Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Austin Update!

So El Topo and I will be coming up to Austin on May 2, 3, 4

We will be doing a 2 hour Lair Talk for $50
The $50 Lair talk will come with a 15min phone consult based on topics of Inner Game, Day Game/Under 21, Routine Stacks, and SNLs
I will be giving a talk on Inner Game And El Topo will be giving a talk on Cold Reading and how to use it to elicit Frames and Subpersonalities.

The talk will be held at the Holiday Inn at 8500 NORTH IH-35
AUSTIN, TX 78753

Sign up here or pay $55 at the door

Fri Night- Lair Talk
and First night of Getting Started in Game Course (see below for description)

Sat Day- Getting Started in Game Seminar
Sat Night- Last night of Getting started in Game

Sun Day- SNL Course and Routine Stack Course

Getting Started in Game- $1500 - Sinn/El Topo (limited to 6 Students)
(Coaches Dante and The Goat)

First Day (Fri) 1 Hour Seminar breaking down the basics of what we need to see that evening to properly shape your game, and 3 hours in Field.
Second Day (Sat day into Sat night) 5 hour seminar with 3 hours in Field
The seminar on Sat will completely nail down the new models of Attraction, Comfort and Seduction, giving an absolute structure to your game.
You will walk out of there equip for the night with a complete Attraction Arsenal. In field that evening you'll be opening and should have all the basics down for you to open and transition into relaxed rapport with your targets. This is the definitive coarse on everything you will need to know to Get Started in Game!

Sign up Here

Same Night Lays- $950 Sinn (unlimited attendance)
This is the course that blew everyone away. Over a year in the making Sinn's SNL Course will teach you not only the techniques but also the mentality to master how to meet and close a girl in the Same Night! This was once thought to be a myth in the community until myself and Captain Jack turned it into a repeatable technique. Learn to achieve lays that come as quick as 30mins, learn the proper frame escalation...SNLs are a series of Steps and Experience in Field, not some luck of the draw community Myth.
Even if SNLs are not your goal, this idea of efficient game is the BEST way to game, taking all the unnecessary elements and throwing them out.
Dominate your game knowing,
what to do, how to talk to women, how to frame, and how handle the logistics, all in a 5 hour Seminar!


theREDstack Seminar- $750 El Topo (Limited to 10 Students)
We have all heard about theREDstacks and now here is your opportunity learn how it works. See the design the El Topo formulated so that he could literally get results in EVERY TYPE of Student.
What makes the stack work like no other product out there? It takes parts of Your Life and turns it into Gold. You will learn to properly DHV yourself, you will learn how to frame to elicit a Sub Personality, you will learn how to tactically run your comfort game into a defining tool of game. While simply telling a story about your life (while being honest), imagine if you could build irresistible attraction leading your target right where you want her.
Well worth the 5 hours, you will walkout of the room with another Veil of the Matrix Revealed.
Who knew that all those things you never thought to be seductive just had to be re voiced in a way for you to have any girl melt in your hand.

If you guys have any questions, hit one of us up! or


Monday, April 28, 2008

LR X 2 Anal sex, death threats and underage girls

It's been an amazing time out here in Vegas with El Topo and our super student. This guy was super serious about getting better and has spent 9 days total with myself, and ET. We've even been engineering a new way of lifestyle development with these one on ones as a way of integrating the habit of pick-up into your own life. It's super exciting stuff and we will be posting more about it later.

Onto the LRs. Since I've been in Vegas I've pulled every night. The first night I even got a death threat from the guy I pulled this set away from. It starts out with ET and I at a famous circular bar in Vegas where we ran into Brad P running a workshop. Brad has a new product called the adventures of Brad P which is awesome and only $ 19 bucks. I'll be posting a more in depth review of it soon. But we also run into former student Eight Rope and some creepy Indian dude( from now on CRID). 8 rope is doing well with his girl but the other one is clearly creeped. Somehow I start talking to her and she's all over my shit. The reason being that I actually escalate. 8 rope later said he was amazed watching me and ET work the set because we were getting them touching us and accepting escalation super fast after they had been talking to them for an hour. This is a lesson on why we have to escalate. Blow me or blow me out!

