Sunday, November 30, 2008

Basic Social Skills

Hey guys,

Since starting 12 Months to Mastery I've now gotten feedback to prove something that I already really believed. Game is useless without BASIC social skills.

BradP already hinted at this when he talked about how you can't use negs or boyfriend destroyers if you have social anxiety because even though the words are right the delivery is wrong and you look terrified. I actually now have evidence it goes one step beyond that. In 12 Months to Mastery the first thing I have done is strip everyone back down to zero. My thinking went something like this " If you can't open a group of guys and girls by saying hi and then relating to them without routines, techniques or tactics, you are going to have problems." Why? Because you won't always have routines, you can't always be non reactive, or dominant or anything. The first step to socializing is making people socially comfortable while talking to you. Comfort actually comes before attraction(credit AFC Adam) but it's not the type of rapport based comfort most people in the community assume. Instead it's socail comfort, I.E the idea that this person will not creep you out, bore you or insult you.

So how do you learn to make people socially comfortable? Basic conversational skills. The very things that certain schools mock as "AFC" are the building blocks to ultimately having great game. Back in the old school ASF days this skill was referred to as "fluff talk". Ultimatley it comes down to a few basic points:

1. Relate to the other people in the conversation. Show how your experiences intertwine with theirs or vice versa. This can be done by asking questions or making statements.

2. Keep the conversation going, by changing conversational subjects. There's a lot of material out there on this.

3. Demonstrate genuine interest in getting to know them. Not interest in fucking them.

4. Talk about yourself. Don't be afraid to relate things about yourself and how you came to be who you are.

5. Asking questions that set up information about you. Instead of using questions to find out about them, use your questions to set up information about you. For example:

Sinn: " Are you guys locals?"
Girls: " Yeah we're from Mesquite.
Sinn: " Yeah? I'm from LA, which is funny cause iw as the least pretentious person there, and now I'm the most pretentious person in Texas. :)

I'll have some more articles on this stuff up later this month, but for npow start looking at basic social skills as the glue that holds routines and all the tactics together.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Episode 7: I can't believe it got worse...

So every week I keep thinking that the show can't get any worse, and every week it does. It's like watching a train wreck while being waterboarded.

Seriously, not only am I gonna have to start smoking pot again to watch the final, I'll have to chase it with 3 xanaxs, a fifth of Jack and a shotgun blast to the face...

This is the pain I put myself through to bring comedy to you guys, so I hope it's appreciated. I remember laughing when CJ said he'd rather grate his balls with a cheese grater than watch the show, now I'm thinking " how long would I have to grate them for?"

Ok so this week we start with the famous " who's going to walk through the door" montage again. Simion, or escaped inmate # 71893 as the penal system knows him, says he hopes it's Rian the crier(who's a bitch btw check out his lame ass youtube videos if you want to up the pain) or Greg the actor. For all those comments about how the show is fake because there's an actor on it; ALL reality shows are made up mostly of actors because they want to get on TV to get "discovered". Now usually this goes well as evidenced by that movie Trishelle from Real World Vegas made about the high school ninjas. I look forward to seeing Greg in "Bring it on 76:It's been broughten, returned, and restocked."

Simion who is still sporting black nails, because he's not quite edgy enough with simply his follow me into an alleyway at your own risk charm, says he hopes it's Rian because Greg is more of a threat. He also goes on a rant about how he's already won. If he means the award for creepiest reality show contestant of all time, he's right. But we still got 32 minutes of show here and I'm kinda wishing we could just give it to him now and save me the next 75 minutes of my life. But he's getting really cocky about the whole thing. This is going to be horrible for his development overall as he's now firmly into stage 2 of PUA syndrome " Become smug and arrogant about your abilities despite the fact you're not getting laid".

You have to stay as humble as possible about your abilities with women. I didn't follow this initially and got messed up. Being good with women is great, it adds a lot to your life and girls are amazing! However it's NOT a reason to feel good about yourself or more dangerously feel better than other people. Trust me this is from first hand experience.

Now I just look at myself as someone who's good with women, because of who I am as a person. Girls just like me. That's it. Anything beyond that becomes ego based and makes you a slave to things like approach anxiety and validation seeking behavior. Simion is in the first stage of falling into a very dark place. He's even more at risk because people are going to start giving him props for being on the show. He'll get recognized and stuff like that and it will reinforce his view that he's the shit which will make him act more aloofly and arrogantly while still being creepy. I hope he pulls his way out of this for his sake... And for the sake of the hookers in his hometown :)

As we already know Greg comes through the door and who is the first guy to hug him a moment after talking about how he hopes he's gone... Simion! At least this time he has a shirt on.

Mystery and co roll in.

We interrupt this blog post to give the weekly Sleeves Update sponsored by Sinns Of Attraction INC. This week there are sleeves. The forcast is for a removal of these sleeves with scissors later on in the show. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

The guys assignment this week is to teach a friend of theirs from their hometowns. Let's check out this motely cast of characters:

Matt's friend is NOT a 90 year old guy named Sol and instead is a rotund guy named Chuck. I hate calling the guy fat cause he seemed like a good dude who was just there to help his friend, but there's no way around a weight problem. Maybe Glandularlly chanllenged? He also has a fatty beard. Like a Lumberjack. I'm not saying it's impossible to pick up chicks as a morbidly obese Lumberjack wearing some kinda shirt that looks like it's for the X files, but it's gonna take one charming ass fella.

Greg's friend is a dorky looking dude named Derek. Derek is the typical I don't need this stuff nerd. Now some guys don't need it, because they're not that sexual of people and they don't have a huge desire for companionship. This guy may just be one of those guys who's happier playing on the computer all day than with a girl cuddling. He's probably not though, he probably just feels like it's not worth the effort or that this is the way he's always going to be. It was pretty obvious he wasn't going to do well.

Simion's friend is his old college fraternity brother. I wonder what fraternity Simion was in, Kidnappa Rape-a, Killa? His friend is Ryan. Ryan actually seems like he wants to get better with women, and he's certainly the most committed as he gets his lip pierced.

So the guys take them for fashion makeovers. They did a pretty good job. Except for Matt who doesn't get Chuck to shave his beard or wear clothes that hide his... condition.When you dress larger guys it's important to hide the chub by accentuating the width of the shoulders. Suit Jackets, Wide lapels, and a more flowing look all help. Matt gets the guy wearing layers which only add a bit more bulk to him.

Then it's time to teach. Simion holds hands with his friend and does the trust test. At least his shirt was on. I have a theory as to why he rarely wears shirts.

When Matador, myself and Future used to teach together, Matador would roam the hotel room naked. Why would he be naked when it's just two dudes? Who knows? It all came to a head one day in Miami when Future (already uncomfortable with the situation) actually asked the seminar students what they would think about their roommate walking around naked all the time in a small hotel room. They answered they thought it was a little gay. So perhaps now Matador simply walks around shirtless all the time(Off camera I would assume) and Simion is just imitating him. Students have imitated weirder things than that before. I once had a student ask me if I wore my pants sagging off my ass for a particular reason. I responded that I used to be a "wigger". He didn't get the reference. If you don't understand it, rent "I can't hardly wait" and watch Seth Green's character Special K. As stated before, I learned to be cool off the internet :)

Finally the friends descend into the clubs like Locusts unleashed by Neil Strauss.

