Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Best FR EVER!!!!

El Topo a student I trained in Phnx in Oct. Is starting to get really good according to CJ. Him and the good Captain have been out a lot in Dallas recently and he's coming on really strong. I remember him having a lot of potential when i taught him.

Well apparently there's also a massive religious conspiracy affecting the greater Dallas area as CJ had a set ask him if he had a relationship with Jesus as he tried to kiss her and now EL Topo presents "God The AMOG". If you are at all religious I suggest you don't click Here if you like laughing and have a sick sense of humor like myself... Enjoy.


Gaming in Sydney

Last night CJ and I hit Cargo Bar/Lounge and did a couple of sets, I had a pull ruined when some random English guy got into a fight witht the girl's friends about how he was building hospitals and that's a more impoirtant job than media(What they did) then my girl got soo smashed that I had to get her out of the bathroom under the bouncer's orders. Then her friends got mad at me...WTF!

Dr Owl joined us today and we made our way over to the seminar hotel in a suburb of Sydney. This hotel is much much nicer than the one we had the last few nights.

Now we are on out way to the pool to relax and get ready for tonight.

I just started "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover" by Robert Moore and it's a pretty interesting look(thus far) at the masculine archetypes I've been studying. I'll post a review when i finsih it, which should be today since it's only a hundred and fifty pages.

Gaming in Sydney seems to be quite different from gaming in the US. As an American the girls already assume I am an asshole, so I have to be really light with the teasing. disqualifiers seem to work a lot better than negs, and the girls seem to talk a whole lot more than American girls and don't drop conversational threads. Every girl also thrusts her number onto me in about 15 minutes.

Definetly different.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Review: Sperm Wars

Warning if you like traditional thinking about relationships, or if you want to believe that more than 96% of women will not cheat given the right situatuation, Sperm Wars is probably not for you.

This book is a fucking trip! I got back into the reading thing and I realized that my knowledge of evolutionary pysch was severely limited to what I had learned from a Magician. Not taking a shot at Erik here either BTW. The same way that my first exposure to NLP came through RJ and In10se, and I learned a shitload once i took a step back and looked at the stuff from L. Michael Hall, and Robert Dilts. I want to look at the actual scientific research and find my own conclusions.

So I bought " The Red Queen", "Sperm Wars" and a few others.

Sperm Wars is really well written and I REALLY liked the way he wrote fictitious cases and then examined the actual science behind them. I think EVERY science book should be written this way. That way you avoid dropping the book due to wanting to kill yourself. Don't believe me? Try reading " The evolution of Desire" and see if you don't find yourself looking longingly toward a pack of razors and your bathtub.

The most interesting part of the book in my mind was the last few chapters about how women's ability to orgasm is directly related to their chances of cheating. 50% of women can have normal orgasms and 2-4% of women have NO orgasms. That means that at least 96% of women given the right situation will seek better genes... It was also interesting to see the corrolation between testes size and the type of guy you are. Either a sperm wars specialist ( Someone who produces larger amounts of sperm to compete as he is more likely to select a partner who is unfaithful) or a non sperm war specialist who may produce less sperm and tend to guard partners better.

Basically that means that overprotective BFs generally have small testes.. This would be a great thing to tell my girl in AZ who's BF called me a couple of weeks ago.

Overall I reccomend this book if you are interested in the biology behind sex and de-mystifying some female behavior. I honestly didn't really understand the drives and urges that were responsible (unconsciously) for cheating and partner selection before reading this, as I do now. Be prepared to not like a lot of what you read in this book though especially if you have been in a LTR.


Post comments on Captain Jack's Blog

CJ gets moody when people don't post comments on his brillant blog..

So save me a headache and post some comments Here


Rained out at the beach...

CJ and I got on a bus to Manly beach today with every intention of sun, sand and chicks. We arrived to rain and clouds. One thing I noticed on the bus was that the bus here is AWESOME!. It smeels good, it's clean and safe. I live in LA where buses are not even an option if you can get there ANY other way. I did notice that there was some graffiti and carving on the windows which suprised the hell out of me, as I can't see how anyone would want to make a nice bus crappy.

Does putting your name on something and leaving a mark somewhere in the world really mean that much if the only collective response to your "artistic statement" is me rolling my eyes and thinking whoever did that should be crippled?

After we got to Manly we had a 10 dollar steak... 10 dollars.. That's like 8 bucks US. It was chewy but what the fuck do you expect for $10 bucks. My only problem witht the food thus far(which includes the BEST veggies ever) is that you don't get refills on diet cokes and they are like $3 bucks... That sucks balls.

We then got on the ferry going to Sydney harbor and had a slow ride where CJ and I made Vids that I'll post once I get fast enough internet..

The fucking storm of work is coming though after tomor I have Sydney BC Fri-Sun, 2 one on ones Mon/Tues, Day game seminar on Wed, a flight to Melbourne Thurs morning then another BC Fri-Sun. I'm exhausted just looking at that schedule. If you want to sgn up and watch me run the gauntlet of PUAdom( I think there's availibility in Melbourne and day game) you can check the schedule Here

Also it's looking like Vison from "The Game" AKA Toecutter for all you community guys, may be helping out in Melbourne, as I'm currently trying to convince him to do a specialty seminar on Cold reading Mon the 12th. Which would add another day to the gauntlet...oh well it's worth it to get this info out. Very few people get exposed to his stuff but it is top notch.

Stay tuned for more on that ...


Going on the first date of the trip

So Cj and i were walking around in our leather bomber jackets, with the American flag on them while I had my trusty ketchup in my holster and people were staring like they hadn't seen Americans before.

I picked up a bartender at a hotel bar in the Rocks which was recommeded by everyone, but wasn't particulary cool. I do have blisters from walking around in my vans all day and having them wear in.

CJ then picked up a bartender across the street at a pool hall... So far we are 1 for 1 each. We are meeting up with my girl in about 15 minutes.

I also had a waitress invite us to watch her play the fiddle in an irish bar on Sun. She then wrote down the address and time without us asking... Weird, the girls here are fairly aggressive, compared to the U.S. They also talk a lot and don't let threads die.. They are the opposite of girls in Sweden..

The girls here are really elegant. There's a natural quality to them that makes them hotter.

Sydney is a really beautiful city, but seems small... It's also humid as fuck. I'm gonna be showering 3-4 times a day...


Monday, February 26, 2007

In australia

So I'm here,

Flight was super easy i slept for about 12 hours of it and read for the other two. Really nice weather and other than me booking us in a hotel about 15 minutes outside of the city, everything is cool. CJ just got here and we are headed in to town to look around and grab some food.

I'll update more later...


Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fidelio finally updated his blog with a pretty interesting post about looking back at his progress over the last year

Check the whole thread



6th gear or the desire to win.

I was playing pool with The Don earlier today as I reel in my depression over HB Perfect. And the Ohio State-Wisconsin game happened to be on. I haven't seen Greg Oden play since he got the cast off his wrist and it was interesting to watch him do the same thing that Lebron does. Both guys are SUPREMELY talented, possibly the two most talented players to come out of high school in 30 years. But neither of them seem to have that killer instinct. They don't have that Jordan/Wade/Kobe desire to win even if it means stepping on your opponent's throat. And in my typical fashion, I relate this to game. A lot of guys simply don't want this bad enough.

Improving with women is difficult. And to really achieve mastery( and I don't believe anyone goes 5 for 5) but mastery is simply the ability to get a girlfriend within a week anywhere you can speak the language. I have mastery. 7 days in a city and I can make it happen every time. It just means that I can meet and attract women as long as I can communicate. I actually don't even think PU anymore almost ever. I don't think up new openers, or negs or anything, but I do get girls just by "being myself". The only difference between being myself now and being myself 5 years ago is that myself now is a bunch of behavior patterns I learned. But it has become engrained. i tease every person guy or girl. I am interesting, and I'm good at making people comfortable with my touching.

Now the other place that the will to win comes in, is in set. The BIGGEST problem I see in guys in field is that they freak the fuck out and stop talking when they get some reaction they don't understand. If you learn nothing more from my blog than to keep talking no matter what, you will get laid more than you did before. Nobody's routines hit a hundred percent of the time, but if you are able to keep engaging their minds with talk, eventually you will say something interesting. Most guys aren't willing to take the social pressure and awkwardness of pushing forward through uncertainty or neutral reactions. Hell even bad reactions can be turned around with an apology. In my mind there is no reason to leave set unless they ask you to. Keep talking until you get positive responses. This is what seperates the chumps from champs. So the next time you feel the urge to eject, ask yourself what else you can try without ejecting. Brad P has a great saying "Blow me or blow me out" It's a great frame you either get the girl or you save yourself the time by making them blow you out.

But before you put yourself through this ask yourself " How badly do I want this?"


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Update on last night

So I talked to Savoy and I didn't do anything too stupid thank god.

