Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Themes VS Routines

Just a quick post today, to clarify a common misconception students have. I'm sure I've hammered the idea of routines being a useful but not 100% necessary tool to use for meeting women.

What I haven't explained is the next level up from that, which is the idea of themes. It is weird to have to memorize an entire 60 page badly written routine stack full of faux romantic bullshit written by a deadbeat Dad sociopath. It's also weird to have to check your routines manual of made up crap, every 3 mins because you're not sure what to talk to the girl about next.

So instead I suggest doing what I teach the guys in my programs, which is using themes.

Themes are a step above routines in that they are whole conversational subjects that can be talked about in a variety of ways. Ideally you want your themes to be things in your real life that you enjoy talking about, have some degree of knowledge about, and are conducive to a seduction.

For example the themes of Religion, Politics and the Iraqi War are probably NOT going to lead to getting a girl into bed.

However the themes of Family, Relationships with partents, Your Last Relationship, Passions, and of course Sex, help get girls into bed with the quickness.

One of the benefits of repeatedly cold approaching, is that you start to figure out what themes work really well for YOU individually and what themes don't, if you always talk to women about your traveling, or about the time your ex gf picked you up from the airport in a Lamborghini and you're NOT getting the results you want, change your themes.

JS- The King Of Content.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Did You Miss It?

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JS -- The King of Content

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Happening In 60 Minutes!!!

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* How to get girls to agree to have sex with you BEFORE even
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* How to easily bring out the naughty side of any woman!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have You Signed Up Yet?

Hey guys,

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* How to get girls to agree to have sex with you BEFORE even
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Call Me Dennis Rodman- 3 Minute Guide to Getting Girls On The Rebound.

Hey there,

Over the weekend I ended my streak of not going out at night at about a month (not counting the weekend in Breck) and on my first night out I ended up with an easy SNL with a girl on the Rebound. In fact my new nickname should be Wilt Chamberlain, as I've recently been getting a lot of girls off the bounce. I picked up a girl 3 days off a break up at a bookstore a few weeks ago, I met another girl who was in the "seeing" stage which became the break up stage, which became me grabbing her off the glass like 1963 Bill Russell( Just a warning The esoteric OLD basketball analogies are strong in this article).

Ok so a few things I've noticed about girls on the rebound, that will help you unleash your inner Dwight Howard.

1. They are not looking for a Boyfriend right away. This should be a duh, but I'm consistently amazed by how little other guys (Even those teaching) seem to understand the female reltionship cycle. Thus any sort of overly deep Breakthrough Comfort Style game will be less effective with rebound girls. If you want to make a rebounder(Like Charles Oakley in 88) your Girlfriend, you're going to need to treat her like an FB for awhile until she starts to chase you for commitment. Once a rebounder ( Like Tim Duncan in crunchtime) is seeking commitment, you can be sure she's moved on to the "Looking for a relationship" part of the cycle.

2. Don't avoid the old relationship talk. Obviously you don't want to become a crying shoulder or EVER give her relationship advice( I made this mistake in Breck and blew a sure SNL) Instead (try to) sympathize and if I may invent a word Emotionalize( Maybe I didn't make it up, spellcheck seems to think it's a word too) What I mean by emotionalize is that you need to allow her to become emotional and if you can, increase that process. More Emotions = More Attraction/Comfort/Seduction. Emotional language and sharing similar sympathetic stories helps. Trying to be MR DHV(I like that term for try hard dogmatic PUAs) and talking about how you NEVER get dumped. Doesn't.

3. Don't be afraid to escalate. Most girls on the rebound want to bang out that next guy to get the grieving process moving forward. Like Dominique slamming back his own free-throw in 89'. A lot of the time earlier in my life I would miss all sorts of signals from girls in these kinds of situations. Girls are people too, as such they are responsible for their own emotions. If you escalate and she's uncomfortable, she will let you know. Or she will ask you if you can give her a ride home in the morning like the girl last night :)

Hope that helps you guys get out there and swoop up rebounds like Moses Malone in the 80s.

JS- The King Of Content/ Dennis Rodman Of Pick-Up

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Hall Of Game Honorary Inductee: Barney Stinson

Continuing on the Hall of Game Topic, I want to introduce one of my favorite fictional Ladies Men: Barney Stinson.

Barney played by gay in real life actor Neil Patrick Harris is a caricature of all sleazy ladies men around the World.

Nary an episode of How I Met Your Mother passes without Barney having some sort of crazy plot to bed a new woman and explain to Ted " How To Live."

