Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LR: Sometimes you have to force yourself to go out

I'm writing this as HB fumbled the pen is laying on my couch snoring louder than I have ever heard a human being snore...

Rewind to 7 and Twitchy and I hit a happy hour for a society in Dallas only to see that it's 2 hot girls and 278 guys... Bar is empty and they have free drinks and calamari. After a quick drinky drink and some free squid, we bounce to another happy hour place before going to dinner. I number close a hostess there, but I don't qualify at all and she doesn't return my text later...

Twitchy drops me off and i decide whether to go out or stay in. I have a headache, a stomach ache and don't want to go out... Fuck. I text Twitchy " wanna go out". He replies "On the fence up to you". I have to decide... I didn't go out yesterday, or the day before and yeah I was sick, but I've gamed sick before... And I know I won't be going out tomor as Future has to have an early night...

I decide to go out, and we hit the mysterious venue. We run into Vector and the cuisinart that Topo, I and Vector have all fucked now... I open some sets go pretty well, but then I run into HB fumbled the pen. She's there with a friend, I say hi and go back to gaming. My set needs a jealousy plot so I roll into HB fumbled pen's set.. It's super on. I'm winning over her friends and Tiwtchy bounces.. I seed a pull across the street, She and her friend want to go dance and ask me to watch them.. I decline and chill with Vector for a bit.

I go looking for Fumbled pen, and she's nowhere to be found... I text her and ask her if she left...

She's across the street, I roll and see her with a new guy, I roll in and talk to both of them. I tease the shit out of her about wearing his glasses and him saying they looked good, he leaves and I talk to her about her life. She's drunk so I tell her she has to come to my place across the street, and we cuddle. I go up her dress once. No go. 2 x no go. 3rd time... It's on and I close her...

It all goes to show that you will never get laid just staying home, but if you go out, sometimes you get lucky...


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I don't drink with Fader...

This is about a week and a half old, but when Savoy got into Boston last Thurs, we had finished seminar and were planning on going into Boston from our hotel in Cambridge...

Key word being planning as we started a drinking contest at the hotel bar, Fader was drinking Vodka on the rocks and Savoy and I were drinking vodka diet cokes...

Somewhere around 9 drinks, I bowed out and Savoy and Fader started to drink doubles.

I'm not sure if they finished at 17 or 18, but Fader ended up wandering around our hotel with a glass in his hand from the mini bar, and got escorted to his room. Savoy threw up ending the contest and then wanted to argue about whether or not you can keep going once you throw up. The answer; no.

The funniest part of this whole story is that Savoy outweighs Fader by 100 ILBs.

In other news I am no longer sick and should be updating more regularly.


Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm sick...

I got sick as I was watching football yesterday, not from watching the Chargers lose to the packers(I'd be sick if I was a Chargers fan like Savoy) but I got for real sick, not from watching the Chargers disturbing lack of cohesiveness.

So now I'm loaded up on nyquil, vitamin C, and watching TV for like the 18th hour since I got sick.

I hate being sick, and usually it doesn't happen, I don't get sick, but I have to rest now as I have bootcamp starting on Thurs...

Soo sick of being at home...


Sunday, September 23, 2007

I love watching football..

Even though the games were horrible today> Couple of my thoughts as I sit on my couch and blow off brunch with a girl I met earlier this week...

Gotta be impressed with Matt Schaub even though I never had any doubt the Colts would win that game.

Mcnabb's not back, the Lions are still the lions.

Favre may or may not be back this year, but the Chargers For sure have issues.

LDT is the whiniest player ever... Why doesn't anyone mention this? He's almost T.O like in his whining. Shut up and play football.

The Patriots are scary because they aren't playing down to the level of their compeitition at all.... They haven't had a lapse game... Indy week 9 seems like the must see game of this season. It's funny because Brady if he continures this pace(he won't) but if he did he'd be threatening to break Manning's TD record. And if Indy keeps winning close games where Manning has to be clutch, they'd meet week 9 with reversed story lines... Also Manning is good against everyone except 99-2006 Pats. Is it because Belicheck figured Manning out or just had the stolen videotaped signals and the Pats D literally knew what Manning was going to do next??? We'll find out week 9...


Friday, September 21, 2007


I have absolutely nothing to write about...