Sorry that's the Sunset strip on weekend nights now.

Here's my beef with this assignment. First these guys are not experienced enough to be trying to teach others. You need 30-40 lays under your belt before you should be somebody's lead instructor. You can approach coach with less but not be the only guy who's teaching. Secondly it's VERY difficult to give game advice to your friends . Unless they see you as an authority as well as a friend, they're going to resist. They already have a specific concept of you in their minds and it will be really hard for them to accept counter intuitive advice. I send my friends in the community to Brad P, or Fader, or Moxie. I know they won't listen when I tell them things. So these guys are getting a tough task off the bat.

Derek goes in first, doesn't smile or look like he's having a good time at all, and he freezes up. Greg gives him some Tara-esque advice about being confident. Then he gets blown out. He also gets opened by a girl who he promptly shuts down. Bottome line this guys didn't want it at all. It's not Greg's fault he got the worst student but he didn't really give good advice either. Greg has consistently messed up the last three episodes. I feel like he's still here based on the perception of him Mystery et al have about him from the first couple shows. He's been dreadful for the last few weeks and still hung around.

Chuck rolls in next, also doesn't seem happy to be there. Matt goes in and gives him some good advice. Matt seems like he could be one of those approach coaches who give good advice despite having little to no game. He's good at noticing the mistakes others are making.

Simion's accomplice, I mean friend Ryan goes in and gets into set the fastest. He also plows the most. He stays in a mixed set while ignoring the guy for a long time. He's got some balls and some potential. Unfortunately he also has the " Nobody puts Baby in the corner" opener. This is actually the best demonstration set for guys out there who are scared of mixed sets. This guy is kinda weird and creepy, way too high energy, and simply by ignoring the guy he doesn't get run out of the set or amogged. You don't have to befriend. You should always make the effort, but if the guy is being unreactive, just ignore his ass and keep talking. He forces a flaky number close, but it's the best performance by a friend and Simion wins the challenge.

Now it's elimination time. And it's obvious Greg is going home. Matador scolds Matt for not getting his friend to change enough by shaving the beard. I think Matt actually did a pretty good job of trying. But his friend said from the beginning that he wasn't shaving the beard. Matt didn't appeal to the right type of motivation for that guy , but he tried. My favorite part of the whole show was when he was trying to convince Chuck to practice harder by telling him "You'll be pulling 10s". Chuck just strikes me as the type of guy who might want a girlfriend but would probably be happier with a chubby 6 who likes star trek.

We get a nice medallion shot before Greg goes home. Apparently Greg is an actor but he didn't win so the conspiracy theorists out there can calm down for a week.

This week I get to give my pick for whose going to take the whole thing. It's a difficult question because Simion is super creepy and would appear to be the obvious loser. I mean the guy literally gives me chills. But he's started to harness that creepiness in a way that he can convince certain chicks he's cool. Kinda like Dante Valentine( The "other" Mystery that hangs out in Hollywood). He won't actually get laid, but he may be able to hold set as the weird guy. Especially since he came off really gay the last time we saw him out in field. Matt definitely understands the theory, but he's not great at opening. Plus he's got that weird senior citizen vibe that I'm not sure Mystery would want around. Though I guess Hawaii and his coupon clipping have that too.. It's a tough one but I'm going to say Simion pulls it off. Which is just perfect for VA and co. Their newest approach coach teaching under the alias "The Zodiac Killer, I mean Lover" and your winner of PUA Season 2: Simion

I'm now going to throw myself off the balcony of my apartment.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Lay Report Book is HERE!!!

Hey guys,

It's my great pleasure to announce that The Lay Report Book is Officially here.

This is the book I wished I had back when I started. I got 13 of the BEST pick up artists in the world to contribute. I'm talking guys like Brad P, Savoy, J-Dog of VH1 fame, Captain Jack, In10se and more! Not only that but I break down each LR and highlight what each guy did right and wrong. There's also sections on Same Night Lays, Day Game, Dates, Internet dating and much, much more.

When you buy The LR Book, you also get copies of two brand new Mp3s I just put together. The first one is on dealing with approach anxiety, the second on learning to escalate like a master. That's not all you also get a collection of the best of my blog(2 times voted best seduction blog on the internet).

You guys know I don't like to hype things, so just head on over


And check it out for yourself!



Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode 6: Two creepy guys for the price of one or learning to wing

We start with them talking about the final 4, before Rian heads back into the room. Simion calls it the fantastic four and they all pontificate on why the game now matters. Whether they don't care about finishing 2nd or 8th because they want to just win. Or some other such standard reality show fare.

Rian comes in.

Simion is wearing an affliction shirt proving only douche bags wear affliction. And rapists.

They go to meet Mystery at a grocery store to try some day game.

Mystery talks about making day time approaches as indirect as possible, this is patently wrong. Day game needs to be more direct as there are legitimate time constraints. Also since you don't have much time you need to use your opener to build attraction. Very few things build attraction as quickly as demonstrating balls. I don't even do indirect during the day anymore as it usually just devolves into small talk or you have to make it direct with a statement of intent quickly.

Matt- makes sure that he brings a hand cart with him to look like he’s shopping that’s a good idea. He starts a conversation with some small talk and never cuts in to start a real conversation. Now he starts actually food shopping while Mystery and Tara tool him. Matt has never been forced to deal with his approach anxiety. One of my problems with the way Mystery teaches is that he doesn';t give strategies to deal with approach anxiety, other than a bunch of rhetoric about how it never goes away and you have to use the 3 second rule. How are you going to approach in 3 seconds when you're terrified. You need strategies for dealing with AA. I personally teach a combo of mental reframes and physical actions to snap you out of your head. Matt has no strategy and has to try to force himself to approach with sheer force of will. Not the best idea.

Rian -comes in and opens, then does the trust test. It’s a little weird but it’s getting accepted and the girl seems to be into it. Rian gets a number after a short time. The girl makes a super weirded out face after he walks away. He was now wearing the douchebag affliction shirt. Further proving my point.

Simion opens with an opinion opner and doesn’t look at the girl, he doesn’t even notice when THE GIRL WALKS AWAY WHILE HE'S STILL TALKING! He opens another girl and almost instantly tries to get her #. She tells him she doesn’t even know his name, he very needily says " what is yoru name" persists a bit, gets a flaky if not fake # and then kisses her on the cheek and freaks her out.

Greg- He stares at a girl and then tries to open her while she’s walking away. Needy. Then he asks her where a good bar or club is. She walks away. He then opens and stands there until the girl leaves. Now he’s hovering like a fruit fly. Eventually this girl feeling like she's being stalked by psycho clown killer John Wayne Gacy walks away and he retreats into Matador's safe arms...