Here's a picture of Barney explaining the Hot/Crazy corollary:

Barney makes the Hall of Game for the Episode I stole the idea of The Hall Of Game from where Barney has a "Perfect Week" consisting of 7 different girls in 7 nights with no rejections. Which sounds a lot like something Mystery once said :)

JS- The King Of Content

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Hall Of Game Part 2- Clooney

Hey there,

So I went snowboarding late last week and was stuck in a lodge with no internet, until I got back yesterday and had to post about the upcoming teleseminar.

Our first Hall Of Game poll closed yesterday and George Clooney was by far the runaway winner with almost 50% of the vote.

Clooney's reputation with women speaks for itself as he's rarely ever linked to one woman at a time.

It's actually really funny that Clooney won the poll at the time he did, because when the poll first went up, he did have a girlfriend who it seemed as if he was finally getting serious with.

And then yesterday this happened:


I'm going to personally claim responsibility if they did actually break up, as George probably read this blog and decided the only way to influence the voting committee was to break up. I for one applaud George for this. You've gotta commit to win :)

Clooney's charisma comes from his peace with himself and the world. In fact this confidence is so powerful and charming that it can make movies about sociopaths like Up In The Air seem charming. There is something about George Clooney that makes you want to like him, whether you're a man or a woman. Despite having been on Tv since he was a teenager there is some ethereal quality to Clooney that makes us think he'd be the type of guy to buy us a beer at a bar. To women he has been a sex symbol since his days on E.R.

Clooney's type of seducer would be the Charismatic described thusly by Robert Greene's book The Art of Seduction:

"The Charismatic: Charisma is a presence that excites us. It comes from an inner quality — self-confidence, sexual energy, sense of purpose, contentment — that most people lack and want. This quality radiates outward, permeating the gestures of Charismatics, making them seem extraordinary and superior, and making us imagine there is more to them than meets the eye: they are gods, saints, stars. Charismatics can learn to heighten their charisma with a piercing gaze, fiery oratory, an air of mystery. They can seduce on a grand scale. Learn to create the charismatic illusion by radiating intensity while remaining detached. "

The Charismatic has an easy road to seduction as women tend to pursue these types of men. Not everyone has the ability to become charismatic though and it is one of the hardest archetypes of seduction to pull off. This is one of the reasons so many guys fail at methods that rely on " Holding court" or entertaining larger groups of people as non-charismatics have a ton of trouble playing that role and often wonder what they need to say and/or do to keep people interested.

I'm gonna write a little more about the other guys this week, as the types of seducers going in to the Hall Of Game are fascinating.

Talk to ya soon,

JS- The King Of Content

PS: Thanks to EVERYONE who voted for the Hall of Game, we'll have more nominees soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

4 Steps To Sizzling Sexual Encounters

Hey guys,

For the past few months I've been breaking down all of the various
seduction systems I've developed over the past five years (like my Day
Game System, my Breakthrough Comfort System and my Same Night Lays
System) to find the commonalities among them.

It took some time, but I finally identified the four things that NEED
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Think of it like a checklist with four items on it. As long as you
successfully check off the four items in the right order, you'll get
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And now I'm ready to reveal these four steps (and A LOT more) on a
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This teleseminar is entitled,

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On this groundbreaking call you'll discover:

* The four simple steps that, when done correctly, lead to
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* My never-before-revealed process that lets you know EXACTLY
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(No more guessing what to do or what to say next.)

* How to get girls to agree to have sex with you BEFORE even
trying to get them back to your place!

* How to easily bring out the naughty side of any woman!
(ALL women have a naughty side that wants to come out to
play and if you're able to bring this side out effectively,
sex with you becomes inevitable!)

* How to lay at least 4 to 5 new girls per MONTH instead
of per NEVER!

* And MUCH More!

Here's the link to register for this no-charge teleseminar:



JS -- The King of Content

P.S. When you register for this call you'll also receive
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Good Job 2010 Jon!

This is more of a personal journal entry, where I want to congratulate myself for cutting off all contact with Amanda today despite her being extremely sexy...

Whereas in years past where I would have kept having sex with her until problems started, this year I ended things with an amiable text, explaining exactly what behavior of hers was the problem and why I feel our expectations for relationships are not aligned. I can safely say she will not be destroying any of my personal property nor causing drama of any kind and I didn't just disappear...

Bravo March 9th 2010 Jon.




The Hall Of Game and Nominee # 1: Slade Smiley

Ok, so I have become obsessed with that Episode of " How I met Your Mother" where Barney has a perfect week ( 7 girls in 7 nights with no rejections).

At the end the group ( Not Gang as that would be The Always Sunny Crew) gets personalized hats in honor of Barney's election to the Hall of Game. Which got me thinking that there should be a Hall of Game.

