Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Charles Lynch

Savoy posted this on his blog and asked me to help spread the word so if anyone can help email Savoy at Love Systems.



In California, medical marijuana is legal. You see medical marijuana stores in strip malls, office parks, and even residential neighborhoods.

In the United States, medical marijuana is not legal. Distribution of marijuana remains a federal crime.

How does that work?

It doesn't. And it's more than an interesting anomaly in constitutional law. It's fucking up people's lives.

Check out the website for the Friends of Charles Lynch, who is currently awaiting sentencing on federal marijuana charges.

If you're too lazy to do that, I'm copying to copy the text of the front page here:


Charles C. Lynch is the former owner and managing Caregiver for Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers in Morro Bay.

The dispensary opened on April 1 2006 with the blessing of the city and even joined the Chamber of Commerce. In July 2006 the dispensary was granted a Conditional Use Permit from the City of Morro Bay to include a Medical Cannabis Nursery at the dispensary.
The Dispensary operated for almost one year without any major problems or complaints to the owner. On March 29, 2007 the Local Sheriff and DEA agents raided the Dispensary and Home of Charles Lynch. Lynch was not arrested at the time and reopened the dispensary on April 7 2007 with the blessing of the City of Morro Bay.

On July 17, 2007 Lynch was arrested at his home and charged with Federal Marijuana Distribution. Now Lynch faces federal Prosecution for operating the Dispensary. His trial is scheduled to begin on July 22, 2008 in Los Angeles. Click here for more information.

On August 5, 2008 Lynch was convicted in Federal Court for operating the Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers. Supporters who wish to write a letter of support regarding sentencing should use the Letter salutation "Dear Judge Wu" and then send the letter to:

Reuven Cohen
Federal Public Defender
321 East 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012-4702


As far as I know, Charles Lynch (who I've never met) has no criminal record before this. All he did was open a business with the approval of the city and state government that the U.S. government wanted to make an example of.

Whether or not you agree with medical marijuana is irrelevant. If the U.S. Government wants to overturn California law, it should do so through one of the many legal or political avenues available to it. The are over 150 years of precedent and case law since the Civil War that govern intergovernmental disputes and issues of jurisdiction. Bringing the weight of the U.S. government to arrest, prosecute, and imprison individuals caught in the middle is loathsome.

If you haven't done a good deed today, then stop reading my blog and any other dating science material for twenty minutes, check out Charles' site, and then write, print, and send a quick letter.

I'm looking into what else can be done, and will post updates on this blog.

Friday, August 22, 2008

One of my favorite songs

With lyrics...

Body Pillow Lyrics
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Complimentary "Body Pillow" Ringtone

(verse 1)
then there was this one night when I took the time
to examine a napkin in a chicago hotel room
I wasn't alone it was a night after a show
space was full
energy was consumed
there was a girl emphasis on the "L"
she was noticin the detail as well
and the two of us found something with each other
previously undiscovered
hell is full of lovers
and the daylight is bright always makes me squint
but it feels like magic when it touches my face
suffocate myself
overwhelm myself
and let the sunrays abandon me floatin through space

and she still wonders why I'm so insecure
she giggles because I sleep with a body pillow
intentions are never nothing short of pure
but theres a price to pay when you try to live a little

(verse 2)
and attractive as that napkin ever could've been
my how it unfolded hold it to the wind
try now to be a rock but she's caught under the skin
ex-lover and a best friend
just like the rest of them
then there was this one night
I stopped to watch someone bite the tip of a cigarette
to hold it inbetween her lips
never met nobody like her please brace yourself
danger danger
this might hurt
the playground feels a lot different when the sun's out
she wasn't messin round she came in with her guns out
screamin bout the ocean
anybody wanna go with me
never knew punk rock could be so pretty
now catch your breath and then catch the ball
and sit by the phone so you can catch the call
write catchy one-liners on the bathroom stall
here I go wouldn't you know
still learnin to crawl