I have been staying at home and banging the church girl and Anna Ferris girl, I went out Tuesday night after I had flown home earlier that day, but I got exhausted really fast and went home. I happened to run into the girl from the fumbled the pen fuck up and was supposed to get her out last night, but she flaked(shockingly she's a huge flake) and I ended up going out with a woman I met Tuesday.

She's actually just a friend, but we had a fun night of meeting people in bars and being mean to everyone.

I'm back to working out everyday and I feel like the horrid cough I was developing is getting better. Hopefully it will be gone before I head to NY on Wed. The schedule is about to get hectic as I'm in NY for 5 days next week to teach a BC with Future and a SNL program and Breakthrough comfort, 5 programs in 5 days.

Then I get home for a day and a half at which point I'll see Anna Ferris girl again and then I leave for Vegas that Wednesday. That Vegas program will be really fun as it's my Bday weekend and Saturday night we don't have workshop so we're gonna do a big bash at some club with bottle service etc... Then we're hitting a strip club for another party.

Then we go to Miami for another program.

I'm excited.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Same Night Lay Seminar

Hey guys,

You may have noticed that we have put up a new seminar called One night stands/Same night lays.

It's going to be 5 hours of seminar where CJ and I will break down ALL of our newest SNL tech including how to pick SNL venues, seual framing, new ways of showing sexual dominance in set, and more...

So in the spirit of the SNL( Which I think is the only true test of your game) here's some guidelines CJ came up with...

To sign up for the SNL seminar go to

SNL Seminar

Same Night Lay Guidelines
Hola PUAs,

As promised, my insights on SNL's.

The first major attitude shift is this: Women don't go to clubs/bars only to listen to music, drink or talk to friends. They can do all of those at home or at a friends house. They go because they want/need sex and they want to be picked up.

Debriefing shows they would have sex the same night more often were the feelings there. Your job, fellow pirate, is to create the feelings, create the opportunity and do so in a manner that seems so natural and easy that it seems like it all just fell into place.

Sinn referred to this when he said, "Captain Jack Method: Hang out till sex happens."

First I want to tell you that there IS a difference between Same-Night-Lays (SNL) and One Night Stands (ONS).

ONS skips comfort which usually results in buyer's remorse. For all the 4-5 hours of precious time you invested you get one lay. Even worse, if you mismanage the escalation and trigger asd/lmr that you can't get through, you'll get zero lays.

I've never had any problems seeing/dating a girl who I laid the same night because I qualify and build comfort.

I'll take this from the top...

You need to get there early (in Tejas, that means no later than 10:00) because some of your sets will fail the SNL screening statements (more on that later) and you'll need to close out with a TimeBridge, stay the obligatory 5-10 minutes to solidify and move on.

You should focus on mixed sets. This may seem counter-intuitive but experience has shown me this is true. Here's why: In all girl sets they often pile into one car. But, in mixed sets you have a greater chance of girls taking their own car and/or meeting the group later.

Do a little thought experiment: How many times have you witnessed a girl walking into the bar alone...she's looking for someone...she finds them and before you know it she is seated with a 4-5 mixed set.

You open the group in the standard way, do all the normal things you'd do until you hit the "How do you guys know each other?" waypoint. If she's not there with someone, then isolate (or atleast get mini-isolation.)

Now that you are in isolation it's time to start with the sexual framing. I use my version of Strawberry fields and "Rings on Fingers" to frame things sexually and I start seeding the TB.

It is supremely important that you don't convey any "judgmentalism" regarding sex, sexual preferences or lifestyles in any way, shape or form.

You also don't want to place too much importance on sex by talking about it or calling it a "special thing between two people" or any silly shit like that. The underlying attitude is sex is normal, healthy, fun and about to happen soon.

At the begining of C1 I start to screen for logistics issues...I listen for answers to these questions or ask them outright.

* Who did she ride with. (Best answer is, of course, alone in her car.)
* What time does she need to get up in the morning. (Best answer, later the better.)

(These things just make it easier. The better you get the more willing girls are to ignore things like riding home with guys she just met or getting up early. I know it's hard to believe but experience proves it true.)