So... since I'm an authority on such things and love to make lists and have hypothetical arguments I've decided to create the Hall of Game, much like Bill Simmons created a Hypothetical Pyramid Basketball Hall Of Fame in Indiana in The Book Of Basketball. Except I'll let you guys vote on the first nominee.

The Hall Of Game could only exist in Las Vegas, Miami, or Hollywood. Personally I'd put it Beachfront in South Beach at The Versace Mansion.

I'll probably have running columns about this from time to time and I plan to pull inductees from the PUA community, Celebrities, Fictional Characters and more...

We'll start with five no brainer first ballot Hall Of Gamers:

1. John Mayer. Seriously. The run of hot women until the recent racist comments was pretty ridiculous. He ran through Hollywood shamelessly.

2. Justin Timberlake. When I lived in LA he blew me out just by standing a few feet away... Twice. Broke up with Jessica Biel for a week to bang Rihanna...

3. Tommy Lee. A historically long career ranging from Heather Locklear to Pam Anderson at her peak to Pink! If he were a basketball player, he'd have played 20 years as a 20 point per game scorer.

4. Joe Nameth. I had to throw a sports star on there and Broadway Joe was the biggest celebrity in Manhattan in the swinging 60s...

5. Mystery. I had to have one PUA in the mix and Erik makes the most sense for his contributions to Pick Up Overall. It wouldn't be right to have another PUA here.

All right now on to the fun part.

I'm going to create a poll dealie on the side where you guys can vote on the next entrant into the Hall of Game. I'm going to present 5 candidates with reasons they should be inducted and reasosn to ignore them and we'll let you guys vote. on the side.

The nominees will be:

Slade Smiley
Barney Stinson
Colin Ferrell
George Clooney
Derek Jeter

Nominee # 1 fits in with my recent writing about the RHWOC.

It's Slade Smiley...

Why Slade SMiley deserves to be in the Hall Of Game:

He's slept with 3 of the 7 Orange County Housewives despite the fact that he NEVER has a job, he's a deadbeat Dad to a child with BRAIN DAMAGE, and he's a shameless publicity whore who is often referred to as "The Sixth Housewife." To top things off he got himself a job as Jo's manager, and now works for Gretchen. He also moved in to Gretchen's house, because my guess is it's hard to live in your own place in OC without a job or you know... money. He also jokes about being poor, because as Gretchen herself says "Slade jokes about being poor, because well,he's poor."

Why Slade doesn't deserve to be in The Hall of Game: Ummm he's a good looking guy and that helps him? I have no reasons why Slade shouldn;t be in. The poor guy who picks up rich superficial women while being a well known scumbag.. How is he not in The Hall of Game. He may not be a first ballot inductee, but like Jim Rice in Baseball, his time will come.

The Poll will be up later today and I'll announce the winner at the end of the last post. Probably a week or so from now.

JS- The King Of Content

Monday, March 08, 2010

5 Underrated Types Of Girls

I'm super disheartened today by the guys who have posted comments on the last post about Women to avoid saying that those women are 95% of all women. Obviously the guys doing this commentating don't have female friends or women in their lives. Most likely because of their misogynistic and angry views towards Women. Very sad...

Anywho, here's some Awesome types of girls I've dated and where you can find them.

1. Artists. Artists are my favorite type of girl. This girl is creative, open minded, interesting, smart, and fun. I personally prefer painters, and other kinds of visual artists. An added benefit if you like Tattoos like me, is they can help you with designs. 2 of my last 3 tatts are girl inspired... You can meet artists at painting and drawing classes (Community college, Learning Annex, or Private studios) Art exhibits, Museums on weekends, or any kind of artistic festival or Art walk.

2. Fitness Models/Pilates/Yoga Instructors. Fitness models are not female bodybuilders, and they tend to look more like strippers than workout freaks. Their bodies are ridiculous, but so are their diets and eating habits so be ware. I learned that when I invited a girl two days off a show for drinks and she showed up Orange and chewed Ice. You can meet these girls at fitness expos, competitions or parties after these competitions. If you live in a smaller town look for local fitness shows. I've dated a ton of Yoga/Pilates instructors, you usually meet those girls at coffee shops near yoga classes after the classes are over. Get a schedule and check up times if nee be.

3. Graduate Students. These girls are like the mature version of the college student. They're ambitious, driven, smart and interested in getting ahead. Unfortunately they often have to study a lot. The best way to meet graduate students is to find a Coffee Shop near the Graduate campus. A lot of Colleges have two different campuses, one for undergrads and one for post graduate work. The nearest Starbucks to the Graduate Campus is a gold mine.

4. Nurses. Nurses are hot, caring, and fun. But where do you meet them? Well Hospitals have these things called Cafeterias. If you were to go there one time a week to grab a quick lunch, my guess is you could meet a nurse or two on their lunch break sitting alone.