(verse 3)
i've always dug the way you love the way
your tattoos intimidate men
I guess I'm one of them
standin right next to you from way over here
ex-lover and a best friend
(ex-lover and a best friend)
then there was this one night I noticed a tree
that stood by itself about an hour up north
and I can picture her holding onto the limb
wearin a summer dress and a grin
swingin back and forth
talkin bout the breeze and how it easy it is
to leave all the worries in the backseat
teach me please I need the abilities to live
silly me I tried to measure it by what I can give
but she didn't need anything
just a pair of ears some strong fingers
and someone to share the tears
read the fear feeling it inadequate
now lets make-believe that I can handle it


(verse 4)
and I still get to talk to you every now and then
definition of "over" doesn't have to be the end
it's good to see you grow girl
shake my hand
that's all I want from my ex-lover and my best friend

I got your back
don't ever fucking question that
I got your back
always have
I still got your back

(in background)
Chorus 2x

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Know yourself, be as happy as you can be, and approach as many hot girls as you can.

This is where my thought process has been lately, I think it's the healthiest way to attack this entire area of your life.

I'll explain briefly as I have a flood of thoughts on this subject that would make that thing Noah built the Arc for look like a swell.

Know yourself. This refers to defining your own reality and existence. What do you stand for? What do you want to do with your life? Who do you want to know? Who do you want to love?Who do you want to love you? What are your values, boundaries and standards? What do you think is fun? The more you have an idea of "who" you are, the more rooted you will be in your reality. the less you will be affected by the standards and rationalizations of the media, marketers, and the cool kids in the club. The more you appreciate yourself for your strengths and identify your weaknesses, the more people will want to be around you. Because everyone is uncertain. In fact there is a school of thought that would go so far as to say that the only certainty is uncertainty, but I digress. By being certain of what you think is right, and what behavior you expect of yourself and others, you separate yourself from 99% of other guys.

Be as Happy as you can. This is simple, the point of the community isn't to get laid, or meet girls or have options. It's to make yourself happy with your dating life. Now the interesting thing is how all these factors connect. The more you know who you are and what you think is fun, valuable, etc... The more you can pursue that which makes you happy. The more you do things that make you happy, the more attractive you are to women.

Approach as many hot girls as you can. Let's face facts fellas, we will never be able to eliminate the numbers game element of pick up. It's impossible. The more girls you approach the more girls will have sex with you, point, blank. So you should approach as much as you possibly can. That doesn't mean going out 7 nights a week, it means not letting opportunities pass you by during the day. It means not making excuses for why you can't approach or why she won't like you. It means stepping up and living the life you want to lead. You want hot women in your life? Approach them every chance you get. Because you never know... There are beautiful women EVERYWHERE. Now you just have to step up and take them.



Monday, August 18, 2008

Podcast with Vince Kelvin

Hey guys,

I did a podcast last week with Vince Kelvin to follow up with guys from the LA PU summit. It was a pretty interesting call where I talked about my new " Hollywood Attraction" stuff.

Check it out Here

Lots of updates this week. CJ has been going out again and we're killing it, so stay tuned.


Friday, August 15, 2008

The Flawless Natural Review

This review is about Tim from RSD's program " The Flawless Natural". Ever since I watched Tim's presentation on Transfromations, I'd been fascinated by how much he'd changed. I had met Tim in Montreal in 2005 and didn't really think too much of him, especially after he put out a series of day game videos with Hoobie. Then I saw Transformations and was like " holy fuck, Who is this guy?" I couldn't explain the difference with anything other than super vague words like mojo. Furthermore once I started hanging out with Moxie I got to hear tales of the glory of Tim... So I was super excited to see his method.

Tim's method was broken down into three main parts:

The Flawless Mindset
The Flawless Method
The Flawless Ecosystem

And then further the Flawless Method breaks down into 5 parts:
1. Woo- Or Being " In state"
2. Spontaneous Lovestriking
3. The Bubble of Love
4. Rhythm 10 to 2
5. Harmony Win/Win

I'll get into all of that stuff as we get into the review. To me the most interesting part of the program was NOT what Tim was actually teaching as much as the glimpse into the inner world of Timness as Moxie and I have been calling it. I thought the most valuable part of the program was when Tim would mention the inner dialogue that goes on in his head either before approaching, or after getting blownout etc.. It's also fascinating to see the ways that Tim has waterproofed his reality from negativity, and anything that doesn't directly help his success with women and in life.

