Saturday, June 14, 2008

Become another motherf*%?er

More wisdom coming from the Larry David show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” . I was watching the season finale from last season where Cheryly dumps Larry and he’s staying in bed all day long being all depressed. When Leon(?) comes up and tries to cheer him up by imploring him to “ become another motherfucker, grow a moustache, some sideburns, …

Now while hilarious this raises a great point. One of the first things, I do when teaching a student is taking them to a nice hair salon and getting them a different hairstyle. The reason I do this is two fold. First having a good haircut, can make you 1 to 2 points more attractive on a 1-10 scale. But more importantly it’s a symbolic act, and gives the students a different set of visual feedback. When you are taking on new behaviors, it can really help to see a different person in the mirror as it can help guys disidentify with who they were and their images of themselves as a guy who doesn’t get girls. Plus there’s nothing better for your inner game than looking in the mirror and liking what you see ☺

Friday, June 13, 2008

LR: " She needs to have her hair pulled and be called a whore"

Yesterday Moxie and I made the pilgrimage from Burbank airport to San Francisco. After a quick trip to the Haight-Ashbury area, we head to the San Fran lair meeting.

It was great to meet all the guys from the lair and they put on a really great meeting. I especially appreciated the wine and finger foods.

After that we grab some Inn and Out and a quick nap back at the hotel. We finally end up heading out to an area of the city known for hot girls in SF ( A rarity). We head to one of the divier places as I like it a bit grimier :)

I go to the bar to grab a drink and start talking to a cute two set. The initial target was a black haired girl who reminded me of the chick from brids of Prey. But as I was talking to her I noticed the other girl was actually cuter. My decision to target switch came when the original target told me that the other girl " Needs to have her hair pulled and be called a whore." Of course I oblige and she starts blushing and fanning her face. Moxie wants to bounce and I tell him as soon as I find out logistics I'll know what's up. Turns out both girls live a few blocks from the bar and they walked to meet there. Money. I'm staying in this set til the end.

I start gaming them a little bit with some of my grounding stories and some sexual cold reads. I run a lot of my Tease frames and tell her about all the dirty things I would do to her... Prestige is winging me with the original target for a bit but they both like me and I think the logistics will be easier without him. Moxie and he bounce and said they ended up at a bar with some of the lair guys before coming back to tell me they were heading down the road. The girls suggest going to get a crunch wrap supreme from Taco Bell before meeting up with Moxie at this other bar.

I'm down. We bounce. Taco Bell is closed and we head to the venue. I smoke a cigarette with the obstacle and do a little escalation on her as well. I find it very helpful to have the obstacles attracted to me esp in a two set. We head inside. I run my discretion and sex won't get weird with me threads and set up a bounce. The moment of truth finally comes.

The moment of truth is when you know you're going to get laid from a two set. the obstacle will come up to the two of you and say she's tired and is heading home. They will then ask the girl what she wants to do. If you've done your job she'll say she wants to stay for a bit. My girl does. We end up grabbing a cab and heading back to the hotel. I was sharing a room with Moxie so I texted him not to come in. He finally calls around 3 AM and then heads in. I hope he was asleep this morning while I fucked her again.

This girl was a freak and we had unspeakable dirty sex. It was awesome,. She just texted me :

I can't stop thinking about you... My goodness.



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boston wrap up with a bonus LR.

Hey guys,

So I finally got some time here as I'm getting prepared to give my talk to the SOCAL lair tonight, and I wanted to write about the great weekend we just wrapped up in Boston.

It started out pretty shitty as I was actually 2 hours late for the lair talk, thanks to Airtan getting me stranded in the Baltimore airport for 6 hours. I especially liked when they told me to go grab some food because we won't be leaving for two hours and then the plane left half an hour after that... SWEET.

But I finally got into Boston and headed straight to the seminar room. I did a quick sticking point analysis of all the students. This is something that I really excel at as I have been teaching for long enough that I can pretty much tell how much game a guy has as soon as I meet him. I remember before I had met Brad P I had doubts about his abilities but I met him for thirty seconds and could tell he had it. This is something we have been thinking of offering as a service so if that sounds like something you guys think would be helpful, hit me up with comments.

Then we did the first hour of our Getting Started in Game program. We were lucky enough this bootcamp to have a great group of approach coaches. This time we had Saffron, Doc Holliday, and Entropy. They run their own programs as Practical Pick-up so if you have a chance check them out. I just added all of them to my blogroll as well. I was blown away by how much progress these guys have made and how different their styles are. Entropy is an amazing teacher whose focus is mostly on inner game. He's a bit more direct in field and did a bunch of cool demos. Doc needs little introduction if you read EL Topo's blog but he's a guy who I met as a 19 year old virgin and has developed into a day game expert and an expert on under 21 game. Saffron is in his own words a short, ugly Asian guy. Though I wouldn't say he's THAT ugly :) his specialty is attraction to make up for physical disadvantages. So having those guys out was great.