Rian wins the reward challenge and then says he feels a little bit like a pimp. These guys hold themselves to really low standards because they never focused on inner game in the beginning. I'm all for taking credit for your successes but these were not successes, they were very forced. All that was proven here was that it's not that hard to get a girl's phone #. But that doesn;t mean she'll pick up the phone or meet up. I'm shocked as it seems they haven't covered qualification at all. I'm sure Mystery taught a few routines but like MOST students the guys can't remember them when they're out because of their social anxiety.

Now the guys learn about being wings. Mystery says that true masters work with wings. I disagree. To me the crucible of pickup is going out alone and coming home with a girl. I also find it funny that Mystery doesn't mention his own personal winging style of tooling you by using an "accomplishment intro" about how you do things for him and are like his personal assistant." He also doesn;t mention how he steals his wings' sets and impregnates them. Guess it just slipped his mind. They start talking about accomplishment intros. A.Is are really OBVIOUS. We used to try to use these all the time when I worked for TMM, but they look lame. The best way to help your friend is simply to be more interested in him than in the girls, and to make it obvious that you guys have a good time together and are actually...(gasp) friends.

Mystery is still trying to get these guys to get makeouts. They are not ready especially when two of the 4 guys are still struggling with approach anxiety. Rian gets to pick his wing because he won the challenge, and he picks Greg.

Simion wants to make bets and Matt compares them to mel brooks and carl reiner… Dated reference much? I like that there’s actually an element of compeititon between the 4 guys now. I don't think these guys get along as well as the guys last season, and I dig it. I want some trash talking to happen. Mostly cause I love trash talk. I'm like the Gary Payton of game.

And for once the guys look like their having fun in the car on the way there! This is a step in the right direction.

I guess they had a small budget for clothing on this show cause now Mystery is wearing Matador’s white pants while Matador is rocking the wifebeater and camo pants. All he’s missing is the CAMARO!

Rian goes in first and opens a girl by herself until it turns into a group of 3 girls. Greg obviously wants Rian to open because of his AA. Greg isolates the girl to the table proving that it is easier to come in as a wing than actually opening a set. And that having a table allows you to instantly go into movement. Again i have to mention the table thing, it's cheating. The guys have done nothing to establish value, there's an awkward silence and they throw the table out there and get the girls to move. Tables subcommunicate the right things for you, but unless your rich you won;t have them every night you go out. I really think it's a disservice to these guys to have them here, as their bad habits get reinforced. Had they tried to move those girls to anywhere but a table it would not have worked.

Greg isolates his girl and leaves Rian with two girls and no clue how to handle it. He then goes for the kiss and gets it. This is fucked up because as a wing your main job is to help the guy who OPENED the set isolate, not to isolate yourself.

Rian is still not touching the girls and they are throwing the triple kiss opportunity at him. Rian is racked with sexual anxiety and leaves the set after the girls basically ask him to kiss both of them. Including the blonde leaning into him. This is textbook sexual anxiety. At one point he pecked the brunette on the lips but they talked about kissing for what felt like an hour and he could not take the hint. I'm pretty sure he's a virgin but we've uncovered a major issue. He's uncomfortable with touching and escalation. That goes back to one of the two main problems guys have sexual anxiety and social anxiety.

Simion goes in with the creepy opener and then Matt comes in and talks about the caper… Again nothing demonstrated and the move to the table happens. You can open girls by asking them to come to your table and it works, this is not pick up. Matt is now telling a stupid DHV story about MR T, and not touching at all. Simion the rapist gets the kiss.

Matt is still not touching the girl at all, even when she’s giving him all the green lights. Simion is trying to use an accomplishment intro but it seems forced as he’s talking Matt up in front of him. It's obvious what's going on. Matt Finally goes for the kiss and gets it as well.

Matt says he had no approach anxiety, that could be because he didn’t approach. Simion approached.

Now Matt and Simion do a great confession scene as Simion again removes his shirt... He looks like Skeletor from He-man except way scarier.

Rian is pissed at Greg for dropping the ball. Greg is near tears in his confessional.

It’s elimination time, which means we get medallions bitches!

Matador and Mystery start asking Rian why he didn’t kiss the girl and he says that he doesn’t kiss his family. “ Hi my name is intimacy issues.” Instead of talking about that or working on that the guys just tell him that pickup artists kiss and that’s the way it is. Great teaching. Tools.

They also tell Greg he left Rian hanging. Which is partially true.

They ask them to tell them why they should both be there and Greg throws Rian under the bus by telling them that he thinks he’ll reach his potential faster than Rian. Sure if your potential is not opening and then leaving your friend high and dry, I agree whole heartedly.

Greg gets the final medallion and Rian the crier heads home.

I love the flickering candles they have in the elimination room. Spooky.

Rian mentions that he legitimately kissed a woman on the lips in his final confessional. He’s a little bitter. Thank god him and his tears are gone,

Honestly this show gets harder and harder to watch every week. I wish I still smoked weed with two episodes to go.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

I love this guy!

There is a guy who owns two sites and

He's been through some of the community stuff and has an AWESOME perspective on why it's so weird and a lot of the BULLSHIT out there.

Especially if you're new, you should read all of his articles specifically those focused on why the community is so weird.

I honestly wish I had written some of these articles because they really do speak to a lot of the issues in the community I've been trying to fix for years...

Here's direct links to his sites

Succeed Socially


I'm also going to add him to the resource bar.


And the Winner is...


First of all thanks for all the entries into the Caption contest. We got almost 70 different comments(not including the guys who put 2 or 3 in there) but ironically the first comment we got ended up being the winner.

Pure Win's comment about getting the scissors to cut his sleeves off is the winner.

So Pure Win email me at Sinnstravel at and I will send you a free copy of the LR book today.

Thanks again guys, this was great!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cameron Teone's new course

Hey guys,

My buddy Cameron Teone of Attract Women Anywhere just released a new audio course on the foundational skills of being an attractive man.

Cameron is one of the few guys out there who isn't full of shit and has integrity. He's also giving away a free PDF and 60 minute audio on basic conversational skills(something EVERYONE in the community could get better at)

Check them out Here


Contest! Create A Caption!

So I was forwarded this picture of Matador and Cajun as well as a few funny captions for it.

Such as:

“Bro. That girl just AI’ed me. THAT one. I’m so Alpha!”

“There’s Erik. I’m his ball-washer not you, and don’t you forget it”

“Try to keep your eyes open, I’m displaying my alphaness by pointing”

“You...yes YOU. Can you believe this half-asleep freak has better game than me? Ouch”

I'll add a few of my own...

" Which way is the beach? It's THAT way"

" Whoever points first is MOST alpha"

" So you're sure the gay club is THAT way..."

" Which way did the bum offering blowjobs for crack go? That way?"

Anyhoo, I'm offering a free copy of The Lay Report Book to anyone who comes up with a funnier caption than these.

Submit them in the comments.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thing that is annoying me today

Bill Simmons ESPN"s " The Sports Guy" ( who coincidentally read my email to try to get into him and Matt Berry's Basketball fantasy league in the OCT 21st episode of The B.S Report)

Is not writing an article today... He writes them every Tuesday and Fri usually, but due to some feud he's having with ESPN he's writing less and less.