The first disc is all about introducing TFN method. The Flawless Natural is based on the idea that men and women have equal value. This is something I teach as well because the truth of the matter is that you NEVER know how a woman will respond to you, until you've approached her. Next Tim talks about the idea of permission. This is key as society does NOT give you permission to have an abundant sex life or to approach women whenever you want. So you have to give yourself permission. Or you can come take a bootcamp with me and I'll give it to ya :) The disc wraps up with an explanation of the concept of WOOO!!! Wooo is defined as that glowing feeling inside. A.K.A being happy, in the moment, whatever you want to call it. Tim's take however is pretty different as he focuses on the physical gateways to state. The idea being that if you act like you are happy, enthusiastic, etc... Your body will biofeedback and you will actually become happy, enthusiastic, in state. WOOO! The disc ends with the simple but powerful statement that we can put ourselves in a good state when we want to be.

Disc number two starts off with the introduction of the concept that your mind is like a radio tuner. Tim introduces a lot of metaphors for the mind throughout the program that offer a unique insight into how he has built his mindset. This radio tuner example merely means that you have a choice between what part of your mind you are tuned into. Wooo is the highest state and Yuck is the lowest. Tim introduces a few rules to get into state, ranging from having a WOO ritual, to approaching the first girl you see as soon as you get out. Tim then introduces a concept that I came to independently the idea being the only thing that's important with approaching women.
"How can I make this fun.?" But more importantly and a distinction that Tim made that I hadn't thought about. It's how can I make this fun for me. Because if you're having fun, it goes to reason that the girl will be as well. The next great concept was the idea of being a player not a spectator. I think about this like the concept of inertia. The idea being that objects in motion remain in motion, while objects at rest remain at rest. The more you're out in the club bouncing around, opening girls, dancing, etc.. the easier it is to approach because you don't have to keep starting from 0 every time you approach. This is a huge key to the entire game as most students I know spend WAY too much time standing around, checking cell phones, getting drinks etc... Tim spends a lot of time in the course talking about how to be authentic and come from your core. Your core being the place that biologically tells you that that women is for you. He introduces his inner dialogue before approaching. This was one of the biggest pieces for me in implementing this stuff. Looking at a girl you want to approach and telling yourself. " Yes, this is for me." Really does change the feelings in your body that happen as your thinking about approaching. The usual thoughts being described by Tim as a million reasons why you suck. Tim says it takes about twenty minutes of being in state to lock it in for the night. I'd have to agree with that. I'm not sure how long it takes, but you need to be in set as much as possible until you're in state. Then it's locked in for the night and the approach anxiety turns off.
Another interesting point about TFM was the way Tim uses words like, full, deluxe, chill etc.. It's interesting because it's Tim's unique way of keeping his enthusiasm and positivity up. I'm sure he's aware of this but it's a good thing for everyone to do. You don't have to call everything full, chill deluxe, pimpness. But the vocabulary you use defines the system your working with, so by naming things to make them cooler, you define your entire environment and can program your reticular activation system to constantly reaffirm how cool you are.
Tim shares a few ways to get into that Wooo state. My favorite was singing. This is something I do as well, but instead of singing about lording club, I sing about loving vodka, or I sing everything in an R Kelly Trapped in the closet esque monologue . My favorite quote of the program comes on this disc when Tim says " I've been reading about zen a little bit, you know zen." and then starts to talk about what to focus on when you're about to approach a girl. I already touched on that stuff earlier but basically focusing on how you want her instead of any obstacles around or reasons not to approach. He also talks a bit about masculine versus feminine energy. Masculine energy being composed of being a leader, being dominant, stepping up etc... Feminine energy being more fluid, loving and nurturing. The best part of this section was when he said that women need certainty. This is a huge concept and was touched upon in the way of the superior man when David Deida suggest that men have to be a rock in the storm of a woman's emotions. This is the core of being unreactive. If you are certain in your positive reality( Ie, this girl likes me, I want her, etc) women will fall in line with that. Remember there can only be one underlying meaning of the interaction, and women have very malleable frames. Another great Tim quote where he says something about the dark ages, fighting Tigers and shit. More Tim vocab " Owning it", "Stepping up", " Cherish".
The next section is on intent and communicating congruently. Tim reminds us that intent is to be felt. This is similar to the idea of being a sexual threat. In fact Tim describes it as the girl being in imminent danger of being shagged behind the dumpster. The idea behind intent is that you are demonstrating that the way you approach is the way you operate in life. Meaning that you are the type of man who goes after what he wants, and expects to get it.

