you are comfortable. "

The fourth chapter was where the attraction code is finally introduced via the 4 EP model of personal expression. This is actually the first model I can remember seeing showing how inner game affects outer game. It's a fascinating look at attraction and how our thoughts get manifested into actions that either serve to make women more or less attracted to us. Vin also introduces the idea of state frictions. The three major state frictions were Attention Fixation, Social Pressure and Intention-Violation. I particularly liked the Eleven Immutable Law of an attractive identity. A list of beliefs and ways of being that causes attraction in women. Great stuff there. But by far my favorite part of the book was this attraction proof. I felt like this was something I'd been trying to say for a long time without having the words. So here's a little attraction math for that ass...

A Proof they don’t teach in Math Class

The focus of your attention determines your reality
1. you have the ability to gain conscious control over
2. what you pay attention to

3.You have the ability to gain conscious control over your reality.

We hear a lot of talk about having a strong frame or reality or what not, but this chapter actually gives you the know how to build a strong reality that is attractive to women.

All right let's move on to part two: Teaching.

I REALLy liked the unique way that Vin put together The Attraction Code. It's written like Sperm Wars with a fictional narrative, this one happens to involve a protagonist named Patrick. There are also clues to the attraction code spread throughout the book to encourage the reader to actively follow the material. This was my favorite part of the teaching style. When teaching seminars I'm constantly thinking about how to keep the group engaged and out of passive listening mode. Vin figured out a way to include that in his book. Which was awesome. I also like the various charts, proofs, and affirmations Vin uses to teach. My one complaint with the teaching was the lack of INSTANTLY applicable material. Besides a section shrugging to handle congruence tests, there wasn't a lot of stuff a guy could use THAT night. But the overall value of the information and exercises for building a strong reality greatly outweigh this negative.

Finally part three: Usability.

The usuability section is really about how easy to download, read, watch etc.. each product. The Attraction code was simple to download, and easy to read and follow. It was also really nicely packaged with great artwork and a SUPER useful sidebar navigation system. Overall I'd say this is one of the best put together ebooks I've seen. It also comes with bonus material on preventing flakes, objection game, the Dicarlo escalation model and more!

Overall I give The Attraction Code 4 out of 5 stars and consider it a must have for anyone who wants to work on becoming the type of guy who attracts women simply by being.

To get your copy go to Here

Monday, July 21, 2008

Walk for a good cause

Hey guys,

My bro Sean Messenger hit me up with an email about a walk he's doing for his Mom's Avon walk for breast cancer. Anyone who's ever met me knows how I feel about breasts so I wanted to show some love and put up a link to his video and a page where you can donate to a great cause.

Check it out:

If you want to donate something go Here


Friday, July 18, 2008

Video Blog: Attraction Frames!

Here's part one of the series:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Video Blog: Intro to Frames

Hey guys,

I did a series of video blogs explaining what the differences are between Attraction frames, Comfort frames, and Seduction frames. But then I thought " wait do people understand what frames are?" and so to make sure thta everyone's working with the same understanding of frames I am I made this video...

I'll be posting the rest of the videos over the next few weeks.

You can check out all my video blogs Here

If you like or hate the videos hit me up with comments!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hanging with the Pick up community's Beckham and Posh

Hey guys,

Been super busy finalizing things for the LR book and preparing my speech for the under 21 convention. But yesterday I got to spend some time with two of my favorite people in the community AFC Adam and his girlfriend/co-trainer Amanda.

Adam is bar none one of the best guys I've ever seen in the community, but more importantly than that he's an innovator. Adam is famous for his " Break rapport/Build attraction" system, which I've seen more than a few people teaching knock off copies of. Yesterday was particularly interesting because Adam explained where his particular ideas on game came from. Adam discussed how he breaks down systems and showed me how he's done it on everything from Magic the Gathering games to Tekken 3, and 5, to game. Adam's stuff is really great and as I was listening to him explain the dominant strategy for Prisoner's Dilemas, I got why he games the way he does. It's a way of breaking the system of attraction. It's cheating :) And I've seen it work.

We also got to record some cool stuff for USAPUA.TV which is an awesome site that's going to have a ton of FREE video content. I interviewed Adam and Amanda for my upcoming as of yet untitled thing on staying happy in the game... I interviewed Brad P for the same thing about a week ago and I'm getting excited for whatever it will be...

Finally we ended up going to Texas De Brazil which is amazing and has all you a delicious array of various meats. Sooo good, but I ended up in a food coma that HB Liz Lemmon one of my FBS had to talk me out of.

Good times,


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Contribute to the Shaq should punch Kobe in the face in his last game before retirement fund!

I have been swamped the last few months with the whole running a company thing plus trying to have a social life, obligations, you guys get it. So I didn't get a chance to talk at all about the amazing NBA season that brought me back as a fan and the worst pick up basketball player of all time :)

However I was talking with my new business manager Badghdad Billy Walsh last night and while in the midst of talking about the Elton Brand Clippers mess and how Kobe's flaws as an offensive player were showcased in the finals( Seriously you put a 6-8 athletic James Posey,Paul Pierce, Tayshaun Prince type on him and Kobe becomes a very average 2) I asked him if he had heard Shaq's freestyle from some NY club about a week after the finals. He hadn't. Maybe you haven't either, if not check it out:

So a couple things to keep in mind. We are in the internet age so ANYTIME you get on stage anywhere you have to assume someone is going to record it on a cell phone. Shaq gets this. Hell Kobe got caught last summer talking about how Andrew Bynum should have been traded in a parking lot at the mall. So Shaq had to know Kobe would see this. Immediately after Shaq came out and said that it wasn't serious, he's an MC, etc..