If the vibe is sexual and I feel like there are no obvious excuses for her not to come home with me (have to work early is the main one) I'll stay around. If not, then I'm looking for a new set. This needs to be run super-tight. I'm talking 20 minutes in you're making this decision because you need to be solidly in comfort by 12:30 (for venues that close at 2:00). This 1.5 hours is the MAIN (but not only) factor which distinguishes this from ONS (the other being non-sexual qualification and peer befriending.) I call 12:30 to 2:00 "Putting my time in..."

Always TimeBridge, it makes the SNL easier because it lessens asd and lmr.

As it gets closer to closing time 1:20-1:30 I start saying things like, "I don't want the night to end, I'm really enjoying myself."

If she agrees or says nothing you can say, "Let's hang out at my place. I have xyz alcoholic drinks and we can watch that show I was telling you about."

Or, you can say, "I'm kinda hungry."

You're saying this to see what kind of reaction you get. She may go ahead and propose eating somewhere. (Though, I've stopped doing this almost a year ago because I lost a few "sure" lays as the sexual tension lessened, the tiredness set in and the alcohol (and fun mode) wore off.)

The after hours club is also a good proposal. I've used this one quite a few times. It's perfect because you have to swing past your place to get alcohol before heading out. And, oh by the way, the club doesn't even open til 3am so we got 45 minutes to burn. Let's see, how are we gonna kill 45 minutes? I know, we'll have sex! Ha ha.

But, one of my favorite tactics (if she drove) is to get her to give me a ride home. Then, while in the parking lot you can say "Come in for a bit. You can use the restroom and have some water before you head home." Then, grab her keys, turn off the car and get out.

(What's that? Do I hear you worrying about your car? Don't worry about it dude, you're going to get laid! Have a friend take you back to your car if need be. Or, better yet, have the girl do it that night.)

Logistics separate the men from the boys (or the mPUAs)

The best mental image I can give you here is "Baby Steps."

I rarely tell them where/how far away I live. Some of the places I go to are a good 35-40 minutes away. Sinn and I have pulled 2 or 3 times SNL's from those locations so he can attest to my skill in that area.

Fidelio, KinoMaster, and Tribulus have all witnessed with their own eyes me doing this, multiple times, as well.

The goal is to get her to the seduction location and make it look like it sorta just happened. This is why the "gimme a ride home" and the "after hours venue, oh wait, gotta go home and get alcohol" tactics work so well.

Hopefully, you started a good kino progression early in the sarge. Because once she's in your place it's time to amp it up a little bit.

Hot/cold is the order of the day. Make out, pull back, continue with your comfort material. Tease her mercilessly.

Have your LMR skills honed because you'll almost surely have to use them.

The good news is: If you don't get the lay, the day2 is almost assuredly going to be her coming straight over to have sex with you and that's my kinda date.

~ Captain Jack ~

Thanks, CJ... If you want to learn how you too can get all the SNLs you can handle go to

SNL Seminar


Sunday, September 16, 2007

LR: Freckles are forever...

On program we had a weird run in with some chodey community guy who was actually grabbing one of our students, we end up bouncing and when we hit the other venue, Fader and I push students into set...

One of our students is in a 3 set with an obstacle with huge boobs and freckles and a couple other hotties...

I roll in, and I just start talking to her about how much I like freckles, and then tell her that I will start hitting on her if she keeps standing there...

She laughs and we start talking, she's smart.

I tell her I'm trying to get in her pants, I seed the pull, and now I'm just shooting the shit.

She keeps telling me that I'm not going to get in her pants, I reply "I've heard that before." She brings it up again, I say " we'll see." She agrees to come home with me and says we're not having sex. I say " My job is to try to get in your pants, but you can stop me anytime you want. I'm just betting you won't want to..."

We walk by the other students gathering in front of the club, I grab us a cab and we are on the way home..

We get in and I start making out with her in the elevator. I push her away and we walk to the room, we talk and I tell her the conversation would be better if we were cuddling (Credit Future)

She comes over we cuddle, make out and after explaining to her that no matter what i like her and want her to be comfortable, so if she doesn't want to have sex we don't have to... She agrees, Pants and panties off and the close.

Savoy came in later as we were messing around, and grabbed some of his stuff, she stayed the night and just left a few minutes ago...

To learn more about SNLs check out



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LR: Pull mode plus the second appearence of Satan

So I woke up yesterday right before an important conference call, I had fallen asleep during the Cards-49ers game and then gone to bed for like 13 hours. I woke up still exhausted and with the proverbial haze that follows my awakening every morning.
I hate getting up. A lot.