Disc # 3 begins with the introduction of the fury as a concept. One of the most fascinating things with Tim is how he's able to take concepts like anger, blowouts, blown pulls etc and turn them into motivation that remains positive. Even this concept of the fury is used to build intent. The inner dialogue for the fury goes something like " No! something HAS to go down tonight!" Even more important than that though was the idea of reframing girls rejecting you as weird. Tim describes failing to stop a girl and then his inner dialogue going " How weird is that, she's not stopping?" This is huge. I always act like it's weird when the girls aren't into me. Because it is, I'm awesome. That's a huge piece of the puzzle.
" I am prepared to go in when others are not." This refers to priding yourself on approaching the hottest girls and "hardest" sets. This is another masculine concept. The idea of challenging and pushing yourself is one of the most important factors to our growth as people and not looking at game this way is guarantee to not experience the best levels of success. Tim recommends that when you go into the harder set you enter at a higher frequency to force them into spectator mode. We get a reminder of Tim's number one rule of pick up ( Do not give a fuck what anybody in the world thinks about you) before we get a few tips on openers mainly that they should come from your core.
Tim's openers were all fairly simple and straight forward running the gamut from " Hey, I'm Tim" to " I need a date tonight". But he does reveal another piece of his inner dialogue while approaching as he talks about how he tells himself " She will be mine". The best part of his part on opening was when he talked about using these openers on groups and getting group approval early on by asking the group if they're ok with you meeting their friend. This is hugely effective and something that many people overlook. He discusses approaching mixed groups and recommends that you amend the openers to be direct to the group as opposed to direct to the girl. He talks about stating your intention to meet a specific girl early on even in mixed sets.
Another highlight of the program for me was the idea of reframing obstacles as cheerleaders. Instead of looking at a group and identifying AMOGs, and cockblocks, you see only cheerleaders to your success. I've been seeing a huge benefit from this technique in terms of motivating myself to go straight into sets that in other times, I would have tried to merge into with social proof or whatever. Once you see everyone as cheerleaders there's no problem with approaching anywhere because your cheerleaders will help you.
Tim's dancefloor game was the next part of the program. As any readers of my blog know I don't dance I have seizures to music. I did find this part interesting though, just not my thang...
Masculine dominance is a major theme throughout the program and Tim reminds us that you need to have 100% belief that's she's going to love whatever you do. We get another funny Tim word as he introduces the concept of a savage as he tells his Russian fury story. The high points of that story were more internal dialogue stuff as when Tim saw this particular girl he said " This is for me" and when she isolated herself onto a couch he said " this is my time" both are great thoughts pre-approach.
It wouldn't be an RSD product without some mention of vocal tonality and the trying for rapport, neutral to rapport, breaking rapport tonality chart. Tim adds a new one an expression range which is a simple way of saying that guys who aren't expressive will have problems differentiating between the rapport levels. I say they will too unless they ya know become more expressive...