I also will acknowledge that Shaq probably felt out of the spotlight. For the first time Kobe was in the spotlight without Shaq. So this was at least partially motivated in my mind at at least by Shaq's well known love of the limelight. Anyone remember Shaq-fu the video game? Or Can't stop the Reign the track he recorded with Biggie... Shaq loves attention. But I don't think that's why he did this.

As everyone knows I loath Kobe Bryant as an athlete. I also respect the fact that he's been the best player in the NBA since somewhere around 2002/2003. I think that he's extremely selfish, one of the worst teammates I've ever seen, and possibly a sociopath. That said there was a defining moment that Kobe lost me. It was the Colorado rape trial. Not the actual trial or even the fact that Kobe was arrested for sexual assault. No, it was when he ratted Shaq out to the cops. Kobe told the police that shaq paid girls like this off all the time. So we got a real glimpse at what type of person Kobe Bryant actually is. The type of person who will say or do ANYTHING to keep himself out of trouble. No matter who he has to throw under the bus.

Shaq even alludes to this incident in the freestyle where he says " I'm a horse Kobe told the police. Now I'm getting a divorce. Kobe said I gave a bitch a mil. I don't do that cause my name's Shaquille." That line to me is why i don't buy Shaq saying it was just a joke. Everybody knows the saying that every joke has a little bit of truth to it.Well Shaq actually is getting divorced. I think most wifes of professional athletes have a don't ask, don't tell policy with their husbands. They get amzing houses, cars, and 7 million dollar diamond rings in exchange for pretending they don't know why they couldn't get ahold of their man after the game. But I would imagine having a report come out where a teammate accuses your husband of paying off girls for sex all the time might have influenced the former Mrs O'Neal to investigate things a bit further.

So the question becomes if Shaq hates Kobe so much, why doesn't he do something about it? Like for me if someone was stealing my material, claiming they had come up with it and then was going to be presenting at the same conference as me( Like in Orlando at the Under 21 convention) I'd fuck them up. Why? Because they deserve it. Likewise if someone ruined my marriage and cost me 10s of millions of dollars(which is a pretty conservative figure for Shaq's eventual settlement) I'd want a little payback. So here I am officially starting the Shaq should punch Kobe fund. According to the fine would not be more than $35,000. From Rules

Section VI--Fighting Fouls
a. Technical fouls shall be assessed players, coaches or trainers for fighting. No free throws will be attempted. The participants will be ejected immediately.
b. This rule applies whether play is in progress or the ball is dead.
c. If a fighting foul occurs with a team in possession of the ball, that team will retain possession on the sideline nearest the spot where play was interrupted but no nearer to the baseline than the free throw line extended.
d. If a fighting foul occurs with neither team in possession, play will be resumed with a jump ball between any two opponents who were in the game at the center circle.
e. A fine not exceeding $35,000 and/or suspension may be imposed upon such person(s) by the Commissioner at his sole discretion.

I personally am willing to contribute $ 1,000 to watch Shaq punch Kobe as long as it's a clear shot to the face. So we need to raise 34,000 That's 1 dollar from 34K people.

So how can you help?

1. Post this EVERYWHERE you can! The more support the better. We need facebook groups, A myspace page everything.
2. I'm sending this to Shaq's agent, and PR company. If anyone has a better way to get it to be seen by Shaq hit me up over email Sinns travel @ G mail.
3. If you want to contribute email me
4. If you want to set up an office pool to contribute email me.
5. Help me fill every NBA mailbag from Sports Illustrated to Slam magazine to my beloved Sports Guy. We need publicity.

To Shaq punching Kobe!


Monday, July 14, 2008

The Alex video Parody

So RSD instructor Alex put up an in field video which has since been taken down where he calls some chick over and makes out with her. In field video is always good right?

Then apparently he asked someone on the forums to parody him, and we got the highlight of my day...

RSD has had some great parodies lately with the Wooo/ No Wooo Mac ads. Really funny stuff to go along with the usual great content. I'll be posting a Flawless Natural review when I get my copy.

But, But I had Nimbus...


Sinn's 10 commandments of plowing

Hola PUAS,

There was a discussion on one of the forums about plowing and one of the guys seemed to think plowing consisted of being pushy and telling the girl to come over against her wishes. Not so much. So I decided to regulate like Warren G.

I also decided to publicly share the 10 commandments of plowing I teach on my bootcamps.

First let me say; Plowing is very overrated.

Most of the time we recommend it to students just as an exercise in social pressure. If you're going to plow you def want to avoid being pushy and needy.

If you're going to insist on plowing here's Sinn's 10 commandments of plowing.

1. Do: Smile. You'd be suprised how many guys sit there and keep talking completely stone faced even as their teasing girls or telling a supposedly interesting story.

2. Don't: Be rude, try to AMOG a guy while plowing, or throw out of left field negs. Plowing is in and of itself a fairly rude act. You're forcefully taking up the time of people who don't really want to talk to you. So don't compound this by being rude. Once you've hit the point that you need to plow, your social value is low enough that it would be like a bum negging them.

3. Do: Keep it positive. If you can stay positive, you don't have to be interesting. It's very hard for people to be rude to someone who hasn't done anything wrong. The reason for this is a concept called cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is the process we go through to align our behaviors with what we perceive to be our character. Most people don't want to think of themselves as rude people. However if you break any social convention, bore them, or are rude. They can treat you badly with no repurcussions as YOU did something wrong and their not rude, you were creepy, boring, rude etc..

4. Don't: Keep stacking attraction material. This comes down to being flexible. If the attraction stuff isn't working. Try going for rapport. Yes I know that you read attraction comes before rapport and you're scared to ask people questions because you might lose value. Guess what? You're already in damage control and you might find a commonality that turns the set around.