I just quit smoking pot and cigarettes 11 days ago. I NEED my Simmons fix...

If I end up going on a homicidal rampage at ESPN's HQ in Conn, this was a warning sign.


It's probably not your fault...

Hey guys,

I was just talking to my father last night and something really dawned on me.

We were talking about a voicemail he left me where he read off the statistics of tourism deaths in Brazil over the last year(I'm going to Brazil in Feb). After I put him in check as I'm known to do, I realized that all the negativity and paranoia I have comes from 16 years of being berated with worst case scenarios from my parents.

No wonder I had the outlook on life I did when I was getting constant negative reinforcement for everything I did. And I know I'm not alone.

Most people forget that parents are just people. Meaning that they may not have the most healthy views of the world. But they damn sure pass that on to their kids.

Now I don't want to encourage anyone to start fostering a mentality of victim thinking, because we're all adults now and responsible for ourselves. I just wanted to make the point that a lot of our thinking patterns that we tend to blame ourselves for (Negativity, success barriers, low self esteem) come from outside sources most notably our parents, friends and support group.

The point of this post is to encourage you to accept where you're at now MAY not be your fault but to take responsibility for changing the things about the way you think that are not helpful or empowering.



Monday, November 10, 2008

The Pick Up Artist Ep # 5 How girls thinking you're gay and wanting to get their nails done with you saves you from elimination!

We start off with Greg coming through the door and the guys talk about how you can’t play it safe. Simion says this and I fear for the safety of women in Scottsdale. If he's playing safe, what's next razor blades under his tongue?

Simion is mimicking Mystery with a straw hat and glasses. He looks like a hick who’s trying to be Mick Jagger. Mystery also shows up in the straw hat, coincidence? Or an insidious clue towards the future...

It’s story telling time, as the guys get to be auctioned off in order to get Tara as a wing girl. Mystery's version of story telling goes something like this. Have lame guys who obviously aren;t cool talk about their stripper ex girlfriends, how they're willing to fight to save their stripper ex gfs, how their friends will help them fight to save their stripper exs, and how they're kinda a big deal. The funny thing is this actually works, it just rots your soul as it's working. See Matador...

Mystery -"It’s time to see how much their value is worth… In dollars"

The guys will get onstage to get auctioned off and have a few moments in which to tell a story. Here, I'd opt for doing some grounding about myself and the type of person I am as oppose to telling antecdotes, which feel force in this format.

The guys start practicing their stories on each other...

Matt is telling a story about getting a wine and cheese scholarship, sadly there is no
mention of a stripper or ex gf...

Simion is telling a story about sherpas, and backpacking through India

Brian is talking about going to TJ to get Tacos…

Brian’s having the show’s first mental breakdown before we cut to commercial. He looks near tears ( he's not Rian so he doesn't actually cry) but he can't remember what to say and he's freaked out.

When we come back from the break the guys are onstage at this luncheon for older women who will be bidding on them.

Brian is up first he he says he was looking for white people… He lies about dating a girl and then busts out a dance. He's shimmying all over the stage and generally being a clown. The problem here as I discussed with Shaft last week over dinner is that his friens probably reward him for being this weird. He probably hangs out with a bunch of equally socially awkward guys who think this is cool.

Matt’s up next and talks about being a master winemaker… he acknowledges that he takes some poetic license. A.K.A Mystery teaches guys to lie. He gets bought by a huge old lady and his face looks like Simion just killed his sister.

Rian- Talks about how he loves the stage but he’s way over the top an comes off like the Joker. Way too animated and weird seeming. He then tries to flex and show off his legs to drive up the bidding. He later refers to this as body language DHVS. No they were non verbal indicators of desperation.

Simion the rapist is up and says he doesn’t want to brag but he’s a great person. So was Jack the ripper… He’s also painted his nails black, in an homage to Mystery. I'd make fun of this more if I hadn;t done it myself at one point. The black nails opener is a great opener, but you need to match the rest of your outfit to the nails to be able to pull it off. Sadly Simion does not. Though he does have some interesting things to show girls in his van...

Greg is last. He talks in a weird voice, that isn’t him. Now he talks about his Mormon service mission. Nothing says fun like service. He adds the hyperbolic final line about leaving a boy and coming back a man. They cut to commercial as Greg is $ 50 below winning the comp.

When we come back from break we learn that Greg doesn't get the extra $50 and Matt is our winner. He gets to have Tara by his side to give him great advice like " be yourself, be confident, and of course be cool...

Now they’re learning about hired guns. Again a stupid term, because there are a ton of different types of these girls and you game them all differently. Bartenders, shooter girls, go-go dancers, an strippers to name a few. Let's just lose the precious 10 seconds it will take to specify who you're gaming and call the girls by their job titles. We really don't need to be weird! If Obama can win the presidency we can make pick up normal in 2009. YES WE CAN!!!!

This is another example of poorly timed information as these guys CAN”T HOLD A CONVERSATION YET!!!! They don’t need to learn this stuff yet. I really hope that Mystery is being pressured by VH1 to push these guys forward and he doesn't actually think these guys are ready for this. They can barely open! They should be focused on building social comfort, breaking rapport an touching right now, while having COMFORTABLE conversations. You have to learn to walk before you can run. I really do think the show is pressuring them to push forward.

They’re learning to neg and insulting Tara, this is amazing!!!

Brian says she's the orangest girl he's ever seen

Simion says she looks like his half brother… He fails to mention he killed him.

Now it’s time to go to a bikini model show…

The guys all look stressed out as Rian cries AGAIN!!! Fuck! Man up dude! You consistently look like a little bitch EVERY week. He's talking about how he wears his heart on his sleeve. Guess what that's not what men do! Men are supposed to be emotionally stable so that we can allow women the freedom to wear their emotions openly.

Matt tries to help him, but he’s crying and talking about how he can’t remember the lines. Matt parrots back some of Mystery’s advice about failing spectacularly. And thankfully we leave this scene. I would literally slap Rian, if I was teaching him. He needs a MASSIVE event to transform him. I hope he gets cut.

Again on the way to meet girls they are not having fun or getting in state.
You can’t be nervous or in your head and have this stuff work. Especially Mystery's material which is crafted to give the air of confidence. if you're having a panic attack, negs don't work.

Mystery is wearing chainmail… and a peasant shirt under it. I guess medevil times is his next "avatar" I heard the one in Dallas is looking for a Sorcerer. So Erik if you need a job once you're show's done. Holla at ya boy.

Tara talks about how’s she’s been a hired gun for years… And doesn’t like being treated like a piece of meat. Thank you for that insight. She apparently doesn't mind being called a hired gun or being eye candy on a reality show.

Matador thankfully isn’t wearing sleeves. Everytime I see him in sleeves I break out in a col sweat...

Matt is trying to imitate mystery’s vocal cadence, again, I'd make fun of this more if I didn't try the same thing. Now I just do a kick ass Mystery impression.