My notes don't say it but I'm pretty sure Disc 4 began around here with the concept of getting physical. Tim differentiates between the purposeless hand of doom, and the purposeful hand of desire. Basically make sure you touch girls for a reason and don't use limp loose touching. Tim shares some stories of students having escalation probloems and recommends that if you have trouble escalating you spend about 40% of your time looking at the girls lips and thinking " yes I want this". We also get one of the best lines of the program when Tim introduces the phrase " it's you and I tonight." I've been using this in my last couple of SNLs and it's another example of secret society code which sounds innocent on one hand but basically means
" wanna fuck".
We're introduced to the claw again which is a fun Tim esque way of describing grabbing girls a la the guys who stand by the bathroom. I was very anti claw until I saw my buddy Trance use it. He didn't even know about RSD but it felt more comfortable to him. I have subsequently used the claw quite a bit and I find it not only a great way to get into state but a fairly successful way to open with escalation. Tim also describes the " Praying Mantis claw" where you pick the girl up. My favorite little snippet from the physical stuff, was the keylock of glory where you grab a girl's hand and lock both of your hands behind her back. I do something very similar but I usually get a high five first and then twist the arm down. I like the aggressiveness of the straight grab. It's more risky but the rewards are higher as well. The section ends poorly as Tim draws a whole graph to say that it's weird to wait to touch girls. My only complaint with Tim's speaking style is that he sometimes takes a while to state a concept that could be explained in a sentence.
My favorite part of the entire program was when he introduced the concept of the bubble of love. These are basically extended role plays that envision the two of us together. These define the roles both of you guys will play in the interaction and is what's actually talked about by the girl and the guy in TFN. Tim gives away some gold stuff here, ranging from the ever popular we're married bubble to the girl is trouble bubble. He even mentions what he calls one word bubbles which are relationshipy type names, like dearest, honey, etc.. The problem with some of the bubbles is falling into the aptly named " cherish box of doom." again a great name to describe treating the girl like she's going to be your girlfriend. Which turns off much of the sexual tension. Moxie and I were discussing the program and he thought a great rule was the idea of not entertaining the idea of a relationship pre sex. I do this naturally because I don't do relationships. But it is a good rule as it will keep you from getting too invested in any one girl. Good catch Moxie. Focus on having fun in the moment. Tim has a whole little routine where he tells girls he's not there for lovey dovey cherishing sex. He's there for real sex, fun and adventure. The idea of keeping bubbles alive was addressed. The ways were, the The pounding of passion and the pinball of positivity- redirecting the conversation where you want it to go using either wait, wait, wait, or Ok, cool, anyway,. Net theory is another great thinking shift. It's the concept of viewing your mind like a net. That means anything you don't want to focus on, just goes right through the net. The pounding of passion is a routine where you ask the girl 5 random questions and then tell her the two of you can be together. It's Tim's way of qualifying a girl. A lot of the qualification in this method is simply the girl realizing that you like and want her for her. This can be accomplished by running 5 bait hook reel releases, or as Tim does through mastering your subcommunications. The pounding of passion is the gateway into the bubble. The only thing I disagreed with in the section on bubbles was when Tim said that you should only use you andme bubbles. I have an uncanny knack for getting girls into play fighting bubbles where we bust and challenge each other all night and as long as they aren't genuinely antagonistic, they become foreplay. I think there's a huge amount of sexual power in challenging women and them responding to the challenges. Remember romance novels. The basic premise of every romance novel is the heroine's triumph over a strong man. If a woman feels she can win you back over with her sexuality, she will. But you and me bubbles work just as well.
Disc 4 wraps up with Tim explaining some different things that happen in field and what they mean:
Poofing for no reason- The girls just walk away. This means you are not connected to your intent. You don't know why you're approaching. Or that you had bad body language or style IMO...
Setting roles. Make sure that you put yourself and her together by saying something like " you and I would make a good X
Chode hope- The idea that if you don't do anything maybe it will work out the way you want it to. This is a huge sticking point in most students.
Disc 5 begins with rhythmn 10 til 2. With TFN you can accomplish your first three objectives ( Woo, Spontaneous lovestriking, and bubbles) in 5 seconds so you have to balance out the rest of the time as girls aren't ready to be pulled at 10PM. This is where you want to balance your woo and intent then shift to more intent later in the evening. You can even do take-aways while saying " it's you and me tonight". A great point is made when Tim reminds students to be comfortable with the silence. Something most beginners take awhile to figure out.
Harmony-Win/win. This refers to the ideal dynamic with a new girl where she wants you as much as you want her. That way both of you guys win. She gets a champ and you get a honey to use Timlish. The inner dialogue for this while being tested is. " I'm trying to help you win". You have to step up when it gest hard. Tim uses a great analogy with a housebuilder about how when one wall falls down the housebuilder doesn't just abandon the house. The girl wins when she sees you can persevere.
The Flawless Ecosystem. Making your world into a woman generator. Tim gives some phone game stuff away here. It's average and nothing that most people in the community haven't seen before. It is cool that he shares an actual text exchange though. The ecosystem has rules. You must pick the characteristics of things that you allow into your reality. For me they have to be Fun, challenging, rewarding, and hassle free.
The program wraps up with some stuff on becoming a regular places, and the a brief wrap up.