Anyway the CRID comes back into the set and I let it go as I'm not trying to steal the set. Now the girl moves away from where I had her isolated and rejoins the group to get away from him. She of course comes right next to me as I've already run strawberry Fields, rings on fingers and qualified her. SO it's on with a sexual vibe. there's a key distinction between it being on and it being on with a sexual vibe. if you don't try to communicate sexually with women it will be on but you will get LMR. Trust me I know from personal experience before I met CJ. So here comes the CRID again and now the girls are trying to bounce with us. The girls move away as the CRID grabs the hand of the girl I'm talking to. A minute before this I had explained to him that he creeped the girls out and that's why they were leaving I even gave him examples of how he was being overly aggressive. Some people read reports like this one and think all they have to do is grope and pull. There is a dance to escalation and the real power is in the take aways... I finally decide that since he's creeped them and they're leaving I'm gonna grab them. ET and I walk up say " We have to go to the bathroom and pull them away. Now he starts blowing up Eight rope's cell threatening to and I quote " Kill all of you!" He even continues to call the next day and say that he's with his boys and we can settle this now. Psycho Alert. The dude's a nutcase. Proving yet again why it's usually a bad idea to meet up with people off message boards. If you're reading this dude, you need psychological help and I hope you get it.

We bounce to a lounge in the same hotel and it's really on. We're making out she's trying to get me to dance and her and her friend begin talking about how my girl needs to get laid and how logistics are going to go down. Eight Rope politely excuses himself and we bounce the girls back to our hotel to smoke...

Now it gets tricky as I'm escalating on my girl on the bed and ET's chick wants to watch. but we separate and all goes well especially as this particular girl loved it up the butt. Various inappropriate things happen after this point.

The second night (Sat) I pulled a set and was having her flash people in the cab but lost it when her friend who's 30th Bday it was freaked out and they all had to rush to get her. I say save the drama for your mama and peace out!

Last night I got laid again with a 19 year old I met in the lobby of the Excalibur of all places. This is a big reminder to everyone(myself included) to kick game to girls all the time. You never know where those lays are going to come from and it's important to always have that SNL mindset even if you're chilling in a lobby of a gauche themed hotel. We game them and exchange numbers and through text I progessively escalate

Some ex:

Her: What are you doing tonight?
Me: Besides pinning you up against a wall and making out with you? Undecided...
Her: Yummy... How do you know me so well already?
Me: I'm awesome.
Her: That explains it.
Me: Aww you're making me blush and other things...

It continues like this but I'm a gentleman with class and won't sully my reports on the internet telling people about various chicks I bang with such filth :)

Anyway we meet up at the bar and bounce back to the hotel and the girls won't come up to the room. Fucking underage girls... I made a rule awhile ago to not fuck with girls under 25 as they know what's going down and how SNLs work. It's ok we build comfort at the bar. I escalate.ET brillantly bounces his girl to the lobby " To handle some shit and then up to the room"

I get a text from him that says in the room fucking. I tell the girl they're probably in the room and we should go break up their party. She agrees and we go up there. Now I know I'm not breaking up shit so I have to get her super aroused enough to fuck in the bathroom before we get to the room. So about 20 feet before our room. Which is down the longest hallway known to mankind. I slam her against the wall make out with her and start dirty talking. Now luckily she's wearing a skirt so I start to play with her and then I show her the text from 5 minutes ago and pretend we just got it. I go shit they are fucking we can't go in there... Unless you want to go in the bathroom where we have some privacy. She says she's down and I get a cramp from fucking this chick standing up in front of the mirror American Psycho style.

I guess the major lessons here are to be aware of logistics, use arousal to overcome bad logistics, start sexualizing the interaction as soon as you possibly can and have the balls to take the opportunity when it presents itself. I wasn't going to post LRs anymore but I think I'll go back to it as it gives me easy stuff to write about. I usually get between 5 and 10 a month and I will let you guys decide.

Hit me up with comments

Do you think the LRs are helpful?

Friday, April 25, 2008

PUA Sanctuary

Hey Guys,

I found a new fledgling forum called PUA I'm going to be posting there on a regular basis and I'm trying to convince some other guys to as well.

It's only a few days old but it was brought to my attention by Vector and Priest it's a really cool idea. I'll probably put up a Q and A thread sometime in the next few days as well.

Check it out Here


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Are women more or less sexual than men?