The first night we went out I opened a two set on the patio with a hottie and her O.K friend. I was instantly in as I hit her stereotype. She was a girl with tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair. This is what I have cultivated my look for as I love these girls. It escalated very fast but I couldn't get her in the bathroom or to leave the venue with me to " Take a walk". We makeout and exchange phone numbers, then it's back tot he students. We ahd a great mix this bootcamp of experienced guys and newbies. We get them working with some sets bounce venues and end up at the Irish bar I pulled my last lay in Boston from. This time we work the students until about 1:15 and then I enter a students set and start flirting with another girl who has piercings, tattoos, red hair and freckles. It's instantly on and I tease her while sexcalating. I tell her I want to bite her and she says don't my ex BF is right be hind me. This creepy guy had been standing there for the whole time we had been talking. We try to pull them but the ex is taking them home so I get her number and text her later that night that I wished she was here... naked. The next morining she texts me back and says she should have come with us.

The next day we meet up for seminar with the students and break down their sticking points from every instructors perspective. Then I do a fashion and character makeover on everyone. This comes down to blending a guy's identity with a stereotype. Everyone has a way to dress that is attractive,and congruent. It's just a matter of finding it. Finally we end the seminar session by building personalized attraction stacks for each student before we head to the clubs.

The club we went to that night had no air conditioning, and I literally felt like I was going to pass out. Entropy opened a girl in a wheelchair, it was funny. The students actually did way better this night especially with approaching mixed sets. We bounce to a different more clubby venue before heading outside to debrief for an hour.

The next day I teach Same Night Lays and then while ET is teaching routine stacks the girl from the other night calls. She asks me if I want to come over to drink Coronas by her pool., I agree head over to the hotel and she picks me up. We talk a little, and head back to her house. Where she lives with her Dad and grandfather. The house was straight out of " Gone Baby Gone". Her grandfather actually greeted me with a " Go Celtics". We head outside to drink a beer and her dad comes back with their dog. I use my crazy dog super powers to make the dog like me. This was after the girl had told me that the dog never likes men. Her dad regales me with stories of the 78' blizzard.

Finally we go into her room to watch the Celtics game. I start escalating on her and she says " I should take you back to the hotel so you can fuck me. I can't believe I just said that." Then we headed back to the hotel and I banged her on the balcony feeling like Matt Damon in the Departed :)


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Funniest Community story EVER....

Hey guys,

I just heard this last night and had to post about it.

I was out in Boston and was talking to some people when the subject of PUAs came up as it often does. It turns out that one of the girls who was there was friends with a PUA groupie from ATL that used to fuck a VERY well know PUA. We'll call him Captain Alpha ST. Turns out that during dirty talk he would ask her to tell him how much all the girls wanted him in the club. In fact it went so far that if she told him that not all the girls in the club wanted him, he would go soft inside her... WOW!!!

I picture it going like this:

Captain Alpha ST: Tell me all the girls wanted me in the club.

Groupie: Umm I guess

Penis- Deflating noise

This is even funnier to me than the guy who used to pretend he was Style to feel powerful. How insecure do you have to be that it arouses you to feel like all the girls wanted you when you have a girl in your bed. I also asked what the groupie looked like as most PUA groupies not so cute. The girls said she has a really nice personality, which is girl code for fat :)

She also was telling me how he would tell all the girls that PUAs are the next rock stars and that soon they will have groupies and be the only celebrities that matter.

Now you guys all know how I feel about this. Being a PUA is the WORST identity possible for getting good with women. Defining yourself as a PUA makes you weird, dissassociates you from most people who don't understand this stuff( Nor want to), gives you more approach anxiety as if you are a PUA you have to approach all the time and you define your self esteem and self worth on what a bunch of random strangers in the club think about you. It's horrible and I'm sooo thankful that I was able to get out of that headspace. But good for this guy :)


Friday, June 06, 2008

The last 24 hours plus a video about how awesome I am...

Here's a self indulgent post about how airports suck.

I was supposed to go to Boston yesterday to get ready for the lair talk and seminars that El Topo and I have planned. So am I now in Boston? No, I'm in the Baltimore airport. Where I've been for the last two and a half hours and the next two and a half hours. How did this happen?

Well it all started with Moxie and I leaving my apt at 10 a.m YESTERDAY. My flight was initially delayed until from 11:33 to 12:09, no big deal right... Then it was 2:30, then 4:45 and then canceled. So I went home and spent about 13 hours drinking with one of my fbs and then at 6 a.m I get up to go back to DFW. There is a lesson in all this and it is that DFW airport is the devil. I always say that it's not worth it for me to go there because it's a $ 50 cab ride each way from my house and it has all the airlines that I end up delayed on. I almost never have problems with Southwest( The Grayhound of the sky) but every time I shun Love Field I end up paying for it. So yesterday a day of my life was stolen from me and today I am delayed an additional 2 and a half hours in Baltimore in addition to my scheduled 2 and a half hour layover I've already had... So because this is my blog I'm complaining about it here.