Overall I really enjoyed this program. On my first viewing I thought that there wasn't a ton of different content from the video blog Tim did. But on rewatching I caught sooo much new stuff and so much of the process behind the Tim mystique. I wouldn't recommend this program for any brand new students or guys who have issues with being submissive, supplicating etc. But if you're a normal guy who doesn't have any major issues except knowing what to do around women, I can't recommend this program highly enough. The simplicity and positivity of this approach are unprecedented. And there's very few better inner game products out there.

I'm not an affiliate for this product and won't make any money from this review but if you're interested in more information on TFM check out the video blog Here or www.Flawlessnatural.com for the sales page ordering info.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm on the Barry Kirkey Show Tomor!!!!

Hey guys,

The deadly combination of me and Barry, hits the air tomor.

Can you imagine?

The two biggest shit talkers in the community, unscripted, no rules, nothing is out of bounds...

I had a blast recording it and really think Barry is one of the funniest people I've met. He had me busting up.

Check it out tomor morning at Revolution31.com

Highly recommend Barry's show if you're not already a listener, it's awesome!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LR: Return of the Pirate King???

This report was from last Thurs night.

I had a date with an internet girl and was reminded of why girls sometimes need to date on the internet. But we'll rewind further to about 6 PM.

I get a call from a number that usually I just get sent to voicemail when calling. It's Captain Jack. He's been super uber busy with some new business shit so I haven't seen him in probably 2 months or so. So not only do I get a call but he's thinking about going out tonight to the Cowboy bar. You know, the one where last time I was there I got hit in the head with a beer bottle. I'm angered, because I have this internet girl coming over in a few minutes and can't go. So I tell him I'll try to kick the girl out quicker and get over there.

So she shows up and she has made liberal use of her pictures... Apparently they were 6 months out of date and this girl has eaten the cute girl in the pictures. So I fire a text message to one of my female friends asking her to text me a way out message. This is something I do with all my female friends, the basic idea is that whenever you or any of your female friends go out on dates. You guys check in on each other at a certain tim, and if anyone wants to get out of the date you send a text saying your car broke down and you need help. So it's a cool little thing to take care of your female friends and have them bail you out when help is needed. My friend AnnaFerris girl gets the text this time, and I show the lying internet girl the text and bounce home. Then I text CJ to make sure he's still at the Cowboy bar. He is, and I grab a cab up there.

I immediately remember what I don't like about this venue as the smell is indescribable. It's like dirty, dry, tobacco mixed with something else gross. Also everyone is dressed like a frickin cowboy, and line dancing. Fun times. But CJ is there and it's great to be back hanging with him. The drinks start flowing as they are apt to do and we start doing some approaches. I start the rotation of glory. For those of you that don't know the rotation of glory is something Moxie and I came up in Vegas to make sure that you approach the hottest girls in the club. You start at the 12 o'clock position in the club and make a full lap tagging the most attractive sets. Then systematically approaching them one at a time. So we're doing the rotation when I pounce at the two hottest girls in the bar. It goes VERY badly as one of the girls actually dances away, CJ looks at me like " need help?" and I laugh and tell him when the girls dance away it's probably not a good time to wing.

Time for the next set, actually time for three more drinks since CJ's been talking to his other best friend Patron. I'm standing outside the bathroom waiting for CJ when a hot girl comes by wearing some sexy cowboy vest type outfit. I claw her in and say she's adorable and I want to meet her, because I usually hate vests but she makes it look hot. I pull her in for a side hug, and she puts her arm back around me, which means it's on. I actually end up having a lot of chemistry with this girl and things start to escalate very quickly. It turns out she just turned 21 and her friends aren't old enough to come to the bar yet... So she's here alone and drove. AKA SNL requirements are met. I move her to the other side of the bar and mention that my ride just left with a girl. Which is made even funnier as CJ is standing about 15 feet away. This girl is actually awesome, she's bisexual, completely blunt and honest, smart, and doesn't have any pretense whatsoever. We make out, and since I'm working on some of the Flawless Natural I tell her it's " You and me tonight". That goes over very well and we start making plans to head back to my place.

We park and head up to my place where she tells me that her girlfriend left a hickey on her boob and she doesn't have a boyfriend.