I get on the conference call and simultaneously text HB Anna Ferris to come over for " lunch".

She comes by and we do whatever... Then we get beers at the bar across the street. She's a lot smarter than I thought she was. She's really into psychology and trying to get a research job. I'm of course anti her getting a job as I like the afternoon visits..

That's fun, then I get a haircut, some Qdoba, do some work stuff, and start to catch up on my TIVO. I know I'm leaving in less 24 hours so I feel no great urge to do anything but plant my ass on my couch and watch PTI and Around the Horn.

Then Twitchy texts me and i have to return his truck.. As my car is STILL fucked up... I go over there and drop the truck off. Props to Twitchy for letting me borrow his truck..

Then CJ calls me and says he's back in from Chi and wants to hit the hated venue.



He shows up and we mosy over... It's dead. We can never time this venue the right way, either we get there early and it's dead as fucking fried chicken, or it's late and too packed.

I start drinking. The drinks are having no effect as the tally climbs to 7...

I open a few sets here and there. I'm amking the mistake of being too entertaining and funny. I also messed up by using too much active disinterest on a hot blonde and end up with her friend liking me...

I open 5 or 6 more sets and while they all love me, for some reason I'm not isolating and escalating.

The night goes like this for awhile, but I do approach every hot girl I wanted to and that's a win as long as I'm stepping up to the hottest girls in the venue every night...

I finally open a set with a latin girl and a blonde with big boobs.

I wonder who my target was????

I run my standard spiel about how awful a person I am and how I will ruin them for men and sex forever. I talk about my sexual addiction and how I'm bad in bed... I tell her to run away or things are going to get bad for her. I warn her about how I'm going to do really dirty things to her and... the bar closes.

I go into pull mode and oversell the hot tub at my walking distance away apt... We go.

CJ's girl is freaking the fuck out. I mean she steals his ID and won't give it back. She's curled in the fetal position on a lounge chair when we finally do get to the hot tub... She won't relax, it's annoying. My girl whips her bra off and shows us her very nice rack while in the pool...

We play truth or dare as suggested by the girls. It's not as cool as it sounds as they don't allow dual person dares ending much of the suspense...

I get bored with the friend and decide to go back to the apt... I am drunk as hell at this point and stumble up change into dry clothes and watch some scrubs when they break in and I pull the girl into my room and close after some token " I'm not sleeping with you tonight" LMR. I then pass out and wkae up to my alarm and a flight to Boston...


Monday, September 10, 2007

What I'm listening to...

Me and my girlfriend 2Pac...

I love this song as a song and a piece of writing.

Sheeit, ju motherfuckin right
I'm the bitch that's keepin it live and keepin it hot
when you punk ass niggaz don't
Nigga Westside, WHAT! Bring it on

Look for me
Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde
Me and my girlfriend, do one-eighty-five when we ride
Trapped in this world of sin, born as a ghetto child
Raised in this whirlwind (c'mon)
Our childhood years recall the tears heart laced with venom
Smokin sherm, drinkin malt liquor, father forgive her
Me and my girlfriend, hustlin, fell in love with the struggle
Hands on the steering wheel, blush, while she bail out bustin
Fuck em all, watch em fall screamin, automatic gunfire
exorcisin all demons
Mafias on the side, my congregation high, ready to die
We bail out to take the jail back, niggaz united
Our first date, couldn't wait to see you naked
Touch you in every secret place, I can hardly wait
to bust freely, got you red hot, you so happy to see me
Make the frontpage primetime live on TV
Nigga my girlfriend, baby forty-five but she still live
One shot make a nigga's heartbeat stop

What!! I'm bustin on you punk ass niggaz *automatic gunfire*
Run nigga run! *gunfire* I'm on yo' ass nigga! *gunfire continues*
Run nigga, duck and hide! Nigga I'm bustin all you bitches!
Run nigga, yeah! Westside! Uh uh uh! Die nigga die!