5. Do: Ask questions to keep them engaged in what you're saying. These are called " check ins" by various gurus. The idea is to say something that allows them to contribute but doesn't derail what you're saying. Something like " Has that ever happened to you?" or " You know what I'm saying"

6. Don't: Tell long stories that require a lot of attention. They're not that into you so they're not gonna pay attention.

7. Do: Try to make them laugh. Humor fixes almost everything.

8. Don't: Acknowledge the situation. You have to act like you guys are all friends and they are really into talking to you. Don't bring up the idea that they don't want you there.

9. Do: Try to win over the person who seems most likely to like you. This is usually a dude or a less attractive girl. All you need is ONE person in the group to think you're cool and you can use that as leverage to make everyone like you. Think of it as social proof inside the set.

10.Don't: Plow for more than 10 mins. If they haven't opened up by 10 mins in you're probably in a 25 minute to nowhere set. Remember there are girls out who will like you. Don't waste too much time trying to win over the ones who don't.

If none of this works, you can always go game other girls in front of this set and then come back in an hour or so. If you didn't break any of the dos and don'ts it's likely the interaction will go better when you re-open. It could be alcohol, the other guys that talked to them being lame or whatever but a lot of good things come from reapproaching cold groups.

Use this list to avoid being the annoying guy who won't leave or stop talking to us :)



Friday, July 11, 2008

Kurgen's Wager:

Hey guys,

Long time blog readers may remember the Kurgen. He's helped me out on a few bootcamps and been featured in a few FRs etc..

But I don't think I've ever shared his inspirational story. He was a guy Fastlife and I used to go out with down in Orange County. Actually we didn't so much go out with him, as run into him at first. And at first he was hopeless. Let me tell you guys a little about him. When we met him 4 or 5 years ago he was 42, he also works full time as a teacher. And he's an Asian guy who was interested in non Asian women. I'm not here to argue about race or morality, instead I'll just say that there are whole methods based on teaching Asian men to meet non Asian women because of a percieved stigma. So the Kurgen didn't have a lot of raw material to work with to attract the twenty somethings we saw him approaching EVERY week. But as cheesy as it sounds the Kurgen had something more important than natural talents and advantages. He had a burning desire to get better. He went out every night and always approached tons of girls. He would open anything and keep plowing until the girls walked away. But he wasn't getting better.

Six months later he still wasn't improving. Even though Fastlife and I had given him a fair amount of advice. He never seemed to take it.

It's funny because Fastlife and I had MULTIPLE conversations about how he would NEVER get better.

But one night I was wandering around one of the super hot trendy venues in Orange county when low and behold there's Kurgen. And he's actually teasing girls and touching, and doing all the things Fastlife and I had been telling him for almost a year. Then it seemed like he got better EVERY time we saw him. He actually ended up getting really good. In fact I'd say he has some of the tightest,attraction game I've ever seen. It's amazing to watch him go into sets with girls twenty years younger than him and have them eating out of my hand. Along the way I found the Kurgen to have an encyclopedic knowledge of game that even rivals my own. In fact he's one of the guys editing the LR book as we speak.

So I was talking to Kurgen the other day and he told me about something he called Kurgen's wager. I thought it was a great iner game concept and asked him to write up an article to share with you guys.

For more info on Kurgen Check out



Your Beliefs And Game

By The Kurgan

I’ve been in the community for over 4 years, and the single element that made all the difference in the world in pick up was my beliefs. It was when I believed I was good, I got good. I’ve talked to Sinn, Future, CJ, and El Topo about this very topic and they all seemed to agree.

Beliefs are one of the most important concepts you need to understand in order to get really hot women.

I’m going to talk about the key to pick up and it’s beliefs. You must have the right beliefs in place before (or during) you start gaming girls. Your beliefs are the foundations of which you are going to be building “frames” around the girl. So, it is both a psychological and a tactical element to pick up.

Here’s the simple truth about a belief: A Belief Is Only A Focus Of Attention.

That’s it. Think about it: The belief in yourself as super successful with hot girls, is merely a focus of attention.

Your entire “being” is based on your beliefs about you. No one but “you” has ever agreed about the things you believe about yourself-- except you. Yes, people of authority in your life told you things about you, but you chose to believe it.

If you have strong negative beliefs, it will externally be reflected through you’re attitude, body language, and voice tone.

Internal and External Beliefs

A Belief has an internal and an external mental component. Your belief mentally, that is, inner psychology, projects out to the young women you game (external states). External states affect the girls you game through confidence, body language, and voice tone.

In a way, beliefs are fused with frames upon frames that fuel your meta-frame. You need to understand this. That’s why I’m saying that the internal states will dictate the external subcommunication you give off to the world all the time.

If you get the internal states mastered and you use the tactical strategies regarding opening, manufacturing attraction, connection, and seduction, in addition to creating a cool life style, you are going to be masterful at having beautiful girls waltzing into your life!

(You ever think about how “Bad” you are with girls after a night of sarging? Think about it in the negative fuels the very reason girls won’t like you. You are internalizing the very belief that is counter to your cause of gaming girls.)

That’s because your beliefs about yourself and about your ability to attract and date women is dependant on your beliefs.

Internalize this. This is important: Whatever you believe, with feeling, even if it’s contrary to fact, will become your reality.

Your mind has a tendency to only focus on one thing at a time. If you have a belief, whether it is a positive or negative, then you will start to see evidence in your life that will re-enforce those beliefs. In other words, your mind filters out information that contradicts a belief.

It’s really fascinating and almost bizarre, but simple and true—hence your internal beliefs actually control your reality.

Let me give you an example you can understand.

Last year, I bought a Nissan Altima. Before that I had a convertible roadster. Well, my old car, the convertible, I had seen other models of my same car everywhere, on the road. I saw them at the signal, on the freeway, in the parking lot. I saw them everywhere. I knew the model year of that car just from looking at the rims or paint job.