It also turns out that CJ pulls this night as well, so hopefully that's a sign of things to come. I'll be posting a series of unposted LRs from myself and other guys for the next month leading up to the launch of The Lay Reports Book Sept 14th.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Thundercat Ho!!!!

A merry Friday to all of you...

I was on Thundercat's Booty Call podcast yesterday with AFC Adam and his girlfriend/Co-trainer Amanda. We had a really funny call where we discussed many issues from Matador to a Kinsey report esque Q and A about my sex life.

It was great fun and hopefully everyone "gets it".

You can check it out HERE

And while you're at it, why not check out Thundercat's new videos for his Pure Personality launch. Here

Have a great weekend guys,


Thursday, August 07, 2008

The 5 girl plan...

Hey guys,

I was reading this book called " Never Eat Alone" by Keith Ferrazzi and it's all about networking and creating relationship plans. I started reading it so I could develop some sort of structure for planning my students progress, through social circle building, managing relationships, meeting people to invite to parties, etc...

So I got to thinking about my perfect relationship plan and I decided that it consists of 5 separate girls to serve different roles. The first one would be " The Internet blowjob girl. She's reliable comes at my beck and call and gives great head. IMO this is the best type of girl to meet online. They are plentiful. Then you have the "super hot club" girl. These are the girls in the club with their mini skirts, dancing on bars. Next you have the bisexual girl. This one is self explanatory but it's a good idea to always have a bisexual girl both for referral sex and threesomes. The fourth girl is the girl you really get along with who you consider dating exclusively, and the last girl is the fetish girl, whatever really turns you on, you should have a girl with that trait.

So I will now start out building that rotation, the internet search begins, along with Bisexual girl hunt 2008.

If people are interested I'll post some stuff on relationship action plans. It's a pretty cool concept IMO.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lil Wayne and Self Respect

This was the official Miami song I probably heard 800 times last week...

You guys should put it on while you read this post... Before I get into the crux of this post I want to pose a question. When did Lil Wayne become the best commercial rapper alive? It seems like it happened a couple of years ago when Jay-Z and Eminem "retired" but it certainly happened fast after he'd had a mostly unremarkable career. It actually makes me respect Master P more because he saw something in this guy when he was like 15. It also is an interesting look at maturing while in the highest level of a profession. Much like Kobe Bryant, or Kevin Garnett, Lil Wayne became famous while super young and learned the politics of the business so now that he's like 25 he seems older. Same as Kobe and KG. I can identify with this since I got into pick up at like 19 and had to deal(badly) with a lot of politics early on that I didn't handle well...

Lil' Wayne Lollipop (Remix) Lyrics
Lollipop lollipop breasts is just like Dolly Parton
She ride my spaceship til she hit the top
That hit the spot
Til she ask how many li li licks do it take
Til she get to shop
Dont worry why my wrist got so freeze
Tell a girl like Doritos thats not yo (Nacho) cheese
Tell her friends like Fritos im trying to lay
I can only have one and i aint aint tryin to wait
This a song with Wayne so you know its gon melt
But you aint fina murder me like everybody else
Imma rap like I got some type respect for myself
I dont do it for my health man
I do it for the belt
Man I do it to the death
Til the roof get melt
100 degrees, drop the roof so the coupe dont melt
Man the flow so cold Chicken Soup won't help

The lyrics are actually really awesome... Rappers def don't have inner game issues. But there was one line that really stood out as I was rapping this song all over Miami last week.

"Imma rap like I got some type respect for myself"

Which brought me to what I think the core of inner game is: Self Respect.

You have to respect yourself in order to be successful with women.

So that led me to wanting to explore what exactly self respect is...

You know what that means a trip to Ditionary.com. Which defines self respect as follows.

"proper esteem or regard for the dignity of one's character."

Which is good but I want to go a bit deeper. So on to Wikipedia...

"In psychology, self-esteem reflects a person's overall self-appraisal of his or her own worth.

I like that, an appraisal of your self worth. Do you feel like you are a worthwhile partner for that girl you want to talk to? Or do you feel like you would be getting one over on her. I've been watching RSD's "Flawless Natural" program and Tim's got an idea of harmony and win/win. Which basically expresses the same notion. Namely that sex is not something that you take from a girl. I hate the mainstream language used about sex as guys talk about " Getting some, Getting girls to put out," etc. Sex is a shared experience that both people enjoy.