Greg pussys out of opening and instead hovers close to a 2 set. Yikes he opens with did you slip and then asks what agency she’s from and why she’s not sweating. Greg really can't seem to get out of the interview questions as he used to open by talking about the weather. He needs an opener he thinks is fun. That way he'll enjoy doing it instead of using situational ones like he oes here.

Mystery asks if he’s failing them… He’s not he’s just expecting them to improve faster than they are capable.

Brian goes right into a big group of 5 models and a guy. Then he gets really weird by talking about pickle juice. Then he chases as she walks away. Again no social calibration, and he thinks being weird is funny.

Next he negs the girl by calling her orange and offends them…

Brian feels bad in his heart and doesn’t realize he fucked up by being CREEPY. He's blaming the girls when he can't see that what he's doing is really weird.

Mystery is saying he has to sit down with them, but doesn’t realize he hasn’t addressed their sticking points instead he’s just kept pushing them forward. He's rewarded mediocre results. The truth is guys you don't nee game to open and get phone numbers, they'll all just flake or not answer. Just cause these guys are passing challenges doesn't mean they're improving, anything other than their inability to open. Which I agree is half the battle.

Rian is doing well, then ejects because he didn’t try to isolate.

Matt and Tara head in, and Matt freezes up. He can’t approach…

He freaks out these girls by approaching from behind. Tara comes back in and it helps a bit. Now he’s back in… Ohh too many negs and he gets called on it. he asks the girl if she mostly does hand modeling then calls her hands kinda manly. These negs contradict each other and just make you a dick. You don’t need this many negs and she actually PHYSICALLY MOVES AWAY before he ejects… these guys have learned 0 ways to break rapport besides negging.

Simion the rapist rolls up, and starts talking to dudes… Now he’s in with the same girl Matt blew out earlier.. He gets a number WAY too soon… The girls think he’s gay. The girls notice his nail polish and he starts Johnny Storming it up( that's the real name of the human torch for those who don't read fantastic four). He number closes in like a minute and the girl seems interested. In having a gay best friend she can get her nails done with. Look I come off gay sometimes(esp in Texas and London) you can use that to get more room to sexually escalate. But you have to make it clear You're trying to fuck her...

Simion the ripper wins.

Mystery says it's clear he was listening.

It’s not clear that he’s listening and Mystery was talking shit when he got the number… He's just saying that for the show. Lame.

Matt thinks his set was successful… Even though the girl almost ran from him.

Elimination time comes early this episode as Mystery wears a fur coat.

Medallion time- this one promises success…

Matador has white pants on, he’s missing a moustache, the cloud of brut, and a tank top.

Brian gets eliminated giving us at least one more episode of rian’s tears…
I’m sad that my favorite guy is leaving. But it makes sense he couldn’t stop being a fucking weirdo.

In a bizarre leaving video, he talks about how he’s ready for kissing apparently…

Let's go to this week's power poll:

1. Matt- I actually think Matt will win despite still having MAJOR AA. He keeps winning challenges during the day and he's talking like Mystery, which I know Erik Appreciates.

2. Greg- He's good looking so he never does that badly but he really isn't using anything he's learned and that will catch up with him. He's still somewhat normal though which is more than I can say for the next 2.

3. Rian- He's a bitch, I wanna slap him. But he doesn;t make me want to call the police so he's # 3.

4. Simion- He won today but he still gives us 2-3 cringe worthy moments of creepiness EVERY episode.

Til next week...


Saturday, November 08, 2008

MY Top 10 PUAS List

Hurray Dick Crack!

I'm not big on ranking how good people are at pickup, but for some reason I've been getting deluged recently by emails from guys asking me who's legit and who isn't so I decided that I'd put together a top ten list. I'm only going to be ranking guys I've ACTUALLY seen in field so some people who are probably more than deserving will be left off.

Let's start off with the notables who didn't make the list:

Future- Had the second best run I've ever seen in 2006 where literally every girl he talked to he ended up fucking within a year. Retired with a girlfriend.

Tim from RSD- The only thing keeping Tim off is that I haven't seen him in field since Cliffslist 2005 back when even he will admit he wasn't that great. If half of what I've heard from Moxie, TD, and students is true, he's probably a top 2 guy. But I haven't seen it so he's off for now...

Jlaix- I've smoked with Jeffy and seen him do kareoke but haven't seen him game. I know he's one of the top guys as well as my personal favorite dating coach, but rules are rules.

Toecutter- Hurts to leave him off, but I know he hasn't been that active in the past few years, so we can't award points for having been a legend at one point.

Zan- Zan has ridiculous comfort game and I would never want to introduce him to a girl I was into, but his cold approach game is not up to par(as he would admit himself)

Style- Neil doesn't open due to horribly bad AA and instead leeched off others sets every time I saw him. His warm game is really good though and considering his lack of natural advantages, the fact he gets laid is impressive.

The Kurgen- Right as he was hitting his stride he got a girlfriend. For a guy whose in his mid 40s, and Asian, he has some sick game.

Braddock, Da Hunter, and Rokker- All three of these guys have a ton of natural advantages but get amazing results. if not for that fact that some uglier, older, more socially retarded guys have equal game, they'd all make the list.

Geoff formerly of RSD- Had amazing game, got married and has a kid. A success story.

Allright onto the list:

10. Mehow- Balls of steel, plus the best "synthetic" attraction game out there, get Mehow the 10th spot. His attraction game almost always works and he has some of the best mixed set game I've ever seen.

9. TD- I missed TD at his peak, but since I've been out with him his ability to control frames, and dominate social interactions is almost without peer. He's another guy who takes the hardest sets possible and plows.

8. Moxie- Biggest balls in the community bar none. Also has some of the fastest escalation game I've ever seen. No one does more intense things than Moxie. Especially when it comes to mixed sets and Amogging. Plus he has no approach anxiety, every night we go out he's in set as I'm looking around trying to figure out where the bar is.

7. Doc Holliday and Entropy- Can't really separate these guys. Entropy has better advantages and results. Doc makes the most of what he has and probably has technically superior game. Both of these guys are massively underrated. Doc's day game is probably second best in the world to mine and his night game has come on incredibly strong. When we were in Orlando for his 21st he ended up getting laid his second night out in a bar.

6. Julian Foxx- I walked into his house as he was threesoming two gorgeous strippers. I have NO idea what he does, but it works better than almost everything everyone else is doing.

5. El Topo- Unstoppable once he gets into comfort. He's the best at sexual escalation, baiting, building compliance, and dominance. He also got good faster than almost anyone else.

4. Savoy- He's gonna be mad at me for ranking him this high. The most underrated pick up artist out there hands down. I learned more from him than anyone for the first 2 years I was in the game. His game is VERY different from anyone else I've ever seen. Most dominant guy in set by far.

3. AFC Adam- Best attraction game I've ever seen. Super systematic, he's created a system for himself that simply doesn't fail. HE once explained it to me that he basically finds the cheat codes in everything he does from Magic the gathering games to pickup. Unbelievably good.

2. Mystery- If I had to bet my life on someone picking up the hottest girl in a club(not closing her the first night) I'd put it on Erik. The only thing that keeps him from being the best is the fact that he stays dogmatically rooted to the 7 hour rule and "solid game".