During that time, I never really focused on Altimas.

Well, guess what happened when I started to drive my new Altima? Yes, you guessed it. I saw them everywhere. That’s what I mean when I say that a human mind can focus on one thing. This is the same phenomenon that occurs when you have a belief.

The crucial point here is that a belief will give you your reality whether it’s true or not.

So, the key here is in you. You decide what to believe in your life. So, whatever belief you have about your ability with women, young or old, you have picked up sometime in your past and you have filtered and found evidence throughout your life to make it true This has helped you form your current beliefs.
Well the so called “evidence” was only because you focused on the negative belief(s). You actually filtered out the positive evidence that women were interested in you, but you didn’t focus on it, so you never saw it!!!

Now, don’t beat yourself up here. It’s just that all this knowledge is just coming out now because of the internet.

I know for a fact that this type of knowledge has been around for centuries. I have a background in philosophy but these philosophers never told it in a “practical” way.

So, whether or not you believe you’re good with women, it just doesn’t matter in terms of whether it’s true or not. The world doesn’t care. Remember, the same person can be good with women or bad with women. It’s just based on your beliefs. It’s that simple.

It’s a personal choice because you control what goes on in your head. In other words, because a belief doesn’t have to reflect a basic reality, it doesn’t matter if you are “bad” with young women or “good” with women, because it is just a matter of free will or choice.

Now, if you choose to believe you are good with girls, the “frames” you build will work on your target. So, believe in yourself.

One of my good friend and teacher once told me, “you only have a shortcoming if you believe you have one.

The Law of Belief: What ever you believe in, irrespective of whether or not the belief is true:--it, the belief, will come true.

So, if you believe in some belief (about yourself) that is a good belief, contrary to fact--but you believe it: by virtue of the law of belief, it will come true.

Hence your beliefs are at the core of your frame(s): the person with the stronger frame will absorb the weaker frame. Therefore, your belief can be based on a belief contrary to fact, but if you believe in yourself—it will become your reality.

Negative Beliefs

Negative beliefs are the bases of all human suffering. It’s not just about getting that hot 21 year old at the local bar that we are talking about here. Negative beliefs can make you always see the negative in everything. Don’t do that.

But, in attracting and dating young women, you must take the negative beliefs and remove them from your mind, forever. It can be done. The human mind can substitute a negative thought with a positive one super easy. But you have to be mindful here and be aware when you have these negative thoughts. By the way, a belief or frame creates a thought, which creates a behavior and world views.

Your mental states are the most important factor in attracting and dating young girls. Like I explained before, winning girls over is an attraction process for women, which is based on your personality rather than looks or money. We have to be internally strong (personality) when we want to attract women in general.

The 100% problem men have is that they think in the man’s “frame” that women would be attracted to the same things as a man, that is, looks; men think that women are attracted to looks and wealth only.

This is a fatal mistake. Sadly, most men will spend the rest of their lives making the mistake of pursuing wealth to compensate for “looks.” They will spend the most productive part of their lives on pursuing money, cars, and homes, and never invest in their personalities. Sad.

So, for us men, we are attracted to a women’s looks first. The inner part of the women is not as important to a man, at least not initially.

So, men think that this works for women as well. Most men think that women only go for the good looking “Brad Pitt” type guys. A guy thinks it’s all about looks and money. Well, like I said before, I know guys that are actually ugly that get 8s, 9s, and 10s because they have such a confident, funny, and cool personality: a “stand up guy.”

I know of another guy who is super good looking, blonde, and tall, but he has no confidence and he gets dates initially, but the women can figure out he’s has innergame issues and is a “wimp.” So they “run for the hills.” He hardly gets second or third dates. It’s sad.

I know this other guy who makes “x” million dollars a year, good looking, but he has no game, because internally, there’s something “going on.”

Remember, a guy’s attractiveness to a women is from the inside out, not the outside in. Outside means cars, wealth, looks, height, and so on. You now get the picture. Duh. Simple but profound.

50 To 60 Thousand Thoughts Per Day

The Human mind has 50 to 60 thousand thoughts a day. The vast majority of these thoughts have already been established because someone of authority in your childhood and beyond gave you these thoughts about yourself that you chose to accept.


Most people have negative thoughts. These thoughts set off your emotions. Hence your emotions are subordinate to your thoughts. Your emotions determine your “state” or more importantly your being.

Much of these thoughts are your beliefs. This is why it’s so important that you get the negative thoughts out of your head.

Your thought processes cycle through your mind and builds momentum over time. Think about the thoughts of your thoughts of your thoughts of your thoughts of your focus in your mind that are your belief(s). If they are negative, they take on a mind of their own.

That’s 50 to 60 thousands thoughts a day that have enormous consequences in your life--because in your life, all causation is mental. Thoughts control your world. Thoughts control your emotional states. Thoughts based on your beliefs controls your emotions. Your emotions control your behavior. Your behavior controls how other people perceive you.

That explains why beliefs are so powerful. You have to “commandeer” those negatives thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It can be done with diligence.

Mind Flash: Important Safety Tip

When I first decided to get good with younger girls, I thought that my best friend of over 20 years would be an ideal “wing-man.” I told him that I decided to “get good” with women and if he wanted to learn gaming girls with me.

Well, he went out of his way to “bag” on me on how stupid it was. When I started to get success with women, he said the girls I was getting we “ugly” even though they were not. It was unbelievable.

There’s a concept called the “referent group.” What this concept means is that the people you hang out with can influence you tremendously. They are like living belief systems that can sabotage your efforts. Other people’s thoughts can actually be more powerful in influencing you than your own thoughts.

People don’t like you to rise above them, even if they are your friends or family. In fact, what I’ve found is that friends and family do the greatest damage, and there is a body of evidence to support this. It’s sad but true.