Johnny Wolf posted a video about me on Youtube today that we recorded at the PUA summit. Here it is...


Support the Sanctuary!

Hey guys,

Just wanted to drop a note to remind you guys to hit up the This is one of the best run forums on Pick-Up and it has a lot of support from myself and El Topo. In fact it's the best place to ask me a question.

Anyway check it out and if you have questions, post them there to my attention.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Two upcoming talks...

Hey guys,

Tomor El Topo and I will be holding our lair talk in Boston at The Elephant and Castle pub. The pub is located at
161 Devonshire St, Boston, MA 02110(617) 350-9977. The talk is $ 50 if you sign up HERE or you can just show up and pay $ 55.

I'm also going to be doing a talk on Getting Attraction off the opener in LA on the following Tuesday. This is the newest stuff that I have been working on with Moxie over the last few weeks. I've been able to codify and explain some of the old pieces of community dogma like being nonreactive and using social pressure to paralyze guys so you don't have to amog or befriend the guys. You can sign up for that Here It's gonna be $ 60 for the talk and $ 250 to go out for an hour of demos and experiments.

My website is being built right now and should be done in a few weeks.

I still don't have internet at my house so the updates will be a bit sporadic for awhile.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Boston Bound

Hey guys,

I'm super excited because I get to go to one of my all time favorite cities in the world this weekend. Boston! I love Boston for a variety of reasons. Maybe it's because at one point I was 9 for 9 on new lays there over the course of my first three workshops. Maybe it's because it's one of the all time great sports towns in the world. Maybe it's just because I like redheads with freckles. Who know?

But the point is Boston is better than New York. By a million percent. It's cheaper, the people are friendlier, it smells better, the girls are cuter. And more. So I'm very excited to be headed out there to do a lair talk weekend. Basically since I left TMM I've been trying to give back to the community as much as possible. I'm also trying to meet as many students as I possibly can. Cause as Rocky said when he ended the cold war by beating Ivan Drago in Rocky IV " If I can change and you can change, maybe we can all change!" Joking aside I think part of my responsibility to the community is to be a good role model of change and show people that this stuff can change your life entirely for the better.

So while I'm in town I'll be teaching a couple of programs here's some descriptions from ET's blog:

Here are the descriptions of the programs-

Getting Started in Game (Sinn and El Topo)

Getting Started in Game- $1500 - Sinn/El Topo (limited to 10 Students) sign up Here

Don't let the name fool you. This is a whole new approach to game. If you are a Beginner or Intermediate PUA this is the perfect course for you.
It will get you going in building a foundation for you to achieve all your dreams in terms of women.
A new style of teaching, an efficient and effective approach, Sinn and El Topo have put together something defining in this program.

First Day (Fri) 1 Hour Seminar breaking down the basics of what we need to see that evening to properly shape your game, and 3 hours in Field.

Second Day (Sat day into Sat night) 5 hour seminar with 3 hours in Field
The seminar on Sat will completely nail down the new models of Attraction, Comfort and Seduction, giving an absolute structure to your game.
You will walk out of there equip for the night with a complete Attraction Arsenal. In field that evening you'll be opening and should have all the basics down for you to open and transition into relaxed rapport with your targets. This is the definitive coarse on everything you will need to know to Get Started in Game!

theREDstack Workshop (El Topo)

theREDstack Seminar- $750 El Topo (Limited to 10 Students)

We have all heard about theREDstacks and now here is your opportunity learn how it works. See the design the El Topo formulated so that he could literally get results in EVERY TYPE of Student.

What makes the stack work like no other product out there? It takes parts of Your Life and turns it into Gold. You will learn to properly DHV yourself, you will learn how to frame to elicit a Sub Personality, you will learn how to tactically run your comfort game into a defining tool of game. While simply telling a story about your life (while being honest), imagine if you could build irresistible attraction leading your target right where you want her.

Well worth the 5 hours, you will walkout of the room with another Veil of the Matrix Revealed.
Who knew that all those things you never thought to be seductive just had to be re voiced in a way for you to have any girl melt in your hand.

Same Night Lays- $950 Sinn (unlimited attendance)
This is the course that blew everyone away. Over a year in the making Sinn's SNL Course will teach you not only the techniques but also the mentality to master how to meet and close a girl in the Same Night! This was once thought to be a myth in the community until Sinn and Captain Jack turned it into a repeatable technique. Learn to achieve lays that come as quick as 30mins, learn the proper frame escalation...SNLs are a series of Steps and Experience in Field, not some luck of the draw community Myth.
Even if SNLs are not your goal, this idea of efficient game is the BEST way to game, taking all the unnecessary elements and throwing them out.
Dominate your game knowing,
what to do, how to talk to women, how to frame, and how handle the logistics, all in a 5 hour Seminar!

email any questions to or