There seems to be a lot of debate in the community, and among men in general about how sexual women are. I consider myself a champion of the female sex drive as I believe that it is much more powerful than it is given credit for. Women are ALL sexual creatures, the same way that men are all sexual creatures. Sex is NORMAL and NATURAL. And I don't want to run the risk of sounding all evolutionary and saying that we are designed to survive and replicate, but the fact of the matter is that if we all stopped having sex the human species would be extinct within the next hundred years...

Now the issue seems to occur when guys are socialized into developing what is commonly referred to as a Madonna/Whore complex. A great example of this is seen in The Sopranos where over the course of 6 seasons the wives of those in the mafia are referred to as " The Mother of my children." While the Goomahs( No idea if I spelled that right) or mistresses were referred to as whores. It's an embodiment of the idea that many men want a lady in the bed and a freak in the sheets to go all Ludacris on you.. But the fact remains that most men are less attracted to women that are promiscuous. We can analyze why that is all we want but it is a behind whatever evolutionary reasons we can find to defend that, it is an immature way of thinking. Every woman has the capacity to be both a madonna and a whore. Once you learn to recognize that every girl COULD cheat on a boyfriend given the right circumstances, every girl COULD go home with a random guy given the right circumstances etc... But we want to believe the Disney myth that women should be virtuous and upstanding at all times. This gets even funnier in the community as guys will swing one of two ways they will either adopt the idea that all women are nymphomaniacs waiting to be unleashed( Which isn't a bad belief to have even if not true) Or they adopt the idea that you have to do everything right for 7 hours in order to get a girl into bed.

My opinion lies somewhere in the middle. I believe women are as sexual as men. Not more, not less. They have the capacity to do extremely slutty, fun things if given the right opportunity. Or be very prude and reserved given another set of circumstances. The real variable in this is how YOU make a woman feel. If she feels like she can fuck you in the bathroom at a club without being judged by you or anyone she knows and she feels attracted and aroused. It can happen. If you treat her like you want to make her your girlfriend she will respond differently. If you make her nervous or embarrassed, or uncomfortable about her sexuality you close all your doors with her.

Hope that clarifies things a bit.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tour schedule:

Hey guys,

Here's a brief list of where I'm going to be over the next month or so.

First I will be in Austin for a talk and a few seminars the weekend of May 2-4th. It starts Friday night with a talk about Inner Game and Advanced body language with myself and El Topo.

You can sign up for that Here

Then after that night we're going to be rolling out our getting started with game seminar. Which is two nights in field and one day of seminar and debrief focusing on the sticking points and issues guys have when getting started with game. You can sign up for that Here but hurry as there were only 6 spots originally and 2 are gone...

And finally I'll be teaching Same Night Lays on Sunday Which you can sign up for


Then I'll be teaching for the rest of May and speaking at the LA PUA summit run by Johnny Wolf and Vince Kelvin May 23-25th. Speakers will include myself, Brad P, AFC Adam, and more.

Then June I head back out onto the road with talks in Boston the 6-8th of June, Detroit the 13th-15h and Carolina the 27th-29th.

So for those wanting to book me, that's what we're looking at and July gets worse as I'll be at the under 21 convention and the Amsterdam Summit.

The joys of teaching...


Mailbag Part 2 : How to Escalate physically, build sexual tension and get dates back to your house.

Dates part 2: How to build sexual tension, escalate physically and get her back to your place.

On the last part of this mailbag , I talked about how to set up dates and what the overall vibe should be. This time we’re going to discuss how to escalate things further.
The most important thing about building sexual tension, and getting her back to your place is breaking the physical barriers early on. You need to re-establish touching as soon as you see her. When you see her you need to give her a big hug and then push her away. You want to retain the reset model of touching where you break all physical contact after every escalation. But you don’t want to waste any time in escalating the touching. You should be holding hands when you’re walking or driving to the first venue. You also want to look for random opportunities to kiss her if it didn’t feel right at the beginning.

One of my favorite ways to build sexual tension is through the use of the almost kiss. I learned this from Future and it is still my favorite way to kiss a girl. Somewhere on my date I will look at her while she’s talking I’ll say “ You know it’s really hard for me to pay attention to what you’re saying when I keep thinking about kissing you. But I know we’re not ready for that yet so I tell you what we’re going to do. We’re going to Almost kiss. Then I get them to pinky swear not kiss me and I promise not to kiss them. Then you get really close to their lips for about 2 seconds. This is great for building sexual tension because a few minutes later you can call it back and say you’re ready for another almost kiss.