Hence don’t let other people affect your belief or belief system by not telling them what you are doing. If you must tell them, tell them after you have 5 hot twenty-something girlfriends in a row and they ask you for your secret. (Send them to my webpage!

Be your own person and don’t let what other people determine or undermine your pursuits. Remember, it’s your life, not theirs. 

If you approach 3 women in a row and you get “blown out” or rejected, you might give up. You have to have an unstoppable belief that you are good with girls or it’s over before you start.

Ideally, you are working on your inner psychology, skill set, and life-style at the same time. Trust me, it all will come together. But stay with it. ”

This is where it all begins. We are gong to get those bad beliefs the hell out.

You must think this: The more I believe in myself, the more I become the person I believe in.

Remember here that the “Map Is Not The Territory.” If you remember this, no matter how bad you think you are with young women in the beginning of your journey, it just doesn’t matter. The person (you) with the strongest belief system--which you will develop anyway over time--(that you are a master with women) holds the most influence over others with weaker belief systems (the girls who inherently have weaker belief systems).

A belief doesn’t have to be real to work because of frames.

Again, I’m not saying that if you believe you can fly that you can grow feathers and fly to Paris so you can game French girls. No, I’m talking about the reality in your head. Like thinking your awesome with girls or that you suck with girls. I’m talking about that section between your ears ok!

This may be shocking, but a lot of your beliefs are not based on reality, but you’re mind has accepted these beliefs and they are making you behave in a manner that messes you up with women or anything else in your life.

Look, if you really want to know the secret to attracting women it’s this: If you believe you’re good with women, women will feel it, then they will believe it because your belief will fuel you frame(s). It’s just that simple.


There is a psychological concept called cognitive dissonance. It states that cognitive dissonance is the filtering of information that conflicts with what one already believes, in an effort to ignore that information to reinforce one’s untrue beliefs.

What this means is that we filter out evidence that contradicts a bad belief. So, your belief that you are “not good with girls” is not real. You have the potential to learn how to be a “star” with hot young women because you are already good right now.

So, when you go up to a woman and you open her, you must have the following belief: you have the right to talk to her; she will find you attractive; she is hitting on you.

Guess what? She is going to test those beliefs by testing your “frame.” If your belief is strong enough, your “map” will absorb her weaker “map.” There never has to be evidence to the contrary for people to fall into your “frame.”

In other words, she will fall into your “frame.” That’s how you will get her attracted to you and that’s how you are going to date her.

When it comes to gaming girls, your beliefs don’t matter whether they reflect a basic reality or not. If you believe you are good, and you believe it strongly, women will believe you. It’s kind of like what Sinn says: it’s like believing in your own “bullshit.” If you believe anything with a rock solid belief, people will agree with you. They will fall into your “frame.”

But, remember that a frame operates under the assumption that you have a strong belief. Now, you can have just a strong “frame” and if you do it right, you will still get the girl. But that is super hard to do. It’s just easier to believe it right away.

This is why it doesn’t matter if you’re good looking or have money or you don’t have height. It matters to a degree, but not as much as you would think.

If you have a strong belief that you’re good with young girls, and you’re good at controlling the frame, you will get the girls.

You see, religious leaders, politicians, charlatans, con men, cult leaders all know this. Basically, this stuff can be used to manipulate people. If you really think about it, this belief essay is the engine that runs religion.

It’s not the content but the structure.

Think about it. How could people sway other people to believe in something that cannot be empirically verified? It’s based on a belief in faith that another flawed human being is telling you to believe in. And here is the “rub:”

The word “belief “ is synonymous to “faith.”

Remember here, to help you believe that you are good with women: a belief is only a focus of attention and that belief will find evidence in your life.

So, just understand here that there is no such thing as a belief that is true; you only make it true if you chose to make it so, specific to your own reality.

Your Beliefs Will Fuel And Hold Up Your Frames—Consequently, Your Meta-Frame.

Your beliefs are going to gain momentum over time. It’s really very exciting. As you become better in your skill set and you start getting results, your new beliefs, your focus of attention, should be supplying you with real world evidence that you are good with girls and you’re a cool guy..

If you get your inner psychology up to speed through your new beliefs will be the foundations of the frames that you throw out there at the girls you game.

The point here is that even if you have negative beliefs, as long as you understand that the stronger frame absorbs the weaker frame, than you know it will serve you anyway to believe in the “Good Beliefs” because you don’t have anything to lose, anyway!

So, it’s like Pascal's Wager posed by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal:

The wager is this: that even though the existence of God cannot be determined through reason, a person should "wager" as though God exists, because so living has potentially everything to gain, and certainly nothing to lose.

Haha! Don’t you see the genius of me! Even if you don’t believe you are good, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This is called the Kurgan’s Wager:

The wager is this: Even though you cannot believe you are good with girls via your current negative beliefs, you should "wager" as though you are “good with young girls,” because in so living you are potentially having everything to gain, and certainly nothing to lose. And by virtue of you believing these new empowering beliefs, even in the face of negative evidence, your eventual acceptance of that belief will automatically allow you to set the critical frames necessary in order for you to get the girl(s), anyway!

No matter what, you will eventually get good anyway, over time: so, you might as well believe in it now, because believing will help you get there faster.

Your new empowering beliefs are now going to fuel your frames and set up your meta-frame.

What this simply means is that you will have the confidence to create “states” in your interactions with women that will have the women see you as a cool, high value guy.

They will test you. You will withstand them, and convey with confidence to them through your personality. You will have the “raw courage” to talk to women about your passions in life, and your direction. You will be able to indicate to your target your exciting life-style without being braggadocio. You will convey that you are a “stand-up guy.”