I have this sticking point where when a girl intimidates the shit out of me like HB perfect or The 12 I met on the special bootcamp in Chi, I stop thinking the right way or I drink too much. With the 12 I got drunk and told her I thought I was in love with her, the second time we saw each other. Last night thankfully everything went well and the only thing I did was fall down, but apparently she did a bunch too.

I feel like death, right now and am going back to bed.

I made friends with my hairdresser today too and her two friends. She's really funny and I need more female friends I don't sleep with...


Sinn needs to stop drinking soo much

I went to HB perfect's B-day and remember almost nothing. I also woke up with a scraped wrist, and a hurt jaw...

This sucks, I am an idiot.


Friday, February 23, 2007

I can't believe I'm going to Australia in 2 days...

I'm getting all my shit ready for Australia, and it's becoming insane that I am gonna be almost entirely across the world to teach guys how to meet women. It's gonna be crazy. I've heard some really cool things and I'm going to be trying to see as much as I possibly can between the 3 programs in 15 days. Sydney is completely sold out, but I believe there is room in both Day game and the Melbourne program. You can check my Schedule Here.

I'm letting a friend from high school stay at my place so today I had to get keys made for him. I've never had anyone stay at my place when I was gone before so that's gonna be a new experience...

I've heard a lot fo things about OZ and the women there, so it'll be pretty cool to check that out. I also hopefully will be seeing Toecutter who I haven't hung out with since the Cliff's List 05 program. I'm bringing Captain Jack and Dr Owl to the first program in Sydney and The Don and Dr Owl to the program in Melbourne.

I was up til 6 A.M with HB perfect last night and am currently still in bed after getting up at 9:30. Apparentky she will be moving to LA in a few weeks. Dunno what's gonna happen with her.. but it's super stressful and I don't really want to discuss it on the blog.

I will be documenting the Australia trip in a series of Viral videos I'll be posting on youtube and posting here. So that should be pretty cool. Expect guest appearences by CJ, and a ton of Aussie girls. CJ is pretty much my favorite person to wing with because he's a great friend, got great game, and he doesn't EVER try to steal girls or the attention of the group. Certain other PUAs some that I even consider/considered really close friends have a really bad habit of gaming my girl and denying it. Then they wonder why we don't get along. But CJ doesn't do that and him and I are lethal in set. We pull pretty much every night that we go out, so I can't imagine anyone better to bring down under.

I'm exhausted I'll try to post something later...


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fuck You Tim Hardaway...

In my passion for sports I have not commented on one of last week's biggest stories, of former Orlando Magic center John Amaechi's coming out of the closet.

I didn't comment because statistically with around 350 players in the NBA, you gotta figure that about 1/5 is gay based on generally accepted rates of homosexuality.

I further thought it was a non issue as Amaechi was retired and was never more than a backup when he played. I think Amaechi if he wanted to strike a blow for gay rights should have come out while he was playing. He also wasn't an outstanding enough player to care about his sexual orientation. Michael jordan he was not. So if the guy wants to promote his new book by coming out of the closet, I think that should be met with the thud that it was met with...until Mr Hardaway decided on the Dan lebetard show to say he "hates gay people."

I think homophobia is a lot more rampant than any other kind of race/sexism. look at the recently pulled Snickers commercial. But in general I think most people are generally too selfish to be concerned in modern CITY living with anyone else's life.

So when Mr Hardaway who I enjoyed watching as part of Run T-M-C in Golden state and then in MIAMI! I mean talk about burying your head in the sand, and shooting any future life in acity in the foot. Miami is not an in the closet city. When Mr hardaway was interviewed by childhood friend Scoop Jackson Here and talked about how he still doesn't condone a gay lifestyle. I sincerely hope he has invested his money well because he will not get a job ever again. Nor should he.

As an athlete you have to realize that you should shut the fuck up. Tim Hardaway is obviously an idiot and a bigot. You went on a national radio show and said you hated a group of people. I am honestly appaled that there has been less of a call for this guy's head on a fucking plate. Remember what happened with John Rocker? And that was in an interview for print. Where it wasn't on air and heard instantly by a couple thousand people. There will forever be a record of this.... Unreal.

Athletes should not be role models because of shit like this. I only hope that because he is retired and has been for awhile that no kids will look up to him enough to think his way of thinking is anything less than what it is hate. He can take it back and offer lame ass "apologies" all he wants he is a bigot and given a chance and a place to spew hate he did.

Fuck you Tim Hardaway. I'm sorry I ever rooted for you.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My video blog...

So I think I busted the mic on my Ibook, and the sound is not getting through even with an external mic, which is why I never posted about them.

Until I get a better way to record sound and make these work, I will be removing the videos. I never realized people would find them before I posted about them.


They are coming though.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Warning this is extremely long and dense.

One of the major problems I notice in students weekend after weekend, is the inability to qualify in a manner that is convincing to women.

So in order to hopefully rectify this I have written this post.

First a definition of qualification for those who are unaware of such things and the reasons that we need to qualify.

In the attraction phase, we the PUA Demonstrate value and attributes of an attractive man and the woman rewards us with indicators of interest. Qualification is its mirror opposite, where we will entice her to demonstrate value so that we can reward her with indicators of interest.

The reason behind this is as follows. Women become attracted to men ALL the time. Re-read that sentence 100 times. A woman doesn’t have the time necessary to get to know every guy she is attracted to. So when you have good attraction game, you will be able to get a woman’s REAL phone number in a short amount of time. However when you call her the next day, this is the difference in thinking between men and women.

PUA: She gave me her number it’s on.
Woman: Yeah he was attractive but why would I see him again? Why is he calling me he doesn’t even know anything about me, he must just want sex. I don’t feel like having sex. I’m not going to call him back.

Or Buyer’s Remorse as it has been called many times.

However if you can convince a woman that you like her for reasons other than her looks and sexuality, she will be motivated to see you again. Ideally you will develop actual standards and find things that you actually like in the particular girl.

So the old way that we did this was through the use of the Bait-Hook-Reel-Release model.

Now a quick word. If you have a proper conversational ratio, meaning that she is speaking about 40% of the time by now, she should be giving you things about herself that you can qualify her for. You can also qualify arbitrarily by telling the entire group that they are cool or fun.

When she has not given you reasons to qualify her and you can tell she is attracted, you will want to bait her to tell you cool things about herself. You can do this through the use of questions or statements.

In the beginning you want to make the hoops small and innocuous. When I took my initial program many years ago, Mystery just taught us to ask “ what you have going for you more than your looks.” That is what I call a large hoop. And even if a woman is attracted she may refuse to answer that question as out of the blue it is too big of a compliance request. I noticed that as I was in field girl would answer it most of the time, but sometimes it would not go over. At the time I was reading a lot of sales lit and I learned about the concept of a yes-ladder. Basic idea is that the more someone says yes the more likely they are to say yes in the future. I applied this to qualification by starting with smaller qualification hoops leading to medium sized hoops and ending with the large hoop “ What do you have going for you besides your looks.”

Small hoops are any question that presents a stereotype that a woman wants to be seen as. She should be able to answer yes to this question with little or no thinking. Some examples are “ Are you adventurous, Are you smart, are you a good friend?”

Medium hoops require a little more thinking and are actually where you will find out if your qualification is taking or not. Some examples are “what nationality are you? What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s here that a woman can if uninterested stop the qualification by not answering or giving a slow answer such a s” I’m a mutt.”

Side note, a woman will not answer a qualification question for one of two reasons. One she is not attracted. These answers will be short and succinct. Like “I don’t know”. The other reason is that she sees you as an authority and doesn’t want to say something to make herself seem less cool. If she is making an effort to answer the question, you need to reward her.

Large hoops are blatantly qualifying questions where she will realize she is qualifying herself but do it anyway because she has already invested earlier.

So the old model required us to bait with a question and would sometimes sound like a job interview as you pummeled the girl with questions. So the first mistake to correct is only asking questions. Any question can be turned into a statement fairly easily. For example let’s say I want to find out what nationality a girl is. I could ask, “What nationality are you?” Or I can say, “ You look very German.” And wait for her to either agree or disagree. You get the exact same information, at which point you need to give her an indicator of interest or compliment if you want to be normal.

Qualification will be the first point in the interaction where you can start to hit on the girl. So as soon as she answers the question, we reward her with a compliment. For example “ OMG you’re German! I love German girls, my ex-fiancĂ© was German and we went over there and traced her whole family tree. It’s such a cool culture.

The compliment should be non-generic and non-physical. The more in-depth and specific you can be, the more qualified she will feel.

In the old model, the next step was to release by throwing a small IOD like “ can’t even talk to you anymore.” Then return to normal conversation. This is where guys get into trouble most of the time and the main reason why I felt the need to write this post. You DON”T need to release every time. In fact if you follow this cycle dogmatically the girl will even notice it. You may even have girls respond to I can’t talk to you by saying ok.