Another thing you want to do to build sexual tension is alternate sexual indicators of interest with regular qualification statements and comfort frames. Dates are all about comfort so the first and foremost focus of our interaction should be on making the girl as comfortable with us as possible by letting her get to know us. B y demonstrating who we are and where we came from she gets to know us and feels more comfortable around us as she’s starting to get an idea of how you are going to act at any given time. We also need to get her to become comfortable with our touch and our indicators of interest. That means we are going to be cycling qualification and compliments into our comfort material. We need to hit on the girl a lot and demonstrate that we are attracted to her both physically and for her non-physcial attributes. Then we need to introduce sexuality. Qualification is the mchanism we use to move between comfort and seduction. This fractionating between hitting on her sexually, qualifying her and building comfort is what leads to getting laid on dates.
The nest key step in getting girls back to your place is handling logisitics. You need to have a reason to bring her back to your place. I always loan girls books at the end of the date or offer to let them come up to use the bathroom and get a glass of water if I couldn’t get them up any other way. This is where having a cool movie, a great new piece of music even a cool or different type of wine or liquor like Absinthe comes into play. We want to create plausible deniability so that she doesn’t feel guilty for coming up. It’s also important to use a false time constraint when bringing a girl home if only to make her think she can’t spend the night ☺
Lastly you need to let her know that you are interested in having sex with her. And it’s her fault for being so sexy… This is what prepping is all about. Prepping statements cimply let a woman know what you are planning to do later with her. Saying something like “ You have no idea what I’m thinking about doing to you right now.. Stop being cute. Gives both a prep and a release to keep up the tension. But you have made a sexual indicator of interest. The more of these you can do the better. This is the art of coquetting. I leraned this from all the exotic dancers I dated. You sexually pull them in then push them away and take away their sexuality with a a tease and comfort building conversations. Make sure you demonstrate interest in her and sex with her.

Now you guys know how to set up and start dates, the amount of venues to take them through, what to talk about while on a date and how to escalate, build sexual tension and get girls home with you.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates

Hey guys,

I've been doing one on ones for the past I don't even know how many days. I've been in Houston, SF, Vegas and now Northern California again. Often without internet. So I apologize and I will get back to blogging soon. I just don't know how soon as I have one on ones until Tues and then have to get back home and pack to move a few days later.

I'm on it though.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mailbag # 2 Dates- A How To :Part 1

Hey Sinn,

I love your blog.

I have been in the game for a while and can get constant D2s but no D3s. If you could describe the perfect D2 how would it be? Should you make a deep connection or stay superficial, should you make future plans, should you kiss, should you go for same day? I know that a lot of guys have problems with the D2, but somehow this area is not well described.

Looking forward to your response,

Daniel, Sweden

Hey Daniel,

First of all stop calling dates d2s. I never really understood that. It was like somehow if we called them something else it doesn't set the "dating" frame. What's wrong with the dating frame? Women do sleep with guys they go on dates with. Just this Sun I had a girl tell me she never sleeps with guys on the first date. After I had just fucked her on our first date where we went to dinner... There's nothing inherently wrong with the dating frame. There's something wrong with the " I'm trying to impress you" frame. Anyway enough of my ranting about semantics. I just think the terminology is really weird and I was always waiting for one of the community guys I used to hang out with to refer to his girlfriend coming over as a day 46.

The most important thing in my mind about dates is where they start. There's only one correct answer here and that's at your place. Now this assumes you live near where your date is going to happen. If you don't something is wrong and you should plan a date closer to your place. There are always cool neighborhood bars, coffee shops, restaurants etc, near where you live. You just need to get out and actually find them.

So you've set up your date( Which could and should be a separate post in and of itself) and you tell her to meet you at your place " Call me when you get there and I'll come out." Then when they call I come outside but whoops I forgot my wallet. That means we have to go back up. It's vitally important that you get the girl used to her being in your place without you trying to make a move on her. My wing Captain Jack alternatively tries to escalate when they come in and if he can't close them then( Which is rare for him) he takes them on the date. That's another strategy though he does have super powers so mere mortals should use that at their own risk. Back to the previous point showing a woman your home takes away the fear of the unknown for her and it will be far easier to get her back to your place later.

The next thing EVERY date needs is multiple venues. The more place you spend time with a woman in the longer it will feel like she has known you. My particular date goes through up to 7 different locations not counting my place. The best thing is none of them are more than 3 blocks from my place. This is how you can do dinner dates without setting up a traditional dinner date. In the middle of doing something else just casually mention how hungry you are and suggest stopping in somewhere for a bite.