1. Brad P and Captain Jack- I kept trying to separate these 2 and couldn't do it so I have a tie for first place.

When CJ is going out, motivated and opening he's the best I've ever seen. In fact he's the only guy I've ever seen where I was surprised he didn't get laid once he was talking to a girl. He's not really going out anymore, which is the only thing keeping him from knocking Brad back a spot.

Brad P gets the top spot because he's maxed out. Everything in his life helps his game. Great inner game, great outer game, great identity, great fashion, cool car, solid financially, never says anything that isn't interesting and cool. Amazing escalation skills, great at relationship management. There's NOTHING he isn't good at when it comes to game. That's why he's # 1.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Do you want to get the girl or be right?

Hey guys,

This is actually a topic that came up on the mastermind board for 12 months to mastery.

We had a student talk about how he was having issues with negativity, I recommended TD's recent post on integrating positivity( You can read it Here)

Anyway, he posted a reply ripping the post for being incoherent and grammatically incorrect. Meanwhile he missed out on a ton of positive ideas from the post. Ironically he knows he has a problem with negativity yet responds to a suggestion designed to help him with pure negativity.

Here's the thing, he's right there are some grammatical errors(not that I can talk) and it is a bit long. But there's a ton of value in the post. SO what this student has to do is decide whether or not he wants to get better with women( by internalizing positivity) or if he wants to be correct and have his reality be validated.

This is a MAJOR sticking point I see students have all the time. Sometimes it manifests itself as a guy saying " the girls I like won't go for this stuff." Other times it happens when a guy really believes girls don't have SNLs, or they think you have to be rich or good looking to get girls. This is a really insidious sticking point because it will affect ALL of your behavior. Beliefs are THE driving force behind actions and results. So if you really believe that you are right, you will find evidence to support it and that belief will only strengthen. This is one of the reasons that it's soo important to keep a student frame and be willing to admit that EVERYTHING YOU KNOW MAY BE WRONG. There's no shame in that, in fact it's empowering because it means you can learn new and more effective ways of living your life, in all areas.

So how does one deal with this sticking point? You have to become aware of it by constantly asking yourself if what you're doing is leading you closer to who you ultimately want to be or further away from it. Regardless of whether or not you're right. What's going to happen if you continue to have this belief that you are right, how is your life going to look?

Or on the other hand you may decide that you'd rather be right than get the results you want. In which case good luck to ya...


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Video from the Under 21 Convention

Here's a 10 minute clip from my talk this is on the 5 frames of attraction.

check it:


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pickup Artist Episode 4 Recap: My name is Erin and I whore myself out to be on TV!

We pick right back up at the part of the show where the guys are sitting around waiting to find out who got eliminated or the “ we’re scared someone is going home” section as I like to call it.

We're lucky this week as we go straight into the tears from Rian, who is trying to set a world record for most times crying on a reality show. I wish we had a counter like they do blind date when the guys try to kiss the girl unsuccessfully. I swear we're at 8 times this season and it's only episode 4.

Yes! As VH1 sets the bar even higher we get fart humor. Brian runs into the bathroom to fart into the tub, does anyone think this is funny? Bueller? Bueller?

Matador arrives with rolled up sleeves… WTF? How am I supposed to know which way the beach is?

Mystery looks like the cat in the hat, as he shows up in shiny PVC pants, a red and black striped sweater and of course the fuzzy top hat. He starts to ask the guys how far they've gotten physically with girls and the depressing stories from their lives begin.

Brian grabbed a boob and ran away, that’s called sexual assault. One of the guys talks about how he hasn't really touched a girl since giving piggybacks in third grade... There’s a bunch of virgins on this show, and in my opinion the bar needs to be set a little bit lower for these guys, to build a real skillset you have to learn to walk before you try to run.

Since they're all really inexperienced Mystery brings in a sexologist Erin and Whitney her assistant. These girls are probably hot, but since they don't have big boobs, for some reason they just look like blurry spots on my monitor. Weird :)

I think this lesson is out of sequence, you need to be able to get girls into bed before you try to learn sexual techniques. Teaching guys where errogenous zones are is great but these guys are still having trouble holding conversations with girls for more than 5 minutes without creeping them out( In the literary world we call this foreshadowing)

Erin wants to see what the guys have and asks them to grope a mannequin in the living room. This should be embarrassing. I personally wouldn't want to be the guy making out with a mannequin on cable, but I do have some self respect...

First up to grope a mannequin is simion- Wow this is awkward watching them grope this mannequin. It's really weird watching inexperienced guys do what they think kissing is. The angles are all wrong and were the girl living they would poking her in all the wrong places...

Brian- Looked up how to makeout, on google. He's my favorite for sure. Though I think he gets off on being weird a bit too much to actually be successful with women. El Topo was like that as well and when he stopped doing things to get reactions his game skyrocketed. there's a time and a place for quirkiness, just not all the time.

As Erin is going over the erogenous zones on Whitney the guys look like they’re gonna cream their pants. This is just ratings fetching T and A. Just like last week with the stripper.. I mean nurse.

YAY time for Erin to demean herself on reality tv! She's going to go in a pitch black room and let the guys kiss her errogenous zones. Nothing says I respect myself like letting a bunch of weirdos grope you on cable for a check and a shot to make it.

The challenge is to hit all erin’s erogenous zones while in total darkness, the reward is an earpiece with mystery on the other side.

Simion- comes in shirtless, I guess the dead hookers like that better. He looks really tense as he’s leaning over her like a dog in heat. NLater the guys bust on him for not wearing his shirt while in there and he actually defends himself... How can you not get how weird that is?

Todd- Looks super nervous and doesn’t know where to put his hands. He’s awkward like the blowjob scene in Superbad.

Matt- does ok though his facial expressions look like a monkey, I think he isn't a virgin. So that helps.

Greg- does ok, a little bit stiff and inexperienced seeming.

Brian- Walks in like a blind guy groping faces, then mauls her like a hungry bear.

Rian- cuddles her as he’s kissing her, that’s better than leaning over her, plus he hits more of the erogenous zones. He does however laugh when talking about it. Can we say SEXUAL ANXIETY?

Matt wins and gets the earpiece!

This lesson is poorly timed information, it’s an example of what I always want to avoid when teaching as it’s not directly applicable to where they are. This is only one step below teaching a bunch of virgins how to get bathroom pulls or threesomes, they need to be focusing on developing conversational skills and learning qualification. The qualification thing will show up later...

Now Mystery teaches kino escalation. I hate the term kino. Why do we have to have all these nerd terms in the community. I get that it's easier to write online, but it's seriously weird and one of the reasons most people outside of the community think it's a cult.

Tara gives the guys generic advice, be confident, and playful... Yada, yada, yada. Not all girls are bad at teaching pickup, just Tara.

Mystery’s stuff on touching is brillant, one of the major things that helped my game early on, especially the idea of releasing first. Which they don't mention on the show.

Brian reveals he practiced making out on a stack of ham… Nuff said!