You’re going to do this because you have a cool fashion-style, a great life-style, a powerful skill set, and confidence.

Your frame will be solid. A women will know this as well. Your beliefs will create your frames which will give you a solid meta-frame--that will make women fall all over you!!!

--The Kurgan and 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Contest Mania... Win a free phone consult ($250 value)

Hey guys,

As you know I'm getting ready to have my website created and I want to change the copy on the landing page. Here's what it currently says:

Discover the Secrets to Getting Whatever You Want Out of Your Dating Life!
Secrets Like...

Breakthrough Comfort: How to make any woman fall in love with you.

How to use sexual framing to make your interactions with women naturally lead to the bedroom.

A simple exercise to figure out what kind of guy you want to be and how to achieve it.

The new model of attraction and how to implement it to make your game exponentially faster.

How to create a fun, successful first date that she will never forget!

And you'll also get a FREE copy of "The Best of Sinns of Attraction." I went through over two years of blog posts and personally picked the ones that I thought were the most helpful for guys trying to get this part of their lives handled.

I'd like it to be in a word better... And I'm way too swamped to come up with something fast and it needs to be done fast.

I know a lot of PUAs are also into the world of marketing and sales writing so here's your chance to practice and get a free consultation.

Send em to Sinnstravel at Gmail and we'll announce the winner next week.



Brett Favre...

My buddy Savoy has a contest over on his website to come up with the best sentence about Brett Favre.

You can check it out Here

I already came up with a good one, but I'm going to dedicate some more time to it on the treadmill. Time that if I were Aaron Rodgers would be spent crying, drinking, and looking up "hitman" in the yellow pages.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Are we trapped by our sex drives?

I went to lunch with CJ on Sunday and we somehow got on to the subject of sex drives and how it would be awesome if we there was a switch there to turn them off or on at the appropriate time. I thought about this because as I've been forced to hunker down and work on the book and business stuff I haven't been going out as much. It's the first time in forever I haven't been out 6-7 nights a week. And it's really hard to not be out every night meeting girls. Even as I write this I've taken two or three approach breaks at this coffee place.

It really got me thinking about how much time and energy I devote to chasing girls. I talked with Shaft last night at dinner and he told me he hasn't been without a crush on a girl since he was 6. I often thought that as we get older it starts to slow down or if " Married with Children" was correct you even start to lose interest in sex as you get older. It doesn't seem to be the way it works though.

I guess it's just a matter of discipline, and priorities.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Product Announcement: The Lay Reports Book!

Hey guys,

I’m really excited to tell you about the product I’ve been working on for the last few months. As you all know, I’ve been teaching pick up for almost five years now and one of the questions I’m asked most often is, “What’s the best material out there to read?”

My response? Without a doubt, Lay Reports.

Lay Reports cannot be matched when it comes to learning this skill-set. Not only do you see REAL DIALOGUE, but you also get to see the context and the reactions from the women involved. Reading a good lay report can make you FEEL like you’re there, picking up the girl, taking her home, having crazy sex with her. And that’s what guys NEED. They need to see what goes into a good pick up. They need to read about the situations that they will find themselves in. They need to read about how to overcome challenges.

Lay Reports give you a glimpse into the minds of the best guys at this stuff. I wanted to show guys that, so I went out and GOT THE BEST.

As you know, I’ve been around the community longer than is probably healthy. From sleeping on the floor at Project Hollywood to being executive coach at The Mystery Method, I’ve met or worked with anybody who is anybody in this community. I got in touch with all of my old friends and asked them to send me their BEST lay reports. Who are some of the guys I’m talking about? JDog from VH1’s “The Pickup Artist”, BradP, Captain Jack, Savoy, in10se… just to name a few.

All in all, I compiled more than 30 lay reports. These lay reports cover EVERYTHING under the sun, from day game, to threesomes to same night lays. But I didn’t stop there. I added pages of my own commentary and analysis. Every Lay report is broken down by me personally, explaining what worked and why it worked. Then I included sections breaking down the fundamentals of every topic the lay reports cover. When all was said and done, it came out to almost 250 pages! Holy shit.

So not only are you getting the best stories from the best our community has to offer, but in-depth analysis and explanations for everything that you’re reading.

This is THE FASTEST way to accelerate your game. Read from the best and become one of the best. Only the finest lay reports, all in one book.

Keep in mind, these are PROFESSIONAL pick up coaches from around the world. Most of these guys get paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars for their content and wisdom. But you get all of that content for only $78. And not only that, if you pre-order, we’ll take $20 off and sell it for $58. How do you pre-order? Pre-orders will be announced right here on my blog, so be sure to check back often if you’re interested.

Finally, I’ll be speaking at the Under 21 Convention later this month in Orlando. For those lucky enough to attend, I’ll be selling hard copies in person, BEFORE it’s officially released to the public. So definitely stop by if you can make it. You won’t want to miss out!


Friday, July 04, 2008

To spit roast or not to spit roast...

Here's an interesting question, most guys in the community seem to have at least a passing interest in threesomes. But the more I meet guys the more I realize that there's also a lot of spit roasts or halfsomes happening as well.

To clarify a spit roast or half some occurs when two guys have sex with the same girl at the same time. SInce I've never had one nor want to, I always imagine they happen like this:

Dude # 1: Hey Bro, that chick you were talking to was hot.
Dude # 2: Yeah she is pretty hot.
D1: We should double team her. I wanna watch you fuck.
D2: Yeah! Spit Roast!
Or something similar to that. I had a talk with an instructor at Love Systems whose forte is the spit roast, and I told him that while I respect it(especially as a same night thing, cuz it's super gangster to tell some chick to fuck you and suck your boy's dick at the same time), it's not for me. He replied that it was just so dirty he loved it.

So what is the consensus Sinn's Of Attraction readers?