Now while you're on the date you should be filling in the empty canvas of your life. Now is the time to talk about your hopes and dreams, the things you are passionate about, your friends, and family, hobbies etc.. It's time to literally be yourself. One of the things every girl will think when she's on a date with you is " How would my life be different if this guy were my boyfriend"
So you want to make sure you paint a vivid picture of your life. I tend to rant about things because that's how I am. I also run my grounding sequence on my first date as I know I'll have her undivided attention for at least 25 minutes.

You asked if you should keep it superficial or get deeper. My answer is that you should get deep but be fun! A lot of guys will make the mistake of neglecting attraction entirely on the date. You need to remind her periodically of why she was attracted to you in the first place. Fun is the most important factor in all of your dealings with women but especially with dates. If she's having fun whatever you are actually doing doesn't matter. Conversely if she isn't having fun you could be doing her favorite thing in the world and she'll hate it and you. Keep things playful and flirty the entire way but don't be afraid to demonstrate your passion and the things you actually care about.

Kissing- You asked if you should kiss or not. You should be kissing the girl as soon as you think you can. If you made out when you met her then you have to be able to tell when she hugs you hello if you can kiss her right away. Usually I will hold off on kissing in the beginning to build some more sexual tension for later.

Tomor I'll finish up this article by talking about how to build sexual tension on a date, how to escalate physically, how to get her back to your house at the end and much much more.

Same Sinn time, same Sinn station


Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I noticed I have very few reviews for my programs posted here, so with an eye on student progress here's some from over the years!

TripleCrown 09-25-2006 06:50 PM

Mystery Method - OC BootCamp with Sinn

For all you window shoppers out there, let the debate end here. That was some of the best money I have ever spent!
Last month, before I had ever heard of this community, Mystery, The Game or the MMBC's, I spent almost the same amount of money on a tuxedo (the JazzBaker by Hugo Boss for all the other fashion gurus out there) and other bullshit for an old girlfriends wedding where I wanted to woo a lady I had met at a previous engagement. What a dumbass I was...
Let me tell you right now that I wish I had just saved the money and used it for the upcoming DayGame Seminar by Sinn to follow and build on the already awesome MMBC. My MMBC experience was unreal. Sinn, Masters and the other instructors have the program wired and give you the "tough love" approach that you really need to get your ass in gear and out in the field.
Personal attention was awesome. My only suggestion would be to provide a syllabus that more accurately and closely follows the lecture material given by Sinn. There is so much good information that I just could not write fast enough and unlike college, we were not allowed recording devices, so I lacked a reference for my notes for later correction. If the handouts had the basic lecture outline, it would afford students an opportunity to write down the "lecture-only" gems that can sometimes really make a difference.
Again, totally worth it. If you are thinking about signing up or are on the fence, get your head out of your ass, pony up and take your licks like a man at the MMBC. It may just change your life...

Mr Bigshot 09-26-2006 04:27 AM

OC Bootcamp with Sinn

I am sure a majority of people were skeptical before they signed up. It's understandable to question this. I mean, how can it be that easy?
Then came Day 1 in field demonstration. What. The. F.
Sinn ran text book material with Vision within earshots of groups while Masters and Kevin dissected the action. The effect was unquestionably visible within minutes. First, I saw them do a 2 set who invited them to the bathroom. Then Sinn winged a student and got the target's friend hanging all over him. At that point, I was already in awe but I had to challenge them with a tough set. It was a group of 3 girls and 1 guy. Sinn and Vision dismantled that like clockwork. And for the night's coup de grace, Sinn did a solo set literallly within 1 step of the group at closing time. The set was 10 minutes tops. Unbelieveable.
Day 2 in field was an even better experience. Sinn kicked off the night by pulling the waitress but the opportunity to run in field sets and to have the instructors provide immediate feedback was the quintessence of the bootcamp. Instructors were constantly challenging me to improve my game and I shocked myself consistently getting postive reactions by employing crudely learnt routines from the seminar 3 hours prior. The impact was apparent.
The seminars and events were well organized and ran with impeccable professionalism. The only thing I regret about this program is that I did not learn about it earlier.
(Added bonus: you don't have to buy drinks for girls again. Half a year of that costs more