In my professional opinion these guys are NOT ready to try to get makeouts, they need to build a solid base of being able to get girls interested without the allure of bottle service and a table first. I also don't think the bottle service is doing any of them any favors as it's a crutch that they won't have in their normal lives after the show.

It's time for the field test.

Yes! Matador loses the sleeves at the club! And brings back the vest. Does somebody have a band aid? Cause he's cut!

Simion is doing much better this time as he locks in nicely and actually moves a set. He clumsily places a hand on the girls leg . Tim would call this the purposeless hand of doom. He still comes off WAY too intense, this is a guy who needs to experiment with being super low energy and chill. I'd have him do The Clint Eastwood drill, for 3-5 approaches a night.

Todd- Blown out as he doesn’t ground his opener, you need to explain why you’re asking so that you don’t get the “ why does it matter?” He hooks his next approache, and moves them then does something bizarre. He busts out a toy Meercat... Why does he bust out a toy meerkat? No one knows... Then he begs for a phone number, and he’s done nothing to get it, so the girls say we don’t even know you… This is where learning qualification would have helped. The girls have offered nothing about themselves to earn him asking for their number, so they assume he just wants to bang them and their not that interested, so blown out.

Matt- Yuck! I hate the caper opener… Nice movement as he holds her hand, though it is better to have the girl move you. Now the girls are sexually baiting him with the panty talk. This is not an IOI. Mystery and Matador misinterpret this. This is classic sexual shit testing. A girl says something like that to me and she's getting banged, cause I'll prompt and pass a series of those until she's aroused, then I'll move her somewhere private and escalate. He ends by saying "May I trouble you for your phone number?” horrible. Matt would be my least favorite kind of student as he BLATENTLY ignores the advice Mystery gives him in the earpiece.

Greg- Leans in. Uses this terrible weather opener, which prompts the coaches to argue over who taught it to him. This gets my goat. Gusy stop going on workshops and using your own openers. Use the stock ones till you understand why they work. I used Jealous Girlfriend for like 2 straight years. He gets the girls to move. However the girls look super bored as he’s telling way too long of a story. Finally a girl takes a phone call and the other girls scatter like dust in the wind.

Rian- Dances as he walks in… He's Using a social opener and now he’s hooked. These guys were not taught dominance. You don’t ask to move, you tell them. He starts giving the girl a massage, I have no idea where he got that. Though it does remind me of Austin Powers offering a " sensual massage" It’s way too much given up front without her earning it. At least he isolates and kisses her on the cheek as she shrinks away… Seriously her hold body curls up as he's forcing the kiss on her. She's in a half fetal position by the end of it. All that's missing is her screaming that the dirt won't come off...

Brian- No move for Brian as he was too high energy and weird... He's gotta watch the shit he's saying as it's freakshow bizzarre sometimes and he knows it. So it's not congruent. If he acted like what he was saying was normal he'd do a lot better. Though not as well as if he actually started to censor himself.

Tara- Generic piece of bad advice.

Rian wins the field test for kissing a girl on the cheek as her body recoiled, what would he have gotten if he had raped the chick?

Medallion time- Time to get enlightened… Bitches!

Mystery’s disappointed that these guys didn’t get a kiss, and he may not have a PUA on his hands. Or it could just be that these guys need to work their way up slower. It’s not the students fault if they’re getting the wrong information at the wrong time. You have to teach to where the students are not where they are supposed to be.

Greg gets the last medallion leaving a final 5 of Simion the rapist, Matt, Rian, Greg, Brian

It's bye bye time for Todd...

This week I'm going to introduce a power poll for the remaining guys:

1. Greg- he did badly today, but he's overall doing the best. He needs to gain some sort of edge to his personality and become a bit more hard to get, but if he gets that, he can be good.

2. Rian- He's actually got some balls. Though his touching was very poorly calibrated, he goes for it. Balls will take you SUPER far.

3. Brian- He's weird and way too much of a dancing monkey, but the girls are entertained by him. That's the first step to getting them attracted.

4. Matt- He's not really showing anything in the field tests. He's also kind of a pussy. He does have the most raw material to work with though so that keeps him from being last.

5. Psycho Simion- This guy really needs to normalize his game. He has to stop with the baby in a corner opener and he needs to chill the fuck out. Maybe he needs to be medicated or something...

Till next week,


I'm on Barry's show today!

Hey guys,

I'm on The Barry Kirkey Show the first Monday of every month, so make sure to tune in.

This week I challenge shit talking old man David Wygant to a boxing match for charity.

As Pac once said

" Why the fuck these cowards be running too scared to fight a G?"

Bring it.

Hear the gory details at

Or go here for the direct link Here


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pick Up Artist Episode 3 Recap-Violence in the workplace or Against Women?

So I pulled myself away from running the coaching program while watching old Chicago Bulls Championship videos. Do I really re-watch baksetball games from 10-17 years ago, when I know how they end? Of course I do. But I decided to take a 39 and a half minute break to watch episode 3 in hopes of A. Getting something to blog about that doesn't relate to 12 Months to Mastery and B. Making fun of Matador :)

The show starts with the usual formulaic we NEVER saw it coming with (guy who just got eliminated) in this case Kevin the curser. It's amazing how formulaic reality TV has become, you can almost script the shows better than sitcoms. Plus you don't have to pay the actors as much. Hollywood has learned to work the system, I tell you what. No idea why I threw in the Hank Hill there, but I'm feeling loose.

So the guys are sent to a medical center, They go for a medical treatment on biofeedback, learning to become comfortable in high stress situations. Mystery shows up in some outfit that's either a Hawaiian shirt or a ski jacket, can't really tell. It's green though, like apple drink.

The guys get really good advice on dealing with nervousness around women. Regulate your breathing, and warm your hands. I teach both of those ideas. If you're nervous you do tend to freeze up physically while taking shallower breaths.

The test part of this comes as they hook them up to a biofeedback machine and see how they respond. The winner gets to sit out of the field work, and watch the other guys in field. That's really useful, video is a great way to learn what not to do. That's one of the reasons I'll be doing more infield videos this next year.

So what do they do to put the guys under stress? Gunfight in the room? Try to take Matador's wig off? Call Mike Tyson a bitch? Say something derogatory about Tupac around me? Of course not, they get a hot girl in a nurse costume to talk to them while they’re hooked up to the biofeedback. Then she strips. Awesome T and A. This girl is amazingly hot. It's actually a really good exercise. I usually recommend guys go to the strip club( sweatpants optional) and sit at the front bar while trying to focus on feeling relaxed and making eye contact with the girls.

So how did the guys fair? God Damn it Now I'm saying it!

Matt goes first and is nervous and unhappy looking but doesn't do terrible.

Asian Brain is next he’s rocking spicoli vans those are my favorite shoes ever! They're like 30 bucks and you don't need to wear socks! Amazing. Brian looks uncomfortable and later talks about how he didn;t want to get a woody. I once learned from Geoff formerly of RSD to trust the cock. If you're getting wood in set she's prolly getting wet. I live by that rule as if Chuck Norris passed it down to me.