The key to releasing is to do it ONLY when a woman feels uncomfortable with you hitting on her. If she is accepting your compliments and likes them then there is NO reason to release it and it will seem fake. So the release in my model has been changed to a tease and it still remains at the end of the cycle but this time there is a piece before the release. And that piece is asking a rapport question.

One of the main reasons that guys have problems being able to qualify girls is that they go in with the intention of trying to qualify a girl. Instead of actually trying to find out what is cool about the girl. So when you BHRR without exploring the topic of conversation, it comes across as fake. If you were really that interested in her nationality you would probably ask a question like “ Have you ever been to Germany” etc…

The more actual interest you can show here the better.

Now onto to releases. The best way to release is to throw in a non-sequitor tease. Something along the lines of “ Too bad your such a dork!” The point of a release is to pop the bubble of tension that has been created by hitting on her. This makes her more comfortable as you have released the tension created by hitting on her. But remember you don’t have to do it every time. Only when she appears uncomfortable with you hitting on her. Generally with a bigger IOI. Another way of releasing tension on smaller hoops (Which get smaller IOIs BTW) is to structure a challenge to her quality.

PUA: Are you adventurous?
Girl: Yeah Totally
PUA: Awesome I love adventurous people. There’s just so much more fun. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? Don’t say running with scissors.
Girl: One time I went skydiving

The last thing I want to talk about is the idea of continuous qualification. Meaning that comfort and qualification and later on relationship and qualification are going to cycle. You will need to keep giving her reasons that you like her FOREVER. So when you are stuck for things to say on a date or 10 year into your marriage tell the girl why you like her.


Epic Day on PTI and Around The Horn

I have mentioned before my more than passing fancy for PTI and Around The Horn. I really need a tivo so that I can actually stay out of my house from 2 to 3 PM on weekdays.

ATH(Around The Horn) features a panel of sports writers debating the various issues in sports with the winner of the game getting 30 seconds of time to talk about whatever they want to.

PTI is a talk show on sports between Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser who both make the most salient and interesting points while being entertaining of anyone I’ve ever seen Jim Rome in his prime included.

On a sad side note I don’t watch Rome is Burning, despite being a huge fan of his radio show over the last 5-6 years. I feel like Rome has lost his edge and he tends to drift more than he ever used.

Well today was the best day of PTI and ATH I can remember it was capped off by Michael Smith’s unfair ejection because Woody Paige pulled out a copy of a letter from Michael Jordan. Smith said that he would be cussing host Tony Reali out were it not a family show. Hysterical and the trash talking was on point and super entertaining tonight.

Then PTI had Coach k from Duke come on and talk about the losses and Gilbert Arenas being able to score more tha 84 or 85 points on his team the way they are playing defense.

Great great day of sports talk that led me to feel the need to post.


New York Recap, Future's B-day, Being way too into Lawgirl and of course, the cold.

Good couple of days spent in NY.

I got in around 2:30 AM on Friday,my flight was supposed to get around 7:10 but in the current trend of Jetblue trying to run itself out of business, it was delayed a few hours and had to re-fuel in Pittsburgh.

Once I got in I spent some time with Future Friday night and then had dinner with him his mom and MaryJasian before we went to see Children of Men. I have never cared soo little about what's happening in a movie. I honestly just wanted it to be over from the opening scene until the end. No sense of drama, Uber predictable save yourself 2 hours and if you feel the urge to watch this movie, instead hit yourself on the head with a hammer until you pass out.

After the movie we went back to Future's and instead of going out, we had a couple of friends over and hung out at his place. Soo much better than going out. I hate going out.

Sunday I got up early made hand outs and headed over to the seminar room. Day game had a really good group of guys including a student I had taught earlier ast year in Miami. He showed up in Miami a vigin and since May he has had 7 girls. He emailed me to tell me that and it really made my day. It made me ffel like what I do actually does change lives and help people, and I'm not juts flying around for no reason. So Thanks Puzzler that was exactly what I needed to read.

Sunday Night was Future's actual B-day dinner so I booked it out of the seminar room exactly and 7 and made the mad dash for Chat N Chew, where since I hadn't eaten all day, the two vodka sodas I had knocked me on my ass. Future's mom is a riot and Debonair Dave showed up. Which is always appreiciated. After dinner we went back to Future's and had a little mini party which we all remarked was better than going out.

Mon, I had to do a bunch of boring printing and faxing for Oz and other assorted stuff, like setting up hotel rooms and conference rooms. Which if it's possible is even less fun than it sounds. Then Play2Win met up with me and we grabbed a bite at a great burger place before bouncing to 45th and 9th where I picked up our waitress, who after she got off joined us to watch future do Stand-up uptown. She had to leave after the show so we bounced back to Future's where I continued my 7th hour of drinking on a Monday. i justify it by saying that it was Presiden't day, but really I just like to drink.

Lawgirl had a meeting for one of her clubs and called me about 11. At which point I headed over to Harlem, which is not quite as scary as it sounds and a whopping 12 dollar cab ride. People in NY are funny. In LA a $12 cab is super cheap. In NY it's the cause of an apocalypse. We had a few beers downstaris before she invited me up. And were it not for HB perfect's b-day tonight I would be staying in NY. I am soo into Lawgirl it's unreal. She's retardedly smart and funny. And she gets me in a way that very few if any attractive women do. It's a very strange connection we have. But I really like it and it wasn't a line when I told her that I was sad that I wasn't going to talk to her for 3 weeks. I may have to get a skype account or something to deal with my girl maintenence while I'm gone.

Got home around 3 last night and couldn't sleep. I still smelled like her and it was sad she wasn't there. She had a class at 8 and there was no way I was getting up that early.

Woke up this morning and headed to the aiport remembering that JFK has free wireless, which I think should be mandatory at all airports.

Now I am a 5 hour flight away from HBperfect and her b-day. Joy.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

CJ on same night lays

Captain jack has a great post up on same night lays.

He really is the best guy I've seen at doing same night stuff, and this article is full of great advice.

You can read it Here


NY is cold...

I really don't like the cold. I mean if I were forced to live in it, I could, but as I am lucky enough to be able to choose where to live, there is no fucking way I would ever live somewhere that got this cold. When I left LA yesterday it was 75 degrees and sunny, I got into NY and there's snow on the ground and it's like - 30006. I'm sitting in starbucks freezing every time the door opens.

I saw Future last night when i got in and tonight I'll be meeting up with him and Play2win for some drinking. probably shouldn't make it too crazy of a night as I have to teach at 2 tomor. I'm really exited to be teaching day game again, I really do think that every time I teach the program it gets better and better. I've taught it a few times before but I really think this will be the best one so far. Not sure if there's still availibility, but check the website.

I understand why everyone is an asshole in NY. it's a city where eveyone is literally right on top of you. I was sitting here typing and this old homeless lady was almost standing in my lap for 5 minutes as she stole sugar from the milk and sugar stand. I can't make this shit up. And noiw some old guy is STILL sharing my table when there is an open table 3 feet away. the only reason I'm not moving is because I have a power cord.

I'm really happy i won't miss any of the exciting NBA all-star game tomor. LOL I don't get all-star games, they are almost always boring exhibitions where no one plays hard and occasionally someone important gets injured(see Brees Drew). Yesterday they didn't even get through the rockin jocks game without reggie Bush spraining his ankle. It's a dumb tradition that needs to be abolished. Select the all- whatever league teams and be done with it.

I'm going to begin reading sperm wars by robin Baker in a few moments, I've heard mixed things, but I want to read it at CJ's recommendation.

T-minus 8 days until I leave for OZ... It's gonna be crazy, I haven't been this excited to do a program since... I don't even know when.


Savoy's new nick name!

Savoy needed a nick name, and for a long time I couldn't come up with one, until last night.

From now on Savoy will be known as " The hardest working man in the seduction community".

So it has been written so it shall be done.


14 hours later I get into NY

I was delayed for 8 hours on a fucking JETBLUE flight.

It sucked monkey balls, and the only reason that I didn't freak out and get arrested(like someone on my flight did toward the end.) is because I had TV in the headrest, and Fire in the belly.

I finished "Fire In The Belly", by Sam Keen it was mediocre. Very uneven. I loved the stuff he wrote about finding a passion and a path in life. I loved his stuff on having values. I hated his entire section on bringing the masuline and feminine together. And I think that marrying simply for the goal of having kids is retarded. You should get married if you love the person not with any intended outcome.

I also watched a bunch of scrubs, Chappelle Show, and unfortunately had one of the days when Around the Horn and PTI got pre-empted. I hate those days, this is the first one of the new year and I was loving my daily dose of my Favorite TV show. Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser rock!