5. Canadians. If I ever settle down ( Which is as likely as cold fusion) it will be with a Canadian girl. Candadian girls are super laid back, fun, very weed friendly, sarcastic, funny and have cute accents. They are by far my favorite Nationality when it comes to Women. Obviously you meet Canadian girls in Canada... Or Miami there's a ton of them at the University down there...

JS- The King Of Content

Friday, March 05, 2010

Second Part of Rob Judge's Article on Me...

Check it out.

I really like talking to Rob, he seems like a pretty cool dude.

Here's the article:


JS- The King Of Content

5 Types of Women you should NOT make your GF

Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre once famously rapped " You can't turn a Ho, into a housewife." and while the phrasing is a bit misogynistic, the message remains true. There are some types of women you don't want to get into a long term relationship with, no matter how how hot they are, or how much you like them.

So because I like lists, and because I have made the mistake of dating every one of these types of women I present my 5 Types of Women to avoid:

1. Strippers/Escorts/Porn Stars/Sex Workers- Here's a HUGE community influenced line of thinking( That I used to teach). In the real world strippers are considered kinda gross. and it's well known that most of them moonlight as prostitues if not at at least offer "extras". In the community, they are held up as the pinnacle of GAME achievement. I have dated a LOT of strippers, and while there are some that are normal, well adjusted and even cool. The vast majority have A LOT of problems, dramas, and baggage. They also don't have the best ideas about men, relationships, etc... I threw in the others because all of these women work in the sex trade. An industry where money is in some form or another exchanged for her sexuality, they may not all be whores but they're in the same industry. Porn is the funniest example of this because as my buddy Cam always says " The only difference between porn and prostitution, is a camera". I'm a little more of a Feminist than Dre and Snoop, so I'll just end this with my own quote that you SHOULDN'T make a sex worker a housewife. Sex workers tend to be targets or pleaser/wannabes that grew up to become attractive after high school. Queen Bees don't work in the sex trade.

2. The girl who cheated on her BF with you. This one is my personal favorite because sooo many guys I know seem to do it. I understand that if a woman is in a bad relationship or even an average one it's not THAT hard to pick her up, if you know what you're doing. The reason being that instead of having to compete with the 800 guys who are trying to court a hot single girl, you only have to be better than one guy. It's still the least logical, most arrogant way to get into a relationship. It's illogical, because she cheated on the last guy with you! Ergo she is predisposed to cheating on people. Which is not a good characteristic in a girlfriend. Don't cheat on me is pretty much the basement bottom of relationship requests. It's arrogant, because the only reason to even try to date a girl who cheated on her BF with you is because you think you're somehow different, or special and will be able to make it work where that other "loser" didn't. You're not special, neither am I and if a girl demonstrates that she's the type of person who cheats, she's the type of person I don't date. Girls who cheat run the entire spectrum of QBs and WBS there is no real correlating factor.

3. The Social Climber- Social climbers are a little harder to figure out as almost all girls are in a way social climbers. When I talk about social climbers here, I'm basing it on a friend on mine in the Los Angeles area. You can tell social climbers by the name dropping they do, and their obsession with the "NEW" and the "Exclusive." A social climber also tends to have A LOT of orbiters. She definitely isn't afraid to use her female friends and even in dire situations herself as "bait" to get older rich men to pay for dinners, invite them to parties etc.. Social Climbers generally will ONLY hang out with a specific group of people. Everyone she ever introduces you to will know every other person she introduced you to. She may talk a lot about her "reputation" and how people know who she is. Social climbers are bad to date because they hold their status in the overall social heirarchy above any relationship and are always looking to "trade up" so to speak. Social Climbers tend to be Queen Bees, Bankers, and Sidekicks. The other kinds of types from QBs and WBs get into the game too late to understand how to climb socially while preserving a spotless sexual reputation. The other girls in these cliques eat them for breakfast.

4. The self proclaimed "Bitch"- Out of the girls on this list I've dated a lot of strippers and a TON of these girls. I actually like this type of girl a lot. Maybe cause I'm a little bitchy myself. There's a lot of good qualities self proclaimed "bitches" have, they tend to be hot, smart, funny, honest, and fun. They also tend to be extremely sarcastic, emotionally distant, cold, rude, demanding, and outright mean. These kinds of girls will talk early on about how they're a "bitch" they may even drop it the first night you meet them. These girls will usually be really hard "testers" or they may bust your balls a lot while being really physically engaging. The problem with dating these girls seriously is that they will not treat you well. Fundamentally these girls are fairly selfish and at the end of the day they will always come first in any relationship they're in. After a recent fairly intense break-up I swore off bitchy girls. These girls tend to be Queen Bees of fairly small social circles. They can;t climb too high socially because of their attitudes. Occasionally a Queen Bees sidekick will be this kind of girl whose job it is to keep everyone "in check" within the clique.