To spit or not to spit?

Is it nobler in the mind to rail some chick while your buddy busts a load in her mouth or is it better to listen to the jeers of those who do spit roast calling us homophobic. I am firmly(non-judgementally) in the anti spit roast camp.

Where Are you?


P.S I should for the record add that the only circumstances in which I would do a spit roast would be if the chick wore a hawaiian lei(Lai?) and danced around to luau music. That's different. that's performance art:)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

FUR: Handjob Interuptus...

I often complain. Longtime readers of my blog can no doubt remember tons of experiences where I complained about airlines, lack of sleep, etc... But the biggest thing I complain about to my friends is Las Vegas. See I have a love/hate relationship with Vegas. I love it because it allows me to indulge in all of my worst vices. But I hate it because I always end up feeling like a cigarette butt about two days in. So naturally when Moxie was leaving and he suggested going to Vegas for his blow out going away celebration I was in.

Fast forward through 5 days of debauchery and not coming home til the sun was out and we arrive at last Saturday night. We decided that since we were staying at the MGM we should take advantage of logistics and go to Studio 54. This was a mistake. I have NEVER seen so many ugly people in the same place ever. Seriously it was like a retarded leper colony reunion. It was the entire collection of " My father should have pulled out" trading cards. I'm still getting shivers thinking about it. And we got to pay a $20 cover because it was 12:01 and our passes were only good til 12...

So we do what all men in Vegas do when confronted with a time crunch and lack of options. We went to the Hard Rock Circle bar. I'm pretty pissed off at this point so I'm looking to open as quickly as possible. I open a 2 set with a short ugly girl and a hot blonde in a corset. I point out that she's short. They say they're going to meet they're friends and I should come. I meet another 5 girls and Moxie rolls over. Now we're just vibing until I isolate the corset girl and run strawberry fields on her. Then I pull her hair and she asks me what my sign is.

Me: Guess.
Her: Scorpio
Me: No way, I can't believe you guessed scorpio.
Her: Are you a scorpio?
Me: No Libra...
Her: I'm a scorpio we match sexually!

I tell her I'm really bad in bed and then pull her into me and pull her hair. This is something I do a lot. Verbally disqualifying myself sexually while sexually escalating to show her that I will fuck her shit up. It's a sexual version of push/pull except you disqualify yourself instead of her.

Moxie is pretty in with another tall hot blonde in the set and the ugs are getting restless. This was annoying because I had spent damn near 10 minutes talking to the ugs and making sure they were cool. I thought I had built a good rapport. My girl tries to number close me for sex the next morning. I smell a flake so I number close and then we walk with them to the outer ring of the casino. They say they're going to Mandalay Bay. We're down. I make out with my girl. But the ugs are plotting something. I can see it. I try to pull our girls back to the hotel and hear what would become the mantra of the night " I want to but I can't leave my friends." I go back in on the ugs and make them laugh for a few minutes then tell them ask for permission to take their friends away. The short ug I opened says in front of my girl " She can do whatever she wants" but she says it in the way that it actually means " I will hat you forever and tell everyone you're a huge slut if you go with these guys." So no go and eventually I realize we can't go with them cause the ugs won't have it and they won't leave with us either. A logistical blow out. Next set.

The next set I open is a blonde walking by. I open her by poking her in the stomach and then clawing her in. She's super attracted super fast and I'm thinking logistics. I want to make a point here. Whenever you open a single you can get her attracted enough that she will handle the obstacles for you. But you have to ask who they are. I ask her who she's here with. She lives in Vegas but is staying at the Hard Rock with some guy friends, who are hitting on some girls. Cool seems easy right? Wrong! She won't let me go to her room, she won't leave to come to mine, the bathroom has an attendent. Finally I remember a girl I banged out by the pool here one night. We walk past the guy cleaning the floor out the door that should be locked and we lay down on some lounge chairs. She straddles me, I pull her boobs out and whip out the cack. She's jerking me off when security walks by.

Security: Hey guys you can't be out here. Sorry to break it up seems like you were almost there. Most people hide in those cabanas.

I look at the girl she says " we're not going to the cabanas."

Fine as we're walking back to her friends I pull her in the leveator shove her against the wall and make out more. I hit the top floor 11. We get there and then she says we have to go back to her friends. I ask her where her room is. She says on the 4th floor. I hit the 4th floor button. She won't get out of the elevator and eventually I take her back to her friends. Where I get a lecture about how her guy friend wants me to fuck her so he can live vicariously through me. This is not good for ASD. We hang out a bit more but eventually she leaves with the dude, and I can't snag the invite up.

Next Set:

Now it's like 4 AM, I've gotten half a handjob and had two girls who want to fuck me but the gods of logisitics had me cursed. But I would overcome. I open a three set with a HUGE latin chick, a hot latin chick and a hot big tittied short blonde. Any guess as to who the target was?

It was not on at all at first. In fact I did multiple jealousy plots by grabbing girls as they walked by and opening them in front of the blonde. I also met some Hungarian porn stars who told me they were not there to fuck but they did hug me in front of the blonde so that's some social proof...

I keep disqualifying the girl, she's too nice, she's an only child, she's too blonde, she's kinda sexy and I would ruin her for all other men. Finally it starts to hook and we make-out. But not before we have the world's longest almost kiss. Seriously it was like 5 minutes of being lip to lip while we both said we weren't going to kiss. She finally lost. It's 5:30 AM So I go for the pull I get her out to the cab stand with the cab door open before she says " I can't leave my friends". I felt like Jules Winfield in that classic Pulp Fiction scene. I wanted to say

" I don't wanna hear about no goddamn friends. All I wanna hear from yo ass is go back in there chill them obstacles out and wait for me to leave with you which should be happening direct."

Ah butchering Tarantino...