As Savoy said yesterday at the Lakers game. " You know you're jonsing for football when you're searching for draft coverage." or as I did today watching the same draft coverage 3 times hoping it would be different every time. What's the definition of insanity again? Doing something and....


Friday, February 16, 2007

Lebron doesn't like defense

Went to the Cavs-lakers game yesterday with Savoy, here's my running account of the game best as i can remember.

Getting to Staples Center from Savoy's place in Hollywood took 45 minutes, way longer than it should have and the cab reeked like B.O. It was fucking nasty.

We get to Staples Center and right around when tip-off was supposed to be 7:30 the lines are ridiculous as well as the scalpers being out in full effect. I always secretly wonder if there are guys who go down to the Staples Center and wander around trying to buy tickets from a scallper. The scalpers always ask if you have tickets. Wjhy would I be THERE if I didn't retard! I guess you don't need to be a brain surgeon in order to scalp tickets.

The Staples Center system of having peope line up in undefined lines and push their way into the entrance, not the hot fire. They really need to set a better system than having 10,000 people all trying to push in at the same time.

Staples Center has awesome food, but be prepared to spend for it. Savoy and I got sushi and it was way expensive, and suprisingly good. I wasn't planning on drinking, but they had Hefewizen and let it never be said that Sinn says no to Hefewizen.

We had to go all the way up to the 3rd from last row, and I always wonder why they make the row so small, I think it has to do with them actually wanting you to spill your food and beer on some other fan. Also why do they serve beer in cups that don't fit intot the cup holder? Either make the beer smaller and thus less than $10 or make bigger cup holders.

Game tips off and Anderson Varejo is introduced as brazilian.. That's it he's from Brazil no mention of a school or how many years he's been in the league. Just from brazil.

The crowd boos Drew Gooden, I wonder aloud what Drew Gooden could have possibly done to get booed? I mean he sucks, but not really the type of guy I'd get emotionally invested in booing.

Lebron is really fast. A lot of other guys in the league use cross-over dribbles and spin moves. Lebron just runs fast and goes to the basket.

Lamar Odom is left handed.

Pretty good pacing to the begginning of this game both teams are getting up and down the floor and nailing shots.

The people next to us moved because they were in some guy and his sons seats. Now 10 minutes later the man and his son have to move because the real seat owners have arrived.

I tell Savoy we should sit in the bar on the second floor and tell people we wish we were at the game. Then inquire as to ticket prices.

Lebron is floating around on defense and offense. He really doesn't seem to be enjoying playing the game. Or even seem that interested in being out there.

Varejo is flying around and getting rebounds and blocks. He plays really hard. Not that big or tall not that talented but a total effort guy. The type of guy any team needs to be successful.

Kobe sometimes decides he's just going to score and takes some TERRIBLE shots. He happens to make them, but really poor shot selection.

I get a craving for Garlic fries with about 4 minutes left in the second quarter. I make the move after debating it for 3 minutes during which the Laker girls have performed 96,000 times all in different outfits.

I get garlic fries. They are not that good.

Halftime has a kid playing a memory game in which he wins a hat and a duffel bag. And more laker girl routines to you guessed it Fergie.

The announcer reminds us that we can download the songs being played directly to our Verizon mobile phones. this becomes a runnign joke with Savoy reaching into his pocket to try to get a jump on downloading them every Laker girl performance.

Diet Pepsi is glorious.

The Lakers coming roaring back in the second half but Larry Hughes somehow channels Michale Jordan and gets to the line 3 times in a row slowing the lakers run. I remark aloud " Can anyone stop Larry Hughes? "

Lebron also misses half of his free throws this game. It really does seem like he's regressing. I hate to pile on the guy when he scores 35 pts in a win, but where is the hunger to win. And the killer instinct to take over and put teams away. The Lakers hung around way too long this game.

3rd quarter we get a TV timeout that seemingly lasts 10 minutes.

I get a call from HB perfect that i ignore. a half hour later she texts the following:

" Hey. kinda depressing in work. Wanted to hear ur happy voice."

Really it's depressing in a strip club on a Thurs... I'm shocked.

I also get a text from a girl in AZ asking me to be her late Valentine.

4th quarter last few minutes 3 point game and Kobe is guarding Lebron. This is awesome! Kobe is actually a really good off the ball defender, he's making Lebron work to get position and get to the ball.

Most interesting moment of the game to me. Lebron catches the ball tries a couple of jab steps, none of which Kobe bites on then passes. It really seemed like Lebron genuinely didn't feel like he score on Kobe. Really great one on one basketball moment. Made the game worth watching.

Lakers are down 3 with 48.7 seconds there's a foul and then Kobe nails a fall away three. Unfortunately the Cavs come back and make two free throws then the Lakers turn it over and Lebron makes the next two free throws. Savoy and I bot for the exit to catch a cab witout having to wait in line.

We get back to Savoy's and decide to chill out and watch the Tivo'd office. I had to get up early today to go to the airport.

The office was Hysterical there's a bat and Michael speaking to a business school class. It's also got some good Pam, Roy dynamic.

Savoy and I also decide that trying to pull to an old folks home would be the funniest thing ever. We come up with excuses such as " I was cleaning up my dead Grandfather's affairs and decided to go out to the bar for a drink when i met you..."

Great company, entertaining game, over all a great experience. Should have worn my Ryan Leaf jersey though...


Fucking Planes...

So I got up early and got to the airport in plenty of time to get on my flight to NY and of course it's fucking delayed 2 hours.

YAY! so now I get to sit in the airport and blog. Awesome.

That's much better than being on the way to NY asleep... or watching one of 36 channels that Jetblue provides of direct TV. BTW I love jetblue. This is the first time I have been delayed on a jetblue flight and I always feel more relaxed in the bigger seats and built in TVs.

I guess it's more time in the lovely LA weather tha I am leaving for ... that's right the freezing city of New York. I have a day game program that you can probably still sign up for Here
And i also will be attending to Future's B-day festivities. I also have to squeeze some time for lawgirl in somewhere this weekend. I'll be coming back on Tuesday afternoon ironically around the same time that HBperfect will be driving down to LA.

The next few weeks are going to be insane. I'm really excited to see Australia and teach there. It's crazy that I'm going to be able to get paid to travel all over the world this year. That doesn't suck at all...

I also have to figure out where I'm gonna be living once my lease runs out in April. I have no idea if I'm going to be staying in LA and just moving to a less expensive place, or if I'm gonna be heading to Dallas. I'm probably leaning toward staying in LA just because it's familiar and I'm used to living here. I also have some pretty good friends there and I really have no desire to move somewhere and start all over again. I just don't wanna do it especially as anywhere that I move to I will be gone 2-4 weekends a month so building a new social circle from scratch will be a lot of unecessary work. Dallas would be cool, as I would have Captain Jack and Fidelio there.

My list of requirements for a place to live is as follows:

1. Must be walking distance to a bunch of bars, clubs and restaurants. This is non-negotiable for pulling and doing D2s as well as gettting food during the day. I hate driving and generally shy away from activites that require me to drive.
2. Must be a swanky looking building. I hate living places that look run down from the outside.
3. Must not be too cold. I can deal with weather that drops to about the 50s and maybe a few days below, I can't deal with NY weather.
4. Must not be too humid in the summer. I can deal with heat not humidity. Blech.
5. There must be a lot of girls where I move, preferably a couple of colleges.
6. Must not be too small of a city
7. Must be less than I currenty pay in LA
8. Must have AC and access to TIVO
9. Must have a swimming pool or jacuzzi
10. Must have easy parking

I'm really picky looking at that list,but if you are reading my blog that's not really any new info.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Re-post of Wilder's Story-Telling Theory

This is the best post on Story-telling I have ever seen it forms the basis of the story-telling section of my bootcamp. I have made a lot of tweaks and re-touches and may one day teach a one day program on story-telling, as it is one of the most FUNDAMENTAL skills to master to get the results you want with women.



Story Theory

by Wilder

Telling stories to a group of people is one of the best ways to generate attraction in pick-up when done correctly.

What follows are several things to consider when choosing and crafting stories for use in the field during attraction phases. They're more guidelines than hard and fast rules, as you can break most of them when you know what you're doing.

Story material This is close to a no-brainer. Choose stories that are interesting, fun and GIRL RELEVANT! Avoid stories about distasteful subjects, i.e. death, car accidents, bad breakups, etc. Usually these stories are funny. Use stories you tell often to friends and new people that get big laughs.

Be succinct Write your story out word for word and then gut it. Get rid of everything the listener doesn't need to know and doesn't care about. It's essential that you're ruthless here. Better to cut too much than too little. State the boring but necessary details as succinctly as possible.

Lead in This is how you start the story. The lead in should be congruent with the story to follow. Communicate using words, tonality and energy the type of story to follow. Some examples are, "Oh my God, the funniest/craziest/weirdest thing happened to me the other day!" or "Did you guys ever notice XXX?" or "You'll never believe this, check it out."