Rian looks like he’s going to pass out, he's even trying to close his eyes to avoid the awkwardness. At least he doesn't laugh. A lot of guys with sexual anxiety laugh around hot girls or sexual situations. You'll see it in strip clubs all the time. or if you introduce a hottie to a shy friend.

Mystery reads a Corny canned joke about not being able to pick up women while you sleep off the cue cards.

Karl-can barely speak he can’t finish a sentence and says ahhh, when the girl asks if he likes her outfit.

Greg- can’t make eye contact easily, but he wins because he actually looks like (Gasp) he's enjoying seeing a half naked super hottie.

Todd- Actually looks happy to see a beautiful woman and now she’s baiting him, this girl has def stripped before by the way she's calling the guys handsome and asking what they think of her. Pure baiting Cali Pimp style.

Simion- looks like he wants to kill her and dump the body in the marsh. Can we say serial killer? Seriously Fidelio once introduced to me the brillant concept of how creepy community guys fall into one of two categories. Violence in the workplace. That's a guy who seems likely to just open fire on anyone at random out frustration and THE HATE! Most community guys who are weird don't fit into this category instead they fit into violence against women. The kind of guy who lives next door to you for years until one day the police come and you find out he's got 50 dead hookers in his freezer. Simion is the posterboy for violence against women.

Thankfully Matador is back to no sleeves. I missed the lack of sleeves. I missed the way they looked, I missed the way they smelled and I think when all this is over me and Matador's arms need to get an apartment together!

I'm not gonna lie. Matador needs an action figure complete with different wigs, and three basic qualification statements.

" Are you adventurous?"

" Are you spontaneous?"

" Are you confident?"

"Bullshit everyone says their confident."

Only like 4 people ( and anyone who's really listened to him in set) understand that joke and I'm all right with it

Now they learn body language with Kosmo Kramer, "It’s about building a life" has become this show’s catchphrase. I’m waiting for a Public Service Announcement from Smokey the Bear or Mcgruff the crimedog. Where is Mcgruff? I want to bring Mcgruff back!

" It's not just about picking up girls, it's about building a life."

Then I raise my hand and say I wanted to get laid and that's why I game...

In the body language lessons over the shoulder gets way too much attention, it's really not that important as long as you develop a strong sense of spacial awareness. Don't creep girls out by invading their space and you're fine.

Matador bashes Simion for his Hand movements. hand Movements aren’t bad if they aren’t in a woman’s face. Keep your hands below your waist or 18-36 inches away from a girl and you're cool.

The guys are getting taught to keep their hands in the back pockets ala TD circa 2002. It's weird when you see people walking around the club with their hands in their back pockets.

Simion is cracking under the pressure, this is typical of students who haven’t really committed to getting better. He doesn't want to listen to the sad truth that he's super creepy. It's ok I was super creepy for about 6 months when I started. I even got told that by a girl in the Northridge mall. You HAVE to be honest with yourself. He thinks because he's using the material he's doing it right. You must be able to admit the places where you suck and need to improve to have any hope.

It’s heart to heart time with Kosmo and Simion. Awwww. Simion admits that he lived out of his car for awhile. He fails to tell Kosmo that he was on the run for the murder of 17 hookers in Boston…

Now it's club time. I actually hate the club scenes because I hate watching students fail when they're actually trying. All these guys are WAY too tense going to the club they need to be joking around relaxed and not focusing on the pressure. they're psyching themselves out of state instead of getting into it.

Mystery and Matador are all about the vests this year, I’m guessing it’s a VH1 thing, or a Justin Timberlake thing.It's enough with the vests. Except Matador cause then he can point out which way the beach is.

Onto the approaches:

Brian doesn’t quite get the role play thing as he tells a girl he would dip her in chocolate and throw bananas at her ass… Ok, at least he's thinking outside of the box. Though it won't get him inside the box :) Pun intended. Puns are the lowest form of humor.

Rian- Nodding too much and not smiling. Why is he using the Elvis opener? He almost moves one fatty but he’s not quite strong enough. Remember my rule, if you can’t physically lift the girl you need to either date thinner or get stronger.

Todd- Nice move of the group, Bottle service is like cheating.The only thing that's more like cheating is " Hey wanna go back to my place and do some coke?" He still does really well for a beginner. Good for him. He's starting to get a solid understanding of how to run attraction.

Matt is still rocking the boa but he explains himself too much. In fact two girls walk off in the middle. He’s very apologetic. You gotta pretend to be Jacque le coq grande. Acting as if you're cooler than the girl is rule # 2. Rule # 76 is no excuses play like a champion. Rule # 0 Never disrespect Chuck Norris. Ever. His calendar goes from March 31st-April 2nd, cause NO ONE fools Chuck. There's a Chuckisms app for the Iphone. It's AMAZING!!!

Simion- Consistently gets ignored on the opener, creepy, he reminds me of the joker.But without the charisma. He's kinda like a used car salesman. He seems like he has an agenda. Either that or these girls realize they may actually be in physical danger. He can’t even pull to a table, probably because they don't want to get roofied. The faces of the girls look like they’re seeing Dracula or Godzilla, or a guy with a gun. it doesn't help that he's using Mystery's " no one puts Baby in a corner" opener. That line is just weird and creepy. Mystery makes it work, cause well... cause he's Mystery, but if you're not really good at talking and dealing with awkward reactions you're gonna flame out on that one.

Karl- Looks really effeminate, he’s waifish. Doc Holliday can pull that off, he can’t. A lot of these guys are using Mystery’s material but they lack the enthusiasm and natural conversational abilities. So it just comes off weird when he’s talking about capers and Ocean’s 11. He’s ignoring all the obstacles as well.

Finally Greg heads in from the truck- He approaches two hotties,leans in a bit, but he’s doing really well, he needs to lock in. He moves the girls to the table and then number closes. He even successfully avoids the girl trying to take his number without giving him hers. Really well done.

Mystery gives a pep talk about how he watched a pickup artist walk in talk to one group of girls and get a phone number. That's what a PUA does he says.

Well allow me to retort:

A pick up artist takes a phone number. A cool guy takes the girl home and bangs her like it's no big deal. Which one do you wanna be?

Wow Mystery isn’t wearing a vest it’s like a skirt vest dealie… He’s partying like it’s 1492. Let’s get medeivil on these bitches! It's seriously like a girl's peasant skirt. I'm amused that I'm so Valley I use like in text.

Here come the tears! Right on schedule as Rian crys about not getting his shine on. That’s why I’m glad I listen to rap. I know how to shine. Diddy taught me :)

Yeah medallions. Time to cleanse bitches!

Mystery gets gangster on Greg and tells him he was gonna send him off. That was cool. Needed to be said. I prolly would have made him cry though :) Mystery's good at being harsh without being insulting. Always has been.

The formulaic cut before elimination. Nice!

And effeminate Karl gets sent home. Proving that if Mystery thinks you’re gay it’s

Gayme Over.

I should be reviewing episode 4 tomor though I am buried, so as Eazy-E once said " Don't quote me boy cause I ain't said shit!"


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