5. The Drama Queen- Drama Queens make EVERYTHING about themselves and their problems. Drama Queens are frequently the girls who start sentences with things like " I hate drama." or " I have mostly guy friends, because girls are too catty." Much like when racist southerners say " I'm not a racist, but" or " I like rap music, but..." you can be sure they're about to say some racist shit... When a girl rattles off one of those gems, you can be sure she loves the drama. I personally don't trust a girl who doesn't have close female friends. Drama Queens are bad because they are addicted for lack of a better word to the constant stimulation. A Drama Queen will also probably exist in a heirarchy like those in QBs and WBs she may be any of the roles, though most likely the Banker.

Monday I'll have a list of the 5 most UNDERRATED types of women to date.

Have a great weekend!

JS- The King Of Content

Thursday, March 04, 2010

RHWOC: Queen Bees and WannaBees Applied Part 4 of 4: Tamra Barney

I have a love/hate relationship with Tamra Barney.

For the most part she annoys the hell out of me, but every now and then she says some real shit...

Her feud with Gretchen was what initially got me hooked on the show. As I talked about in the last post about Gretchen, Tamra was alledgedly called by a guy named Jay who is a photographer in the OC late at night. He told Tamra that he was dating Gretchen while she was supposedly dating or married to Jeff... Then Jeff left Gretchen 2.5 million dollars (according to court papers) and I think Tamra was mad because she still had to sleep with the guy she was gold digging, Simon.

Tamra has a horrible relationship with her husband Simon. Leading to my favorite scene of the entire season where Jim and Alexis and Simon and Tamra are out to dinner. During the same scene, Simon talks about how he's always right, has had to say " I told you so." and Tamra talks about how she obeys him... But that's a whole nother blog post in and of itself...

Tamra is Vicki's Sidekick, this is a great position within the group and provides her the protection to attack Gretchen without fear of group repurcussions. While Vikci may not share Tamra's views about Gretchen, she does nothing thus granting tacit approval to the attacks. This is why the Vicki/Alexis conflict is so important because it can shift the entire weight of the group and both conflicts.

Let's look at the QBs and WBs definition of Sidekicks:

The Sidekick:

She’s the lieutenant or second in command. The Queen Bee and Sidekick are often the first interested in boys and are often interested in older boys. Sidekicks also can stage a coup and become the Queen Bee. She is jealous of anyone else being the Queen Bee's friend. The Queen Bee is her authority figure, She feels like it’s just her and the Queen Bee and everyone else is a wannabe.

It's interesting that because of her job and cuntish personality, no other women try to become Vicki's friend and the real jealousy that Tamra has relates to Vicki not hanging out or coming to her B-day party because of work.

It's interesting to watch how Tamra reacts to other attractive women, when she first meets Alexis she goes over the top to flatter Alexis' looks. She does the same with Gretchen when they are forced to interact as well. It's funny how well Tamra pulls off the role of Miss Congeniality while making such ridiculous sacrifices to her looks such as not eating during summer.

Miss Congeniality:

When girls are among friends, they put themselves down and compliment their friends. Girls must degrade themselves after being complimented as to not appear vain. Girls also must leap to another girls defense when they put themselves down, so that other girls will do the same for them. Girls must be aware of not doing this too much or it will look like they are begging for compliments all the time.

Drama, drama, drama.

The season finale is tonight and Vicki and Alexis will be getting it on!

I'm psyched.

JS- The King Of Content

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Day Game Article About Me Up On TSB

Hey guys,

The awesome team over at TSBmag.com had Rob Judge interview me last week for an article about day game and the first part is up over at TSBMag

Check it out and be sure to leave a comment here on your thoughts :)

JS-The King Of Content

Alex Post # 2 Weird Pickups...

Knowing pickup theory without applying it infield will make you worse than the average guy.

A guy who has normal social skills with women and knows nothing about pickup will get laid more than a guy who just reads forums all day and buys every product out there and doesn't apply it. You will be so in your head about what to do when you are actually talking to a girl since you have all this information and no actual experiences applying it. Here at Sinns of Attraction it is recommended at least 2 hours infield for every hour spent studying. I know Brad P teaches the same doctrine.

Members of the "underground dating community" seem to have a problem with being honest about you where you are in the process(newbies especially). If you can't hold a regular conversation with a member of your peers then you surely aren't going to be able to pickup a attractive women. A lot of new guys will say stuff such as "I'm good man, I just need to work on SNL's or In venues, etc". You need to start at the basics and then work to where you want to be. You need to have a goal whether it be a steady girlfriend or dating multiple women. I was doing the harem thing for a while myself and now I have been enjoying night game as it allows me a good chance to get SNL's, while still casually dating other women. I know Sinn prefers day game, since it allows him the chance to game very attractive girls with ease without the loud music or drunk people around and being up till early morning hours.