Initial hook An initial hook is something that makes peoples' ears perk up. It should be as close to the beginning of the story as possible and should be specifically chosen to make people lean in and pay attention. If your story is about something that happened to you at an S & M party, put that part up front!

Bad: My friend called me the other day and left me a message to call him back. So I called him and he went on and on about his Mother's operation before finally telling me about this party he wanted to go to. Turns out, it's an S & M party!

Good: So the other day I went to this S & M party!

Unanswered questions Craft your story so that there will be unanswered questions in the listener's mind. You want them to ask you questions that give you the opportunity to further increase your value.

Example: So I was picking up my new car the other day and the salesman wouldn't stop asking me about my watch. The girl I was with finally told him we had to go so she could pick up her instrument for a concert she was doing that night.

Unanswered questions:
- What kind of car did you just buy?
- What kind of watch were you wearing?
- Are you rich?
- Who was the girl you were with?
- What kind of performance did she have to get to?

Allude, don't state directly In the examples above you're alluding. You're alluding to the fact that you have money, as you just bought a new car and have a cool watch. You're alluding to the fact that you hang out with cool girls. Stated directly, any of this information would sound like bragging, so you allude to it. Make them ask you about it; don't volunteer it.

Subcommunication This has to do mostly with tonality. The same story can be told playfully, seductively or in a way that generates intrigue. Calibrate to your audience and know what you want to subcommunicate.

Convey personality traits In telling a story, you're telling someone a great deal about yourself. Know what personality traits want to convey. Craft your stories to subtly tell someone you're adventurous, rich, famous, creative, courageous, etc.

Tonality This is hard to put in print, but vary your tonality as widely as possible. Talk slow, then fast, then low, then high and then higher! Make transitions smoothly and tell the story in a way that sucks your listener right in. Along with this, act out parts of the story with your hands or your whole body.

Have a punch line A punch line is a line that sums up your story in a powerful way. It's a way of letting the listener know that the story is over. It doesn't have to be funny, though in many stories used in the field it will be.

- "That's the last time I take THAT dog to the beach!"
- "From now on I'm asking to see girls' ID's!"
- "That was the day I learned the true meaning of courage."
Short Example Story:

The Girls at Burning Man are fucking CRAZY! So I met this girl at dinner and we really hit it off. We spent the whole evening together and she was great, but something seemed a little off. Anyway, she finally takes me back to her tent and it's really romantic and everything, then afterwards we fall asleep in each others' arms. In the morning I kissed her on her forehead, but she didn't wake up. So I left and went to my own tent, which was like 20 yards away, figuring I'd see her at breakfast. But she's not at breakfast. And she's not at lunch. And she's not at dinner. Finally after dinner, I see her across the space and she comes right over to me with this weird look on her face. She puts her hand on my chest, looks deep into my eyes and says, "Oh my God, you're so hot, I HAVE to meet you."
I looked at her and said, "Sarah, it's ME."
Then she gets this really weird look on her face and says, "How did you know my NAME?!"
Story material- Burning Man, Romance, Sex.

Be succinct.

Lead in- "The Girls at Burning Man are fucking CRAZY!." I'd say this animated and playfully, like there's a story coming.

Initial hook- Crazy girls at Burning Man.

Unanswered questions:
- What is Burning Man?
- What's Burning Man like?
- Are chicks always so attracted to you?
- What's wrong with this girl?
- What happened next with this girl?

Allude, don't state directly. Much more effective than saying "Hey, chicks dig me."

Subcommunication- Audience dependant.

Convey personality traits:
- I'm sexually open
- I'm adventurous
- I take things in stride
- I'm cool with weird and unusual people and situations

Have a punch line: "How did you know my NAME?!"

Tonality: I use a wide range on tonality telling this story.
Game on-

- Wilder

I'm writing a novel and I just got the coolest piece of software.

I've been writing a novel for awhile about the type of lifestyle guys who teach workshops ACTUALLY live. It should be pretty interesting gossip reading and it will let me say a ton of things under the banner of artistic expression. It will be quasi fiction as I will have to change the names and stuff but if you have any knowledge of the community, it won't be hard to figure out who's who.

But I just got this AWESOME piece of software called Newnovel you can check it out
Click Here!

Highly reccomended and fun to mess around with.

At least i can justify this as productive....


Working out as a DHV

Health is one of the major indicators that a man can/is surviving. If a man cannot survive and flourish himself, what are the chances that he can aid in a woman's survival?

Not particulary good that's for sure. I always think it's interesting when guys show up for bootcamp, and look like they haven't been in a gym in 10 years. Part of life is taking care of your body and your health.

I think that joining a gym or atleast making an effort to do something ohysical every day is one of the first steps on the road of self improvement.

Some basic guidelines for getting back in shape or starting a work-out plan:

1. Don't overdo it. Make sure that you are not going to wear yourself out in one go. Getting in shape is a journey nor a destination. Don't expect to bench press 500 LBS the first time back in the gym.

2. Make sure that you have a plan. Are you trying to gain size and strength? Are you trying to get lean? Are you trying to improve your cardiovascular health? Like any other area of self improvement, if you don't have a plan and set goals for yourself, you will find yourself flailing away, and making little to no progress.

3. Commit yourself. Most guys just start by deciding they want to work out, they don't decide how many times a week or for how long. Make sure that you set guidelines as to how many times a week and for how long you are gonna work out.

4. Vary it up. Working out like meeting women can get very boring if you keep doing the same things over and over again. Instead plan one day a week to do something fun, that gets you some physical activity. I like playing pick up basketball games.

5. Get professional help. The best product I have found for working out and getting/keeping results is

The biggest benefit to working out is the new found confidence you will feel, when you like what you see in the mirror.



Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fidelio now has a blog...

Fidelio who contributed his New year's resolutions to this blog awhile back has started his own blog. It's already got a hysterical post on it as well as a good one about his daughters.




Classic LR # 1 In10se Met her, seduced her and banged her in the parking lot.

I thought I'd post a quick field report for you guys that just happened tonight... I had an Online chick meeting flake last minute so I went out to study The setting: Starbucks Coffee shop It was about 730 pm and I had just sat down to study. Of course I picked a location right next to an HB8.5 brunette... (MUCH cuter than the gal from online that I was going to originally meet) late 20's, shorter hair like the gal from "Birds of Prey". She was wearing a Black jacket with a fur lined collar and black skin tight pants. Under the black jaket she had a very low cut shirt that revealed her Very nice niced tits (at least D here) which looked to perfect to be real... (They weren't real I later found out) but nonetheless she looked hot.

She was reading something too and glanced up at me... I made it a point to catch her eye and smile. I noticed what she was reading (Some womens magazine) and I commented on it... which led to some small talk and some ball busting about her looking to sexy to be out for just coffee... (I don't mind small talk, busting balls, and being cocky and funny to start things off... it just makes a gal feel like you are someone she can be comfortable around. One point though, is that I never let up... I keep the ball rolling) Her name was Lisa. I then went into some cold reading about her... she was definitely very sexual and sensual, a "physical type", a do'er, someone who would rather do things than just think about doing them, also someone that enjoyed herself and could let go at times..., being at home in her own body, knowing what she likes, and what she wants... the type of person who just goes for it..." I went on a little bit more with the cold read and then switched to an elicitation... "So what do you look for in a guy? What is attractive to you?"... She seemed to be feeling somewhat vulnerable at this point and she said, "I've been telling all about me... I feel kind of vulnerable, you know all this stuff about me, and I don't know anything about you..."

So I went into some small talk, a little about me... and then went right back in to the elicitation... "So you were telling me, what is it that you find attractive about a guy... and how do you know that you're attracted to this guy?" She thought a little and said, "No, you tell me what YOU want and what you find attractive..." "Passion" I said... "Where you can just let go of everything, and just enjoy this with all your heart... where right now, this is the only thing that really matters, where only this moment exists and you can just lose yourself in this sense of passion with this person..." Yeah... "Sweet surrender" she said as she smiled... "So what is sweet surrender?" I said. "I don't know... its just when you can just release all your inhibitions, and you just give yourself fully to someone... I'm a very passionate person," she said... "In what ways are you passionate?" I said... "Well I'm very physically passionate... I love to cum, and have orgasms one right after another..."

At this point, there were people beginning to listen to the convo so I said, "Let's go outside and sit where we can talk without other people listening" So we move outside in front of Starbucks and sat at a table in the corner... "So what were you telling me about?... about how you're passionate physically... what you get out of being passionate..." "I'm not just physically passionate, I'm also passionate about LIFE... I give 110% of myself to every situation..." "Yeah, I think you can be physically passionate, emotionally passionate, and intellectually passionate... Passion is just something that you are... it's your world and the way you live life... isn't it..." We fluffed a little more about me, because she wanted to know a little more of what I do, what kinds of things I enjoyed and about my past girlfriends... I skirted some of those topics, but kept it light...