I think it's also interesting that in the near synonyms self confidence was listed. This is because without a correct amount of self respect you cannot be confident. If you don't think you're worthwhile, how can you convince a girl you are?

So how does one develop self-respect?

I think one of the first keys is to know why you respect yourself. As everyone knows, I'm a big fan of making lists. So I suggest everyone take a minute or two now to write down some reasons to respect yourself. We'll call this the " Why I'm Awesome list".

Now the next thing is figuring out how you want to be treated. One of the keys to self respect is putting boundaries on what you will and won't tolerate. You don't want to wait until something happens to decide if you want to deal with it. So the next list to make is the " Unacceptable behavior list". I've always been good at this one :)

Lastly I want you to think about this next sentence.

I approach like I got some TIGHT respect for myself.

What does it mean to approach with self respect?

How would you approach if you really had some tight respect for yourself. If you thought you were the baddest motherfucker in the world?

How would the girl react to this approach?

Hope this helps clarify some stuff. It did for me....


Monday, August 04, 2008

LR: Stilts

I just got back from a week of insanity in Miami with a motley crew of characters, including Speer, Psych, The coolest PR natural of all time and the beach.

This report actually comes from Last Thursday night but I've been way too busy to post it. Psych put up his thoughts on the night Here

The night began as Speer had a date and I had to find something to do with myself. Speer's lifestyle is pretty ridiculous. At one point I was crashing on the couch with 3 girls, though it was nowhere near as cool as it sounds :) Psych had been telling us all about how he had bought stilts and was going to film pick ups on them. Naturally I thought this was the best idea EVER and I wanted in. So we took this opportunity to go down to Nikki Marina and test em out.

Here's some footage...

Here's me falling while trying to approach.

Here's me proving an age old adage...

Now after we put the Stilts away, we noticed that we had stumbled into a bachelor/bachelorette auction. Not only that, but they had printed up brocheres which allowed the contestants to describe themselves. My favorite was "Chris", who " is a numbers man by day and an ladies man at night. Whether it's crunching numbers at work or just getting yours at night. Chris can always turn up the heat". So I turned this into my opener, by walking around with the booklet and asking people if this describes them or if they would be interested in someone who this described. Good times.

I also busted out some Hollywood Attraction stuff which I'm going to continue to let be the best kept secret in the community. Here's a video teaser from this night...

Finally I see a H-ERD ( Hot nerd) she's by herself at the bar and I open with my favorite opener right now which is simply singing " I love ..." This time it was vodka. From there we discussed her nerd glasses, her fake Boston accent that was actually from Michigan, how she has freckles, red hair and big boobs so she should probably run away before I try to fuck her... Etc.

Turns out she's there for her friend's 30th Bday and her friend is literally passed out drunk on the couch. Her other friend comes over with some dude and Psych comes in to steal her very cute blonde friend away.

More talking, she's actually super down to earth so I compliment her on this and like ALL women she can't take compliments. Psych's moving his girl all around so I move mine to sit by her drunk friend who now is awake again... GRRR could be a potential ER. I talk to the friend and my girl until "regular Bob" comes over. Apparently this guy frequents the bar my girl and her friend work at. He's boring so I go to the bathroom. When I get back my girl obviously wants to escape( the intended effect) and asks me if I want a drink, I refuse to be difficult and make her work harder to isolate me. She's chasing now, so I want to let her chase. She says we should find Psych and her friend. So we go looking for them and find them on a floating putting green (don't ask). We get on with them until Psych's girl has to go tinkle. At which point I apply my " Dare them to stop me" style of escalation. This came from talks I used to have with Savoy(usually while drunk) that once a girl is accpeting escalation you can just keep escalating until she stops you ( Once) and then you know where her limits are and you've made maximum forward progress. I end up fingering this girl on the putting thing but she didn't want to have sex soo out in the open. We were floating in the middle of an inlet as people walked by...

We go back to find her friends. Psych has already bounced his girl who happens to be my girl's roomie home. Perfect. Now I can go back to her place to get my ride. We make arrangements to take drunk Bday girl home, head back to her place. I get the " I feel like a whore right now" speech right before she brings me into her room and begs me to fuck her....

Girls are weird :)

Stilts are awesome!