When I first found this community I had the dilemma where I wanted results now, and not later. Realistically, you have to understand that it is a process and the results will come with time. For a more indepth look at the process of mastering something I highly recommend the book "Mastery by George Leonard". When you first start pickup you need to be going out as often as possible and opening as many sets as possible and taking them as far as possible. Also making small incremental steps is important. Instead of going for the lay when your a newbie with a girl at the club/bar. Go out and practice until you get your numbers. Then work on your phone and text game and getting dates. Then practice your day2's until you get your lays. Then maybe work on SNL's (if you want) after you have those things down. These things can take time, and you will go through a lot of plateaus and peaks, as long as you enjoy the process and stick with it, the results will come.

There is no rush to try to be some amazing pickup guy overnight. I myself am still improving parts of my game and I know others who are better than me are also. It's a process and not just something that you will be magically awesome at after a couple months of going out. You need to make incremental steps. I just started playing basketball for fun and I don't drive the net and try to juke guys out when I can't even dribble that well yet. I am still working on my fundamentals and with consistent practice I'm confident down the road I will be able to make the more "sexy" lay ups and jukes.

Another big problem that I see in alot of students is making excuses for not opening. If you have serious AA and are absolutely horrified about opening a set, thats fine, as long as you are honest with yourself, it can be fixed. If you say I have AA I can't open her, thats fine, if you were in bootcamp I would take you and do state drills and then we would try to reopen again or try a easier set. There is something to work with when you are honest with yourself. If you lie and say "they aren't my type, I don't want to open them", your just stuck where you are, not making any progress. Don't make excuses, if there is no one in the club but a group of girls who aren't that attractive you can still open them and talk to them and work on routines (if you use routines) and just get warmed up. Just talking to anyone will help with your social skills in general. I talk to random people all the time, even at a gas station or the mall. Not just hot chicks, but socializing with people that I run into everyday.

As far as information overload, I know a guy who can tell you what to do in any situation for pickup. He can't hold a girls attention for more than 5 mintues to save his life, but he could dissect the shit out of your set. If you're the guy who knows every nerd term and what to do in every situation but has severe AA, cant hold eye contact and no one can hear you, it's not going to do any good. The guy I know can probublary lecture for a hour on how to open, the angle to open, every different type of opener, and every other little thing but can't actually open. I see people that know pickup theory in bars and clubs and they just hover and make excuses for why not to open. "she isn't my type" "she's with that guy I think" "She is moving, cant open her", etc. If you are one of these guys, you need to stop reading all material and go out consistently for a month and then see where you are and go from there. During this month dont sign on or look at any forum or read any pickup related material. As far as guys who say "well, I don't like the club girls." I poise the question "Why would you go to the club then?" If you don't want a club girl, dont go to the club, go the mall, join a softball league, join a book club, go to the beach, the mall, a art show, etc. There are unlimited options on where to meet women. If you were to join some type of club that is girl relevent with women in it, it is going to be way easier than cold approaching at a bar or club anyways. A exception would be if you are a newbie bars and clubs are going to be good for just getting a sheer number of sets in and to work on your AA. There is no excuse to not get infield. It would be cool if we could just read about pickup, go out and open one set with a 9 in it, and have her be our gf, it isn't realistic though.

In the Marine Corps we were taugh KISS, keep it simple stupid. Just keep it simple, read the basics, then go out and apply them in your sets. Then get blown out and learn, when you are a kid learning to ride a bike you dont fall one time and quit. You fall then get back up , then fall, then get back up, until you get your bearings. Then after you can ride you can start to learn tricks on your bike if you wish.

Alot of guys are afraid of the dreaded "blowout". As far as blowouts are concerned I like blowouts, it helps me deal and get accustomed to social pressure and re-enforces the belief I don't care what people think about me. After you are calibrated and have been going out a while you can see if you are about to get blown out. You can then eject yourself and just reopen later in the night.

Once you become competent in pickup, its time to figure out what you want, not what someone else wants. I know alot of guys that all they want is a girlfriend, thats fine. Some guys dont want SNL's and threesomes,etc. That is perfectly fine. You would be more inclined to day game if this is your approach and I would suggest you get your Day 2's and then when a girl meets the criteria you want in a women, you can date her. Not everyone needs to have a harem. It's actually alot of drama and can be very stressful. It also is really cool though too ;). When Sinn teaches a bootcamp he has the students write a list of what qualities they want in a woman. You can then qualify and screen the girl based on these qualities. That way you are actually dating a girl that you actually like. What a concept...