Since it was starting to get cold, I said... "You know, it's getting cold... lets go sit somewhere warm... how about your car, do you have a heater?..." As I held her and and stood up. "Ok" she said and we started walking toward her car. She actually had a large sized Chevy Truck so we climbed in, turned the heat on, and continued talking. I started to bring up the "physical" thing again but she said, "You keep talking about sex... not that I'm not interested, but I'd like to talk about something else for a little bit..." "I'M not the one that brought it up! about Physical passion, I meant it like having a passion for life. You're right, we shouldn't be talking about this... it make us too hot and bothered... and we're enjoying it too much... you shouldn't think about sex..." "You know", I said, "You seem tense right here" as I reached over to the back of her neck area and began to massage the back of her neck."You seem to store alot of tension right here..." as I continued and began to move closer in to her and brushing her face... (She was a "physical type" and I felt pretty confident with just moving in with the sexual kino...) She responded my moving her lips to my hands and we were then making out big time...

I pulled her leg over to ontop of me, put the seat back and pulled her ontop of me, straddling me. We continued the making out and started grinding big time... I put my hands down her back, down her pants, and felt her crack... no underwear as I squeezed her bare cheeks. Then she whiped out her huge tits and put them right in my mouth. She was a VERY kinky and unihibited gal and she started sucking on HER OWN tit as I was sucking her nipple and kissing her mouth at the same time (Thats how big her tits were!) THEN she asked me to BITE her nipples... and kept saying "Harder... BITE it with your teeth... make it hurt... let me know you want me" So I complied although I was kind of scared that I may make her bleed! Then she starts getting nasty and says, "Every woman wants to be treated like a slut,.. say "Fuck me, little slut" say "Fuck me, little whore"...

Needless to say, I complied because she kept saying "SAY IT" until I did... As far as the rest of the report, you guys can just use you imagination... lets just say that we made her truck rock, and she was LOUD... I was worried about getting arrested because there were people in the parking lot, and she had multiple squirting orgasms which literally squeezed me out of her several times... Questions, Comments, Realizations?


Brad P's Aggro Big Brother stack

Here's a re-post of Brad P's Aggro big Brother stack for escalatibg touching when you are alone with a girl. Good Stuff.

This has been working good. Its for when you have the girl in isolation but she knows it's on so she's using a shield to stop you from escalating.

1. Pillow fight-if the chick is not letting me escalate i just bust her in the head with a pillow. I find sometimes chicks know it's on so they try to sit somewhere far away, or pet their dog, talk about something else so you don't start escalating. That's when they get the pillow to the head. This starts to get them heated up.

2. Tickling- just tickle the girl a bit. Not too much cause if they get totally giggly sometimes it's hard to bring the energy back down to something manageable.

3. Pick her up, throw her on the bed.

4. Wrestling.

5. The capper is "stop hitting yourself!" For those who don't have an older sibling, this is when you just grab the chick's hand and start smacking her in her head with her own hand while saying "Stop hitting yourself." Over and over. They feel very frustrated but also dominated. Of course don't hit too hard, just hard enough to make her feel helpless and dominated.

From there's it's pretty easy to go into kissing or hair pulling and you've dismantled whatever shield she was using.

Brad P.

I like the frame of touching her like her big brother would leading to kissing etc... That's something I do a lot as well. I always try to wrestle with girls before transitioning to making out..


Busy, busy, busy ....

Starting this week i have 6 programs in 5 weeks.

I start off by leaving LA on Fri to go to NY for Future's B-day, fucking Lawgirl, and Day game. Ironically enough in that order. Then I come back home next Tuesday to HB perfect's B-day party where i get to compete for her attention. Let me tell you how excited I am about that. Then it's off to Australia with Captain Jack(Who doesn't update his blog enough in case he's reading this) for 2 full seminars and a day game program. And a one on one... Yay I'm busy!

I've been really enjoying my time in LA Tenmag has been out here and last night we had a cool B-day celebration for him. It was fun and No9 showed up, as well as Savoy. Savoy ended up with a really hot girl he opened with the Secretary opener. Which is one of the most obnoxious openers ever, but goes to show that you can open with anything and make it work, even talking about fucking your secretary.

I'm super burned out right now, I honestly have no desire to do much of anything and it's a struggle to force myself to do stuff. I think the last year is starting to take a toll on me as my sleeping patterns are really messed up. I also have negative desire to talk to girls... I really need a break hopefully this weekend i will just chill out with Future and Lawgirl and get a break from always having to be entertaining as last night I really didn't want to talk anymore.

Tenmag and I also went to TJ yesterday to ring in his B-day with some Lobster and chevellas. If you don't know what a chevella is, it's a bloody mary like concoction made with beer instead of disgusting tequila. It sounds gross, but they are delicious. Also the lobster in Puerto Nuevo is one of the best meals you will ever have, for 18 bucks you get two half lobsters, rice, beans, soup or salad. It really an't be beat. Mexico is really gross though and makes me really appreciative of the things we take for granted living in America.

I've been slacking on my reading in the last week or so while Ten has been here. I finished Iron John and Rich Dad Poor Dad, but I'm stalling on Fire in the belly. Even though the 50 or so odd pages I have read has been awesome. I also have just gotten a copy of In10se Secret principles of Pleasure which is one of the better things I have seen on Sexual techniques. In10se does a much better job of breaking down what it is to be a great lover including a lot of inner psychology that goes into being good in bed. I'll post a full review when I get a chance.

My apartment looks like a war zone right now, which let's me know that my decision to get a studio apartment to make it easier to access my bed, was a bad one. When I move again in the next couple of months, I will make sure to get a place that is a little more guest friendly.

Savoy and I will be at the Lakers' game on Thursday and it will be the first time I get to see Lebron in real life. One of the great regrets I have is that i was never able to see Jordan live, so I'm making sure that I don't miss Lebron, Wade, and next year Durant and Oden. I really like the Staples center, it's a classy stadium that feels more down to earth than some of the other recent rennovated corporate places. Plus it's close to a good strip club...

Savoy also got me the BEST Xmas present ever, even if it did take till Monday to get it. He got me a Ryan Leaf Chargers jersey. That's right the worst QB of all time's jersey. I slept with it on the first night. I am going to wear it to every sporting event i go to for the next decade while explaining to people that i he really wasn't that bad. I plan on getting Savoy either a Marinovich or Lawerence Phillips jersey so we can sport the matching busts look.

The LA camp went really well as did day game, but teaching for 4 days straight including eight hours on Sun is not exactly a walk in the park. I still don't understand why talking makes me soo tired.

I also went on a really intense Future-esque rant about the office and how Pam is responsible for all the drama in the Pam-Jim-Roy love triangle and it reminds me that women do make the decisions that they are unhappy with that they then rationalize and deny even to themselves. Great Fucking show. I've never actually cared this much about TV characters.

I'm going to try to post more actively, but with soo much shit going on my life is really hectic and finding time may be tough... If I can't post something new, I will re-post something from my archive, so at the very least you will be getting game related content here every day.

It's a really exciting time here at The Mystery Method, as we have rolled out a couple new ideas for products and services that are really fucking cool and helpful. I'll post more about those later this week.

And finally it is Valentine's day today and I will be celebrating by ignoring all texts and calls , and getting smashed out of my mind, at some bar tonight. Then I will become beligerent and run around said bar explaining why you don't need a day to justify your love for someone. Until I get kicked out. There will be no seeing of any girls I am dating as that would be a HUGE fucking red flag for a relationship....

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day.



Monday, February 12, 2007



First I want to start by explaining that this is an advanced technique. This is not something that a begginner should be using. I don't generally even teach this on
Bootcamps unless it's something that I think they will benefit from. It generally requires a good deal of social savvy to get it right.

This article will assume basic knowledge of the following:

In any human interaction, there are only four means of communication that take place.

IOIs indicators of interest
IODs Indicators of disinterest
DHVs Demos of high value
DLVs Demos of low value

Add in Compliance Tests (CTs) and a base line of punishment reward and you have social interaction in a formula.

This came about because last year I was finding that with some girls I had to neg a million times to get any IOIs while with others they would ask me for my name

right after I opened or tell me I was hot. If I continued DHVing they would get weirded out. However if I started qualifying them it often didn't take. So I started

putting an IOI in before my qualification attempt it went better.

Girl: You're cute! where are you from?
Sinn: Buy me a drink before you hit on me! IOD What do you have going for you besides your looks? Compliance test

Sinn: Buy me a drink before you hit on me! IOD You are very pretty IOI.. but beauty is common what do you have going for you besides your looks? CT

The balancing of IOIs and IOD is a key element missing from the overall explanation of MM.