My girlfriend, blacker than the darkest night
When niggaz act bitch-made she got the heart to fight
Nigga my girlfriend, though we seperated at times
I knew deep inside, baby girl would always be mine
Picked you up when you was nine, started out my life of crime
wit you, bought you some shells when you turned twenty-two
It's true, nothin compares to the satisfaction
that I feel when we out mashin, me and my girlfriend

[Chorus: Tupac]

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride to the bloody end, just me and my girlfriend
[repeat 2X]

I was too immature
to understand your ways, inexperienced back in the days
Caused so many arguments and strays
Now I realize how to treat ya, the secret to keep ya
Bein faithful now cause now cheatin's lethal
We closer than the hands of time, deeper than the drop of mankind
I trust you dearly, I shoot blind
In time I clock figures, droppin niggaz as we rise
We all soldiers in God's eyes -- now it's time for war
Never leave me baby, I'm paranoid, sleepin witcha
loaded by my bedside crazy
Jealous when you hang wit the fellas, I wait patiently alone
anticipated for the moment you come home
I'm waitin by the phone this is true love, I can feel it
I've had a lot of women in my bed, but you the realeast
So if you ever need me call, I'll be there through it all
You're the reason I can stand tall, me and my girlfriend


I love finger fuckin you, all of a sudden I'm hearin thunder
When you bust a nut, niggaz be duckin or takin numbers
Love to watch you at a block party, beggin for drama
While unleashin on the old timers, that's on my mama
I would trade my life for yours, behind closed doors
the only girl that I adore, everything I'm askin for
Talkin to me beggin me to just, take you around
Seventeen like Brandy you just Wanna Be Down
Talkin loud when I tell you be quiet you move the crowd
Bustin rounds, activatin a riot, that's why I love you so
No control, down to roll, unleash
After a hit you break apart, then back to one piece
Much love to my one and only girlfriend, the world is ours
Just hold me down, baby witness the power
Never leave a nigga alone, I love you black or chrome
Turn this house into a happy home, me and my girlfriend

[Chorus 3X]

Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde
Me and my girlfriend, do one-eighty-five when we ride
Trapped in this world of sin, born as a ghetto child
Raised in the whirlwind -- look for me
[repeat 3X]

Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde
Me and my girlfriend
[repeat 2X]


Fact: Bears eat Beets...Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

The weekend of bad luck is finally over...

It started when I forgot my passport on the way to the airport and had to take a 4 hour later flight ( I fucked Anna Ferris girl in the between time but still) then I get into Tor and it's film festival weekend so we are in the boonies(Nice hotel though).

Next, we can't get in ANYWHERE cool with 15 guys during film festival and the traffic is insane...They move our seminar room without telling us or putting up a sign. One of our ACs dropped out at the last minute( Which meant we got Trance who is one of the coolest guys ever so no huge loss there). Then I got ripped off for $30, they lost the keys to our rental car at the hotel valet...

I'm sure there was more, but Trance, Future and I never lost our shit.. I kept expecting the freak out to come where I start screaming or whatnot, but I was kinda zen.

It's nice to be able to suprise yourself...


Saturday, September 08, 2007

LR: The mailman does deliver on bootcamp.

We roll into the venue and instantly Future is in set with an attractive curly haired red head... He hands her off to me in a Stockton to Malone esque bounce pass. I am spanking her, and pulling her hair while telling her she is such a little slut within 3 mins...

Her friends join us and I intro and find out they are all in chiropractor school, they bounce and I work the bootcamp for a few hours.

i run back into her and say hi then I'm off to BC again as I can't pull til 1:30.

1:30 hits and I happen to wander by her sitting with her friends... We chat I tell her that I am going to do dirty things to her if she doesn't stop me. She tells me that she thinks I'm all talk.

Her other friend jumps in to make sure she's ok. I comment on this. I go " Was that the everything is ok alert? She laughs and tells me it's cool that I understood that. I tell her we are going to smoke after the bar closes, she says we can go smoke now.

My new favorite line " Let's go for a walk." It's like secret society code for Let's go fuck or have you blow me.

We go we smoke and I fuck her on a couch in a parking lot behind the JCC...

I really owe Future for this, as it was as on with him as it was with me and she really was just looking to get fucked, but how many guys would do that for a friend?

So many PUAS lose focus of the idea that they can help their friends get laid. In fact i can think of more famous PUAs who are more likely to try to steal the girls, you are talking to or in the case of Mystery making out with...

I'm really grateful that I have a friend like Future and that he's got game. I know for a fact that CJ,Savoy, El Topo, Trance, Fader, Printer, Braddock, Geoff from RSD, and other guys I consider friends in the community would all do this kind of thing.