If the girl is really hot, you can always make exceptions for some of the criteria tho ;).

** I highly suggest all newbies to read the Game Acceleration Doctrine, its on sinns blog for free.

Alex- SOA Instructor

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

RHWOC: Queen Bees and WannaBees Applied Part 3 of 4: Gretchen Rossi

Welcome back to the only blog that mixes seduction tips, with horrible Reality TV content.

Today, I want to talk about another personality type in QBs and WBs. The Target.

"The Target:

She is the girl who is set up to be humiliated, made fun of or excluded. These are your typical “Losers”. Girls are generally outside of the clique when they are targeted but could become targets if they challenge the Queen Bee. Sometimes these girls pre-empt the rejection by first rejecting everyone by saying they don’t like anyone."

When Gretchen joined the show there were problems from the start...

Gretchen was married to a man named Jeff who was significantly older than her and dying of Leukemia. Then there was this whole controversy between her and Tamra about whether or not Gretchen was actually in a relationship with Jeff, gold digging Jeff, or paid help to take care of Jeff. This can all be researched with a google search but came to a head during the premiere of season 5 AKA the first episode of this show I ever saw.

The Tamra/Gretchen confrontation at dinner has to be seen to be believed but is highlighted by Tamra, calling Gretchen a whore and then telling her that she(Tamra) doesn;t have pictures of herself on the internet with vibrators in her whoo-hoo or some other such cutesy euphemism for vagina... Really you have to see it to believe it.

Tamra and Gretchen also have conflict because of their similarities. Both are outgoing, attention loving blondes, who use their sexuality and flirting to captivate people. They're both fairly vulgar and are equally comfortable flirting with guys or girls...

Gretchen is targeted by most of the girls for various reasons ranging from her choice of BF( The ALWAYS awesome Slade Smiley) to her "copying" of Tamra's motorcycle. In fact in a few days when I post my RHWOC social heirarchy, you'll see that both her and Lynne are outsiders or "Losers" within the overall structure of the group, until Alexis is added and the numbers swing things from Vicki's favor to Alexis'.

Gretchen strikes back at Tamra with the following blog post which again has to be seen to be believed read it HERE

So obviously couple that blog post, with her being Alexis sidekick during the Vicki confrontation at Waterbar and you can clearly see that Gretchen has played two roles on the show. She started as a traget when the group was composed of Jeana, Vicki, Tamra, Gretchen and Lynne. Then when Alexis replaced Jeana who was neutral but had known Vicki longer thus being a default member of team Vicki, Gretchen became a sidekick to Alexis' QB. This is a BRILLANT decision on Gretchen's part. Because she is not the QB nor the one starting the attack on Vicki, she can attack Vicki without repurcussions. Plus if it fails, everyone will blame Alexis, not Gretchen. So socially she has raised her status no matter what happens between Vicki and Alexis.

Tomor, I'll talk about Tamra and explore why she and Gretchen butted heads to begin with.

JS- The King Of Content

Monday, March 01, 2010

RHWOC: Queen Bees and WannaBees Applied Part 2 of 4: Alexis Bellino

Getting some good feedback on this stuff here.

I'm glad you guys are enjoying some real Female Psychology, but I've been getting a few comments about how reading this makes you hate women...

Seriously guys?

First of all the behavior we're talking about is NOT all women! It's a specific subset of women that happen to be unusually attractive(except in Vicki's case) and thus through the heirarchies involved in adolescent girl living act a certain way.

The reason this stuff is interesting is that most community guys are obsessed with "club girls." Some even demean them as people by calling them "club skanks." yet still try to hook up with them. Personally, I've been there and done that. I prefer a smarter more career/school focused girl, which is why I meet most of the girls I date long term during the day time.

Anywho, don't apply this sort of material to all women, instead use it as a guide to decipher why a certain type of girl ( Queen Bee, Sidekick, Target) is acting the way she is.

Allright on to the next RHWOC; Alexis Bellino ( If that is her real name).

Alexis joined the cast this year during the 5th season, in fact she was the first Real Housewife that has gotten introduced since I started to watch the show regularly.

Alexis has been called "Jesus Barbie" by the writer of the Pretty On The Outside RHWOC blog which is hysterical and can be found HERE

Alexis and her sloth like husband Jim have three kids and two nannies. And Alexis calls herself a stay at home Mom CONSTANTLY. She also talks about how she works out for 3 hrs a day 7 days a week. Oh and did we mention that her and her husband have taken vows to keep " God first, our marriage second and our children third."

That's normal...