I think of it as a seesaw:

If I throw too may IODs that weighs down one side of the seesaw and I'm an asshole.
If I throw too many IOIs that weighs down the other side making me an AFC
But if I adjust every IOD with a potential IOI and every IOI with a potential IOD I attain balance and my sets work like magic.

Microcalibrating is simply throwing the balancing part of the equation(IOI or IOD) when needed

Now at bootcamps we teach you how to open ( which is a very small compliance test), FTC(a DHV), and Neg in every set. We also teach you how to stack forward

and start DHVing and negging in A2, then we start A3 where we use compliance tests to make hert DHV so that we can give her deserved IOIs.

The reason we teach this is that it is the way that most sets go. And the MAJORITY of sets will not be attracted right away.

However sometimes you will get sets that will be attracted to you as soon as you open your mouth. Or before.

If a girl approaches you and says she likes your cowboy hat, and you respond with Jealous Girlfriend, you are going backwards in the ineteraction. By her opening

you,she is telling you she is already attracted to you. Therefore we can respond by saying "thanks, what's your name?" which would be an IOI in return for hers. We

can say then based on how readily she answers. If she's hesistant or doesn't immediately ask for my name or try to keep the conversation going (IODS). I will then

respond with my own IOD " buy me a drink before you hit on me". Then immediately follow up with a compliance test " and your special because?" when she

answers this I am now in A3 and can start giving her IOIs.

In this way I have now gotten through attraction in 30 seconds.

However if she refuses to answer or she IODs me when I ask her why she's special, I still have an out

Her: " I'm not special " or " why are you special?"

Me: Never mind I was just being polite( IOD) oh you have a u shaped smile... ( DHV)

See how there are contingencies of what to based on what her reactions are?

Well when you are routine stacking it would look something like this

Her: " I like your cowboy hat"
You: " Thanks I actually need a female opinion, who lies more "
Her: " opinion"
You: FTC finish opener, stock neg, First routine, next routine ..... Until you get enough IOIs that you start qualifying and it takes.

By not pausing and looking at reactions you are assuming that what you are doing is working. Which it may not be.

By being able to read IOIs we can move into A3 Faster and ultimately into comfort faster and beyond.

Also by knowing that we are getting an IOD or an IOI we can calibrate any routine mid stream to either IOI or IOD

Take for example the "may I touch your eyes" Line

Sinn: "You have beautiful eyes" IOI
Girl: while rolling her eyes and thinking another loser " Thanks" IOD
Sinn: May I touch them? IOD

I change the routine based on the reaction she gives me.

However if the same interaction takes place but goes like this:

Sinn: You have beautiful eyes. IOI
Girl: "Thank you so much no one ever says that to me." IOI

Now I have a sincere response so there is no need for me to throw the second part of the routine.

We want to be able to compliment girls and give them IOIs, however most girls will not yet be comfortable with that until later.

Microcalibrating is simply the act of watching responses and then tailoring the next action toward the response we just got

a simplified version would state that we respond to IOIs with IOIs, IODs with IODs and we constantly test for compliance.

Through microcalibrating based on reactions while following the M3 model we can greatly increase our ability to get results.

Microcalibrating also has a place in kino escalation.

If I make out with a girl on day 1 and then see her again the next day I will want to test to see where her willingness to kiss me again is, so I microcalibrate.

I move in as I hug her and I pause. I now watch to see if she looks nervous or uncomfortable. If she doesn't I go for it. If she looks uncomfortabl;e then I push her off

and increase personal space so that the next time I get close she's more comfortable and I can go for it.

Same thing once we are holding hands I will slide my finger tips away from hers to see if she follows them. Is she does I will pull her closer to me, if she doesn't I

throw her hand off.

A key to microcalibrating is remembering that IODs are not always negs. It would be weird if when a girl refused to qualify herself I told her she was a little shit.

instead they are simply ways of showing that we are not interested, they can be removal of kino, backsturns, pauses in the conversation, eye rolls, as well as negs and


A few other keys to micro calibrating by watching the reactions you're causing you can either soften or harden a routine

Sinn: You and I are never going to get along"(IOD)
Girl: why not I think we'd get along fine (IOI)
Sinn: we're too similar IOI But I think our differences will be complimentary IOI

Sinn: You and I are never going to get along"(IOD)
Girl: You're right we wouldn't
Sinn: Yeah we would fight all the time, and I'd always win (IOD)

If a target at any time gives me an IOD i will respond in kind.

This is the punishment part of our punishment reward sub routine

However if we are already in comfort the punishment will no longer be negs, instead it will be take aways, and freeze outs.

If at any time she gives me an IOI even if it's as passive as holding my drink, I will reward her until she becomes uncomfortable and gives an IOD then we respond

with another IOD, wait for an IOI and if it doesn't come we compliance test to actively look for IOIs.

We can also do this by balancing the amount of value we demonstrate onto a set. Not every set needs to hear a million routines before they will be willing to talk to

you. If have run more than 2 routines in a set and you are not attempting to move on to qualification (A3) you are hurting your game.

You want to make sure that you are constanly testing to see where you are. And then trying to advance at the same time.

Micro calibrating makes it easy by throwing little adjusters depending on the responses you are getting.

It's not at all reactive to apologize when you over-neg. You will lose a lot more sets by continuing to neg once you've offended then by apologizing and qualifying

her for standing up for herself.

Microcalibration is the art of adjusting what you're saying in real time to the reactions you are getting.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Inconspicuous wins the PDF contest

Well after sorting through about 100 entries Inconspicuous has submitted the best PDF so he wins the mystery method product of his choice.



Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fergie, girl-woman thinking and the need of the USA to grow up.

While Fergie's songs are catchy and I sometimes find myself singing along, if I listen to the lyrics I vomit a little bit in my mouth.

I understand that Fergie is hot, and a lot of people myself included want to put it in her pooper. I get it. Really I don't need to hear 8,000 songs about it.

This type of bragging and boasting is the manifestation of a larger issue, that of not growing up. In modern society post- Industrial Revolution, we have become a nation of adolescents. We largely equate age with maturity and man or woman-hood. But it is not the same thing. You can be a 10 year old man or a 35 year old boy. Maturity does not necessarily come from age, it comes from the way you think and present yourself to the world.

There are no more initiation rituals or even the close bond of a parent or elder educating us in a trade to help us make the metamorphosis from boy(or girl) to man or woman complete. We never get an explanation of waht it means to be a man (or woman). We grow, but we don't grow up. We still engage in the boy behaviors of manipulation,acting spoiled, cheating, arrogance, etc...

The boy must die in order for the man to live. Most men are not men, they are adult aged boys. The reasons for this are many but they mostly relate to our lack of being taught how to be men and not having clear defined models of masculinity. God help you if you are growing up now, at least I had Michael Jordan. Instead of growing up idolizing the chief of our tribe or the most accomplished warrior or OUR FATHERS( which is actually where a lot of this immaturity comes from but that will have to wait until another post). Today's generation grows up idolizing petulant child athletes, and people like Fergie who embrace their immaturity as a point of pride.

We are not shown the way to maturity. We constantly seek the approval of our mothers, fathers, men and women. Instead of learning to be self sufficient and find comfort from within. We look externally to fill the hole within us. We try to fill it with clothes, drugs, women, and money. All the while seeking a solution, that is within yourself.

It's not your fault you were probably raised by someone who themselves was not a mature man. And as well intentioned as our Mothers may have been, you cannot substitute for the prescence of a man role model.

The way to manhood and maturity is a difficult process, we have substitutes in modern society such as fraternities, the military, and team sports, but none of these teach what it is like to be a real man.

My problem with fergie is that she is a pop star so she is passing her immaturity to our youth. Everyday there are literally MILLIONS of little girls singing along to my humps, or Fergilicious and thinking that this kind of immaturity is glamorous and should be celebrated. If that thought didn't make you shudder, perhaps you should consider your level of maturity.

i have been very immature almost all of my life, but lately I have been focused on becoming a mature person who identifies himself as a man. That's why you will not find me engaging in boy behaviors, boasting or manipulation of any kind anymore. I am going first. Though the process is difficult and means acknowledging a lot of painful holes within my psyche, I am determined to live the rest of my life as a mature man in control of himself and his path.

I encourage everyone else including Fergie to do the same.


Who cares about Anna Nicole Smith?

I really don't want to come off cold here, but drug addicted fucked up people die every day.

The only reason we care is because she was famous for being FUCKED UP....

Is this any suprise really?

My heart goes out to her family as it does to anyone who loses someone they care about, but honestly who cares?

It's just a further step in people in the US living through celebrities.. and quasi celebs. If Anna Nicole was a receptionist and this happened it wouldn't be news, so it shouldn't be news now.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Smoking Aces

So I went to see Smoking Aces last night. And it was interesting.