It's really cool that over 2 bcs, Future and I have assisted each other in getting laid. That's the power of the community, and of having friends who have game. Not having to fight for sets with so called friends.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

My day...

I wake up around 2, I text HB anna Ferris to come over for a mid day session..

She shows up while I'm in the shower after I spend 40 mins chatting with Future about nothing...

I get her naked in 3.46 seconds and we have amazing sex...

We go to lunch( chinese) she tells me she wants me to be meaner to her... I compy and call her a variety of horrible things and say every thing I think...

We come home and fuck again. She's soo much hotter when she is naked. It's unreal. In clothes she's a 6. naked she's an 8 at least... I don't get it How hard is it to show off your boobs...

Then she tells me we should just be freinds, to which I respond, Of course, I'm still going to try to fuck you every time we hang out, but I like you and would love to be friends... She calls me later to say hi...

I then head 30 mins out of the way to have sushi with HB Puerto rico.. Great conversation, she's super hot and I want to fuck the life out of her...

She's real uncomfortable so I don't kiss her. This leads to this text exchange:

HBPR: Aww no good night kiss?
Sinn: I figured we could build anticipation for a makeout session next time..
HBPR: Awww your a tease.
Sinn: Wait til clothes start coming off...
HBPR: I'm supposed to be the tease not you. So I guess we'lll have to play rock paper scissior to see who wins:)
Sinn: No, no no I fully plan n making you say please and beg... A lot.
HBPR: Oh so was that before or after you put me to bed at 11. I'm still laughing about that:)
Sinn: We'll have to be done having sex by 10:30... When that happens, we'll have to start meeting up at like 5:30. Cuz we're going to melt the paint off the walls..( Credit Savoy for the paint off the walls thing)
HBPR: Huh well I wonder what i'll be thinking about before I go to sleep :)
Sinn: Your distracting me from my friends, you naughty girl...
HBPR: Goodnight :)
Sinn: Sweet dreams, doll.

HB fumbled pen comes over and we hit the date.. The same ate I always use which always gets the girl into my bed..

We hit it off, she says I'm SOOO interesting, we make out and hit all the venues. We watch some Larry David show. We make out and I get stopped in the pants. We smoke then hit my room to make out on my bed.. her pants come off and so do mine.. I am rubbing my cock on her pussy, but she tells me she's not ready. No problem. We cuddle and make ou for a few minutes and I solidify our plans for when I get back from Toronto tell her to text me when I get home and walk her out.

Once a girl makes a decision not to fuck you that night, pull back and it will be easy the next time... Comfort can sometimes just be created by time.

Fun day, now that I've decided that I'm doing day time dates as well as going out trying to pull, I've met some fun girls and I'm enjoying having some slow boils as well as my SNLs...This feels like the right lifestyle, but I;ve felt that before and i missed my work out today, which is bad...

Toronto should bring clarity as well as give me a chance to hang out with community guru Johnny Soprono, he definetly has some unique things to say about women that i don't disagree with...

I'm real excited to hang with future and teach some more students...And knowing I have HB Puerto Rico and fumbled pen waiting for me to get home.

My life doesn't suck...

And I learned it all on the internet. Craziness.

My life is the ultimate ad for bootcamps.


Monday, September 03, 2007

LR: 2 for Sat...

I just finsihed banging the blonde from earlier twice...

We texted back and forth with some breakthrough comfort...

Sinn: I am safely watching entourage and kinda secretly wishing you were here for cuddling... Is that lame? It sounds lame... You are evil.

I lost the rest of the texts... but she calls me cute and I call her to invite her over...She comes and we start making out almost instantly and as I go down her pants she stops me.

I say something like look you're in control, I want you to be comfortable, so if you're not we can just make out. But I do want to fuck you, and it will be amazing...

She says I am comfortable, I'm just suprised I am....

Clothes off, her body is amazingy better than I recall. Like if she lost 10lbs she'd be a playmate...

She also has a cherry tatooed above her pussy...

So far I closed 2 of the 3 girls I talked to Sat night. And I made out with HB Puerto Rico today at lunch, and am seeing her Wednes. I feel the 3 lay night happening this week...

Then I hit Toronto.


Comfort is about being reasonable

I just got home from my date with HB Anna Ferris, she looks a lot like anna ferris, but with bigger boobs.