Jim is gross. He's a sleazy pawn loan guy( I only know this because I googled him, Alexis dodges questions about his job like the Matrix) who dresses in Ed Hardy clothes made for someone 25 years younger. He also treats Alexis like a possession, he gives her direct commands and often tells her to stop being stupid... Like for real. It's pretty trippy to watch it. What does QBS and WBS say about this? Glad you asked:

" Getting validation from boys boosts a girl’s self esteem and confirms that she fits into the Act Like a Woman box. Girls understand that their social status and identity are tied to relationships with boys."

"Girls may sacrifice boundaries and defy common sense to please boys.

In trying to please a boy she may betray and sacrifice her relationship with other girls."

Alexis is interesting because she is a typical Queen Bee, like every other woman on this show, but she makes no effort to fir in to the already formed Vicki-Centric Social Hierarchy. In fact she makes it known at the beginning during the La Perla fashion show that she doesn't expect to become friend with Vicki.

Alexis also is super hot... By far the hottest housewife... And she has HUGE fake boobs... Like comically large. I love them... And she shows them off constantly while talking about how Jim and her have spent one night apart in 6 years and she isn't allowed to travel without him.

This becomes a huge issue and one of the first things that makes Alexis a Queen Bee.

On the ill fated Ft Lauderdale trip that Vicki planned as a girls only weekend, Alexis was the first to say she couldn't come without Jim. This was actually before another incident we'll talk about in a second involving Alexis and a cute girl who looked like Wynnona Ryder talking to Jim.

As we learned in Queen Bees and Wannabees young girls learn at a very early age that

"Girls can blow their female friends off to hang out with a boy and as long as they apologize their friends will always take them back. This is dangerous because it teaches girls that their friendships are less important than their romantic relationships."

In this way Vicki is actually an atypical Queen Bee, because she puts work, her daughter, and many other things before her relationship with her husband Donn (Who is TOTALLY the only normal person on the show.) This is where the seeds of her conflict with Alexis are sown.

The next interesting incident involves Jim and this cute Winnona Ryder looking girl chatting fairly innocently at a get together at Gretchen's. Alexis flips the fuck out and tells the girl to stop talking to her husband and back off. This leads to a huge scene. Until Jim eventually tells her the conversation is over. In those exact words. I'm surprised he didn't tell her to go to her room...

Let's look at Alexis' Qualities in Relation to what we know about QBs:

The Queen Bee:

Friends do what they want- Not so much in this group, but it could be because of her newness and the other girls personalities. For example she couldn't end the blood feud between Tamra and Gretchen. But I think they'd need Jesse Jackson for that shit.

She is not intimidated by other girls- She goes after Vicki at Waterbar in San Fransisco after several incidents like the texting thing at dinner and the snoring at Lynne's.

She complains about other people copying her, never leaving her alone, or being too sensitive- Haven't seen this yet from Alexis, but the fake christianity might be hiding it.

When she’s hanging in a group she’s the center of attention- Alexis definitely tries to make herself the center of attention as much as possible. Leading to several altercations with Vicki.

She can argue everyone down, parents, teachers included- Anyone except Jim.

She makes other girls feel special by anointing them special friends- She has tried this with both Tamra and Gretchen. It seems to be working with Gretchen, Tamra is still Team Vicki.

She’s strategically affectionate- She's gotta pay for those diamonds and botox somehow right?

She won’t take responsibility when she hurts someone’s feelings- Definitely shirked responsibility for the whole " Bitch betta stay away from my man!" scene.

If she thinks she’s been wronged she feels she has the rights to seek revenge and will do so- Absolutely as she warned Vicki to watch out at the reunion show a few weeks ago...

Whether by plot, or happenstance Vicki VS Alexis is looming as a showdown of both QBs. Vicki basically ran away, cried, talked about how her daughter might have cancer to deflect the fact that she told Alexis to bring it on before running and then even invited back Jeana( An original housewife Vicki Shit talked to death) to talk about how bitchy the new girls are.

I would say Alexis staged a small coup at The Waterbar as she got Gretchen, and Tamra to agree with her and attack Vicki as a group, much the same way girls gang up on boys in early adolescense:

" When Girls Get Mad At Guys

The most common way girls confront boys is with other girls at their side for support. This publicly humiliates the guy without her even realizing she’s doing it. It also weakens the girl's personal power as she is not standing up for herself but using group think to express her feelings, this sets her up to become a pushover when alone."

Now the question is will Alexis be able to stand up to Vicki one on one and claim the Conch shell as the QB of OC

Only time will tell...

JS- The King Of Content

PS: Tomor I'll be back with a piece on Gretchen and her feud with Tamra as well as how they and the rest of the girls fit in within an overall hierarchy.