Alas I go do some group stuff. The non fattie hates me. Moxie comes in and somehow fixes this. I really have no idea how but I suspect ninja magic.

The HUGE obstacle is talking to the scariest cholo of all time. I take this as an opportunity to try to pull my girl out to the cab again. I swear this guy must have been wondering why I kept bringing girls out to go back in. I pulled 3 different girls to the cab stand...
The guy the whale is talking to looked like he should be a hispanic rapper called MR Gangsta. He's actually cool as hell. And he wants to take the whale to breakfast. I say cool. We'll go eat room service at the MGM in RM # Whatever... I tell her the room number for safety. Fattie says yes cause let's face it she wants food. But the other latina obstacle and my girl are now worried about the whale. Internally I laugh and say there's nothing to worry about because she could always sit on him. Plus she's got enough blubber that if he shoots her it won't hit anything important. I don't say this. Sinn 5 years ago would so this is progress I suppose... The girls ditch us and the cholo and decide to go back to their hotel to eat. My girl tells me she's just not that kinda girl.

Argh , so I figured I'd post this because everyone can enjoy it. I enjoyed writing it cause it's a cathartic process and I'm finally over it now( I think). People who want to learn game can find a few decent nuggets in here, and the haters can laugh at how I didn't get laid despite three makeouts. Everyone wins!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

LR: She did what?????

" What's your funniest pull story?"

This question is often asked to me, be it at bootcamps, or summits, whatever... And I never had a great answer. Future had the story about banging this guy's wife at a pool party. El Topo has a variety of hysterical and gross things that have happened to him. Captain Jack blew up a car. But I didn't really have any funny pull stories. Until now.

Let's rewind a week or so. I'm out with Moxie and we hit one of my favorite venues. The 6 weeks with Moxie were great. We developed an entirely new system for attraction and opening that uses social pressure and ballsiness to get attraction instantly. It's awesome. We also decided to only game the hottest girls and came up with a great idea to do this. ( I'll post about that later if reminded) So we're out in the middle of this sea of game when I spot a girl with huge boobs in a corset. I open her by saying she's tall then when she looks at me weird I say " I point out the obvious, it's kinda my thing." She responds really well and I put my arm around her and start some role play about taking her on a date. To The Sizzler. Notice THE Sizzler not Sizzler. I tell her she can have anything she wants. Even the $6 steak. Her arm comes back around me and she looks at me in the it's on way. I push her away cause it's early and Moxie and I are in the club. We have to get our groove on...

A few more sets and then I see Corset girl with a hottie obstacle. I tell Moxie we're gonna pull this two set. I go back in and start flirting with her. I tell her I'm gonna hit on her if she can tell me something cool about herself. She whispers " I give really good head". I hear it and push her away. " Get your mind outta the gutter" She goes I didn't think you'd hear that. I inform her that I hear like a Hawk :)

Movement being the key to same night lays I move her outside from the booth we were sitting in. Guys always ask me what to say to move or isolate. The key is just having a reason and not asking permission. I say it's loud let's go outside. Then I lead her away. Now while we're out there some guy the obstacle knows shows up and we will call him The Octupus. Though I should mention that he did cause the funniest part of the night and didn't stop me from getting laid. So thanks for the memories Octupus.

The set rejoins and I start doing some sexcalation. I tell her she has no idea what I want to do to her. It hooks and she asks what. Then I do a bunch of dirty talk with releases. Then a weird thing happens where we have a very logical conversation about what we're going to do sexually when we get out of here. I invite everyone back to my place and we wait for an hour for the valet before my girl drives us back to my place.

When we get in I put some family guy on, get the Octupus and obstacle comfortable and then pull my girl into my room. Everything is going normal and I actually think I hear the obstacle and Octupus banging. I go out to the living room and see the Octupus and he says the obstacle is gone. She said she was going to get something out of the car. That was 30 minutes ago. I tell my girl and we get dressed to go find her friend. We get down to the garage to discover that her friend stole her car.

Turns out the girls work together at concert venue, and they don't really know each other that well. Plus her cell phone was in the car. So I try to loan her money to get a cab but eventually she ends up giving me the money back and walking to her house.

I talked to her yesterday and it turns out that the obstacle brought her car back to my apts parking complex the next day...

The best part happens when Moxie comes back to my place after everyone has left and ask me what happened. I tell him the obstacle stole the car. He responds " She did what?" Which truly validated that this is a great story.

Does anyone else have something that happened to them while pulling that's equal to the obstacle stealing the car?


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back for awhile now...

So as everyone probably already noticed, I've been off boards ad forums and everything for the past few weeks. All this pick up stuff is cool and there are so many awesome resources out there( I know I'm writing my book and citing a bunch) but I really felt stressed out and I wanted to just get away from the computer for a bit. I know some of you guys can relate to that.

Moxie finally headed back to Australia a few days ago and it's weird readjusting to living alone. It's nice to have some alone time and be abl to see some FBs and stuff I was neglecting. But most importantly I need to get back to work. The last week off was the first week I've had in like 4 years without going online to read boards or answering emails. It was a bit harrowing to come back to honestly and I still don't have internet at my apt. So here I am at Starbucks working on the backlog of crap I have to do now.

I'll be posting daily until the day before the under 21 convention which is July 24th-27th. I have a lot to post about, so in an ongoing effort to have a little more structure in my life in general I'm going to give myself a posting schedule.

Tomor- I'll be posting the funniest LR ever. It's actually not a funny pu but what the obstacle did was hilarious.
Thurs- I'll post an field report for the whole family from Moxie and I's last night in Vegas.
Fri - Will be an interesting philisophical question
Sat- A product announcement
And Sun i'll give you guys next week update. I'll also be doing a video blog on different types of frames and attitudes throughout the interaction.