They did a really good job of building tension, but the stupid dialogue and preachy plot were annoying at times. I really did enjoy the movie but I think it could have used a much better writer and it should have decided what it wanted to be. Was it a dark comedy or was it a story with a moral?

The answer is it was a dark comedy with a tacked on serious plot.



Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Why some guys never get better...

At some point in the interaction, you need to display who you REALLY are. If who you really are is unattractive the girl will lose attraction for you.

So in order to get this area of you're life "handled" as David D would say( every time someone says paradigm or handled I always think DYD) you need to work on three seperate and equally important aspects of your life.

And for 19.95 I will reveal what they are...

Just kidding I had to throw that in though. The three elements are

1. Inner game. I used to say inner game was bullshit, in fact I would proudly claim to have bad inner game at workshops. But as I have started to explore the reasons as to why I make some of the bad decisions in my regular life, I realized that inner game is important. You need to know what your desires are and how you will achieve them. You also need to embrace your shadow and the un-pleasant aspects of you're personally. You need to make the leap from boy thinking to man thinking.

2. Skill-set. You need to know how to open, how to attract women that are not physically attracted to you right away, learn how to qualify etc...

3. Lifestyle. You want to set up your life in a path that women are a part of your lifestyle. You should be going to parties, classes, dinners, plays etc.. You need to actually get a life that a woman wants to be a part of. And have a social life where women are introduced to you.

Those three aspects are how you get good at the game.


Song Lyric of the week

From Jay-z Bitches Vs Sisters

" Unless you fuck a dude on his own merit and not the way he dribbles a ball or draws lyrics you're a bitch"



I have nothing to blog about today...

HB perfect was a bitch last night then apologized and was super sweet even agreeing to come see me on Mon.... So there goes my rant about her..

I watched half of the DYD On being a Man program which is awesome and goes along with a lot of the research I'm doing on inner game and success..

I finally got a maid service so my place is spotless! this rocks beyond words and I have no idea why I waited this long to do this.

I'm going to go see smoking aces later today so maybe I'll post a review about that.

There will be a teleconference next Wed. If you guys are interested, it will be free and I will post more details about it soon. The subject will be;

"How to eliminate Flakes!"

I will probably make the audio availible afterwards but there will be a limited # of seats( Probably about a 100) there will be a half hour presentation followed by a half hour of Q and A.

Ummm... I like Monkeys.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Win the free Mystery Method Product of your choice!

Hey guys,

Anyone who can take the Two Q and As I've done over on The Mystery Method Forums, and tun them into one(single, uno) PDF file can have any The Mystery Method product. Products do not include one on ones, bootcamps, or phone consults, though we may offer a discount in exhcange for this PDF. Email all PDFs to I'll announce the winner on Fri.


Nothing ruins gloating like forgetting your keys.

I met a really awesome really hot girl out doing day game today and as I was leaving we were approached by a guy who was giving out flyers. She tried to hand me hers and I shoved mine in her bag and ran away.

Then I texted her to let her know that I totally won. I was reaching in my pockets to get my keys when I realized I left them on the bench where she was sitting. She texted me about them and I had to go back. But on the brightside the first text communication is over and we are well on our way to a date...

Still I love talking trash and this ruined my gloating :(


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Best quote of the pre-Super Bowl

Dick Butkus said of hitting people hard;

" You always wanna hit them hard, for three reasons,

1. It makes you feel good.

2. It makes them not feel good

and three you might get a turnover."


What i would tell my son

Someone posted a comment about my son seeing my last post or grandson and it got me thinking. What would I tell my son about women and dating? I certainly wouldn't tell him about the community, or negs or Mystery Method. I would instead tell him how to become a man women will be interested in.

I'd tell him about the importance of having standards that OTHER people have to live up to. I'd tell him to treat everbody equally and included women in the discussion. Women don't want you to be overly nice or nervous or boring, or needy. They want you to treat her the way you treat your friends. You tease your friends right? If your friend does something or says something silly, we tease them for it. When they are in a bad mood you tell them about it.

I'd tell him to try to find something good in everyone no matter what. And anytime he was interacting with a woman to tell her why he liked her.

I'd teach him how to make friends with everyone. And I'd emphasize the point about having standards in your guy friends too. To make sure that your friends are living up to your standards especially about loyalty.

I'd teach him to stand up for himself and not let people push him around.

I'd teach him that there are more women than men on the planet Earth and that he never has to settle.

I'd make him play sports and keep active. No sitting around playing video games.

I'd teach him to have hobbies and socializing is a hobby.

I'd teach him a musical instrument.

I'd teach him to have a passion and to NEVER make women the number 1 priority in his life.

I'd teach him that it's ok to be single or married.

I'd teach him that sex is normal and natural.

I'd encourage him to get a girlfriend as soon as he could.

I'd encourage him to have sex as early as possible.

I'd encourage him to have mostly male friends, but as many females in his social cirlce as possible. I.E his friends should have girlfriends.

I'd encourage him to join a fraternity

I'd encourage him to get a job in sales or waiting to get experience interacting with strangers.

I'd get him used to talking to strangers once he was old enough for it to be safe.

I'd teach him that the most important person in any relationship he's in is him. And that even if it gets him grounded now, he should stand up to me.

I'd teach him that arguing in a relationship is normal.

I'd teach him to respect women

But I'd also teach him that women fart and piss just like us. And like sex just as much.

I'd teach him that a woman who makes you laugh is much more valuable than a woman who's a 10.

And finally I'd teach him that you can do anything you want in life as long as you are not trying to hurt anyone and you're honest about your intentions.

That's what my kid will learn.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Willpower 0, Penis 1

So I was going to cut loose all my LA girls and start fresh, as I don't like any of them and it's not really going anywhere. Then i got some bad news, got some booze and now drunk Sinn has called over the FB I hate the most!

I really hate this girl, A lot! I've been seeing her for almost 2 years.... I hate her! But she's hot... UGH it's just like that Seinfeld episode, the penis always beats the brain at chess... Yay sex with a girl I hate ! It's fantastic...


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Frame control

What is frame control?
To understand Frame control, we must first have an understanding of frames. A frame is the surrounding meaning of any interaction. It is as David Deangelo likes to say your reality.
In an interaction between two people, whoever has the stronger frame/reality wins. The weaker frame/reality is absorbed into the larger overall meaning set in the more powerful frame.
It is extremely important to set the frame in the interaction. During some sarges your frame will be pulled at from all angles.
The target, her friends and AMOGs can all attempt to put you into their frames.
Take for example the classic shit test "are you a player". This is an attempt to slot you into their frame. If you say no you are defending yourself and look insecure, if you say yes you are trying to look cool.
So what can you do?
1. You can ignore the comment entirely and plow forward with your specific personality conveying material.
Ex:" are you a player"
PUA: Oh man you know what I saw today? (start routine)
This is IMO the best way to hold your frame, but the girl can just repeat the question until you say something if she really wants to be a pain.
2. You can reframe the quesion by agreeing and then taking the accusation to absurdity.
Ex: " are you a player"
PUA: What is it about players you like so much? I actually am a card carrying member of the ancient order of makeout whores. My father was a makeout whore and his before that. It's a great honor. Anyway (stack to next routine)
This is good as you can quickly make the test looks stupid by agreeing and then taking her frame even farther until it is stupidly funny.
3. Reframe by shit testing her.
EX: " Are you a player"
PUA: Are you just a typical San Diego party girl?
This shit test like the question are you a player is a double bind. Meaning that either way she answers I am putting her in my frame. If she says yes I dismiss her saying that i know what those are like and they are trouble. if she says no i tell her that's good becuz i am sick of those girls but she's probably not adventurous enough.

Double binds are awesome and we should at some point establish a master list of them.

4. Reframe by misinterpreting and then disqualifying
Ex: " are you a player?"
PUA: Oh my god you are attracted to me! It's too bad your not really my type.
This is really good too as you are doing two things defining her as attracted to you and then immediately disqualifying her . This sets the frame that she wants you but cannot have you.
5. Reframe the underlying meaning to her chasing you
Ex" are you a player"
PUA: You know your not gonna talk your way into my pants like that, If you want me your gonna have to do some serious courting.
This similiarly to the last one sets the her chasing you frame but this more off the wall. This is like one part ignorance and one part reframing so that she is chasing. however it is a C&P line so it should not be used past A2. This works even if she disagrees because it is funny enough that she will laugh and by laughing she is subconsciously accepting our frame.
6. Going completely illogical. This is a part of ignoring except you go off the wall.
Ex " are you a player"
PUA: " my friend eats lemons" ( stack to next routine) credit Jlaix
One part ignorance , one part humor with some illogic chick sense jumbling non sense thrown in. This lets her know that you will not take her hoops. Especially if every time she puts a hoop up you say the same illogical thing, it becomes call back humor while reinforcing your frame.