Monday, October 30, 2006

Peyton Manning and beliefs

I think that sports can teach us a lot about ourselves and even about the game in general.

Watching Peyton Manning and the Colts yesterday I thought constantly of the overused sports cliche about imposing your will on an opponent.

When Manning got the ball back after the Broncos tied it up with 1:54 you could see it in the body language of both the Colts ( elated that they were about to win) and the Broncos(Knowing they were about to lose). It was like the thought of getting stopped never even entered his mind.

So was it confidence or was it competence? I think it was both. He knew he could move the ball because he had been there before, and because one of the reasons I hate Peyton Manning( and all Mannings) is their arrogance.

But is it arrogance if you can do everything you say you can?

Muhammed Ali once said that " It ain't bragging if you can do it". And I believe that, but at some point you should be amazed by what you've accomplished. Manning doesn't do that.

He points to the coaches, but you never get the sense that he expects anything less of himself. And that is where the point comes back around to game.

If you expect people to like you,( and you don't creep them out by leaning in etc..) most of the time they will.

I rememeber The Don and I were in Santa Monica last week and I initiated the chat with a 9 at the bar, her friend joined her and they took a seat.

TheDon and I spent a few minutes debating on the least awkward way of reopening and were worried about it, because it was an awkward angle. Finally when we re-engaged, it went extremely well.

So the point I'm trying to make is that expectations and self talk are a big deal, and you can definetly affect your outer game by having unhealthy and unrealistic expectations.

Someone once said "Expect the best prepare for the worst", but I disagree, I think you should expect and prepare for the best and then adapt if something else happens.



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