She was with a friend and we spent time tlking amongst each other and trying to make her friend have fun...

It was So on that I actually left. Because she had driven with her friend and her friend wasn't having fun, plus had to work @ 6:30 tomor morning. I realized I wasn't going to be able to get rid of her friend and have her stay... So I talked to both the friend and the girl about how I was not going to be the guy who makes them fight, and I left.

We were making out when the friend was in the bathrrom and I have planned to get her out again, once her friend leaves. I told her I'd call her in an hour and a half. So I will close her tonight and it's gonna be really easy...

Comfort is about assessing the situation then making sure that you don't make her or any of her friends uncomfortable. I hit on her and tell her how much I like her. Then I tell her she should be with her friend. Mixed messages. Because I know how much she likes me, so I can play the moral high ground by leaving and it also works as a take away because we had built such intimacy already....

Breakthrough comfort has begun...

And i realize that comfort is about objectively looking at the situation and assesing the BEST course of actipn to take to evenetually sleep with the girl. Some situations are fucked and no matter how tight your game is, you run the risk of not being able to circumnavigate the obstacles.

Date a palooza...

So today I decided I would get on the phone (Rather than text messages) and get some girls out...

I've already had a lunch date with the Puerto Rican girl who # closed me on Sat night, we made out but she was throwing a birthday party for a friend, so she had to go clean up and get ready for it.

Good thing for Me I scheduled another date with the blonde I made out with from Sat night to watch the Texas Tech game at a bar by my house. She's on the way now.

And finally the girl who blew me in the car on Fri night is coming over to finish things off after...

Date a palooza.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

BJR and LR: no real work

I was real tempted to just write 1 sentence, I got a BJ in the car fri night and laid sat night...

Then I decided that's a terrible blog post.

Fri night CJ and I hit Z bar East, we had actually been trying to do happy hour since 6ish, but we got there around 10 and nothing really happened until 12:30.

CJ and I started a new type of winging where as a girl walked by, I would make an observation and he would laugh. Some samples:

Sinn: You have a brown shirt
CJ: Hahaha
Girl: Yes i do.

Not particularly effective, but fun.

Then I opened a girl with HUGE knockers she was wearing a football jersey and her tits were UNREAL.

We talk a bit. I start to hit on her, she's confused as I'm also fucking with her. She even asks me if I'm hitting on her or just messing with her. I tell her I'm trying to fuck her.

I roll around and game some other girls, then I come back and I start to escalate. There is neck biting and me telling her about all the dirty things I'm going to do to her. She says what if I like that?

She decides that she wants to leave so I agree to walk her to her car. We get to the car and I tell her to drive me to my car. We pull up next to it and I start the make out. I go for her tits and she says we can't do this here. CJ is still inside and so we only have half an hour.

We pull into another parking lot and clothes fly off. I want to fuck her, but she says she has standards and can't fuck in her car. But she blows me. We finish and I tell her I'll call her in a few minutes to come over so we can finish. Then another hotter girl calls me and I try to pull her. That gets messed up though as CJ is gaming a girl and her friend who become the next night's lay.

Sat we hit the same venue, after we had met up with Printer and tried a second venue. I open a bunch of sets with " You guys are hot and I want to meet you". I get in set with a blonde wth large boobs ad her latin friend. I intro them to CJ and then I isolate the blonde. Strawberry Fields, framing, a little bit of breakthrough comfort. And we're making out. Then I roll around and number close the other girls I opened. They've both been texting back.

I set up the pull with the blonde, but she wants me to follow her to her house and then bring her to mine... No dice.

The girl that CJ gamed last night is here with her friend. I start talking to the friend and it's instantly on. I seed the bounce. It's on so we scoop up CJ's girl. She's being gamed and # closed by some mook and his friend, my girl pretends I'm her boyfriend and we make out.

I pull the girls away and we decide we're going to my place to hit the pool. We get in their car and they are supposed to take us to our car, but instead I tell them to just drive us as we could lose them in separate cars. We get back to my place and I start making out with the girl on the couch. CJ and his girl are in my room. I tell them my house my room, and then we switch places and I close. No LMR.

I try to get CJ to switch so we can complete the acrobatic monkey, but no dice.

Still going out tonight so hopefully it can be back to back to back...